Who is the highest military ranks of prisoners of prisoners in countries?What do they finally end?

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Who is the highest military ranks of prisoners of prisoners in countries?What do they finally end?

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In the early morning of September 1, 1939, Germany torn the "Delo mutual non-invasion treaty", air strike Poland Airport, which is the opening of the Second World War, which is both German flash Poland.

In September 1945, the Second World War was officially ended, and the allied countries finally ushered in victory, Germany, Italy, and Japan's three fascists and other servants finally ushered in the trial.

According to incomplete statistics, during the Second World War, more than 7,000 million people were killed (conservative figures) in the world, lost more than $ 100 million in property, and China's military and civilian casualties were more than 20 million. It can be seen that the war has caused non-reversible damage to all mankind.

In the Second World War, all countries have emerged many well-known generals. These will fight for justice, and some are evil camps.

So, who is the highest military ranks captured in the battlefield in World War II? What are these senior military officers?

If inventory throughout the Second World War, the highest military ranks in various countries around the world will be too large, and we only pick a few countries, the universal country is the most representative country.

Let's take a look at who China is captured in the Second World War? (The war is captured)

It is clear that people in history have been clear, and the main opponents in World War II are the poor and evil sunshine. In 1931, "Ninth Eighth Things" began, Japan's truly invaded the whole China, and China as a big camp, followed by the world.

14 years of anti-Japanese war, whether it is the eight-year army or the national army insisted on fighting against the enemy, countless Chinese children throwing the head, sprinkling blood, exchange a beautiful happy life for the future.

The Chinese army captured the highest military ranking officer in the anti-Japanese-war period should be the deputy commander of the Kuomintang's Yuzhao Battle, and the commander of the 24th March 14 will be in Pang Bingxun.

Pang Bingxun was born in 1879, Xinhe people in Hebei. Before the Revolution of 1911, Join Sun Yat-sen created the alliance will be found. In July 1920, the War of the Direct War broke out, Pang Bingxun led the battle between the Yongqi, supported the direct.

In September 1924, the second tribute to the war broke out, and Pang Bing's Xing rate 15th mixed travel participated in the "Beijing Counter". Subsequently, Pang Bingxun gaven to Chiang Kai-shek.

During the Anti-Japanese War, Pang Bingxun was connected to Hebei, Henan, Shanxi and other places, with the Japanese army. In April 1943, when the Japanese army entered the "Sanshuang Policy" in Taihang, it was facing Pang Bingxun.

Pang Bingxun, who has been flowers, is slow, and it has not organized counterattacks, leading the troops and retreat. At the end of April 1943, Pang Bingxun's troops were dispersed.

At this time, the "Dongling Thief" Sun Dianying, which has become a traitor, found Pang Bingxun's hidden office, after the persuasion of Sun Dianying, Pang Bingxun officially surrended Japanese army. Later, Pang Bingxun also made Wang Publoms.

Pang Bingxun

In 1949, Pang Bing, founded in New China in 1949, fled to Taipei, 1963, Pang Bingxun died of illness, and was 85 years old.

Pang Bingxun is a true national army, and he is the highest military rank for captured in the Second World War.

The eight-way army did not implement a military tag, so it could only be counted in accordance with the position. The highest eldest officer of captured should be the Secretary-General of the Northern Bureau, the Secretary-General of the Command of the Badio of the Eighth Route Army, Zhang Youqing.

In mid 1942, the Japanese army launched five great sweeps, and came to the Taihang revolutionary base, Zhang Youqing led the troops to capture during the process. Different from Pang Bingxun, the founding of Pang Bing, July 7, 1942, Zhang Youqing, sacrificed to Taiyuan concentration.

Zhang Youqing was the director of the Military Commission Office of the Eighth Route Army, although it belongs to the military civilian staff. But according to the position, he should be the highest elder officials captured.

The above is the highest military rank of prisoners in China in World War II, except Pang Bingxun, Zhang Youqing, and the remaining generals after the captive, most of them are willing to staff or verses vice president.

Let's take a look at Japan in the Second World War. What kind of officers have been captured?

Zhang Youqing

As we all know, the Japanese army believes in the spirit of Samxi, the so-called martial arts spirit is Ning as jade, not for the tile. Whether it is a Japanese military officer or a soldier, there are very few people who are willing to take the initiative to surrender, and the senior officials captured is less.

However, a Japanese naval called Fukuo will seem to be a little. Before being captured, Fu Kezhen had two degrees of the joint fleet of the joint fleet, successively supported the Mingshan 56 and the ancient Hefeng one or two commanders.

On the morning of March 31, 1944, Fu Kefa and the ancient Hehe will take two water aircraft to prepare to go to the Philippines to perform tasks.

These two aircraft suddenly encountered strong convective weather when they flew to the Medina of the Philippine, and the aircraft of the ancient Ghee Peak was immediately missing. The second flight of Fu Kezhen was awarded by the Philippines guerrilla.

Surprisingly, other Japanese senior military officers who have been captured at the same time as Fu Kexia have chosen suicide, or fight against death. But only Fu Ke is, but there is no fight, there is no suicide.

Original Fu Kexia believes that he is in a disappearance, after all, the Japanese army has committed the bloodline in Southeast Asia, including the Pacific Ocean, and Fu Ke is the main planner of this blood.

However, when the Japanese army learned that Fu Ke is prisoned, threatened to kill the entire island of Cebu Island, and the guerrillas did not receive the US military response, and forced the stress and sent Fu Keqing to the Japanese.

After that, Fu Kexia was appointed as the Secretary of the Second Air Fleet. In January 1945, Fu Ke was in the first Nanjun commander. As Japanese Yun Renhuang announced unconditional surrendering, Fu Keqing was listed as a Barrier after World War II and was held in the past three years. Around 1950, Fu Luan served as the chairman of the Japanese Waterfire, the Guardian Consultant. In February 1971, the 80-year-old Fu Li was dead.

Fu Kexong

On the China Battlefield, except for the Japanese army who was directly killed, the senior military officer who was captured by the prisoners of prisoners should be a man in Wukong, Hankou.

The rank of Men, also male army, is the Navy, the colonel, January 18, 1944, and the aircraft riding a man ride in the mountainous sandstone of the mountainous area of ​​Shiyu County, Anhui Province. After the 50th army, the 50th army of the national army, the officers and men of the military and soldiers found that the firepower shot to the cockpit.

I haven't been a few minutes, and I have extended the white flag in the machine. The officers and men of the national army rushed into the plane and went out 13 occupants one by one In addition to the driver, 2 people have died, captive seven Japanese soldiers and 4 civilians, one of the Japanese officers in 1 of the right knees, is the Naval Dasu, also male.

After the man is also captured, the right lower limb resection surgery is carried out, and He Yingqin personally sent people to the wild and sent to Chongqing. At the beginning of 1946, the man was also released to Japan and was 79 years old on March 4, 1978.

As for the Japanese Major Heights, which was madly captured by the Eighth Route Army, the real identity is just a military cao (the rank of the sergeant).

In addition to the man, there is also a Japanese officer called Yuanshan, a Japanese officer, was captured in Teng County Railway Station. Yuanshan Fangshan is a head of the Japanese Economic Examination Group, and the rank level is income. However, this person is not a first-line soldier, his racemire is a dutiful relationship, compared with the real Navy, the man is also a man, and the far-reaching mountain is not enough.

After saying the Asian battlefield, then look at the US, Soviet, Germany, the UK, the highest military ranks captured in the European battlefield.


The "old big brother" Soviet Union is relatively large in the World War II, and 77 people were captured by the enemy. 29 of them sacrificed, the remaining 48 people were in the war or resume military, or were cleared.

In the Soviet Union, Yelhakov, commander of the 20th Army, will be captured in the Bulusk in October 1941.

After being captured, Yelhakov was held in the Hammer Fort Central Camp. On June 9, 1942, he died in the concentration camp on June 9, and was buried in the cemetery in the yard after death.

In addition to the generals in Yeier Sukov, there is also Andrevich, and the Felodovic, Ivanichola, Ivielaievich will be prisoned, the ending is miserable. (According to the reason, the Soviet captured generals are Flasov, but this person has surplus the Germans, which is a famous traitor, which is controversial, so there is no example as an example of Flasov.

In Germany, the highest military officer captured should be the "big name Ding".

In 1939, Baolus was promoted to Major General. On August 26, 1939, Pallas was appointed the staff of the 10th Army of the Command of Lai Herzej.

In 1942, Baishi Jinli is the armored soldiers. In early January 1943, he was promoted, he was awarded the oak rider, the Marshal, the same year, was promoted to the marshal (a person's marshal.)

In early February 1943, the Stalin Grete Battle was officially ended, and the 24 soldiers headed by Bausi surrendered the Soviet army. In 1953, Paul was returned to Dongde living. After 4 years, Demoli is also the first prisoner of prisoners in the Second World War.


The British has passed the "feat" of "Dunlike Retreat" in World War II, just the Battle of Malay and Singapore, the Japanese army captured more than 130,000 British army.

On February 8, 1942, the Japanese army attacked Singapore. On the morning of February 15, the British troops surrendered. On the afternoon, the British army held the highest level of commanders at the local level General, and the two representatives were surrendered to the mountains.

After Pelipal surrendered, the Japanese army was imprisoned in the Northeast of China. Submitted in August 1945, on September 2nd, Japanese surrender books on the Missugli battleship, followed by a lifetime.

The last thing to introduce is the United States in one of the allies.

In December 1941, Japan launched the pearl country air strike, causing the US Pacific Fleet to suffer, and the US President Roosevelt immediately issued a statement on the day.

After the Pacific War broke out, Mike Arthur was transferred to the US Commander in the Philippines returned to the country, served as the commander of the US Far East Army, and the time of the MacArthur was to be Jonathan Wenlaite.

In early May 1942, the Battle of the Philippines entered an end, Japan almost locked the victory. On May 5, 1942, Wen Lite will send a lasting telegram to Washington, in order to save nearly 70,000 innocent Philippines civilians, Wen Lite will lead 12,000 US military to the Japanese surrender.

All the American people believe that Wen Lite will be induced, and it has become a large hero of the US national family.

After Wen Rite will be captured, as in the UK Pelivar, it is committed to the war criminals in Northeast China. In September 1945, Wen Lite witnessed the Japanese army unconditional surrenders.


The above is the highest military rank of the highest military ranks captured between several major countries between the World War and the Axis State.

Counting the famous prisoners of prisoners in various countries, their endings will not be too good.The war is actually a consensus between the beliefs and the flesh between the two parties. The defeat will be directly reduced to the prisoner, and the captured people are more than life.

What's more, these high-level commanders, everyone carries a large number of domestic secrets, and will definitely be "focusing on the enemy", only those talents who are lucky to be careful.

In any case, the war is never solving the only way to solve the problem.The people of the people around the world are peaceful development, any people or groups that dare to provoke the war will surely be sacrificed by the people of the world.