The third field of army has three military director without military rankings. Who they are

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The third field of army has three military director without military rankings. Who they are

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Generally speaking, the military leaders can teach, and of course, there is also a high-end, or low-altitude. However, in practice, there will be a lot of special circumstances. For example, Chen Su's Third Wild Army, there is no military rank of the military director of the three armies.

How is this going? Which three arms are you?

The first is the 35th army. What is the 35 army? In the Jinan Battle, why is the national army famous Wang Yaowu be so fast? A very important reason is that the general Wuhua in the hand of Wang Yaowu, came to pick up a salary.

The 35th Army was adapted from Wuhua's Uprising Forces. The military director of course is Wu Zhiwen. Wu Zhiwen is a county person in Shandong, who used to be Feng Yuxiang's soldiers, the name of the history is not too good, he fell into the puppet army. However, in the last moment, I can conform to the great potential, abandon the dark, Wuhua Wen or Han.

After the uprising, the 35th military affiliated to Wang Jianan's seventh argments, participated in the Battle of Fujiang, Wuhua Wen actually launched Nanjing and occupied the presidential palace. Not only did Chiang Kai-shek did not think that Wang Yaowu did not expect that the head of the Third War Force did not think of it.

Later, the 35th army's number was revoked, and Wuhua Wen also applied for retirement because of the physical reasons, and meticulous places, and became the vice chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Political Consultative Conference. He also has no rank. Wuhua Wen died in 1962 and enjoys 58 years old.

The second is the 34th Army, belonging to the eighth division of Chen Shizhen, the armed head of the arms, He Kiya, Hebei Province. Like Wuhua Wen, He Kaiki has also been a part of the Northwestern Army Feng Yuxiang, and later in the Huaihai battlefield, the people's arms have joined the people's arms. However, why, why, and Wuhua Wen have too much different.

During the War of Resistance Against Japanese War, Wuhua Wen once lost his puppet, but He Kwai was a top-standing anti-Japanese name. On the battlefield, he did not let, fight against the resistance, on the negotiating table, he took out the pistol, shocked the Japanese army, and there was a Chinese soldier's bright sword.

It is a little known to know that He Biki is still a secret old party member. He is actually secretly entering the party during the anti-Japanese War, and then lasted in the Kuomintang army, working for the party, until the crucial moment of Huaihai Battle, decisive The arms of the people.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, He Kaiqi has also quits the military community, take off the wig, and changing the government, he serves as the deputy minister of the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Agriculture, so there is no military rank. He Bikai died in 1980, the ashes was in two places in his life, one is a Lugou Bridge, where he is a bloody anti-Japanese, and the other is Huaihai Battlefield, where he is there. New.

The third is the 33rd army, belonging to the Ninth Corner of Song Dynasty, Zhang Ke Xia, Hebei Province. Zhang Ke Xia is uprising with He Ji, and their life experience is also very similar, all of which are Feng Yuxiang.

Moreover, Zhang Ke Xia also was still a pair of Feng Yuxiang. Feng Yuxiang's wife is not called Li Dequan, it is a sister of Zhang Ke Xia's wife. At that time, Zhang Ke Xia was only 20, there is no career, but it is already a name.

There is such a good relative, Zhang Ke Xia is not going to climb, and it is necessary to fight in Guangzhou. Later, Zhang Ke Xia came to the Northwest Army to serve the staff of Zhang Zizhong. Later, the promotion of the Kuomintang will be.

Like He Ji, Zhang Ke Xia is also a secret party member, and the party foreigner is still long. He is actually a general of the shadow that lasted within the enemy. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the 33rord revokes, Zhang Ke Xia has passed the deputy director of the Ministry of Forestry, and there is no rank. He died in 1984.