The Ming Dynasty is a chilling organization: the officials have seen the first, Jin Yiwei, and the things will meet the wind.

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The Ming Dynasty is a chilling organization: the officials have seen the first, Jin Yiwei, and the things will meet the wind.

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Ming emperor of the Ming Dynasty emperor, was born in a peasant, brought up in the landlord's house cattle, there is no opportunity to study, but the experience of traveling outside his knowledge grew, and finally embarked on the uprising of truth, from the ordinary when commoner to become emperor.

The emperor's reign, initiatives resolutely on all aspects of political, economic and military conducted a comprehensive reform, greatly improved the living standards of farmers, thus setting "Hongwu's rule."

As the legend of the Ming Dynasty, the emperor also founded the fearsome Guard, but they are not the most terrible, there was a terrorist organization few people know, even the Guard and the East plant must be met to pass away, officials also first met kneel. Today, we come to talk about the story of this one.

Zhu Yuanzhang founded the Guard

The emperor imperial master is revolted by force, naturally worry about those who would threaten the existence of imperial power, had ascended the throne after a radical reform, it is to avoid repeating the mistakes of the Yuan Dynasty, which the Guard is in order to consolidate imperial power and centralization.

Guard and imperial guards are different, they are directly under the emperor, with all the powers, including the guard of honor, intelligence gathering, arrests and torture trial of fugitives, etc., because the long-term side of the trunk along with the emperor, the emperor is the most intimate side of people, status is very high, no one even dared to offend.

Each time the emperor parade, around the guard of honor will be followed by a large number of these people is composed of the Guard, they wear luxurious clothes flying fish, some responsible for escorting, while others are responsible for passing messages, and always stay in the emperor's side of the trunk pending commanded.

Because the Guard holds the emperor's lifeblood, its selection is also very strict, not only martial arts, most of these are the emperor's confidant, was like a guard day and night as the guardian of the Meridian Gate, it can look forward to deter others.

Guard also has other subsidiaries, divisions and south Zhen Fu Zhen Fu North Division is responsible for inspections arrest, they are different from the emperor's guard of honor, is responsible for hearing cases emperor accountable, even if it is royal, it may not go through other judicial arrest punishment.

If the minister has angered the emperor, they need to remove their jackets and bound his hands to accept Tingzhang punishment, torture is responsible for the Guard, Paddling that the severity of natural Guard, and some even directly be stick to death, these are the emperor power acquiescence.

Guard forces can be said across the country, intelligence gathering is also very fast, indeed capable of a knife, had set up home court banquet Minister Lian, the second day of the emperor he was doing his praise poetry, direct scared Lian fear disturbed.

However, this knife also has drawbacks, the emperor would have found the Guard malicious punishment and bullying of prisoners, so they decided to abolish their powers also fall, Guard first decline from the peak.

And the establishment of Dongchang West plant

Until Zhu Di ascended the throne, because he was not a smooth succession, in order to strengthen their rule, the Guard can only be restored once again, and the terms of reference to be greater than the period of the emperor. They usually secretly investigate the ministers, if there is any wrongdoing will be arrested if evidence involving treason and cronyism, etc. can be directly beheaded.

Guard of power sometimes thunder without the two, or even eradicate the unauthorized alien behavior, prison is full of innocent people just because they have sinned against the Guard, it will be subject to very tragic treatment.

At that time the Guard command to Jigang is typical, always scheming man, and does not distinguish between good and evil, often killing innocent people, but he is capable hands of Zhu Di, the Yongle Emperor disgust as long as the man who will stop at nothing to eradicate.

Zhu Di Ji Gang to eradicate because many hostile forces, is naturally more and more value to him, and Ji Gang has also become a very temporary right of minister of state, so long as to offend him, he will find ways to kill a variety of charges, and he will order In this way bribes.

Ji Gang desire of more and more expansion, start at home to raise private soldiers, and even hidden a lot of weapons, and sometimes let their ritual I bow down to the line, he shouted long live, no one dared to complain and resist, afraid have died.

However, Ji Gang so offended too many people, the intention of the plotters behavior was revealed, ultimately Zhu Diling late death, the home of all Qinjuan also was sent. Then Zhu Di also began to worry about his throne is threatened, so they set up Dongchang, so that two forces can compete with each other, not to a single large.

Dongchang mainly supervise the Guard, the Guard's authority and therefore fall. To Xianzong Zhu see deep period, he also worried about the Guard and the East plant would threaten their imperial power, so they want to build their own power again, the West plant has thus appeared, this time they formed a guard of the situation in the two plants, they are collectively known as plant health.

At this point Dongchang have begun to decline, the West has become the largest factory of forces, and also contrary to the original intention, he began wantonly killing innocent people, as long as the people who have heard the names are hiding, afraid to look at would be killed.

The most terrifying expert factory

Then Xianzong Zhu thick to the throne, he established expert factory again, mainly to supervise the previous two plants a guard, this is naturally the largest power plant expert, and they belong to Liu Jin, in the hands of the reins.

Liu Jin was in charge of Dongchang and West plant, but the two did not stand on the same side, in order to better control and Dongchang West plant, this plant experts established by the Liu Jin to monitor, and Liu Jin has thus become the largest power eunuch.

Since ancient times, the Officer has been contemporary to the minister before ancient times. However, during the Ming Dynasty, their power has more than other ministers, even the minister of the front of the Dynasty also had to be good, seeing them, and even worship the gift. Liu Wei is the confidence of Mingmuzong, know how to discuss the emperor's favor, often guarded Ming Wuzong to make a variety of drama, with Ming Wuzong travel, forcibly occupying the land construction palace tour of the people.

Ming Wu Zong also won the greed of greed in Liu Wei, and did not care about the life of the people, and only took care of his Daxing civil and was quenched.

Liu Wei gradually became unscrupulous to colligate the Qustiso, eradicating the absenteeism, the power of the inner line factory is also high, and the whole chartroom is shrouded by a horrible atmosphere. Everyone has to look at their face, as long as it is a little dissatisfaction, it will be directly by Liu Wei. Hear prison in various crimes.

Liu Wei also set up a variety of miserable punishments. As long as the insolvent factory, it will be detained, and they don't want to make people feel can't die. It is not as good as the scenery of the year, where it is not as good as the scenery of the year.

If you see them on the roadside, I only dare to go around, and I don't dare to touch their authority. Even the ministers are also the same, but they don't dare to resist words. Otherwise, they may be likely to fall in Liu Wei, but it is not as good as death.

At the same time, the future of officials will also be suppressed by Liu Wei. Until later, there were eunuchs to expose the instructions, Ming Wu Zong even became very surprised, and finally the inner line factory was finally removed.

However, after the inner line factory was withdrawn, Jin Yiwei, the two plants of the things were once again rising, and the Ming Dynasty was still depressed in the factory guard system, and finally destroyed this system. In this, what do you think?