"Hongrui" traitor prototype has a only living to the 1980s, who is he?

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"Hongrui" traitor prototype has a only living to the 1980s, who is he?

2022-01-21 06:10:54 29 ℃

The ten evil traitors are not a rebellion in the beginning, they have experienced complex psychological history ... Yesterday, Hongyan link decided to sell Jiang Jie's traitor, filth, novel "Hongrui", traitor, Yan Zhi, Yan Zhi, Yan Zhiyuan The files of 8 people have disclosed some of the freshly known stories that occurred in the year -

Traitor Liu Guoding

Sale of Jiang Jie's painting, presence, abrison revolution

The traitor of Jiang Jie and Zhang Jingfang and other people and other traitors were discovered that he was shot after he did not use the value.

Experts decrypt that Coating is a person with revolutionary ideal, subject to party education for many years, but he did not experience the test in his life and death, thus rebelling the revolution. Among the revolutionary comrades sold after the rebellion, including Li Qinglin, secretary of the young Wanxian County Party Committee. Li Qinglin was arrested, and even the identity of the Communist Party Member did not recognize that a leg was broken by the tiger stool. I can't think of other ways, call the Xiaoxin to the Quality of Li Qinglin.

Although the Xiaowei betrayed the revolution, he asked him to see his comrades. His inner heart was still very painful. He saw that Li Qinglin was tortured. He did not dare to look at Li Qinglin, and his legs also trembled.

The witty Li Qinglin was calmly taking the blessing of the special affairs: "Your guy is not something! I didn't pursue it, I died, I was soaring that after my slap, I was rendering me. ! "

In the face of Li Qinglin's pain, the filial piety is awkward, and the support did not say a word for a long time. Later, I said that he saw that Li Qinglin was so brave enough, I feel very wolf, I didn't have the courage to refute her.

It is understood that this time, it is very stimulated, and he began to regret his rebellion and no longer cooperate with the trial. On October 28, 1949, the special agent will take 10 people from Chen Ran and Wang Pu, and the international songs were sang, and the filial piety and others were singing. They also shouted the "Communist Party" slogan.

"Jianghu rogue" traitor Liu Guofei, live in Dai Fangli

Help the specialist cracked the "Quanjin" underground party special party branch, arrested the traitor of Chen Ran and others, Liu Guoding, and touched the "old oil" in the rivers and lakes. He quickly developed its own principles after the arrest - as the underground party situation in his hand as a life-saving resource, with this with the specialist. The special agent Liu Dewen's evaluation of him is "looks floating, full rogue awareness."

It is understood that Liu Guoding once proposed to the specialist head Xu Yuan, he is willing to participate in the specialist work to fight the Communist Party, but he originally the provincial cadre of the CPC, the status treatment will not be low. ! During his bargaining with the special agent, he also put forward to live in Yang Jiashan, and also had two maid to serve. He reprimanded two maids, and he didn't have a chicken duck, and he fell a little in a bowl.

After the liberation, Liu Guoxing wrote in the intended material: "If the party and the government's punishment and punishment is not the 'physical destruction', I asked to be able to be atone in actual work."

Du Zhi Gao Platey, 解 志 志

As one of the protesters, Yan Yi as one of the prototypes of the novel "Red Rock" in the novel "Red Rock". It is very afraid of death. After he was imprisoned, he didn't sleep well in a night. He wakes up a book in the middle of the night, and he didn't sigh during the day. Sometimes he suddenly sat down to bed.

After the liberation of Chongqing, Ji Yi Zhiji Mongolia, he posed an insured person to ran to the "Guardian Liaison Office" to register, and the result was aware of comrades. Later, he went to the organization department to take the initiative to report the situation, highlighting that he was arrested, a large number of organizations and underground party members were retained, and more than 100 people did not reveal to the special agent, hoping to redeemin. But in fact, he was arrested, he crossed a group of communist party members that may affect his, and did not have a threat to his life.

Subsequently, Yan Yi is still lucky, I want to go to college. He wrote in the business of the material. "I don't know if I will allow me to participate in the people with a general intellectual.

The only old dead traitor Luo Anjing, summarizing the "Tribe Philosophy" in his later years

The traitor Lu'an is the only one in the underground party traitor in Chongqing. It has neither been killed by the special agent. He wrote a lot of memories of materials, and analyzed himself: "I am not willing to sell organizations after being arrested, but I don't want to become a shameful traitor, but it is lack of unyielding and self-sacrifice courage -"

Red Rock still

According to experts, Luo Anjing was arrested, and the strong strength was stronger than the film. The special agent gave him a "tiger bench", when adding to the fourth brick, his will began to collapse, but I still didn't want to be a traitor. If you don't talk about it, you don't talk about the principle of saying.

On the eve of liberation, Luo Anjing was full of a sense of guilty. During the remains of the people of Chongqing, the Luo, who had not returned, was quietly viewed at the scene, and the tragic scene made him strongly stimulus, he expressed his remorse for his rebellious behavior.