The volunteer warrior found that the US military took water in the range of the range, the squad leader: not allowed to shoot

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The volunteer warrior found that the US military took water in the range of the range, the squad leader: not allowed to shoot

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In recent years, the Internet is full of positive energy: the so-called years is quiet, but some people will carry forward your weight.

Happiness is never disappointing. A country, even in the peaceful age, there are many people in implementing various dangerous tasks, just to ensure the peace of the motherland. The most fierce is peaceful.

Wei Wei

As early as the 1950s, the military writer Wei Wei in the article "Who is the most lovely person", using a simpler language to express this point:

"Dear friends, when you take the morning first tram to go to the factory, when you pick up the rake to the field, when you drink a cup of soy milk, when you take the bag to the school, when you sit When you start working on the desk ... Do you realize that you are in happiness? "

"Please realize that this is a kind of happiness, only you realize this, you can more understand the reason why our soldiers are unrequited in North Korea."

At that year, the volunteers in North Korea's hard work is now unimaginable. It is hard to use the most beautiful rhetoric in the world.

The past has taken behind the brutal battle in this year, and it is very known, from the memories of the volunteer veterans.



Zheng Tutinnan in 1933, Sichuan County people.

In the spring of 1951, Zheng Tunwen graduated from the military academy, and hundreds of students went to Hebei waiting to be distributed. I heard that the follow-up force of the Volunteers is going to fight, everyone is boiling, and they bite the finger to write blood books and ask for a war. So Zheng Time Wen and many students were included in the 15th Division of the Volunteer Army.

Zheng Tunwen's three brothers Zheng Tutong is also 29 divisions; Zheng Tutin, four brothers, is a machine gunman in the 47 army. Now Zheng Times will also go to North Korea.

Zheng Shi Cong recalls comrades

Zhang Yanwen, a division of teachers, finds Zheng Tutin, said to him, your mother sent three sons on the battlefield, the teacher's instructions, your mother is the mother of our volunteers! The superior must make sure your brothers have at least one living back, and they will give the mother.

Therefore, the Department decided not to let Zheng Times under the team, but stayed in the military affairs of the Department to do battle. Journal of Zhang Yanwen took care of him like a parent brother, educated him, but Zhang Yanwen sacrificed on the battlefield.

It is not long for the division to the division, and Zheng Times will go to North Korea with the large team. He has participated in the fourth and fifth battles, and participated in the famous Shanggunling Battle and Yuanshan Defense War. During the period, Zheng Tutin was engaged in the performance of the volunteer army. After returning to the country in 1957, he transferred to 67 army. In the 1960s, he retired due to injuries.

Zheng Times has published a lot of prose, poetry, and written memoirs in his later years.


And the US military drinks a tanning water

During the North Korean stop negotiation, the Volunteers and the enemy were stopped in the three eight lines. The troops belonging to Zheng Times stationed in Big Qingshan and life was very difficult. There is a dry food, but it is difficult to drink water. Only the rain in the world is drinking, there is no rain in a few days, I will break the water.

The creek at the foot of the mountain has formed a water chamber next to a boulder, clear. But this water pool is in the firepower coverage of the enemy, it is under the opposite US military eyelid.

One day, the Volunteers 86 groups a Li Shi, let the soldiers set, and everyone is full of military kettles, and several big monks have a empty gasoline bucket, preparing to go to the mountains.


Zheng Times was also present, and the heart was guilty, big day, go to the conspicuous water chamber, almost sent one. But the troops have a serious water shortage, and it is not something wrong. For the comrades, in order to win, Zheng Tunwen feels that it is going to take the water. Li Shi Long kept watching the watch in the tunnel, after a while, ordered everyone to go down. The soldiers wore in the jungle and quietly went to the foot of the mountain.

Close to the water chamber, when I was going out of the wood, I saw 4 US military soldiers carrying the water tanks to support each other, along the position of the mountain back to the mountain. It turned out that they were also lack of water, just took the water back.

The two sides are so close, and the first reaction of Zheng Times is to take the submachine gun on the back. Prepare shooting. He believes that minimizing three enemies. Li Shi Chang saw his movements, hurriedly flying, whispered: "Do not hull, don't shoot! He can't talk about credit, don't tell Renyi!"

Volunteers old photos

Zheng Tutin is unconfil, and it is still an indignant. But they also took the water very smoothly, and the US military opposite did not fire.

After returning, Zheng Tunnan knows that the volunteer army, the level of the battleman and the US military have reached agreement, and the two sides can take water in the water chambers within the specified time.

Volunteer warrior drawing problem

At first, in order to compete for the water sources under the foot, the enemy is frequently interspersed, and the two sides will lose a few people each time. Although the volunteers are more enemies, the warriors have privately discuss them, and they feel that the volunteers are the mighty division, the teacher of benevolence, and do not do this.

So the 5-year-old cadres and soldiers were discussed, decided to hit the upper level, open the enemy network, allowing the US military to drink water, so it is convenient to take water. War at breaking, drink water to drink water, not code. Everyone said this is "the car walks the road, the horse is just."

US military

However, the two sides of the language barrier, how to speak to understand it? Company too small to read in a little soldier had an idea. He burnt charcoal and ink water when, in a brown paper drew on the watch, on the mark at 7:00 and 9:00 painting of "US" words, and drew a submachine gun next to the army, and finally on the submachine gun he drew a large cross. The painting was made signs, put the foot on the edge of the pool. Means that the US military to allow water daily 7:00 to 9:00, and never fired.

See US brand, and it would understand. Every specified time, they not only blatantly to water and sometimes the water bath, bare backbone dancing. A few days later, there was a US soldier with a thumb Daoke, there are two English words on the water's edge stone, "Good, Good!" It appears that they practice on volunteers is very appreciated.

Volunteers veterans

Clearly, the Volunteers to fetch it will not be attacked. Later, the two sides of the water in the pool side staff to meet the time, but also with each other waved, smiled at each other. Even when both give each other memorabilia also occurred. This gap in the fierce fighting, is a different kind of scenery.

Years later, Zheng old still remember this matter, he recalled, he did not even 5 and the US military's "tacit cease-fire," reports the division.

Conclusion: Zheng quite literary talent, he wrote a lot of poetry was published in the newspaper. Finally, put the old Zheng written in 2013 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean armistice passage, to appreciate:

"Looking at the long days, cloudless blue sky. 60 years ago, I do not know how many passionate man like Fu Muxian this, pour in a foreign land, never to return. However, with their lives in exchange for peace, like the fragrant air filled the sky of the motherland, I rub it into everyone's happiness in our lives. "

"Tuo inside that huge heart-shaped ring, not exactly brave soldiers love of country, love the people, love the symbol of peace it!"