The jungle law of drip blood: can't afford the weak islands of the United Nations contribution, but also want to colonize other countries?

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The jungle law of drip blood: can't afford the weak islands of the United Nations contribution, but also want to colonize other countries?

2022-01-15 18:07:12 10 ℃

Suddenly, passed in 2021, the United Nations began to "noisy" the.

January 12, the United Nations issued a statement, because the eight countries in arrears of contributions over two years, was canceled voting in the UN General Assembly, please arrears filled as soon as possible. Among these, there Papua New Guinea.

As the second largest country in Oceania area, differences in Papua New Guinea and Australia superpower, is not generally large. Australia's per capita GDP of $ 57,000, Papua New Guinea is not even one-tenth of the people to only $ 2700.

Many people do not figure on the concept, so to speak, a new bar for many civilized island is not yet complete, still retains the "cannibalism" practices, we can see how poor it is. All this is caused by the colonizers plundered.

In 1511, the Portuguese first landed in New Guinea, found a rich spice resource. Not long after, came to hear of other European powers, then the Netherlands, just in a "sea coachman 'heyday, and soon put the squeeze out other competitors in the local establishment of colonial rule.

The late 19th century, the Netherlands national strength gradually decline, Britain and Germany took the opportunity to invade the island of New Guinea, at this point, "Three Kingdoms" situation was officially formed.

At the same time, Australia is also insignificant development, the gradual rise. Australia's first step into the batch of convicts, relying on local rich natural resources, became king of the mountain away from Europe, easy life flies very moist.

People are greedy, have money, want to have power. Britain has since missed the second industrial revolution is virtue overtake colonial rule more and more powerless.

In this context, in 1901, the British government granted the right to self-government Federation of Australia. The advantages of proximity, so that five years after the success of Australia took over the British New Guinea, Australia and renamed Papua genus. Elderly father, his son inherited the family business, is as it should do.

After the outbreak of the First World War, the Germans took advantage everywhere at once in the battlefields of Europe, Australia fast attack, seized German New Guinea. After the defeat of Germany, Australia and justifiably took over the German New Guinea, this way, the eastern half of New Guinea, Australia completely for himself (the western half of divided ownership of Indonesia).

Islanders are so sad, just two away plague, ushered in a demon. Australia, although he is also a British colony, but they colonized New Guinea islanders were not a little soft, the two sides have become increasingly intensified.

After World War II, Australia to New Guinea region of two Anglo-German merger as "Papua New Guinea territory." In a strong independent voice of local people, December 1, 1973, the Australian government approved their autonomy requirements, September 16, 1975, Papua New Guinea became independent.

In Papua New Guinea encouraged the people cheer when the backyard on fire, Bougainville should be fighting for independence. Bougainville is located on the eastern part of the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea is divided geographically, it is also known as the "North Solomons."

The late 19th century, the German colony in order to expand the scope of, and while the British, Dutch New Guinea divide, and while British and American Samoa grab. In 1900, Germany and Britain reached an agreement with Britain for a German colonial Samoa of part of the Solomon Islands, Germany successfully retained the island of Bougainville, become part of German New Guinea.

After the merger of Australia Papua New Guinea, Bougainville people have been do not agree with their PNG national identity. Far enough away not to say that race is not the same ethnic group, do not play one, so Bougainville and Papua New Guinea has been no central government to deal with.

In 1966, Pan Gu Bougainville copper mine was discovered Asia, and later discovered the mineral resources of gold, copper, magnets, reserves of up to 900 million tons. Australia sit still, directly send technical personnel for the mining, greatly damaged the islanders living environment, led to Bougainville people unhappy.

After independence in 1975, Papua New Guinea, Bougainville also want to go it alone, the establishment of the "Republic of North Solomons." Australia and Papua New Guinea certainly do not agree, at their joint pressure, Republic of North Solomons will soon be incorporated in Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea became a province of Bougainville.

Subjugation blow did not dispel the Bougainville people of independent mind, after all, the Bougainville Papua New Guinea's mineral exports take Bougainville people no good at all points vain, but also because the land is contaminated river, fishing farming are affected, who can not swallow.

In 1988, Bougainville people set up a "revolutionary army", destroyed the mining company's mining activities, mine was forced to close, provincial and central government finally broke contradictory, and ultimately playing into a protracted civil war.

A full twelve years of the War of Independence, Bougainville with twenty thousand lives, 7% of the population of the island, in exchange for autonomy. In 2001, under the good offices of the country of Australia, New Zealand, the two sides signed a peace agreement in Bougainville Autonomous Region was established, and can be approved in 2015-- hold a referendum on independence in 2020, to decide whether independence from Papua New Guinea.

November 23, 2019, Bougainville held a referendum on independence, 98% of the absolute superiority declare independence. The results PNG suddenly go back on, and that if leave them alone, and can not later change the export of foreign exchange reserves, and it has been changing nothing to delay, refused to recognize the independence of Bougainville.

Until July 7, last year, Pakistan's new Prime Minister and Bunville leaders finally talked about it, and the agreement of Belville will be officially founded in 2025-2027. However, this does not mean that the struggle between the two sides is ending, and there is a weak Belwell, which is inexpensive will be affected by Australia and Papei. "

Let me say, Colonial How to be played into a choice game? Britain (after World War I became the United States) colonial Australia, Australia then colonized Pakistan, Papan also wanted to colonize Belwell. The "Jungle Law" has never disappeared, but only changed a way, the original social people eat people, the modern society has become a sluggage, the food chain is more advanced, always wants to do every way to press the next level.

The United States renders "China Threat", flickering Australia to buy their weapons; Australia uses Pakistan to use raw materials production land, crazy exploit the local cheap labor; Papan forgively control the mineral resources of Bigwell, selling others to make money, The northwest wind in the northwest wind in the end of the food chain.

The new abaument is very good, but it is not understood that the Big Vern will also be independent, but I am afraid that you are not bad? A country that even caught in the United Nations fee, but also wants to learn ounces, Samsung, the colonial, really a small knife butt - open eyes.