In 1938, Chairman Mao visited Ma Zhanshan. When I chatted: You will bring me a stain that can't be caught.

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In 1938, Chairman Mao visited Ma Zhanshan. When I chatted: You will bring me a stain that can't be caught.

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"Ninth 18th" incident, I believe everyone knows.

But who started the "Ninth 18th" incident Chinese people's anti-Japanese first shot? I believe that everyone is very eating.

And this person who started the first shot, his name is Ma Zhan Mountain.

What is the story of the Ma Zhan Mountain?

Why did the Chairman Mao visited Ma Zhan Mountain? Will this sentence?

Chairman Mao

Today's simple history archives talked with you, Chairman and Ma Zhanshan's story.

Ma Zhanshan decided to see Chiang Kai-shek's ambition

After the "September 18th" incident in 1931, Japanese imperialism began to attach northeast.

At that time, Wan Fulin, governor of Heilongjiang, saw this shot, and I have long been scared, and I don't dare to return to the province. I have been hiding in Beiputhers.

Just then, Ma Zhan Mountain came forward.

In October of the same year, Mount Ma Zhanshan took office of Heilongjiang Provincial Government Agency and Heilongjiang Provincial Military Command.

Ma Zhan Mountain

After taking office, Ma Zhanshan Lima conducted a military deployment for the troops, ordered the troops to retreat, must prevent and hit the offense of the Japanese.

On November 4, the Japanese army began a comprehensive attack on the Nenjiang Bridge of the Angong Railway.

Also, Ma Zhanshan started the "Ninth 18" incident, the Chinese people's anti-Japanese first shot.

Although it is difficult to resist, the non-retreat of Ma Zhan Mountain is also encouraged and supported by the Chinese people in China.

In April 1932, because of the equipment and other conditions, Ma Zhan Mountain must not lead the old department to leave Qihar, but Ma Zhanshan will still have an electric power to call for "re-war" in the country.

During the process of confronting the Japanese, Ma Zhanshan has always contacted the anti-Japanese armed forces and continuously gave the Japanese puppet army.

Ma Zhan Mountain

Unfortunately, the unfortunately!

In December of the same year, Ma Zhanshan was forced to retreat to the Soviet terrace under the siege of the Japanese army, and later in Moscow contoded in Europe.

Until the year, Ma Zhanshan returned to Shanghai.

After returning to Shanghai, Mount Ma Zhanshan's member of the National Government Military Commission, but Ma Zhanshan quickly discovered Chiang Kai-shek's wolf ambition.

Chiang Kai-shek did not want to resist Japan. He also wants to use the Northeast Army to play the Communist Party to meet the purpose of the Communist Party and the Northeast Army.

Ma Zhanshan mutmerticism, so I have always thought about preservation of the capital of the Northeast Army, avoiding the inside of the Communist Party.

Chiang Kai-shek

It is sufficient to see that Ma Zhanshan's conspiracy to Chiang Kai-shek is enough!

Chairman Mao joked that Ma Zhan Mountain will bring him a stain.

Unfortunately, Chiang Kai-shek's conspiracy did not reach.

In 1936, Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hu City decided to launch a soldier, forced to resist Japan, which is the famous "Xi'an incident".

After Ma Zhanshan learned, I realized the practice of anti-Japanese practices.

So during the "Xi'an Incident", Ma Zhanshan specialized to Xi'an, signing the "eight advocations" in Zhang Xueliang and Yanghucheng.

Zhang Xueliang, Yang Hu City

Subsequently, in July 1937, the Anti-Japanese War broke out.

Ma Zhanyamiyi did not hesitate to serve as the commander of the Northeast, with the troops to participate in the defending war, still fighting in the Yin Mountain.

In May 1938, Ma Zhanshan led the military command to move to the Sharra race in Northern Shaanxi, and continued to conduct anti-Japanese activities.

During this time, Ma Zhanshan got to meet Chairman Mao and started the road of friendship between the two.

Ma Zhanshan led the troops to get a helping assistance in Yan'an during this time in Northern Shaanxi.

Therefore, when Ma Zhanshan decided to pass the Qian'an, he must come to Jin as Chairman Mao, thank you.

Chairman Mao

Then Ma Zhanshan led the troops to travel from Yan'an, and came to the nearly 50 kilometers of Yan'an.

At this moment, many of the mountains next to the road suddenly were shocked by the team and started to fly.

Ma Zhan Mountain, I was interested, I decided to play a few cigles, and I can get Yan'an and share it with Chairman Mao.

"... ... ...".

The cocks who are flying are falling, and the soldiers are applauded, and it seems that the mismattrah's gun law is really famous.

Just at this time, sudden suddenly happened!

"" Is a great sound. Everyone slammed back to find that the shotgun gun in the hands of Mamedun exploded, and Metal's thumb, the middle finger and index finger were all blown.

Ma Zhan Mountain

After learning the news, Jincheng, who sent the Communicative Division, ride to the rescue.

After Golden City got off, I saw Ma Zhanshan has been painful to the syncope, and Jincheng did not dare to delay. Tita organized a doctor to send it to Yan'an Hospital and rescue.

Fortunately, under the timely treatment of the hospital, Ma Zhanshan finally saved his life.

A few days later, Chairman Mao learned about this, and decided to go to visit Ma Zhan Mountain.

What didn't expected, the first meeting of the two is actually in the hospital!

Chairman Mao comfortably, the doctor will try our best to heal your injury and will not delay your injury.

Ma Zhan Mountain nodded, he believed Chairman Mao.

Ma Zhan Mountain

Then, in order to open Ma Zhan Mountain, Chair Chairman Mao deliberately joked:

"After a few days, will you return to Yulin? You are a well-known person in the world. In case you die in Yan'an, Chiang Kai-shek will make an article, you will bring me a confusing stain."

Ma Zhanshan heard this, suddenly laughed.

Subsequently, Ma Zhanshan said with a smile:

"Mr. Mao can't die although I am relieved."

Chairman Mao

With the help of the Party Central Committee, Ma Zhanshan's injury has also been recovered.

Ma Zhan Mountain did not expect that Chairman Mao actually watched him for discharged, Chairman Mao worried that Ma Zhanshan's injury, so I decided to meet Ma Zhanshan, not only to care about his injury, and talk to the future of the war.

In the conversation, the two more identified each other and hate late.

The Japanese imperialist invasion All the troops beaten around, and the end of the failure has been destined!

This is the consensus of Chairman Mao and Ma Zhanshan.

However, if you come back, some of the elite troops of the Japanese army have not lost, so they will be reluctant in the Manchuria area, and Chairman Mao is well received.

Chairman Mao

Therefore, Chairman Mao put forward the future of Mashan, I hope that Ma Zhanshan helps an arm.

Ma Zhanshan heard this and agreed on the spot.

Then the conversation ended, Chairman Mao stood up and invited Ma Zhanshan to participate in the welcome conference.

It turned out that Chairman Mao has already arranged Yan'an military and civilians to hold the General Assembly for Ma Zhanshan, waiting for Ma Zhanshan to participate.

Ma Zhanshan saw the scene in front of him, could not help but feel very excited.

Then, Chairman Mao came to the stage to speech:

"The horse will first resist Japan in Heilongjiang eight years ago. At that time, the Red Army called warmly in the south. Before the eighth year, the Red Army has become a resistance to the anti-Japanese comrades. The horse is more than half of the year, and the forefront of the Anti-Japanese War is around. The spirit is worth admire the country. "

Ma Zhan Mountain

Ma Zhan Mountain under the stage did not expect that Chairman Mao actually made such a high evaluation!

After listening to these words, Ma Zhan Mountain was touched and immediately expressed his sincerity and determination to cooperate with the Communist Party and the Eighth Route Army.

In September, Ma Zhanshan left Yan'an, bid farewell to Chairman Mao.

From this moment, Ma Zhanshan has been completely one of the best friends of the Communist Party!

Chairman Mao sent 7, 8 catties candy to Ma Zhanshan

In May 1940, the National Government appointed Mashangshan on the Chairman of the Heilongjiang Provincial Government.

After the last, Ma Zhanshan sent his own staff, Li Shi, Li Shi, went to Shaanxi to receive recruits.

Not ingenious, misunderstanding happened.

Hu Zongnan

It turned out that after the Mount Ma Zhanshan entered Luochuan, the Eighth Route Army of Luochuan thought it was a Hu Zong South of Yan'an.

So dispatched the troops to raise the northeast of Ma Zhan Mountain, and about more than 800 people gave it surrounded, and they were paid.

Subsequently, the Chairman Mao is reported to Chairman Mao, and Chairman Mao learned is misunderstanding.

So Chairman Mao personally sent a telegram to Ma Zhanshan:

General Guashang Mountain:

Pure system misunderstand, please send it to you.

After Ma Zhanshan received the telegram, Mao people were moving to the sincere attitude of Mao, and then immediately returned to Chairman Mao, and sent the deputy officer Du Hai Mountain to Yan'an to receive recruits.

Ma Zhan Mountain

Subsequently, Du Hai Mountain came to Yan'an with Ma Zhan Mountain, and reclining the recruits back to Northern Shaanxi. As for the weapons and equipment of the contributed.

After Du Hai Mountain received a recruitment, he decided to rush back to Northern Shaanxi as soon as possible.

After Chairman Mao learned, immediately sent people to take 7, 8 pounds of Yan'an to produce candy to Du Hai Mountain, let Du Hai Mountain brings Ma Zhan Mountain.

In fact, Yan'an at this time is being blocked by the Kuomintang's envelop, living conditions is very difficult.

But Chairman Mao still tried to take the best thing, hoping to give Mashan Mountain as a gift, and hope that Ma Zhanshan should not mind.

After receiving the candy, Ma Zhanshan is very touched, and Chairman Mao has expressed his thanks.

Chairman Mao

At this time, the friendship of Chairman and Ma Zhanshan is also firm.

Chairman Mao personally invited Ma Zhanshan to participate in the CPPCC meeting

Double baptism of the War of the Anti-Japanese War, New China finally be established!

After the Japanese surrendered, Ma Zhanshan was very happy and felt that they were able to live in Ansheng Day.

However, Chiang Kai-shek's ambition did not let him stop, and Japan launched a civil war shortly.

Ma Zhan Mountain is extremely reluctant, but it can only be helpless, the deputy commander of the Northeast "General".

However, in the civil war, Ma Zhanshan has been called the disease, trying to avoid fighting with the Communist Party, so Ma Zhanshan did not help the abuse.

Chiang Kai-shek

Then the Northeast is defeated, Ma Zhanshan is very happy, and immediately decided to leave the northeast of the treatment.

Chiang Kai-shek at the time, and did not expose the departure of Ma Zhanshan.

After Ma Zhanshan left the northeast, he came to Beiping. Subsequently, it will run away for Peace and liberate Beiping.

In Ma Zhanshan and the discouragement of many people, Fu Zuyi finally agreed to the peaceful liberation of Beiping.

Subsequently, in January 1949, Ma Zhanshan led Fu Zuoyi and Dun Bao Shan and other Kuomintang's announcement of the uprising, officially separated from the Kuomintang.

Fu Zoo

After the founding of New China, Ma Zhanshan chose to live in Beijing.

Chairman Mao also did not forget the old friend of the anti-Japanese work, and did not forget the efforts made by Ma Zhanshan as Peking Peace.

On June 13, 1950, Chairman Mao personally invited Ma Zhanshan to participate in the second meeting of the National Committee of China.

Ma Zhanshan is very happy that Chairman Mao did not forget his old friend.

However, when Ma Zhanshan, Ma Zhanshan was already suffering from cancer, and because of the physical reasons, Chairman Mao also regretted.

Chairman Mao

On November 29th, Ma Zhanshan's cancer once again brought him to death, Ma Zhanshan has already presented his large limit.

So before the end, Ma Zhanshan called his children around him, leaving a will:

"I have seen my life under the leadership of Chairman Mao and the Communist Party of China. The people of the country have been liberated, and new democracy has been successfully implemented. Everyone is living in Live, and the new country in my ideal has been built.But it can be comforted under Jiuquan ... "

After leaving the will, Ma Zhanshan did not struggle, and they died.

Chairman Mao also lost another kind of goddess!

If there are more people in the mood like Ma Zhanshan, then the new China will set up faster!

Left one is Ma Zhan Mountain

Pay tribute to the anti-Japanese hero Ma Zhan Mountain!