He used a battle for the Song Dynasty for 118 years, Chairman Mao gave birth to the high comment, how strong the war?

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He used a battle for the Song Dynasty for 118 years, Chairman Mao gave birth to the high comment, how strong the war?

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Speaking of the Southern Song Dynasty, some understanding of Chinese history's friends all know this is a special Han regime, which is different from the Central Plains Han nationality unified country in the past built up, but breeding ground in the southeast corner, the capital Lin'an, belonging to the Song Dynasty the second period.

National Territory of the Southern Song dynasty greatly diminished in the economic and cultural fields, has a remarkable achievement, has been an unprecedented development in the south of the Yangtze River during this period, the traditional Confucian culture onto a new stage.

But is such a well-developed economy and culture, urban life is very prosperous country, but its external powers camouflage, faced with grave national crisis, so we will think of those who filed the Southern Song Dynasty national hero leaving a legacy, they tend to embrace Zionist Northern Expedition ambition or to die martyred strong feelings, Wen Tianxiang there, Wu Youyue fly, has been to commemorate the memory of future generations.

However, there is such a person in the history of his civil and military capacity, once a war with the Southern Song Dynasty continued life for centuries, today we have to walk into his legendary life.

金人南 map

Large Song Dynasty since its founding faced with a sharp border conflicts, in addition to southeast facing the sea, surrounded by all the rest of the surrounding minority regime, especially in the northern Khitan Liao Government established the Song Dynasty most uneasy.

So when Jin rise more in the north, the Northern Song Dynasty it with gold entered a "sea of ​​Union", together with the north-south agreement with Jin attack destroyed the Liao, Jin result can expand their territory , but also be able to recover the coveted Song of Yan Yun sixteen states.

However, the Northern Song Dynasty rulers neglected one important issue, and that is under the Liao Jin Rennan, and not just because Liao brutal rule of the gold so that they hated, but their strength of powerful ancient nomads occasion will attempt to explore and expand to the south rich land, Jin and Liao will not be occupied and satisfied. For Song, once lost Liao as an intermediate barrier, Jin became cruel biggest immediate threat.

Sure enough, after the demise of the Liao, Jin immediately follow up a victory commit Song, Song Junmin resist aggression big morale is very high, but Sung Wong was seeking an easy life, just with gold conferences and even surrender to Jin.

1127, gold military even kidnapped Huizong, is Song imperial clan and three thousand people, known as "jingkang incident", which the North Song Dynasty.

After Huizong ninth son of Zhao Gou established the Southern Song Dynasty, the capital Lin'an, gold army also suspended southward invasion plan. Song Emperor Zhao Gou moments like these machines put down some bandits and rebels in the south, the Southern Song Dynasty firm rule, and in the northern resistance on defense Jin's although also appointment of Yue Fei, Han Shizhong and others, but more just the military deployment as a bargaining chip in future peace talks.

Jin Gong Song

AD 1149, only 27 years old Wanyanliang regicide usurper became the fourth emperor of the Jin Dynasty. This is a military strategy of the emperor, although alien origin, but of Chinese culture is extremely respected, not only like to stay in the north of the Han scholar exchanges, his literary accomplishment is also very good, when people praised his "a chant a Wing, Guanjue time. "

Although people Wanyanliang Chongshang Han culture, but its bones flowing blood nomads, so it also inherits Jin brutal warlike temperament. When he heard the word "Wang Haichao-southeast shaped wins," Liu Yong song chant of Lin'an city rich gorgeous views, the more determined to use force to south into the heart of the Daikin territory, dominate the Chinese ambition.

For planning Song out great cause, Wanyanliang the one hand, pretend to maintain a friendly and peaceful Southern Song Dynasty, on the other hand to step up combat readiness, secretly transporting a large number of forage military, navy drill.

Finally, to 1161, in one fell swoop Wanyanliang tore Shaoxing Peace Treaty, led a force south levy Song. Kinbyo premeditated for a long time and plenty of force, actually took only two months or so to break the line of defense along the Huaihe River Song in the deployment, seeing to approaching the Yangtze River.

Southern Song court heard up and down under the Jin Bingnan, while defender along the Southern Song Dynasty was losing ground, seeing Jin will cross the river, and Song Gao Jin knew that this would not gained the upper hand with their conferences, and his first response is not organized military forces with gold backs against the wall, gold has long been accustomed to beg to surrender or flee asylum Song Emperor first thought turned to flee overseas.

I heard the emperor has abandoned the idea of ​​such a national and expense just to protect themselves, according to the prime minister Chenkang Bo strive dead, eloquently against the emperor fled the pros and cons, and even their families have received the capital to show that they want to live and die with the country's determination . In the end, Song Gao did not implement its own plan in exile, but decided to send troops to fight back under his assistant Chenkang Bo and other war party!

Fumiomi led troops

North and South Song Dynasties are all heavy paper light weapons, in particular, to the Southern Song Sung once after more than twenty years after the death of Yue Fei Song Emperor, the entire Southern Song court largely discontinued Deliberate north reclaim their lost homeland, star of the year mostly scattered.

Although the emperor wanted to force the war, but also where to find the good will can the troops in war it? In desperation Song Gao Yi Ye ask assigned as commander in chief, he can ask the justice leaves nothing but an official of the Privy Council, although the Privy Council in charge of the military, but he himself never fought with a soldier.

Just move toward the sorrow of the occasion, Chenkang Bo recommend a person to the emperor - Yuyun Wen.

After the Tang Dynasty, he was very intelligent. When the father passed away, he sent himself to the study, Jinshi and the first, and finally entered the Central Bureaucracy team, served as the secretary, became the nest of the emperor. In other words, before this, Yu Yun is a civil servant, but he is not only in the well, but also the military vision is also very sensitive. As early as the golden country in 1160, he sent a cash person to have a signs of war. The emperor's conviction strengthens the defense along Huaihai.

文 文 文 危,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

However, Yu Yun said that if you can't hold the Yangtze River line, then the entire Southern Song Dynasty will be covered, the emperor can flee, but the civilian people only have the life of the lead. To this end, he mobilized to the soldiers: "Let's fight, there is a line of life, we surrendered, the wife and children in the family only have a dead road!" Listening to this generals finally ignited fighting.

In addition, Yu Yun also developed a five-way team, three roads fight against the enemy on the water, and two ambushed on the shore, waiting for a part of the Jinjun after spending the Yangtze River Raid.

允 文 文 指 指 指 士 士 士 士 士 士 士 艘 艘 艘 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人

允 文 军 文 文 知道 知道 退 退 退 退 退 退 退 退 退 退 土........................................

Sure enough, when the brightening led the residential attack, he was not able to fight by Song Jun. Since then, you will still want to fight against the Song Jun, but the generals under his hand do not want to follow such an emperor who lives, and the ambitious finish is finally died in his own.

At this point, the number of questions in the Southern Song Dynasty has been resolved. For a while, it is no longer to launch a large-scale aggression, and several combats led by Zhuwen have achieved a lot of battle, which has extended the 118-year-old country. .

As a civil servant, Yu Yun, who tagged in the country, saved the fate of the country, and it is no wonder future generation to praise him "loyalty and brave, and the first" Southern Song.


On the occasion of the country, Yu Gong saved the Southern Song Dynasty, and there was a brilliant achievement in the Southern Song Dynasty.

Therefore, Chairman Mao, which is full of history books, praised him, and even referred to as "the first person of the age", it is also because of the modern people's survival crisis to make the future people very much. This is a retreat, guard National Hero of the Land.