The dilemma of the generals: the brilliant record on the battlefield, politically invisible

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The dilemma of the generals: the brilliant record on the battlefield, politically invisible

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The Empire Shuangwa is guarded, Huo goes to the disease, there is no brilliance of the Huns, but there is no more than the brilliant record on the battlefield, it is not understood, what is the reason for this?

Today we will talk about the Dikacy of the Great General. Wei Qing was born, because his sister's satellor won the favor of Han Wudi, so he got the opportunity to enter the palace, accompanied by Liu Han, with the ears of the Han Dynasty, and Wei Qing from the initial Pingyang Principal's Mada, gradually growing into one People who can be trusted and rely.

I got a summit, and I called the Qing as a chapter supervision, the servant, and the name of the name of the family, and the reward is a thousand gold.孺 孺 太 公 公孙 贺妻. Children's post and Chen Jiaotong, went to the presidency. Gongsun is like this. Jade is a lady. The blue is the big school doctor. - "Histori · Shuijun Rating Biography"

Because the sake sakes are loved by the Han Dynasty, the genk begins to be expensive, which can be seen that Weiqing enters the relationship and not the ability. Rely on the entrance, practice depends on individuals. Weiqing only relying on my sister, it is very difficult to become a generation, and the Han Wudi has conducted a true knife inspection of the four people including Weiqing before reused.

Yuan Gang five years, Qingfei car ride, hit the Nionun, out of the valley; Taipao Gong He is a light car general, out of the cloud; the big grandchildren is a rider, exported to the county; guardian Li Guang is the general of the general , Out of Yanmen: Military Military. Chung to Yucheng, began to do hundreds of people. The ride of the generals died of seven thousand rides; the guard Li Guang is the resulting result, and it will be returned: all, redeem the people. He also didn't work. - "Histori · Shuijun Rating Biography"

Gongsun He, Gong Sun, Li Guang is not in vain in this action, that is, the detail will be, only hundreds of guards of the sanctuary, which makes the Han Dynasty. Therefore, Li Guang did not build meritoriously can't be sealed. It can't completely complained that it is not good, or the problem of its own ability. Han Wu Emperor does not give them an opportunity, but gives them opportunities, Wei Qing seizes this rare opportunity to stand out. .

Yuan Yuan's spring, the soldiers have a man, and it is a queen. - "Histori · Shuijun Rating Biography"

After the Sanfu gave the Hanwu Emperor Liu, the Wei Qing was officially established as the queen, and the Weiqing at this time has also achieved greater results on the battlefield of the Huns. There are military power can be sealed, not only Weiqing, even in his department.

It is the same as three thousand hundred hundred households. The Qing Qian Su Jian has a good job, and it is seized in Pinglinghou with a thousand households. Make the buildings in the city. The Qing School is active, and it is sealed as a shore. - "Histori · Shuijun Rating Biography"

Since then, there are many generals who have been promoted by the guards, these are strong supporters of the guards, Huo go to Huo Qing, and strictly belong to the guardian, so this is more stable.

It is all of the big horse position, the general, and the generals are all Masma. - "Histori · Shuijun Rating Biography"

When Wei Qing and Huo go to the generals of the Great Sima, many people think that Han Wudi has absolute trust in them, but in fact, "there is no two days, the country is no one," Weiqing and Huo go to the disease are sealed as Masma Ma The generals of the generals are the one-time feet of Han Wudi in order to differentiate.

Loating the generals, there are more people to ride, and they are in the official, and they are unable to be safe. - "Histori · Shuijun Rating Biography"

Sure enough, many people attached to the sanctuary, turned down to the door of Huo. The opposition and conflict between Weiqing and Huo's disease is that the Han Wudi deliberately, the purpose is to make our own rule and threaten his rule. After all, this emperor did it for a long time, the guards Liu were too long, and the throne heir was too long. Power is magical, not to mention the high-end emperor, and Han Dynasty is most important, not other things.

From the sake of the slaves, Changwu Hou Anji has a good job from the 骠 ride, and benefits each three hundred. The school dares to be flagged, it is Guan Hou, and the food is 200. The school is self-director. The army is an official, and there are many rewards. And the generals are not allowed to seize, and the army is free. - "Histori · Shuijun Rating Biography"

In fact, Han Emperor deliberately cultivated Huo to go to the disease, giving him the resources and support far more than Weiqing. To see that Huo's disease can be striped and struck, it is a strong logistics guarantee. Following the case of Huo to get sick, all Hou Bai will, and those who follow the sancto will not be rewarded, and Wei Qing himself will not be sealed. Han Wudi raised high lesions to prevent the intention of the sanctuary, glaring, and more vision, it is aware of the defeat of the guards, it is inevitable.

The general army has retired, and it is unyielding, but it is not known as it is. - "Histori · Shuijun Rating Biography"

Wei Qing's low-key, even Li Dare beat his own things can be patience, and at the same time, for the Han Wudi's order, the world is not praised him. In fact, Weiqing really wants to be politically active, but his efforts and tries have been compressed by Han Dynasties.

The first thing: for Guo Jiji, was blamed by the Han Dynasty.

Guo Ji, is the grandson of God, the representatives of the Western Han Dynasty, and many officials do not understand, as long as Guo is going to see it. However, Guo Ji's behavior is not to be accommodated by the rulers, because "Heroes are arbitrarily banned", his behavior itself is ignore national law, is the destroyer of national laws and rules.

Safety of the army: "Guo Jiejia is not hurting." When living nearby, some people deliberately listed non-eligible Guo Joins in the list. Han Wudi naturally won't pay attention to this, but this thing has alarmed a person: the general army is too green. The low-key is not strong, actually actively playing Han Wudi, saying that this list of migratory Miaolu is problematic, Guo Jiefang does not meet the requirements, ask the Emperor of the Han Dynasty to remove Guo Ji.

Shangyu: "Boxing right to make the generals, this family is not poor." - "Historical Records · Ranger Biography"

For this request, the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty is very unexpected. He said: "If Guo Ji is just a cloth, he will let the general Sima Weiqing ask him, this shows that he is not poverty! "Then I insist on the migration of Guo to Migly. What does this explain? Description, on the chartroom, Weiqing's big Sima did not say anything, and for his suggestions, Han Wudi was very vigilant, because he was very worried about Wei Qing, and people with lofty status in the army also had political huge impact. force.

The second thing: Recommend the master, is directly indifferent.

The master father gave the Han Wudi planned "pilgrim", is one of the greatest pangs, but before the Han Wudi appreciative, the master fell to the wall, and finally he came to Beijing, and wanted to pass the generals of the generals. Getting a chance to get a short, but his wishful abacus fell, because despite the spare efforts of the Weiqing to recommend him in front of the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, it is very small.

In the middle of the filial piety, I thought that the princes were in the tourists, and the West came to see the generals. The squadron's number is not called. - "Historical Records, Pingjin Master Biography"

The people recommended by Weiqing, the Han Dynasty did not trust, the reason is that if he reuses himself, he is the satellite of Weiqing instead of his own loyalty, Wei Qing is over the Emperor of Huang, this is not the Hanwu Emperor. hopefully.

Relying on the general guidelines, it is useless, and your own tray is also used, and it will take the right to drink northwest wind. The master can only rely on himself. He wrote his own book. The content involved in the internal affairs and the national policy of the Huns. These are very opposed to the appetite of the Han Dynasty, so the generals of the generals have failed, the master Got the call of Han Dynasty.

If the amount of money, for a long time, the guests passenger passengers are getting worse. The pavilion, the eye is coming. As a result, the eight things are the law, and the Xiongnu. - "Historical Records, Pingjin Master Biography"

In fact, Han Wudi has long known the ability of the master, but only the generals are recommended, I don't have to use himself, I will use it, let it feel deeply imperial, not Wei Qing.

Weiqing's brilliant record on the battlefield, and political, there is only one: Han Wudi put the exterior