At the pyramid of Peru, there were 16 customs, and after identification, Chinese experts were sprinkled on the spot.

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At the pyramid of Peru, there were 16 customs, and after identification, Chinese experts were sprinkled on the spot.

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(Peru pyramid)

Live the pyramid, many people will think of Egypt, but the pyramid is not only existed in Egypt, there is also a distribution in South American countries outside the heavy Ocean, which is located in the "Papras" archaeological site in the North Coast of Lima, Peru, There are 12 pyramids, including one, so far there are fewer history of more than 4,000 years.

It is the valuable heritage of human culture, destroyed in the heavy robust mechanism of the two real estate developers in Peru, as for the reason for this pyramid, just because the crusters needed to exploit the paving road, it is really absurd ridiculous.

(Demolished pyramid site)

After the cultural relics were destroyed, the Peruvian government immediately took measures to punish two companies involved in the case, and on the other hand, archaeological experts conducted archaeological discovers. Subsequently under the pyramid, discovered 5 simple coffins, and another 11 The body wrapped in the fabric.

From the clothes left on these bodies, these autopsies are not in the age of this pyramid, even without more than two hundred years, archaeologists have judged the characteristics of these remains, and found that they are Asians, and study Peru. 16 remains of the remains of the stone.

These 16 people are all in the 19th century!

(The remains of the Qing Dynasty under the pyramid of Peru)

The news was transferred to the country, and the invariates of the archaeological experts and historical workers, and even someone came to tears on the spot.

In the 19th century, the situation in Peru is a history of a bloody and tearful to all Chinese people.

Sin human trafficking and coastal slave trade

Since the 19th century, the black slave trade moves toward the decline, and the continuous expansion of the Western powers of capitalist countries have a lot of demand for labor, so that they have stared that they have the world's largest population but the government declined China, wrapped "recruitment workers" and "Overseas Immigration" slave trade, swept the coast of the South.

Peru, South America, separated from Spanish colonists in 1820, inadequate domestic labor, Peru officially encouraged the harsh behavior of plundering population in China.

("Piggy" of the abducted kidnapping)

At that time, the Qing government had a very strict ban on the national affairs. Peru taking evil illegal means, through the "traitor" of the local campaign and the land of the land, the "rape people" of the rogue. The poor people boasting foreign countries, and then forcibly kidnapped, and they are trafficking to the coastal portions and are temporarily placed in "Pig Pavilion".

In the eyes of human dealers, these abducted hardships are like livestock, can't be people, the name of "pig", and "piglet" is the bitterness of traversing .

These "Pigs" is a temporary rental house or a warehouse building, and it is more simple to enclose the fence, and the low-pad shed covered with straw mats, which is divided into many Multiple small rooms.

Being outside the column shed, it is densely wrapped around the iron 蒺 蒺, preventing the "pig" of the abduction, and more people simply directly capture the "pig" in the transportation ship, etc. "Piggy "Water Piglet" after starting.

(Outside the pigs)

No matter which form of "piglet", all guards, "pigs" have suffered from non-human torture here, and their clothes are stripped, and many people's hair is also tied together. Others have been brought by shackles, hoped sage, full of dirt, face as vegetables, eat "chicken dog food", suffering from snoring, and the piglets can often hear mourning and tragic sound.

Some "pig" is unbearable, choose to escape, and often flee and be arrested, and then being killed by people, "kill one hundred", and there is a direct choice.

There is a lot of people who die in the "piglet", and people are not working on their bodies, directly throwing into the wilderness, let the deceased exposed the wilderness, suffering from the wild dog and flying birds, there is also suffering Tortured, people who have not restored labor in a short time will also be discarded with the dead ends.

From 1852 to 1858, it was more than 8,000 people who were abandoned in the "Pig Terrier".

(Sold in Chinese)

And the remaining or people have passed the "Pig Terribut", which is shipped in the cargo ship that is seriously overloaded. Most of these vessels are used to ship the bird. The cabin is dirty, and the space is small, "pig" They curled up the body, "It is more sleep in the night, and the room is saved". It can be seen in the cabin and the vomit. However, the doctor on board is fundamentally, and there is no drug, and those who are ill, the final ending is often discarded, the sea is buried.

In addition, overload means that the shortage of freshwater and food, the owner is a ridiculous place to march the price, one silver dollar a glass of water, and the hardships will be more than two yuan!

The hardships that were sold were unable to fight, and there was a stealing water to be killed, and there was a downtown to find water when it was shot. As for the remaining, sick, thirsty, starving, people who can wait until the ship, often only half of the ship was shipped.

(Vessels who trafficking Chinese workers)

The human sector has considered such an account, a ship that carries 200 people, has been transformed to accommodate 600 people, halfway is halfway, 300 people actually transported, will also earn more 100 people. The lives of Hua workers are seen as numbers, and 200 people who die are not enough in front of 100 people.

The sea sailing is dangerous. Once you have a big wind and reef hull damage, the ship cabin is in water, the captain has fled, and the remains of the boat are hard, and the fear will run out the cabin, and some people have fallen to death. Those who ran out of the cabin to the deck. As the vessel is rolled up with the wind and waves, stepping on, and finally falling into the water.

A deeply suffering Chinese worker

Perhaps the hardships of these trafficking, the sea is the best release, those who live to arrive at Peru, their suffering is far from being over.

Before going to the boat, these hardships were forced to make thorough cleaning and finishing of the cabin, in order to respond, in order to make them look "more selling", the boat will also send a "compassion" to give each person a brown Shirts and colors of merchantic pants, new single shoes and a hat.

After that, these libraries took themselves on the deck, let the buyers pinched a two-head muscle, touch the rib, like picking livestock.

After the auction deal, these hardships have been listed by the employer, and they walk through the streets, and they will be happy.

(Sold in Chinese)

In contrast, the treatment of these people is already excellent, and more cruel is to have a bit of hardship and even stripped the clothes of the clothes. In order to examine their strength, the buyers will use the whip to try them. In this regard, some people can't stand it alone and sang, and some people have set a group of parties to the sea.

These barted barters bought, partially collected bird feces, and a large part of this was sold to Qinchaish Island, where is the largest bird fees in Peru.

In the Jindi Island, the workers live in a simple walking on the temporary construction, the South America is moist, often raining, and the rain is drained from the shed. Diet is also very problematic, often lacking drinking water and grain, during the day, high-intensity labor during stench, the sky is not bright, start getting up, until night can rest.

(Chinese workers)

At four o'clock in the morning, there was a high and strong black foreman. Holding a leather whip in his hand, calling the workers to get up, come to the bird manure mining workshop, the sun rises, the air is gradually hot, the bird manure rude odor Wrap around, almost suffocating, but the whip in the black worker's head is hanging at them, slightly slow, the whip whistling, hitting the trend on the person, will open the flesh, blood flow.

At eleven in the morning, the poor workers can only eat the first meal in the day, the food is difficult to eat, nor well-sanitation, after eating, they have been rushing to continue working with a whip.

In the afternoon, the workers who worked nearly ten hours were exhausted. Their movements were slightly slow, suddenly, the sound sounded, and then a painful scream, "通" fell next to the bird manure On the pile, the black man was cheering, the whip was smashed in the people's body, and the screams reclaimed in the bird fees, but soon, they went out, the whip continued to put it on the laborer. After the lanked labor was awake, after the torture stop, there is still a struggling to stand, but it will also fall back, no longer wake up. Some people who have been treated to the doctor, but still can't escape.

(Chinese workers)

The works of the workers are 100 wheeled bird feces, which is about 4 to 5 tons. If the regulations are not regulated, they will be tied to the fingers and toes with the rope, and they are lifted with a whip.

The environment is bad, the labor intensity, the labor is almost all have injured, but if it is not a disease, it is not allowed to heal, and even the body is weakened to stand difficult, but also kneel on the ground. The small stones, the workers are worn for arsen to take the rope on their shoulders.

These workers, every day, it is hard to do hard, eat unsatisfactory, the life of suffering can't see the end, death has become the most liberated, there will be self-cultivation every night, there are dozens of people Hundreds of people met the high places to go to the island.

Best is sold to Peru, in addition to these birds, still sold into plantations. They lived in the "shed" of guarding the STA, and they made a hard work with the bird's manure, and even more regulatory, they often locked the team's stranded bundles, beds in the evening There are also iron ring locks, and some people are guarded outside. Here, there is a luxury.

(Plantation Garden Labor Work)

Under such a torture, there is an unbearable, escape is dead, there is a vulva chasing live alike, there is also a shot, or fire, or die in the water, more devil's general planting, Killed hundreds of Chinese workers, put their skulls into a table, and show off here.

Strong unyielding struggle

Long-term oppression and torture make these hardships, and the resistance finally broke out.

In 1865, there were more than 500 Chinese labor in Karnard plantations, killing the poor and evil planting owners and supervision, capturing guns and horses, and set up a cavalry, and then rescued the compatriots from other estates. More than 1200 people's uprising teams, they occupied plantations, attacked Battville Town and Baranda Town, killing planting gardens and supervision, and liberated China's labor. (China in the uprising)

However, the good scene is not long, and the resistance will quickly lead to the pericard of the Peru police and the army. The weapons and equipment of the uprising army is failed to resist the attacks of the Peruvian government. The uprising failure, more than 600 Chinese labor is killed, and the remaining half will continue to go back Their work has received more brutal insulted and abuse.

Although this uprising failed, the resistance of Chinese workers far did not stop. Various local plantations are frequent, in September 1870, the Araian plantation in Pattibier Kawee, more than 100 Chinese workers launched an uprising, a hundred should, less than a day, plantation in Pati Bilku Labor has responded, and the number of people has increased to 1,500.

They attempted to attack Patibiaka Town, as the base of their uprising, but this uprising is only a bloody blood of Chinese people, and the organization is not strict, and the weapon will not be used, so they will not be enemy plantation The private armed and the Peruvian government's joint suppression, some people escaped suicide, more people reappeared into the palm of the planting owners.

(The uprising of the Chinese worker)

Although the uprising failed, the impact in Peru was quite huge, and there was a huge wave of waves around the world, and Peru had a cruel crime of Hua Industry called "employee". The cruel crime of the slave was passed through the Western media.

Some Chinese workers have experienced a bonus for eight years, and the Chinese workers who have been lucky to become a free-owned liberty will be written into text. Through the United States stationed in Peru, Huo Wei, through the US Station China's Member of Laws' Laws is transferred to the Qing government, and is translated into English and Spanish published in many newspapers, even Westerners can't help but sympathize, but the Qing government said: "People who are privately oriented are abandoned It is not worth protection. "

At that time, the Qing Genhui adhered to the purpose of restricting the national laws of the country, intention to take this alert to the people who intend to go abroad, but a governance of the country is so indifferent to the overseas people, which makes the Chinese workers in Peru more discriminated.

(Painted iron card)

In Peru, the situation of Huarong's situation is extremely difficult, those black people who have been slave, discrimist against, the Indians put their own bully, they did not allow Hua Workers to be buried into the formal cemetery, helpless Hua Industry will bury the dead compatriots around the imaditable pyramid.

At that time, countless Chinese workers were discarded there. After many years, the 16 remarks found under the pyramid is that there was a different Chinese compatriots in the country.

In 1872, the "Ma Yesi" is affected by the weather. In Japan, the Yokohama, Japan, and a Hua Man runs away from the boat. It is saved by the sailor on the British "Aen Duke" board, 225 contractual Chinese workers and 12 The tragic treatment of minors suffered from board was blusted, and the world was shocked.

After the incident of the "Marrysi" incident, inquiring the Qing government how to dispose of this, the country's face is before, the Qing government has to come up, and the nationals who have been abducted will discuss fair.

(Newspaper information)

Qing government is tuned from indifference to resolutely maintain

Before the "Ma Yesi" incident, China Labor issued a complaint to the Qing government for the second time. This time the Qing government did not set it, although it was only said: "It sympathetically comparable to the hardships in the hardship, advised tolerance, and can set up an annotation The group states to the court "," did not have any substantive protection for Chinese people in Peru, but then, in the Chinese in Peru, a seven-person commitment group was established.

There is a special identity in this Yucheng. He is the son of a Governor of the Qing Dynasty. After 15 years of hardship, the Governor's son has a feet, and the bulls are deaf, and finally get freedom.

The Yurus wrote a giant text of three thousand pages, detailed the tragic experience of being plundered and traffled to Peru and suffering from abuse, and the text was transferred to the country, spread through the media.

(Huadian Information)

After the cruel abuse of China's suffering from Peru, China has suffered from the world's accusation, and then the "Ma Yesi" incident, coupled with the continuous outbreak of Chinese labor riots in Peru, and the black evil of Macau labor trafficking. The trade is forced to stop, the Peruvian government has to take measures to enact the decree to improve China's labor and work, and send the Navy's colleges and colleges.

The Qing government believes that Peru has rely on China's labor to maintain national strength. Once there is no Chinese worker output, it will fall into the crisis, and there is no strength of war, so it is very resolute.

However, Gusie Jie is in combination with the British and US melves to press the Prime Minister's Tuen Mun, forcing the Prime Minister's Tuenmen to agree to the Treaty, and send Li Hongzhang to negotiate with Peru.

(Li Hongzhang)

Li Hongzhang initially insisted that the Peru repatriates all the Huaqi, otherwise it will not set up, but the Peruvian country relies on Huadian to maintain the national strength, so I will not agree, so the two rounds of negotiations have ended, and then the British and American evil will then press it again, plus In Peru, the Chinese workers are unable to pay the return to the country, the Qing dynasty is tight, and it will not afford to ship, and the resettlement of 100,000 people is also a problem. Li Hongzhang has to retreat one step, ask the regulations to protect the Chinese workers, Gusie is not accepted, trying to bypass Li Hongzhang and the Prime Minister's negotiations, the Prince Parents and Li Hongzhang, Gürsea is only in the third round. Compromise after the beginning of the negotiation.

Until the end of December 1873, after Macao Qi Qi trade was prohibited, the intra-sense of the dilemma of Peru's labor is more and more urgent, and the intention of Grisher's demand negotiations is more and more urgent. Li Hongzhang took this for China to work in Peru. For more interests, the Chinese workers are invited to send Hua Industry to the country after the Peru's share of foreign immigrants and labor contracts.

(Peru China General Administration)

Subsequently, the government sent a minister to the Peru, and the percent of the water in the water was finally welcomed. After that, their labor conditions have improved, in addition to less dozens of people choose to return to China, the remaining more than 10,000 Chinese workers choose to leave after the contract is expirable.

They are married to the locals, settled, starting to engage in other professional labor, a part of the mind flexible Chinese workers even doing business, gradually possesses the assets, entered the upper level of Peru.


In fact, when the Chinese who fell abroad, he stopped 100,000, and the suffering they suffered was also showing the truth of "weak country without diplomacy".


After more than 170 years of breeding, many Chinese people are unyielding struggle to enter, today's Peru has more than 5 million people with Chinese blood, they are engaged in all walks of life, and they do not have the original difficulties and helplessness.

And now with China's national strength and international status, these Chinese descendants who have grinded in the original, and the Chinese who will go to the secret workers can make a mixed Peru in various colors, and kindly call the country "old towns" .


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