The worst iron hat king, the family has lost two great precautions, but he was killed by Cixi

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The worst iron hat king, the family has lost two great precautions, but he was killed by Cixi

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Since ancient times, as long as it is a political struggle, it is often accompanied by a court tragedy. How many people fall down on the road to chase, and they are fighting. In the early years of the Qing Dynasty, the prince was defeated in the confrontation with the regent Wang Dol, and it was a descendant, or an iron hat king, in the face of power struggle, it is also difficult to escape. In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a iron hat Wang Shu to be killing directly, and it was the most worse iron hat king. He is the Royal King of King.

1, iron hat Wang Shijia

First let's talk about the iron hat king.

We all know that the Qing Dynasty royal people have a rider. For example, the emperor's son will be blocked as the prince or county king, and it is also a Baler or Babei. According to the title, they will receive the corresponding 禄, equivalent to our modern Wages.

The year of the prince of the Qing Dynasty is 10,000 two silver, five thousand stone meters, conversion into RMB probably more than 5 million, more than 500 million a year, it is very attractive, don't forget, this is just their salary income, Others have Tianzhuang, what is the buft, then it is not estimated.

However, the fiscal revenue of the court is limited, and the descendants of the royal family are tens of thousands, and they can't everyone who are prince Bay. Therefore, the Qing Dynasty implemented the ruler system, the father is the prince, the son is inheriting the county king, with this down, has fallen to the 14th level of Feng En, will no longer fall.

However, the Qing Dynasty has a unique title, called the hereditary, which means that this title will not be replaced by the descendants, the father is the prince, the son is still the prince, continuing, and called the iron hat king. This iron hat king is almost the highest pursuit of a consequences that do not inherit the throne.

The Zheng Qings, the Zheng Qings we have to talk about today, is a king of iron hat.

Duan Hua is a blue flag of Manchuria. His eighty ance is a brother of Shuurhazi, which is Nurhachi. However, Zheng Qingshen changed the title after Jahrang, and said that the brief king, he went to the grandfather to accommodate Hanna, and changed to Zheng Qings.

2, two phoenixs of Zheng Wangfu

There is a total of twelve iron hats in the history of the Qing Dynasty, the eight (good, Jahalang, Dorge, Tudor, Haoger, Shujun, Yuetao, Le Krefu) is the military power Starting home, the merits of the ferrous hat king, the Qing Dynasty in the middle and late, Yu Xin, Yan, Yu Yu is the King of the Hat Hat.

In this twelve iron hat king, only Zheng Wang Jihalang is the only iron hat king of Nuruhachi, this iron hat Wang Shi is not only very prominent in the Qing Dynasty, but also two great Qing. Queen.

The father of Duanhua is called Uronga, which is the 12th owner of Zheng Qings. Urong has a daughter (third female), married to Tai Chang Temple Shaoqing Fu Tai, Fu Tai and this room girl next female Saxa, was referred to the son to the son Fu Jin, Sac Da, is the original filial piety of Xianfeng Emperor.

In other words, Duan Hua is the kid of the Queen of Xiaowe.

In addition, there is a daughter to marry the only flag of the Qing Dynasty, and a female in Arut, Alutu is standing out in the eleventh year of Tongzhi, which has become the emperor of the emperor, ie Queen Xia Zheyi.

In other words, Duan Hua is the grandfather of Queen Xiaoli Yin.

The granddaughter and granddaughter have become the Queen of the Qing Dynasty, which makes the Zheng Qingsu in the Qing Dynasty in the Qing Dynasty. However, the moon profits, the object is extremely counter-to-saying, and the subsequent placement has made his life in his life.

3, the killed iron hat king

In fact, Zheng Qingsi, the future generation of the Qing Dynasty, the future generation of the Qing Dynasty, is also a relatively close relationship. According to the generation, Duan Hua is a brother of the Xianfeng Emperor, but this brother has already been out of five clothes. . However, Zheng Qingsi is also the future generation of Nurha Chifeng, and therefore, there is also a yellow belt identity, belonging to the royal family.

In May, the Dao Guang, in May, Duanhua inherited the title of the father of the father of Urgong Azheng, and launched the yellow flag collar, becoming the Dow's pet. Subsequently, Duanhua's exterior female Sacada (filial piety is queen), in the election, the Dao Guang refers to the emperor's four sons, and it has become a Fujin.

On the occasion of Daoguang, Duan Hua was awarded the minister of the demonstration, starting the emperor of Xianfeng, looking at Xianfeng, the end of the emperor trust, with his brother, Cheng Xianfeng's left, right arm, and as Xianfeng your brother Prince Kao Xin is excluded in the power center.

Xianfeng eleven years (1861) July, Xianfeng died in the summer resort, the end of the end, the end of the court, the end of the court, Suizhou and other eight ministers, praised the government eight ministers.

What can't be thought of, the Empress Dowager Ci'an, Cixi took the emperor to return to the capital, but jointly brought the court of the court to the court, and the government eight ministers were eradicated.

In this court, Duanhua's younger brother, Suishun, was wrapped in the vegetable city, and Duan Hua was led to the prince's title, and it was not in the eight-point assistant. In the king of the Tie, I lost my life in the court coup.

However, the iron hat king can be died, but the Zhengqi Wang, the iron hat, the king, but not leather. After the end of China, the nephew in the third year of Tongzhi was in a righte of the death of Zheng Que.

What can't be thought about, after the end of China died 11 years, his grandchildren Arututs were selected as the Queen of Tongzhi, this is the Queen of Xia Zheyi.Seeing this, you should know why Cixi doesn't like the Queen of the child, because the Queen of Xiaoli is the grandfather of the death of the death of the end of Cixi.Zi Chen said:

Duan Hua was born in the famous iron hat Wang Shi family, although it was born in the side room, but he was lucky to inherited Zheng Que, and the trust and the trust of the emperor of Daoguang and Xianfeng in his life were heard.I don't think that it is only a 27-year-old woman in one year.This failed, completely changed the trend of the Daqing Empire, and opened a unique era in the Qing Dynasty: the era of vertical curtains.

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