Hu Shi Mrs Jiang Dong Xiu, use a knife to defend marriage, and Xu Zhimo "two faces"

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Hu Shi Mrs Jiang Dong Xiu, use a knife to defend marriage, and Xu Zhimo "two faces"

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During the Republic of China, it was the era of new and old ideas. In all the aspects of the Chinese have burst new and old confrontation, the important wedding and love fields are naturally no exception.

At that time, people still believe in the "media words", even if they influentially influentially in new cultural movements, they cannot escape this big network.

Lu Xun gave him a marriage in the youth, and Zhu An. She has been waiting for Lu Xun to study back from Japan. Although Lu Xun is unwilling to be in my heart, but she is not a mother's will, although Zhu An but has never had a husband and wife.

But there is such a couple in the Republic of China, the man is a doctor returned to the United States, and the woman is a small feet. The marriage of the two is extremely stable and warm, and Zhang Ailing called: "Is a rare happiness package marriage" who is who is rare "happy marriage"?

Big Dr. and small feet

In the Sixth of the Republic of China, a hirievous young man was sitting on a long-awaited motherland from the United States. He received the enthusiasm of Mr. Cai Yuanpei, Beijing University, asked him to go to Peking University to join the new cultural movement.

This young man is Hu Shi, the Republic of China, Hu Shi, has got a Ph.D. Diploma at the University of Cornell University. He returned to the Western cultural influence, and he hoped to change this old society with his own strength.

Hu Shi, who was twenty-six year old, was also an age of marriage, but there was no girlfriend. In fact, he had had a red and known when he was in the United States, but the two were also "happiness, stop." There is no cross-body behavior.

The reason is that Hu Shi's mother is reluctant to find a daughter-in-law, still hopes that he is looking for a practical girl in accordance with Chinese traditional marriage and love, so I will give him a marriage in Hu Shi, Jiang Jia's girl Jiangdong show.

Hu Shihe Jiangdong Xiu Xiaodiao set a marriage contract, waiting for both parties to grow up smoothly. However, Hu Shi has excellent learning, I have taken public expenses for studying in the United States. As Hu Shi is going to the United States, this marriage is put down.

When Hu Shi came back from the United States, Jiang Dongxiu, who has already married others, has been waiting for him, because the time is too long, it has been equal to the "old girl" in that age. So Hu Shi also filed a marriage, he took a gift to Jiangdong Xiujia, and hoped to see the wife who never had seen.

Jiang Jia's person saw Hu Shi, just called Jiang Dongxiu to see the future husband, but Jiang Dongxiu is unattainable, in her consciousness, two people directly meet directly without marriage, it is very unsuitable. Although Jiang Jia's elders want to open the curtains in Jiangdong Xiu Bed to let Jiang Dongxiu and Hu Shi, but Hu Shi has stopped.

Hu Shi has been educated to be gentleman education, and he will not do it in violation of women's will. Although I didn't see Jiang Dongxiu's face, Hu Shi didn't say anything, but he asked himself in his heart: He is really happy with such a girl.

Although this problem was thoughtled, his filial piety has covered the problem itself. Hu Shi is a big one, he does not want his mother to be sad.

The two people quickly married, and Jiang Dongxiu after marriage was very competent to complete the job of the housewife. She was born with two sons after marriage, and she would make a good dish. For this reason, Hu Shi is very a wave in front of colleagues.

Some colleagues do not have a family, and one person is drifting in Beijing. Jiang Dongxiu is also the Lord to celebrate the birthday, and personally do the famous Huizhu "Yipin". Congratulations on the birthday of others.

Legendary "Mother Tiger"

Hu Shi has always had a rumor, which is fear that Mrs.

When Hu Shihe Jiang Dongxiu married, Hu Shi's cousin Cao Chengying also came to participate in the wedding. Also served as bridesmaid.

In April 1923, Hu Shi south, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, rests, when Cao Chengying is also, responsible for taking care of Hu Shi's body, Jiang Dongxiu is still writing to Hu Shi: "Waisheng (Cao Chengying) should take you, I am very relieved, but her body is not very Ok, I often go to the fire, the weather is too hot, I am afraid that her body can't stand it. I have been very uneasy. Please ask you to ask for a kitchen, so you will be hard. "

Just at this time, Jiang Dongxiu didn't know. Her husband and Cao Chengying were poetry in the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou, talking about love, and did not seriously "sick".

After coming back, Hu Shi puts forward divorce with Jiang Dongxiu.

Jiang Dongxiu understood the truth of the matter, although he was hurt in his heart, but she still said calmly: "Don't have to divorce this twist, wait for me to kill two children, then commit suicide."

It's really going to kill your children, scare Hu Shi, and throw it in the past by Jiang Dongxiu, it's better to hide, and didn't break.

Since then, the flame of love is gradually replaced by calm. Hu Shi understands the valuable advantage of Jiang Dongxiu. He has deeply dependent on the care of Jiang Dongxiu, but it is hard to take care of Hu Shi's life. Maybe it can provide spiritual soothing, but people will rely on time to eat.

Not long after, Hu Shi sent Cao Chengying to a US reading. At that time, Cao Chengying was actually pregnant, but Hu Shi's back to her can only choose abortion.

Not only in Cao Chengying, there is also a marriage of Xu Zhimo, but also to see Jiang Dongxiu's embarrassment. As a multi-story, Xu Zhimo first pursued Lin Hui, and pursued Lu Xiaoman after unsuccessful, only forgot his wife Zhang Yumei, even when his wife took the second son, let her take her to pick up.

In the end, the two divorced, Xu Zhimo and the "inseparable scenery" Lu Xiaoman hooked together, the Lu Xiaoman at the time had a husband, his husband Wang Geng still thought a very good officer, but Lu Xiaoman didn't like him.

Xu Zhimo successfully married with Lu Xiaoman, called his literati and group, a Hongmen feast, forced Wang Geng divorce, Jiang Dongxiu knows later in the letter of Hu Shi: "You will write articles, I will not Write an article, one day I want to write the true face of these people, you are both facers. "

Xu Zhimo marriage should be Hu Shi to do a marriage, Jiang Dongxiu is not allowed, and Hu Shi locks Hu Shi in his home, Hu Shi still turned over the window and successfully caught the wedding.


The world always said that Hu Shi's inclusion and understanding will make this approach 40 years of marriage is very happy, but Jiang Dongxiu's life is in the spiritual support. In fact, this is the reason for this marriage.

Jiang Dongxiu saw more literati to abandon his wife's things. He well known that he could not make a grievance to let her husband took the nose. So after I met Hu Shi, I also actively learned cultural knowledge and let Hu Shi respect her. In the end, this old China is less happiness marriage.