Sun Li: Eliminating the largest military generals in the Japanese army, was hosted for 33 years, and it has not been in the same day after death

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Sun Li: Eliminating the largest military generals in the Japanese army, was hosted for 33 years, and it has not been in the same day after death

2022-01-15 18:06:59 11 ℃

After the anti-Japanese war broke out, Sun Li took the order, led the army, in a battle, because Sun Li people have always conducted a front line, a gunball is not fortunate, and he is unfortunately fried, and it has been used for three days. Song Ziwen quickly sent him to Hong Kong Island to receive healing. The second year after the injury, Sun Li was upgraded to the Major, and the captain of the tax police Corps, led the army to teen Guizhou Province. Two years later, Sun Li's military restructuring is one of the new 38th division, which has become one of the most outstanding troops in our army. Since then, he rate the troops into Myanmar fighting, and it is the most popular military generals in the anti-Japanese devil. enormous contributions.

On August 20, 1955, it was an extremely ordinary day, but for the well-known anti-Japanese soldiers, it was the most dark moment in his life. Chiang Kai-shek began to be inhibited by Sun Li.

After Sun Li's case, the Taiwan Provincial Government deleted the full personal deeds of Sun Li. Worse, Sun Li people have been infected, and the entire family has no income, and their families have to overhead. Sun Li people have no way, can only try to raise funds. Sun Li people's mother-in-law said that "My father did not receive salary after being hungry, and the objects in the family were sold quickly. In addition to raising flowers in the yard, Dad also bought a plantation, a fruit subsidy family. But every time you come, you have a car tracking. "

Many people named Sun Liwei as "Second Zhang Xueliang", he is indeed true. On March 17, 1950, Chiang Kai-shek was broken and promoted to Sun Li's commander of Lu Navy. At this time, Sun Li has become a person who wants to come.

As everyone knows, Sun Li's good day is over. With the outbreak of the anti-US aid war, the seventh fleet of the United States entered the Taiwan Strait. Although the security of Taiwan provinces certainly ensured that the safety of Sun Li people did not intend to weaken the real power of Sun Li, and finally Sun Li was "莫 must have" crime.

On May 25, 1955, Chiang Kai-shek instructed the old man of Mao Manfu to arrest Sun Li, and followed Sun Li's hardcore, Guo Ting, who was headed by the army. In the snow, it is, after a week, the Tainan area has burst into incident, and the Sun Li people were arrested. Among these people, Guo Tingliang is the most difficult person, after ten days of devastating, he does not say that he is a rebellion.

When I saw a strict sentence, I had a touch of death, and Mao Man Fengli had to use him and Sun Li's vain relationship. Deceive Guo Tingliang said that he didn't know that Sun Li was framed, and he was unfortunate, but if he admitted that it is "traitor" I can help the crime of Sun Li people, I heard here, for the old leadership, Guo Tingliang also succumbed, and Chiang Kai-shek is also "written", so it has spread all over Taiwan.

On August 3, Chiang Kai-shek took the "mouth supply" to the Sun Liwei, forcing Sun Liwei to write a restricted report. On August 21, Sun Li was exempted by Chiang Kai-shek from the position of "participation in the army", and also established Chen Cheng as a "Nine Survey Committee", which is said to investigate the "soldier".

That's it, Sun Li is "handled", he was hung in the apartment in the Taiwan Taiwan. In fact, everyone knows that Sun Li is "hungry" because he blocks a person to control Taiwan provinces, and that person is Jiang Jingguo. At that time, Sun Li took a significant position, military power and political power were very large. Sun Li people still have a very large logo "Ji-Yi", Chiang Kai-shek is very avoided, worried that the soldiers are self-respecting, after you die, Sun Li's power will affect his own strength, and the son is directly-crashed with Sun Li, for his son Passing the road, so that you don't have to worry about the United States in Taiwan Island's forces affect yourself.

Sun Li is a clear official, integrity and self-discipline, and there is no deposit in his life. On November 19, 1990, Sun Li was sick in Taiwan, and his life was 90 years old. Sunli's will say that he is not in the soil after you die, and it is expected that it will be buried back to his hometown in the future.