After a wave of persuading Yan Xi Mountain, although it was difficult to solve in Wang Ruofei, he finally successfully rescued him.

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After a wave of persuading Yan Xi Mountain, although it was difficult to solve in Wang Ruofei, he finally successfully rescued him.

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In 1936, the party organization arranged a thin wave of Comrade Shanxi to do the superior work. Before leaving, Liu Shaoqi, who is the secretary of the North Bureau, let people go thin wave: After the Taiyuan, try to rescue the comrades of Wang Ruofei.

Comrade Wang Ruofei is one of our party's leaders. In 1931, he served as a special member of the Northwestern Special Committee of the Communist Party of China, participated in the revolutionary struggle of the peasant class in the northwest; November 1931, because the traitor was sold unfortunately sentenced to prison.

First, Yan Xishan accepted the "United Front" policy.

At the time, although it was still the scope of the thriving of Yan Xishan, the actual situation is not allowed to be optimistic. Chiang Kai-shek wanted to borrow "blocking" Red Army name, wore Yan Xishan, and control Shanxi; the lady's claws have also extended to the periphery of Yan Xishan - Anzhen area, threatening the safety of Yan Xishan.

Japanese army (stills) entering an inquiry area

Under this intricate situation, Yan Xishan faces a major problem, that is, if you don't accept the advocate of the "Anti-Japanese National Unified Front" proposed by the Communist Party, do you want to cooperate with the Communist Party.

Weighing again, Yan Xishan decided to use the Communist Party's anti-Japanese, in order to use the Communist Party's anti-Japanese. So, Yan Xishan has built a special form of unfilleg-in-law and our party.

Comrade, a thin wave is in this case, the public identity of anti-Japanese activists (not the same as the Communist Party's identity) to Taiyuan, helping Yan Xishan to promote anti-Japanese salvation, organize work.

Second, the thin wave "found" Wang Ruofei.

After the Taiyuan, with the help of our party's underground party organization, the thin waves learned that the named Wang Ruofei, who was famous Huang Jingzhai, is indeed held in Taiyuan, and is responsible for managing Zhixin, Yan Xishan's table. . As for where prisons, it is not clear.

As the "Shangbin" of Yan Xishan, it is its "Ministry", the thin wave of the fellow, is a "senior official" in Shanxi. Thin wave uses this special identity to visit each prison in Taiyuan.

Thin wave (image)

Kung Fu pays off, finally, a thin wave of the archives of Taiyuan Army Prison, found three words "Huang Jingzhai".

I know that Wang Ruofei's drop, and learned that Wang Ruofei's comrades in prison, after all kinds of strong appearance, thin waves to find Yan Xishan negotiation, advise them to release Wang Ruofei and other political prisoners.

Third, first advised Yan Xishan, whittle: Shanxi is inconvenient to start.

After seeing Yan Xishan, the thin waves said that it is objective and calm: Shanxi is in the forefront of the anti-Japanese, urgently needs to promote the anti-Japanese patriotism to promote the anti-Japanese salvation movement to help Shanxi to resist Japanese.

However, now, you also wipe a large number of political guidance in the class, which is not commensurate with the political situation you want.

One of the anti-Japanese national salvation scenes in Shanxi (image)

Since the death of the anti-Japanese salvation, Mr. Yan has long carried out a good-known Bailun Temple, then, you should take the strength, release all the political prisoners to create a better compelling atmosphere, and to build a copper wall of the Japanese .

After listening to Yan Xishan, there was a colorful color: Mr. Jiang's prison was held so many political prisoners, and they were not put, and our hills were inconsistent.

Thin One Waves, Yan Xishan took Chiang Kai-shek as a block, and further explained: Today, Shanxi situation, with Mr. Jiang's situation is completely different.

Since Shanxi is intended to cooperate with the Communist Party, they should do more beautiful, to win the trust of each other, and compete for the other party's full support. To do this, you should immediately release political guilty unconditionally.

Just on the occasion of Yan Xishan, it is still in the case, and the thin waves will suggest him: if all release is difficult, you can release the Taiyuan Army Prison in the Taiyuan Army Prison, to show you the truly anti-Japanese national united front. policy.

Accept "United Front" Yan Xishan (image)

Yan Xishan listened first, was surprised. After the thin wave, he knew that Huang Jingzhai is one of the leaders of the Communist Party. Wang Ruofei. Immediately, Yan Xishan asked: What is your relationship with this person?

Thin wave looked at Yan Xishan with a confused face, smiled and explained: It is a friend who cares, it is an indirect friend.

After hearing, Yan Xishan heard, Shen Siped a moment, said to thin waves: Since it is your friend, it is my friend. At present, you can let Lianghua take a look at you first, let's take a look at the situation.

Fourth, the first saw was prevention - just "heart listening".

It is a thing that Wang Ruofei accompanied by the accompanying visit of Lianghua. Because thin waves come to Shanxi, the organization clearly requires that they can only make public, legal things, not allowing things that are not allowed by Yan Xishan.

Yan Xishan relatives, beaming (image)

With the participation of the affinity of Yan Xishan, this "visual" activity is completely legal, and it can avoid bad political impacts.

Soon, the thin wave saw the comrades of Wang Ruofei. Because the two don't know, Wang Rufei, who is highly vigilant, is mainly used to listen to "heart", use it. Thin one waves are of course seen, and I understand very well.

This time, after the introduction of self-introduction, I have repeatedly talked about the current anti-Japanese national salvation situation - the proposition of the anti-Japanese national unified front of the Communist Party of China has produced a far-reaching impact.

Shanxi's anti-Japanese salvation movement has made a lot of achievements under the leadership of Mr. Yan Xishan. Now, the country is up and down, regardless of the party, no class, is working hard for the anti-Japanese temple. Shanxi people are accepting anti-Japanese publicity education (image)

When I bid farewell, Comrade Wang Rufei only gave a few more eyes, and did not say anything. Obviously, Wang Ruofei did not dare to believe in more.

Five, then advise Yan Xishan, whittle: You can release it.

In the spring of 1937, Japan continued to increase towards North China, and the situation in Shanxi in the front line of defense is getting more tense.

At this time, the thin waves also went to Yan Xishan to see Yan Xishan, and the current situation was turned around, and there were people in Shanxi.

However, the Taiyuan's prison also "idle" is two or three hundred patriotic political prisoners. Since you have to fight against Japan, you should let more Communists participate in the anti-Japanese salvation movement in Shanxi.

Patriotic youth (image) participating in anti-Japanese salvation

After listening to the thin waves, Yan Xishan was a bit movement, but there were still concerns. To this end, he just promised to consider it again.

Later, under its suggestion, Yan Xishan agreed to release political prisoners in Shanxi: Must abandon the position of the Communist Party; must be guaranteed to stay in Shanxi.

When Lianghua informed this manner, the thin wave immediately said: I am afraid that it will not work. At present, Shanxi is constructed to build a strong national united front.

In this case, it is not appropriate to force the Communists to give up their position. As for the willingness to stay in Shanxi, you can choose, you can't force it. After the listening of Lianghua, he could not be the Lord, and he would ask Yan Xishan to ask.

As a result, Yan Xishan has repeatedly negotiated with his heart and abdomen politics: it can be transferred to the Shanxi Training Center, and be a transition.

Yan Xishan and its school (image)

Because the Army Prison belongs to the Central Committee of the Kuomintang, Shanxi cannot be the Lord; and the training hospital is in Shanxi, ready to let go. Other political prisoners can also be released in this way.

Six, it is still not trust - please give some party documents.

After Yan Xishan has such an attitude, it is very happy. So, he went again to Wang Ruofei. At that time, the doubts of the comrades of Wang Ruofei have not been eliminated, still cautiously, vigilant observation of thin waves.

The thin wave is straightforward, and it is straightforward to Wang Ruofei. Now, I have already understood everything you, but you haven't figured out my true identity.

However, I am subject to the delegation of the party organization, be sure to rescue you. To this end, our actions must be unified.

Comrade Wang Ruofei thoughtfully, shook his head, said honestly: I really have no way to figure out your true situation. However, can you bring me some parties to see?

Wang Rufei (image)

After listening to the thin waves, I will laugh, and then say, I don't do it! Yes, people who are not the party organization are difficult to get the real documents of the party!

Subsequently, every time I went to visit Wang Ruofei, I brought him some documents of my party, introduced him to the United Front Work of our party in Taiyuan. And to Wang Ruofe, I have negotiated with Yan Xishan and striving for unconditional release of political prison.

Seven, completely believe in you - Wang Ruofei returned to Yan'an.

When there is no conditional release, the thin wave saw Wang Rufei, so he said to him: After leaving the Army Prison, he first went to the training of Yan Xishan to transition. .

Then, the thin wave of Wang Ruofei explained to the doubts: Formation work in Shanxi, and dealing with Yan Xishan, some can't do too much. Otherwise, we will affect our dominant work. Little standing for a few days, buffering, you will return to Yan'an, how?

At this point, Wang Rufei came with a thin wave: a wave of comrades, started with you. Brought some of the documents of our party, some of your work insights, and some comrades in prison, I am gradually believe in you.

Today, you let Yan Xishan unconditionally released me. Now, I am completely believed! What should you say, what to do!

Finally, Comrade Wang Ruofei trusted the thin wave of comrades!

Soon, in accordance with the established procedure in Yan Xishan, Wang Rufei left the "cage" and got the freedom of "relative". Why do you say this way? Because there is no event to get rid of Yan Xishan's control.

Wang Rufei after being released from prison (stills)

After Wang Ruofei, he accompanied by a thin wave, he saw Yan Xishan. After the two met, Yan Xishan tried to mobilize Wang Ruo to stay in Shanxi to help him work, for use.

After Wang Ruofei listened, he said firmly and not inserted: Mr. Yao, I personally grateful. But I am a communist party member, my job, must be decided by the party organization. I only returned to Yan'an, I can clarify my job task. I can't make any considerations before this.

The answer to Wang Ruofei, Yan Xishan is of course not satisfied, but there is no suitable reason to stop him. So Wang Rufei finally completely freened, returned to Yan'an for a long time!