What is Wuhan air war?Why is the weak Chinese Air Force hit the Japanese army in Wuhan?

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What is Wuhan air war?Why is the weak Chinese Air Force hit the Japanese army in Wuhan?

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In today's Wuhan, there is a motorway named by the Chinese Air Force Air Commerce Heroes in the Anti-Japanese War. On April 29, 1938, Chen Huai people drive aircraft hit the Japanese military plane in the four or nine air combats in Wuhan and donated. After the back of Chen Huaiwu Road, the Chinese Air Force contained the arrogant record of the Japanese Airways in the first half of 1938 in the first half of 1938.

So, what kind of process of Wuhan Airbla has experienced why weak China Air Force can defeat the Japanese air team three times in Wuhan?

The above picture _ In 1938, Wuhan Airbal was happened. At that time, Wuhan citizens watched air combat

What is Wuhan air war?

Wuhan air warfare refers to February 18, 1938, April 29 and May 31, China Air Force and Japan Airways broke out in Wuhan.

On February 18, 1938, the Japanese army dispatched 12 bombers to bomb Wuhan under the cover of 26 Mitsubishi 96 fighters, and the fourth largest brigade of the Chinese Air Force lifted the Japanese army under the command of the captain Li Guidan. After guilty, the Chinese Air Force shot down 12 Japanese military aircraft, and the Chinese Air Force had five pilots such as Li Guidan, Luji, Baqingzheng. The Chinese Air Force has achieved the first victory of the Japanese Airways Wuhan Air Battle.

Above _ Chen Huimin (December 25, 1916 - April 29, 1938), Jiangsu Zhenjiang

On April 29, 1938, the Japanese army dispatched 36 bombers to attack Wuhan under the cooperation of 12 fighters. The Chinese Air Force took 19 fighters to fight against the 45 aircraft of the Soviet Air Force Volunteer Flying Team, intercepting the Japanese Aircraft, and the two sides launched a fierce air battle. In the four or nine flights, the young pilot Chen Huaimin bravely drove the plane into the enemy, after the plane, Chen Huai people hit the Japanese plane. A fire broke out in Wuhan, and the time was solidified. Chen Huai people explained the "Blue Sky" with blood and life. Today, Wuhan has Chen Huaiwu Road to commemorate the air hero.

The above picture _ Hankou after the bombing of the Japanese plane

On May 31, 1938, the 16 bombers of the Japanese bombard bombed Wuhan under the cooperation of 36 fighters, and the Chinese Air Force boosted to fight, and the Japanese army attacked. The Japanese army and retired, forced to withdraw from Wuhan.

218 Air Combat, 429 Air Combat and 531 Air Combat, China Air Force gave birth to the Japanese Airways. Especially 429 air combats, let the Japanese authorities face the face. Because on April 29th is the birthday of Japan, Yin Tiande, is a mad Japanese fascist to give a gift to Japan to Japan. However, how did the Japanese Emperor and Fasi Mons can't think of it, the Chinese Air Force will give the Japanese air team to the head of the head, let the Japanese military will completely send the idea to the emperor.

Above_ 仁 天皇 1938 inspector

Why can the Chinese Air Force win three times in Wuhan?

First, the Japanese Airways arrogantly enemies, no one.

The Japanese air team in the Second World War II did have proud capital. When the 1937 anti-Japanese war broke out, the Japanese Army and Navy Airlines added 2,700 combat aircraft. Japan has a relatively perfect aviation industry in Japan, which can supplement the aircraft loss of the front line. Japan has a group of professional training reserve pilots. The Chinese Air Force has only 300 combat aircraft at the time, and the number of pilots is not Japan. The China-Japanese air force contrasts, the Japanese army is stronger than the China Air Force's advantage, let the Japanese air team are in the eyes of the Chinese Air Force.

During the War of Shanghai, the Chinese Air Force once again hit the Japanese army in the 814 air battle, emerged in Air Comrm heroes such as Gao Zhihang. However, as more and more Japanese military aircraft enters Shanghai, the Chinese Air Force first-line combat power is exhausted by the Japanese army.

Above_ 高志 航 (May 14, 1907 - November 21, 1937)

In December 1937, Nanjing fell, the Japanese air team, and the Japanese authorities arrived, and the Japanese air team did not put the Chinese Air Force in the eyes. In the Japanese air team, with the Shanghai and Nanjing air combat, the Chinese Air Force suffered heavy, the Chinese Air Force has no power to compete with the Japanese aviation. China's airspace is the "paradise" of Japanese planes. But it is also the arrogance of the Japanese air team, and there is no one, and the Japanese Airways has buried a film in the failure of Wuhan Airbla.

During the Korean War, the US Air Force also committed the "self-illness" of the Japanese air team during World War II. The US Air Force rely on its aerial advantage in North Korea. As everyone knows, the US Air Force has buried a film to it. China Volunteers Air Force drove MiG 15 fighters, smashed the US Air Force to your teeth and defeated many US military pilots. The lesson of the US military and Japanese troops told the future.

Above_Migg-15 fighter

Second, the Timely aid of the Soviet Union allows the power of the Chinese Air Force to recover from the huge losses of Shanghai and Nanjing Air Battle. With the help of the Soviet Union, the Chinese Air Force gradually resumed combat. The construction of the Soviet Union is still in China in China, and it will fight side by side.

In August 1937, China and the Soviet Union signed the "Treaty of Zhongsu Mutual Infused", and the Soviet Union began to assist China's anti-war. At that time, the Soviet authorities headed by Stalin exported to China I15 fighter and I16 fighter. Before the Aircraft of China's P40 and P51, I15 and I16 fighters have become the main fighter of the Chinese Air Force. In order to get the Soviet plane as soon as possible, China also sent a pilot including Gao Zhihang to Lanzhou to receive a new plane. Because the Gao Zhihang driving a plane came to Henan Zhoukou Airport, he was killed by the Japanese, but the Japanese conspiracy did not stop the Chinese Air Force athletes from importing new fighters to defend the motherland.

Above_Wuhan air warfare

With the help of the Soviet Union, China is fully familiar with the performance of the I15 and I16 fighters, and has developed corresponding tactics. In the 218 airfare in 1938, the pilot of the China Air Force's fourth brigade took advantage of the I15 and I16 fighters and the Japanese military planes around, one or two rounds, the air combat between the two sides entered the white heat stage. Middle captain Liu Zhan first shot a Japanese military plane, and other comrades also shot down four Japanese military aircraft. Seeing the fourth team of the 4th Brigade is in a disadvantage, the 8 Chinese fighters of the 23rd Squadron put into the air battle, and after a air battle, he shot down a number of Japanese military planes.

The cooperation of various units of the Chinese Air Force is extremely tacit, which is inseparable from the help of the Soviet Union, and it is also inseparable from the efforts of Chinese pilots.

Above_Soving Volunteer Air Force and Chinese Pilots in Wangjiadun Airport, Hankou

During the 429 air-war period, the 64 airplanes of the China Soviet Air Force were continuously fighting in Wuhan, and smashed down a number of Japanese military planes. Why can't the Japanese can't think of it, the China Soviet Air Force will join hands to the Japanese in Wuhan.

On May 31, 1938, the Japanese army hocked Wuhan, the 18 fighters of the Chinese Air Force and the 31 fighters of the Soviet Army looked at the Japanese army. After guilty, the China Soviet Air Force hit 14 Japanese military aircraft, and only two aircraft were lost in China.

Above_China Air Force I-15 Fighter

Third, there are 8 air defense lines around Wuhan, which strictly monitors the Drainage of Japanese Forces, providing reliable support for the China Air Force's land air defense combat.

Wuhan's land air defense learned the lessons of Shanghai and Nanjing and other cities. Since Wuhan is the command center of China's anti-war, the military committee attaches great importance to Wuhan's land air defense. The 8 air defense networks thereof constitute a stereo air defense network-

For example, sixth to eighth airfield: air arc combat area, high-tech gun shooting area and high radical machine gun shooting area. The military has created a three-dimensional air defense network composed of Air Force Airborne, high-speed artillery and high-speed machine gun forces, etc. in Wuhan. It has such an air defense network. As long as the Japanese army enters Wuhan, the Chinese Air Force will take off a plane to intercept the plane in the first time. Japanese army. How is the Japanese army?

Above_Wuhan Air Defense Total Equipment and Judgment International Enemy Attack

There is also a confidential map of the Republic of China, which is now open, this is "Wuhan Air Defense Total Equipment and Judgment". The daily flight lines that the Japanese aircraft may come, the Chinese Air Force and Air Defense Forces have been marked with different colors on the map. Among them, different air defense networks are drawn from a circle of different colors.

From "Wuhan Air Defense Total and Judgment", it can be seen that the Japanese military aircraft is mainly hocked in Wuhan along the Henan Xinyang-Hubei Xiaogan and Jiangxi Jiujiang-Hubei Province. This provides effective technical support for the Air Defense of China Air Force.

Above the picture _ people celebrate Wuhan air battle

Today, Wuhan Air Battle has been in the past few decades, but the Chinese air force in Wuhan air force has a weakness of air defense combat, and the national land air defense is still referred to today, and the spirit of Chinese Air Force's soldiers is also a valuable nationality. Spirit, we have to pass the spirit of the blood-resistant war.

Author: military commander Correction / editor: Lili


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