From the generation of hatred to the handshake

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From the generation of hatred to the handshake

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As the saying goes: the enemy meets each other, and it is extraordinar.

In this world, there is no better than letting two you die, people who are not two, and the enemy is more difficult.

The reason why Romeo and Juliet's love became a tragedy, because two families did not want to show their enemies.

On the 125th anniversary of celebrating publication, Science Magazine announced 125 challenging scientific issues, and the cooperation issues were located 16th. It can be seen how difficult human cooperation is doing things.

Let the two ordinary people cooperate and not easy, let two people with deep vessel, let the two countries with deep vessels have a difficulty in handing hands more than knowing.

But so incredible things, European politicians in the 1950s did it.

It is said that Germany and France are unsuccessful.

1870-1871 War, France defeated, 5 billion francs to Germany, and cut Alsace and Luolin to Germany. There is a text in the middle school textbook called "the last lesson", which is the background of the French defeat of the French warfare to let Alsace and Luolin as the background, defeat the country's shame to each national public.

The First World War of 1914-1918, Fa German branch is divided into two hostilities of the country and the allied countries, and bloody kills 4 years. On November 11, 1918, Germany officially announced surrender. German representatives signed the "Gonne Forest Alert Act" in the Fuku Rock, the Northeast of Paris, and signed the "Gonne Forest Act".

The Second World War of 1939-1945, French two countries were divided into two hostile camp allies and axis countries. In May 1940, the Germans broke through Mechetan defense line, occupied France's local, and the British and French Joint Festival defeated . On June 22, 1940, the French army was forced to surrender. The surrender site is also arranged in Gibirne Forest, Hitler specializes to sign the car in the year of Germany and France to move from the museum to 22 years ago it - Lei Tao Station Central Rail, Hitler is sitting on the chair who is sitting in the chair who is sitting in the chair of the Fuko in 22 years ago. Revenue means very obvious.

Although Hitler enjoys the pleasure of retaliation, he eventually defeated the end of the fault. This is a later words, not to mention.

Whether it is the choice of stop negotiations, or the arrangement of the surrender venue, some of the radical German nationalists can have slightly spoken to the french hate.

In 1870, the three war in the manufacturing of the Decades, I would like to know what extent.

However, in the case of the national feelings of the German France, the European politician was in the case of the European politicians, and the multi-party crossing, and finally let the national enemy of these two generations of hatred, hit the hand, and join hands to promote European integration.

This is really a very great thing. How do they do this?

Professor Zhao Huapu, "EU Political and Diplomatic" (World Knowledge Press, September 2021), expounded that the European politicians at the time made Fa German two countries, and worked hands with the process of promoting European integration.

Time, Robert Schumman, the French foreign economist, politicians let the Mo Dan plan to plan to revitalize the French economy through European cooperation.

Let the sovereignty country with respective interests and demands are not an easy task, Monel decided to start from the most sharp place in contradiction, starting from the hardest bones.

Speaking of European countries after World War II, the strength and contradictory of the most sharp national illegal German countries are not. So how do you make these two seven or eighty years, and the enemy is seen in the country, and what is the country?

Moen is an economist and considers the problem.

After studying, it was found that the focus of the two countries of Faord was Sar and Ruer, which was coal and steel. In order to meet the needs of French economic recovery and curb Germany, Mo Net advocates the implementation of French coal steel joint venture. He believes that "coal is the industrial food food, get stable coal supply from the Ruer District of the federal German, in line with the interests of France, and steel is the basic raw materials for the revival of military and industrial production, and the steel coexasses ensure that France is psychologically safe. Feel. In short, French Coal Steel Community is beneficial to France to restore industrial production and control of Germany, and will not violate the principles of European joints. ("EU politics and diplomacy")

So Mo He has developed a plan for French coal steel production. This program got Schuman's support and passed in France on May 9, 1950.

So do the federal Germany agree to coal steel joint camp?

"EU politics and diplomacy" wrote that "the Federal Germany believes that through French cooperation can make the federal Germany equally equally, and you can also get the sovereignty of Saar in France, so praise 'Shu The Man Plan '' is a tolerant gesture "taken by Germany and European issues ',' is a very significant development of the German relations."

After the Coal Steel Association Plan has obtained Germany, it has achieved support from Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The UK is based on the intergovernmental position that has always adhered to it, and does not agree with the plan.

On April 18, 1951, European Six countries signed the European Coal Steel Community Treaty in Paris, and started the process of more than seventy-year European integration.

Now in the past for more than seventy years, coal steel is not the blood of economic development. The EU is facing many new problems, but the coal steel community plans are still unlunged into high-top political wisdom, goodwill, and humanity, more prosperous society.Longjun's glorious plan.

In today, there is no shortage of prejudice, separation, suspicion and miscrosis, and more than seventy-year European politicians' ideas and practices still have no shortage of revelation and reference.