The President of the Republic of China has recognized the country, prohibiting her children from politics, decades, after decades, its Sun Cheng national laughter

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The President of the Republic of China has recognized the country, prohibiting her children from politics, decades, after decades, its Sun Cheng national laughter

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From 1912 to 1928, it is the reign of the Northern Government. In just ten years, a total of six generations served as president. Where the fourth president, we are very familiar with the Northern generals, known as the "Northern's dog" of the advocates.

The advocates of poverty since childhood, was born acting family, has erhu accompaniment living in rural stage. Later, the advocates determined to join the army, was sent to a military school, and Duan become classmate friends. During the reading Military Academy, the advocates halfway leave to participate in examinations. So-called "unintentional positive outcomes", Mongolian open late even the advocates admitted to the scholar, in which almost all "uneducated" barracks, is very rare.

Due to understand the cultural and competent, the advocates very popular with German leaders and instructors appreciated. In 1890, the advocates graduated with honors from the military academy in Tianjin, and successfully worked as a teacher.

When the Sino-Japanese War, the advocates had personally participated in the fighting, won chen appreciated. After the Sino-Japanese War, the advocates get chen recommend to Japan to study military. Studies abroad the advocates of Yuan Shikai was entrusted with the task, the training to become the backbone of the Northern New Army.

When the Wuchang Uprising, the advocates ordered his troops south, the suppression of the revolutionary army uprising. Due to the strength of the powerful Northern Army, the revolutionary army defeated, Hankou and Hanyang fall in succession. Just when the advocates of Wuchang about to launch a general offensive, the Yuan bent on overthrowing the Manchu regime, quickly ordered the advocates of alternative Duan position.

After the abdication of the Qing emperor, the establishment of the Republic of China, has been cherished feelings of gratitude for the Qing Dynasty of the advocates do not feel very happy, but he remained faithful to follow Yuan Shikai work. In the second revolution repression of the battle, the advocates led the way, to capture Nanjing, set a great service.

In 1915, Yuan Shikai became the emperor, as the advocates of right-hand man refused to support the old superior emperor. Protect the country in the war, the advocates anything, Yuan Shikai proclaimed himself emperor led to failure. Eventually, Yuan Shikai died in Anger. He lost the backbone of the Northern government since fall apart, when China entered the melee of the warlords. Disobeys each other, the original is an old friend of the advocates and Duan, there has been a great rift, they were to become the leader of warlords and the Wanxi Warlords.

In 1917, Li Yuanhong and Duan Zhang Xun to mediate the "hospital of the House dispute" as an excuse, led the 5000 braids army invaded Beijing, get rid of Li Yuanhong, brazenly support the deposed emperor Pu Yi restoration.

Originally, the advocates of the restoration school is looking forward to, after all, the advocates on several occasions to the "Qing loyalists itself." But surprisingly, the advocates has energized the country, against the restoration. He said: "Guo Zhang Qing era is not in support of the revolution, but today, the Republic of China has been established, the rule of law has been drawn up, Guo Zhang also does not support restoration." The next day after power, say the advocates and the British consul : "China has gone to the republican form of government, does not allow the emperor again, I can tell you, I and Prime segment are dissenting."

After the failure of Zhang Xun Restoration, Li Yuanhong became president again refused, as the advocates of vice president according to the constitution, his successor as president. As president, the advocates always wanted to make a difference. But then the Northern line has been split, the advocates of the policy of being stonewalled Duan. Due to financial difficulties, even the wages of civil servants are not made, the advocates even have their own to raise money to pay wages, sudden, a lot of jokes,

In the presidential residence in Zhongnanhai, the Qing imperial family have occurred many carp in the lake, hundreds of years have not been fishing too. To raise money, the advocates of the lake carp caught, and get the market and sell it. For a time, the restaurant in Beijing, Zhongnanhai full of carp. These fish are Beijing residents called "presidential fish", and Su Shi's "Pork" each other. Among them, the advocates of the men also caught a forty pounds heavier fish, it was said fish at least 500 years old, to purchase from the United States Consulate in preparation for the exhibition aquarium in the United States.

For the advocates of fishing farce, Foreign Ministry considers hurt the state system, then recommend to the President, banned from fishing. When people write specifically for this purpose a couplet: "Prime Minister Dongling logging, the heads of the South China Sea to sell fish."

Because Duan and contradictions, Congress no longer support the advocates continue to serve as president. Homemade re-election of the advocates hope energize the country announced retirement. Retired a year later, warlords intensified, imperialist aggression growing, taxing the advocates finally reached the last moment.

Before dying, the advocates conducted a confession to the people: "How to check the military disaster of deliberation, before Guo Zhang from real power, and military matters can not end, in fact, since its ruling on the merits after Guo Zhang, although not to the difficulties. to all non-German Guo Zhang due to incompetent. war-torn, loss of life, people of non-vegetation, rather not sad? "

Out of guilt for nationals, the advocates asked his children and grandchildren, do not participate in politics again. After that, the advocates descendants really very few people took to the political path. Among them, the advocates of the third sub-Fengjiashan case of a successful businessman, after he returned from studying in Germany, adhering to the "Saving the Country" is a road, after returning to the founder of the Orient paint and other industries, from the development of the national industry in Tianjin a significant role. Before dying, he donated all assets of the People's Government.