Chen Qiao-year-old deposit: lost to the countryside in war, 94 years of confirmation with the younger brother with the same mother

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Chen Qiao-year-old deposit: lost to the countryside in war, 94 years of confirmation with the younger brother with the same mother

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Chen Qiaoian and Chen Yannian's deeds have the deeds, with the play of TV series "Awakening New Year", there are few people know that there are few people who know if Chen Qo is children. Because of the cause, many revolutionary martyrs have experienced unimaginable difficult years, under the baptism of the gunfire, many children have left the arms of their loved ones, suffering from flowing, and wanted to find their loved ones It is even more difficult. Chen Qiao's child is also lost during the war, but fortunately, the child is so strong, and continues the father's revolutionary road, and finally finds loved ones with the help of the organization.

Chen Yannian and Chen Qiao in the "Wake-up Anniversion"

Brothers sacrificed

Chen Qiao was Chen Duxiu's son, and his father was in the revolutionary rushing, so he and his father were not very close. He and his brother together in Shanghai to study, fight, although the days are very bitter, but they have never complained that they must make a grade to see the father. During the Shanghai, the brothers were influenced by revolutionary thoughts, and took the initiative to joined the row of revolution. Unfortunately, my brother was cruelly killed by the Kuomintang in 1927. Chen Qohnian is sad, and continues to stick to his brother's legacy and struggle for the revolutionary cause. After being sold by traitors, Chen Qiao was also hired by the Kuomintang, and finally fled the fate of sacrifice.

Chen Yannian and Chen Qiaoian in "I feel the age"

Lost message

At this time, Chen Qiao's wife's history is also in Shanghai, and it has already had a pregnancy. Fortunately, the husband Chen Qiao year will send her to the secret place to save. Later, Shi Jingyi gave birth to a daughter, but because she was facing the danger of being searched by the reactionaries, and one person is difficult to raise the child, they can only give the child to the organization, and the organization will give the child to a Farmers family to take care of.

Later, due to the turmoil of the time, the people were free, many people were forced to wander around, and they were unsettled, and when they were turned, Chen Qiao's children did not have news. When Shi Jingyi didn't think of his child, but the people didn't find the people at the time, let alone find a child, so they can only post away. Although Shi Jingyi has passed the world, Chen Qiao's younger brother Chen Song has been looking for my brother's children, and I have never given up, and even a child who has also explained his own children will always look for it.

Miao Yuxue on the road of revolution

In 1944, there was a new four army that was named Miao Yu's Anhui Girl. She always knew that she was adopted by the current parents, so many years have been secretly looking for their own biological parents, but many years have not found it. What useful clues, so she once thought that she was dead. After 1948, she turned into the army of Hua Ye, with the troops, and contributed to the efforts of China.

Later, due to the age of being too old, no one was in a hundred years, no one told Miao Yu's identity, so letting the Miao Yu came back, and she told her her life with her: At that time she only eight months old, Miao Yu's mother entrusted her to the relief meeting, and the relief will hand over the people who surnamed seedlings, and the Miao family has not received the support on time, and there is only one seedlings who have no money to see a doctor. She gave a rich family who surnamed Chen as a daughter, but also let them cure the disease of Miao Yu. The most important thing is that she learned that her real name is called Chen Hong.

Through this information, Miaoyu has found some of the information on the year of complicating party history. Finally, she learned that she is very likely that Chen Qiao's legacy, Chen Duxiu's granddaughter, identity information is all right, even the name is the same It is almost certain.

Confirmation with the younger brother

After learning this situation, the organization quickly contacted the descendants of Chen Song's year. His daughter Chen Changzhao founded Miao Yu, and later, there was a family. After the remarriage of the Shi Jingyi, there was a son, after I found myself with my father's mother, I also met with her in Fuzhou in 1994, my brother, finally found a loved ones.

Miaoyu lost his father from the mother's belly. I was sent to others for a few months. She has never seen her own personal parents, but she has never forgot to find her own life. Finally, I learned that my martyrs' future generations, and she also followed her father's footsteps, and set up a revolutionary road, and set up efforts to work in new China, I saw the motherland and slowly became prosperous. Rich, it is also the wish of the father. Although Miao Yu did not be chased by the relevant departments for some reasons, she didn't feel sorry.