Before Liu Bang was dead, Zhang Liang did not eat grain in 3 years, 5 years without leaving home, in exchange for children in 2000

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Before Liu Bang was dead, Zhang Liang did not eat grain in 3 years, 5 years without leaving home, in exchange for children in 2000

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Every time the end of the dynasty, there will be a mella. Many people may become the future of the future, but it is necessary to have a strong army, in addition to a strong army. .

During the Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei had Zhuge Liang. Sun Quan has Zhou Yu, and Cao Cao has a stupid. They are all famous persons in history, because they have played their own talents for their Lord, so it has made a long time in the three countries.

Before the establishment of the Han Dynasty, Liu Bang had Zhang Liang around him, and he had the ability to defeat Xiang Yu. Zhang Liang is also one of the opening of the Han Dynasty, but he chose to withdraw from when he was named, and this decision also made his descendants more than 2,000 years.


Liu Bang is born in a cloth, so he is basically some of the poor people like him when he started the uprising. Later, after gradually become a military, it is fortunate to absorb some talented people, one of them.

Zhang Liang, is a nobility of South Korea. His ancestor has served the prime minister of South Korea during the Warring States Period. Later, his father has also been continuously prime minister, and a family calls rain in Korea.

However, when the Qin army broke into the Korean capital of Xinzheng, his aristocratic life also encountered Waterloo. The national hatred family hatefully burned the flaming fire in his heart, and he began to resent the person who took him - Qin Shihuang.

So he bought a large-size iron hammer that weighs 120 kilograms, and he is in the road to Qin Shihuang. At that time, the car riding the car was six horses, and the other ministers were four horses. Therefore, Zhang Liang mainly attacks six carriages, preparing to assassinate Qin Shihuang.

However, Qin Shihuang has been habits for this kind of assassination, so all use four Mara vehicles when they travel, and often transfer to the actual vehicle. Sure enough, Zhang Liang's 120 pounds of the big hammer hit a deputy car, and Qin Shihuang did not hurt.

Subsequently, Qin Shihuang was anger to release a wanted order to the country, but in the end, he couldn't make this incident because of the evidence.

Zhang Liang, who escaped, was here, where he met the nobles in life, he was to avoid the war, Huangshigong hidden in this place.

The two met in a stream. Huang Shi saw Zhang Liangji's shares in the impeachment of Zhang Liangji, and said that he was different from ordinary people, so he intended to teach him his life. Later, after three trials, Zhang Liang also finally touched Huang Shigong.

Subsequently, he gave Zhang Liang, and he had to study it carefully. When he learned, he chose a Ming Lord to play his talents.

Liu Bang

After Zhang Liang, after this opportunity, he cherished the opportunity to learn to learn to learn. This "Tai Cajie Law" made him benefit a lot, he can pay tribute to the world from the book. It's a bad.

During Qin II, the uprising army all over the world flocked to the Qin Dynasty. Zhang Liangxin was originally in the bones of Qin Chao, so he also posed a hundred people to pick up the banner of antiqin, but because the situation is thin, it is difficult to stand in the chaos, he wants to take people to go. Jingki.

I didn't expect Liu Bang on the way to walk, and the two will talk about it very speculative. Zhang Liang has made Liu Bang's proposal to Liu Bang in his "Tai Caji Law".

Zhang Liangxin is a great point, thinking that he is hard to study so long, I can finally send it, and I don't want to work hard. So he changed his mind and no longer went to the city, but since then followed Liu Bang to create a big cause of antiqin.

Zhang Liang and Liu Bang, equivalent to encountering the Bole of his life; Liu Bang said Zhang Liang, waiting for the half-Wanjiang Mountain in China. From the later, Zhang Liang's role in Liu Bang, if there is no Zhang Liang, even if Liu Bang can call the emperor, it is estimated that it is also delayed for many years.

However, Zhang Liang is an old man. When he first gave Liu Bang, he did not forget to revive South Korea. Later, with the help of Xiangliang, the Korean son was sealed as Han Wang, making Zhang Liang's revival investigated a brief implementation.

Then Liu Bang wants to attack Xianyang, and Han Wangcheng sent Zhang Liang to assist in troops. He made the Xiang Yu's "copy of the small road attack", so that the Xiang Yu was relaxed to the city, lifting the worries of the westward, and then Liu Bang was able to attack Xianyang City like a broken bamboo.

In the brilliant Qin Wang palace, Liu Bang is a bit like the world. At this time, Zhang Liang makes him "clothes, to show the thrift, don't add fun", make Liu Bang received the people of Xianyang City, and opened "Chu and Han Zhan" in the future. Foundation.

Xiang Yu knows that Liu Bang has an anger after the Xianyang, vowed to attack Liu Bang to recapture Xianyang City. However, Liu Bang is not enemy, anxious, Zhang Liang gives him an idea, letting him banquet Xiang Yu's uncle, and tell him that he does not dare to betray.

The next day, Xiang Yu set down Hongmen feast, Liu Bang carried Zhang Liang to attend. On the banquet, Liu Bang was loyal, plus NETBOW, which made the atmosphere of the original sword. The final Xiang Yu did not kill Liu Bang.

When Zhang Liang saved Liu Bang, he saved Liu Bang, and he had to say that he is also human and human. Soon, under Zhang Liang's suggestion, Liu Bang appointed Han Xin, Yinglu, and Peng Yue and others launched the "Chu Han Zhan".

The struggle between Chu and Han Han, with Xiang Yu from Wujiang, Liu Bang successfully established a big man. The establishment of the Western Han Dynasty, Zhang Liangmin is not. He is Liu Bang's mating, and it is also a great general of the Western Han Dynasty, but Zhang Liang has never dare to work.

After the first day of the world, Zhang Liang was the last time for Liu Bang, he said that he "Don't let the only kid, follow private, don't take care of the people who like yours, and exclude people who are annoying and active."

Under the words of Zhang Liang, Liu Bang's first enchanting his hateful tooth, which made a downturn in the hearts of many ministers in the face, and also makes a stupid in the face. Since then, Zhang Liang will start to leave the house without leaving the house.

He is not good, so he often said that the disease is not going to the DPRK, nor participates in the face of the midst of the face. The only one is to help Lu Lu planned, saving Liu Ying's prince. After that, he went to Liu Bang to leave away from the officialdom and concentrated.

Liu Bang feels his achievements and seizes him to him. Therefore, everyone calls him "staying". Subsequently, he would hide in the local area, do not eat grain in 3 years, 5 years without leaving home, abandoning the people in the world, and studying Huang Laozhi.

His decision also allowed him to stay away from the dispute of the court. When those who followed Liu Bang's world, Zhang Liang was the only person who lived.

Taoist founder Zhang Daoling, Tang Dynasty name Zhang Jiubi, famous medical scientist Zhang Zhongjing, etc., the future generations of Zhang Liang, his later generations have been stretched for more than two thousand years.