Qing Dynasty Qi Case: A 乞丐 is victimized, the four people have killed, the county is a broken case, and the true fierce is

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Qing Dynasty Qi Case: A 乞丐 is victimized, the four people have killed, the county is a broken case, and the true fierce is

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The Qing Dynasty Xianfeng Eight Years (1858 AD), a murder case in the wilderness temple in the suburbs of Liucheng County, Guangxi Province. On the day of the winter solstice, the three and more children in the suburbs went to the mountains behind the temple. At noon, suddenly the rain suddenly fell, and the three were escaped in the temple. Enter the main hall of the main hall, three people found that there was a burnt body in the middle of the hall. Three children were scared, and the firewood ran back to the city to report the case.

The county is awarded to the report, and quickly took the sergeant to the Ganghua Temple. The body was placed in the main hall, and the body was stacked under the body, and a large pile of white gray is half a feet. There is a bunch of blood in the back of the main hall, and there is a trace of struggle on the ground. Various situations indicate that the main hall is the first scene where the murder has occurred. In the main hall, the servants found a delicate snuff bottle.

Fang County waited with a sessile side of the snuff, found that the snuff bottle is a jade material, and the snuff bottle is small and beautiful, from the carving and jade, see this snuff pot. Silver. The snuff bottle is found near the gray pile, and the gray pile is long, and it is covered by a thin earth. Fangxian Yixian has found the situation to ensure the situation, pick up the snuff can and ask if he is recognized.

Intentional hands, pick up the snuff bottle, carefully see carefully. When he browed, he used an exciting tone to say that this snuff bottle is a big treasurer Qiantai in Shengyuan Qianzhuang in the city. Qian Zhengtai often took this snuff bottle, and he met Qian Thai in the teahouse so soon. At that time, he took this snuff bottle. Qian Zhengtai lives in Causeway Bay, there is a 60-year-old mother with him with him.

When Fang County made it, I immediately sent people to use the sedan sedan to pick up the old mother of Qiantai. Qian Mother is overwhelmed by the snuff pot in the hands of the hand, and touch the corpse on the ground, and suddenly cry. The money is crying while crying: Three days ago, my son said that he wants to go to do a big sale and can earn a lot of money. After earning money, he will come back to take the mother to the capital of Beijing. Who once thought that his son didn't go back, he was dead for two or three days.

Qian mother complained that he was not confident in the sky, she lost his husband in his early years, and now the death of his later years, it is really a cold, good people are hard. Fang County made a good life to comfort the mother, let the servants lifted the money back to the photos, so she would not let her think of suicide. Fangxian order let the servant will take the body to the county, and then bury the clue after solving the case.

After returning to the county, Fang County is straight to the back of the back to take a warm, and he will read the corpse report, while the county is telling his views on the case. At this time, the lobby was suddenly drumming, a burst of urgency. Fangxian Yixian made a hurry to wear the official service that just took off and came to the lobby.

After a while, the person drums were taken on the lobby. This person is fifty years old, wearing a mink coat, wearing a large leather hat, pinching a jade point in his hand, the people who drive the drums are the Dong family Jiang Shengyuan, Shengyuan Qianzhuang. Jiang Shengyuan took a strong servant after the mink coat, went to the desk to the county county county: "The county is not good, Shengyuan Qianzhuang's storage and silver 500,000 can't fly!"

This kind of thing: After the winter, Jiang Shengyuan is recurring, and the business is handed over to the big treasurer Qiantai. At noon this time, he got the news that Qiantai, who went out to the door, was killed, and burned the corpse in the ruined temple. He feels that this is awkward, Qian Zhengtai is no hatred with people, why will it be killed in burning? So he ran to Qianzhuang to see, and found that all major shops and counties in Qianzhuang were missing. The relationship between this matter is significant, so he quickly came to the county to report.

Fangxian is listening, suddenly the head is fried, I didn't expect Qianzitai to be the big treasurer of Shengyuan Qianzhuang, and 500,000 two silver flew. Is it related to Qian Zhengtai? Fangxian County quickly took the sergeant to Qianzhuang, Jiang Shengyuan and servants followed. In Shengyuan Qianzhuang, Fang County arrested two treasures and several people.

The second treasurer is squatting on the ground, saying that the big silver on the counter is a big treasurer in the tube, they are only responsible for the spending and income of small banks. The silver in Qianzhuang has gave it to the big palm. They are not clear, because the bills of the big pen are in the hands of the big house.

Three days ago, the big treasurer found two treasures and a few people, saying that he would go to the countryside. Liu Cai main home in the township has owed a lot of money, and the big shopkeeper will take the account to the countryside, but he has never want to be killed in the temple, and the body is also fired by people. Nowadays, the big shopkeeper is killed, the account will also be unknown, and the silver in the counter is gave a big palm loan to make a confused account.

Jiang Shengyuan heard that he cried in the ground, and the county county must have to break the case. These 500,000 deposits, only 100,000 yuan, the remaining 450,000 two are the deposits of several shops and some counties in the county. If the people know that Qianzhuang has no silver, the consequences are unimaginable. Jiang Shengyuan is reasonable. Although Fang County order does not accept this matter, Shengyuan Qianzhuang silver evaporates or not, the people in the city are all known.

The next morning, Qianzhuang has grown a large group of people, and their silver tickets in Qianzhuang are exchanged immediately. The people are emotionally excited, and they are squeezed with the doors and windows of Qianzhuang. Jiang Shengyuan explained outside the door, and asked him to give him a little time, let him think about the way to chase the silver. Everyone ignores what he said, rushing over his feet hands, and he will pay back now. At this time, an angry clother is excited, and threatens to smash Shengyuan Qianzhuang, followed by the response, one by one is holding a brick stick. In a critical moment, Fang County made a servant to go to the scene, and he arrested the cloth provider who took the lead and stabilized the scene. Fang County has told everyone, even if they kill Jiang Shengyuan, the silver is not possible to recover. The county has filed the case, and the case will be able to recover the silver after the case.

Fang County made a lot of lip tongue, which persuaded everyone. In order to prevent the emergence of Jiang Shengyuan, in order to give everyone a meeting, Fang County will turn Jiang Shengyuan into the county. Everyone saw Jiang Shengyuan arrested, and he received the guarantee of Fang County, so it no longer emerged, and it was retired.

On the evening, after the county gave the body of the corpse, the commander made the arrested Zhao Zhongbei in the city to find Qiantian's drops. Zhao Posted was surprised, did Qian Zhengtai have been burned in the temple? His body is parked in the martyr in the Tuen Mun, why do you want to find him?

Fang County made Zhao Zhong said: This morning, the county is made to dissect the body. As a result, the burnt corpse is filled with turbulence and leaves. Qian Zhengtai is the big treasurer of Shengyuan Qianzhuang, and does not say that he has a big fish, nor does it eat grass roots and cracked leaves? Obviously, the burnt bodies are not Qian Taitai, Qian Zhengtai must be alive, I have to find his case.

Zhao Poetager asks a county county: the body of the temple is not Qian Zhengtai, who is it? Fang County said that this is obviously the golden shell of Fang Zhengtai. According to his inferior, Qianzhai is greedy in Shengyuan Qianzhuang's storage, so that these silver is removed. Subsequently, he found a killing, and burned the body, and then lost his snuff bottle at the scene to create the illusion of his death. Money mother once said, Qian Zhengtai took her to the capital of Beijing. If Qian Zhengtai is still alive, it will inevitably go home to pick up the old mother, just stare at the money, you can catch him.

Zhao Pen was in accordance with Fang County's order, dividing the servant into three groups, not divided into daylight, near the money home near the money. However, in the past few days, Qian Jingtai did not appear late, and the servants were not tired. Fangxian County also felt embarrassment, it is difficult to lose the child, don't worry about it? Or is it wrong with your own judgment? Fang County decided to visit the money again.

In the living room of the money home, Queu mother sent a bowl of tea to Fang County, and said something to the son. From the story of money, Fang County discovered a situation where it was not known. Qian Mother told the county to count the county, his son's money is 30 years old. It was originally a show. When he was 20 years old, a wife had been born, and his wife did not give birth. Later, his wife was sick. After the wife died, Qian Jing did no longer got, this can be embarrassed. Under the question, the original Qian Zhengtai is fascinated by a young building name called Ding Yao.

Ding Yao has been young and beautiful. In less than a year, Dinglou is redeveloped by Shengyuan Qianzhuang. Qian Zhengtai is obsessed with Ding Yao from extricating, but he refers to Shengyuan Qianzhuang as a person, and the private and Ding Yao continue. Jiang Shengyuan knows Qian Zhengtai and Ding Yao's previous relationship. He has not pursued questions. All this seems to be a life. If Qian Zhengtai is in love with Ding Yao, it will not go to Shengyuan Qianzhuang, and it will not be killed. Money mother said that she started crying, Fang County's order is no longer comfortable to comfort her.

After leaving the money home, Fangxian County will never go to Shengyuan Qianzhuang's backyard to see Ding Yao. It turned out that Jiang Shengyuan was Ding Yao's redemption. Because the wife Master's dislike Ding Yao is not clean and not allowed to enter the door, Jiang Shengyuan took a house to Ding Yao in the backyard of Shengyuan Qianzhuang. Ding Yao really as beautiful as flowers, and the body is very elegant. She also knows some piano and painting, blame Qi Thai will be obsessed with her. Fangxian County asked Ding Yao a few words, but saw that she is difficult to face, and it seems that I don't want to say more. Fang County will give up.

In the middle of the night, Fangxian County was thinking about the case, but saw Zhao's head hurriedly ran to tell a shocking news: Ding Yao was killed by people!

Fangxian is surprising, and he quickly followed Zhao's head to the scene. The exquisite cottage of Shengyuan Qianzhuang backyard has been a piece of wolf, such as the beautiful Maguyi, Ding Yao, which is like a jade, has been buried in the fire sea, and the servants found her bodies from the gray pile. She has been burned, and if it is not a hand The silver bracelet is also distinguished.

On the scene, the fire is the dumb servant of Jiang Jia. Fangxian County made the servants of Ding Yao's body and lifted into the martyrdom of the county. It is a corpse of Ding Yao to determine that she is burned by the fire.

Fangxian is a heavy mood, a good ended woman is like this, the key is that the clue of the case is gone. Fang County made a good idea that he repeatedly thoughtfully wrote the case and fell into the meditation. On the evening, Zhao Posted his head and rushed: the grass hall in the city was fired. Fangxian is listening to another fire, and I have been rushing to the scene with the sergeant. In the fire scene, but more about the situation in the ground, he found that he found the fire burning. At the time, it was more than three times. He played more, just started to be good, after he walked through the alley, the bamboo shed in the alley was burned without reason, and he also smelled a kerose. The more the fire is, the more big, and I will burn the bamboo shed on both sides. He saw that the fire burned the bamboo shed, so he quickly reported the situation to the county.

Fangxian is listening, let the servants searched on the fire, see if there is any burning person, and I found a burnt body in the fire. The body fell in the fire, only found a broken bowl of burnt black, this burned person seems to be a gift of a discussion. According to the ground, the grass alley has always called Huazi, this called the flower is recently appeared, but she rarely see him to beg. At that time, he thought he was a field, and it was not familiar with the local situation, so he did not put it in his heart. I didn't expect to be burned tonight.

Fang County made a closer look at the body of Huazi, and the fire murder in the second place. Fang County made the hearts of the heart, he let the servants put the body to returning to the county, let the land guaranteed to drive the flowers in the grass. The bamboo shed is still residual, levy again, the fire is killed. Intentionally, I don't dare to neglect, hurry to do.

The next morning, Fang County made Jiang Shengyuan from the big prison, said that this case is really difficult, and he is not a way to hold him in a prison. The corpse will go back to the funeral, so I will release him temporarily. The case will continue to be investigated, and if the case breaks him, he will notify him. Jiang Shengyuan heard her gratitude, led the body of Ding Yao back home and gave her a speech.

Jiang Shengyuan was released from prison. The people did not will be willing to be good, and they went to the county to ask for severe punishment of Jiang Shengyuan and re-caught him back. Fang County said that Jiang Shengyuan's little died, did not let him go back to deal with the funeral. The people listened, no longer entangled.

On the evening, the county county has not slept, he is going back in the house, and the case is pushed carefully. Soon after, Fangxian County suddenly laughed ...

Four points, Fang County makes all the servants, let them wake up the most merchants in the city, let them follow him. Everyone is very unconfaciated, where is the big night? Fangxian County said not to ask more, follow him. Everyone came with the county county and the servant, and there was a pine forest outside the city.

After a while, Zhao Posted to report, from the gate of the city, a carriage. Fang County made the servants quickly act quickly. He took the merchants to catch up. After about half a bag, the servants stopped a carriage on the official roadside of the pine forest, pulling a big coffin on the carriage, a strong servant rushed to the carriage, and the servant was sitting on a man. The man is not or not, it is the Shengyuan Jiang Shengyuan, the Shengyuan Qianzhuang.

Jiang Shengyuan saw that it was stopped by the servant, and the square county came to come with a merchant, and he was busy asking for the way to stop his way. Fangxian County said that he came to solve the case, and the merchants came to the money. Jiang Shengyuan said that he did not understand what the white county was saying. He gave Xiao Yan Ding Yao, but the county is stopped, which is not only in insulting people. As the county county is the Lord of a county, it can't be like this.

Fang County is listening to the laughter, then it is precise, it is true, "you have a black heart, for 400,000 silver to marry murder, now you want to flee out the county. Although you are quieter, you almost hit the sea, but it is still difficult to escape French network. You can't get it today, you can't meet crime in the horse. "

Jiang Shengyuan naturally refused to plead guilty, and Fang County said that the passage of the case:

It turned out that Jiang Shengyuan is the most large Qianzhuang Shengyuan Qianzhuang in the city. He used 100,000 silver to open this Qianzhuang for the principal. After the bank of Qianzhuang reached 500,000, he imagined 400,000 two million in merchants and the people. silver. Jiang Shengyuan must swallow these silver, you must have to take the big treasurer of Qianzhuang to collide with him.

Later, Jiang Shengyuan called Qian Zhengtai Shen Yu Qinglou women Ding Yao, but he didn't have silver to help her red. Jiang Shengyuan gave Ding Yao to redemption, and found Qian Zhengtai asked him to serve as a big treasurer. After the event, he was not divided into him, but also sent Ding Yao to him. Because Jiang Shengyuan's wife Master is too abandoned, Ding Yao is not allowed to enter the door, Jiang Shengyuan Soge has built a new house to Ding Yao in Qianzhuang backyard. Jiang Shengyuan basically does not go to Ding Yao's room, and it is not allowed to enter the person, and the room has become a good place for Qiantian and Ding Yao.

Qian Zhengtai does not understand financial management, everything is Jiang Shengyuan's manipulation, Jiang Shengyuan only needs an obedient of the shopkeeper. Qian Zhengtai is naturally willing to be this big treasurer in the sake of Ding Yao. After Qian Zhengtai has been a big treasurer, Jiang Shengyuan took his hand to secretly turned out of the bank. Later, he let Qian Thai deliberately went to the countryside, killing a snoring to the temple, and then put a fire and burned the body, Also lost Qiantai's snuff bottle at the scene, resulting in the illusion of Qian Thai.

Jiang Shengyuan's office, but did not think that Qianzitai told his mother in Ding Yao, and then he went to Beijing and enjoy the mother after earning a big money. Fangxian County found Ding Yao in accordance with this clue, Ding Yao as a conspiracy of Qiantai and Jiang Shengyuan. Jiang Shengyuan learned that the county is investigating Ding Yao, worried that the county county will go to Ding Yao again. On the same night, I killed Ding Yao. After burning Ding Yao, Jiang Shengyuan surely did not do it in two, and fired and killed and killed the money. Qian Zhengtai Ding Township is an excuse, he returns to the county in the night. He is hidden in the grass alone during the day, and he went to Ding Yao twin bisibi at night. That's why I know that I have come to a new 乞, but I have never seen the reasons for the new 乞丐. All this is the conspiracy of Jiang Shengyuan. All of this is ingenious, and the county county has also wanted to pass this case last night.

Jiang Shengyuan listened, said the opponent's county: "Your guess is unfounded, the biggest vulnerability is: At that time, I was closed in the big, how can I burn Ding Yao and Qiantai? I can't help me?" Fang County made a slight smile, pointing at the dumb of the carriage to say: "This is your branch, he is a killing tool. Although you are being held in big, this dumb servant often gives you. You put all The plans are explained to this dumb servant, and the dumb servants will kill people in your plan. "

Jiang Shengyuan listened, and his face was a white paper, he asked how to doubt the dumb of the dumb. Fang County said that he did not doubt dumb servant. However, when Ding Yao was burned, the dumb servant appeared in the murder site. He continually explained that Ding Yao was killed by Ding Yao, this is actually a stupid.

Ding Yao's room only has money to enter, although the dumb servant will not speak, but a strong young man, Qian Jing is absolutely not allowing the dumb servant to close to Ding Yao. After Ding Yao was burned, the dumb servant described the passage of the fire. If the dumb servant is not on the spot, how do you know the fire? The more detailed details of the dumb servants described the fire, the greater his suspicion.

Jiang Shengyuan did not accept it. He said that he said to catch the thief, since he transferred the silver, where is these huge silver? Fangxian Yixian made Jiang Shengyuan pulling Jiang Shengyuan, after opening the coffin on the carriage, found that the bold body lying on the car, the body is Ding Yao. There is a quilt under the body of Ding Yao, unveiled the quilt, and the next layer of jewelry and gold. The original embarrassment Jiang Shengyuan has long replaced the silver into gold and jewelry, and is ready to latenate out in this way. Jiang Shengyuan saw the criminal exposure, and immediately said soft, nothing to say.

Jiang Shengyuan is deeply considered, and the heart is spicy. Qian Zhengtai is obsessed with Ding Yao, was designated by Jiang Shengyuan, and finally he was killed by Jiang Shengyuan. Jiang Shengyuan hid in the county, and the voice of the voice of the dumbs was evil, so that anyone else thought. This means is quite high, but it will eventually can't escape the legacy of the county. When he fled, he was arrested in advance. The case is truth, and the square county is sentenced to Jiang Shengyuan. The servant of the dumb, and compensated the victims of the family, the money is buried by his family, and the gold and silver jewelry will return to the county to return to the merchants and counties. civil.

The case is warned: people are not greedy, greed will be worried, and they can be hit. Jiang Shengyuan was fascinated by the money, shaking the conscience, putting a good Dong family, not to occupy all the silver, and kill three people for this silver. Finally, you will be born with your dumb. The agency is performed, and I think that Gao Ming Jiang Shengyuan has killed the squat, Qian Zhengtai, Ding Yao, Dumb servants, and he lifted his feet, and finally, he was in his own, and it was a miserable collection. It is sigh.