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Depression patients Zeng Guofan

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Zeng Guofan

Modern people have a lot of depression, have been widely concerned, and have corresponding majors, scientific treatment programs, so the ancients Zeng Guofan is also depression patients, how did he resist?

At the September of the four years of Tongzhi, Zeng Guofan's insomnia has gradually increased, his body and mind is tired. In the diary at the time, he wrote this: "Tired, do not want to rule. Three points to sleep, five more waken." Deficiencies of severe sleep have damaged the spirit of Zeng Guofan. At the same time, a huge melancholy is always entangled in his heart, and you can't wait.

Insomnia directly leads to the fatigue, body tiredness, metabolic rate, plus the age of the year, unprecedented loneliness and Dragon Trojan make this late Qing dynasty feel particularly helpful, and should not appear like this.

After the four years of Tongzhi, the Qing Empire has now been "ZTE" in the continuous efforts of Zeng Guofan, and the great effort and the noble official position. The unprecedented prestige and impact can't bring him a little comfort. This is indeed very thoughtful. About Zeng Guofan's heart journey, the more heavily in the old age, the more and more reluctant, by carefully combing the related classics, you can really discover his disease with deep reasons. The following records appeared in the second half of this year: "September 17:" Tired, don't want to governance. " Also play a game, obey the people. "On the second day of October:" Tired, not willing to governance. " Talking to the mutual mission of the curtain. "October 22:" The second is more tired, and it seems to be chills, the old scenery is forced, and it is more difficult. "

If you think so insomnia, negative is wrong, during this period, he is in the north, in October, will move the Jinling Manufacturing Bureau, and the original artililizer of Li Hongzhang and the Iron Factory purchased from Americans. Hundreds of machines represented by Rongbai complement the Jiangnan Manufacturing Administration. In December, approve the Yangtze River Water Ship 's Everbritution and Creation Regulations. In 1866 (Tongzhi five years), Zeng Guofan is awarded to the family of Jiajiakou, and the supervisor of the subject of the subject of the subject.

Zeng Guofan uses the "key defense, the sturdy" and paintings around the river, but finally failed. A Pacific army who once commanded 100,000 Xiangjun's more than one million will still achieve the final victory. Why is it so unbearable on the struggle? Such a question seems to have a lot, but the final analysis is that his strength is insufficient. His strength is completely consumed by the pressure of the secular literacy and Taiping army. For example, the heroes fame and beasts and eventually kill it. At the same time, he will not be able to deal with a cat. More, Zeng Guofan's spiritual will have gradually collapsed.

Huai Jun

He also knows that his era has ended, and he has to launch Li Hongzhang to replace him to complete the task, he is supported in the rear. The relationship between Zeng Guofan and Li Hongzhang is a bit complicated. Li Hongzhang as a scientific disciple from Zeng Guofan personally cultivated, and once again with Zeng Guofan, fortunately, two people can be heavy, and as early as the beginning. As for the historical position of them, I thought that the comparative review of Liang Qichao's "Li Hongzhang Biography" was quite visible: "Li Hongzhang is in Zeng Guofan, the boss of Zhongzhang, Han Xinzhi, Han Xin, is also, his life Excommpting the cause, there is no one from Zeng Guofan. Therefore, Hong Zhang is one of the people in the elbow. Zeng Nai Li and the world are both praise. "

It seems that the big language of history development is the relay, and the end should end, and if you exit it, Zeng Guofan has long been familiar with this history. As for Li Hongzhang's strategic layout of Li Hongzhang, it was completely "the same way" thought before Zeng Guofan, the same method, Zeng Guofan fails to succeed, Li Hongzhang won, only one for the reason - insufficient heart. As early as before, he resigned the appointment of this work: "The minister is full of energy, not arduous, and more serious, the heart is small", which is indeed his heart.

However, Zeng Guofan's heart is always lost depression, which seems to have nothing to do with his self-honor and disgrace. The Daqing Empire has already under the rivers, so-called "Tongzhi ZTE" is nothing more than not glare. "He has no comrades, self-cultivism and Jiang Zhonglie. And the colleagues will be able to all." Li Hongzhang, Zuo Zongtang, Peng Yulin, etc. The old age is far away from him, and huge loneliness has been lingering in his heart. Currently calculated that he is recommended to reuse the reuse of the governor, there are dozens of people, more of the number of people using people. Although I know someone, I used people as the world, I just saw him for half a lifetime. I had to be awarded that the Zuo Zongtang of his life had to admit "the understanding of the people, it is not as good as Yuan Fu", but the final ending is still not "bitterness" in Zeng Guofan. Comrade "," fresh energy ". It seems that he is attracting talented people's understanding "啖 啖" just use each other. As early as the eight years of Xianfeng, he said in his book: "Yu Xi is in the military camp is not in the military camp, and it is not attached to the money. People who attract interests with interests, they are not confirmed, not the same man. He called Zhao Lie Wen in his later years, and he was also the most exciting person in the school. This year, Zhao Lie Wencai is 36 years old. Zeng Guofan regards him as the only person who can tell him, think he is "ambiguous, there is a person", is a kind of people who are easy to secretly crying, "the sky is high, the heart is especially very embarrassing" Talent.

In this year, Zhao Lie Wen came to Zeng Guofan from Changshu, and saw that the teacher Zeng Guofan had a lot of thinner than before. His work "Can live a diary" completely record all the talks of the two people in this year, as well as the physical condition of Zeng Guofan and the perspective. Almost unbelieving, Zeng Guofan took the initiative to find him chat, which is extremely rare in Zeng Guofan's circle. On the morning of June, Zeng Guofan came to Zhao Lie Wen. I saw someone left, and I came again. To Zhao Lie Wen, Yesterday's courtesy is extremely strict, because the thief is squatting to the east, there is no intercept, so Zeng Guofan was taken away from the top, and the Ministry of Act. "Strictly, it is nothing." After that, Zeng Guofan is afraid north, "" self-cultivation, Dangdang, is also the person of this bureau. "" The only prayer is getting more and more. "Finally, Zhao Liewen is comfortable, watching teachers Sigh, Zhao Lie Wen actually insomnia at this time. When the teacher and apprentition in the evening were exchanged in the deep divestry, it was about to sink. For this reason, Zhao Liewen's view is: "In the sorrow, it is not necessarily to serve Jin, Song also." Qing government is like Eastern Jin, South Song Song The south of the south pair. Then Zhao Lie Wen said in detail, and finally Zeng Guofan is desperate to say that Zeng Guofan is desperately said: "I will die, I am sure to see the arms."

In the diary letter, it will also appear "inch heart and burning, no interest" is also this year. He said in the letter to Zeng Guofan: "There is no way to go into the eyeliner (coffin)," Excered to sleep, don't worry, it is better than this day, and you will be happy. It's a big burn, the business is getting annoying, and you have no information, and you will have the end of the year. The best is proud, I thought that I was distressed, and the timing, I can't set it out, and I only had a day and still hit a day. "

Soon after this, Zeng Guofan is sick. Top him, the condition is still not improved, not in the night, Zeng Guofan said that he said more. On the next day, Zhao Lie Wen went to visit or not, it was a night without sleep, and the lip bubble, so advised him to take medicine.

Zeng Guofan's distress and even the condition, it is not because the government is full, it is important that the eternal vicissitudes, he suddenly found the struggle of his life, and finally can't stop the history trend, Qingshan can't hold it. After all, the east flow, I will be all heroes. The bleak of his later years. He has a self-request of the absolute saints, and follows the extremity of the students. "Take the heart of the world. I saw the empire who saved by the hand only changed the blood of the breath. He has clearly used the Taiping Army to use the 11th year, but he did not achieve himself to clarify the world. He had to agree with Zhao Lie Wen's tightening of the Qing Dynasty. In fact, he did not see: "Jingshi is dry, the river is broken, the person is not a gentleman, the personnel are chaos, and it is afraid." But he really Willing to believe. His condition is obviously anxiety and excessive emergency attack, and he is unacceptable to the highest ideal illusion for a lifelong saint standard. His "When the hundred-end swearing, only the law is in the case," is not yourself. His "mortar teeth and blood swallow", swallowing is not because of embarrassment.

Lifetime skin diseases and lack of old age are not the most serious illness, his illness is depressed. "Yu always is melancholy, conscious, more people, more people The so-called long.

At the Qing court, he went to Zhili, and went for forty days, it was this situation. After a year of Zejiang, after a year, under the driving of Zeng Guofan, the old case before Tongzhi seven years ago. More than two thousand seventy four pieces of two thousand seventy four, the new case since the same iszheated for eight thousand one hundred and twenty-one, only ninety-five pieces of the old case without the opening, the new case is only two thousand or forty. We must know that Zeng Guofan has a variety of elderly diseases in addition to serious skin diseases, and it is difficult to understand that he is difficult to understand.

Zeng Guofan calligraphy

His powerful willpower supported the bottom line of the official government, but after the "Tianjin Teaching Plan", he suffered great pressure and grievances, once again being embarrassed to "sell national thieves", etc. The thirty-eighth scholar of the Wuxu University of Wuxu will try the 38th, the temple, the 42nd, and the plaque that is born to the scholars is being smashed. He also said that this case has been "over soft", "inch", "外 惭 清 清 清 神 神 明" Nanjing disease died.

Tongzhi nine years, on March 30, he wrote this day: "Sleeping in the next four o'clock. In the foregasy, there is no life, and there is no intention. If the heart is dead, when it is punishable, he will raise the year. "

In the first two years of death, there is a lot of words in his diary or family letter, this is not the words of self-satisfaction, but the lack of regrets in his life can no longer have major promotion and deep self responsibility. This kind of saints are highly self-proclaimed, and the more and more cool and desolate. "Lid", "Lunong", "The Langu" this "three immortality" seems to have been doing, but in his opinion, his own jockey is just like "loss of the leaves, there is no destination. Old apprentice) It is not ridiculous. "Zeng Guofan Zeng Guofan died in the third day of February 1872, and we watched the diary he had in the past few days. June 21: "The moment is dark, can't be governed. The evening sleeper is quite long." Zheng Yue 26: "It has been in the way, if you are faint, you want to follow the car. Ha speak, and I can't say it for a long time. The Shui Ximen official hall wants to talk to Me Xiaoli Fang Bo, and I can't say it for a long time. If you want to move the wind, "June 29:" In recent years or wants essays, it is also in mind It can't be autonomous. "On the second day of February:" Hand-handed pen, you can't speak. "His diary begins in June 1858, from the beginning of 1872. It was desolate when he was in his later years, like an old tree, a river pool, and the wood is like this. Liang Qichao has commented that Zeng Guofan said: Zeng Wenzheng, 惟 近 代, 有 有 大 大 大 大;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Mao Zedong commented that Zeng Guofan said: "Follow the nearly people, exclusively serve Zeng Wen Zhenggong." A "exclusive service", said that Zeng Guofan's unique personality charm and super historical contribution, Zenggong knows, you can sleep peacefully .