After the Indian Ocean, the Ming Dynasty stone monument, the content is translated, the world knows the true purpose of Zheng He's Lower Xiyang

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After the Indian Ocean, the Ming Dynasty stone monument, the content is translated, the world knows the true purpose of Zheng He's Lower Xiyang

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Although Zhu Yuanzhang has a lot of sons, he will look at the eldest son Zhu Biao, although Zhu Biao has several sons, but he will see the long and brother to die, become a long-son, if Zhu Yunzhen is unfortunately, then the emperor is very It is possible that Zhu Yizhen, Zhu Wenkui, but there is a person who is obviously can't wait for so long, 1402 Zhu Xi, and finally pay.

Although the upper is not brilliant, the postman's evaluation of Zhu Xi is actually good. Although he also talks about his brutality, but more emphasizes that he is diligent, at least, it will not be like a Zhu Yuanzhang, because he did a modern People are often mentioned, and there are many admiration and praise in the tone - Zheng He Xiaoxiang.

Zhu Xi is contradictory. He maintains the changing system of the Ming Dynasty, but the other side has repeatedly smashed the overseas country. For example, in Thailand's small place, plus Zhu Yuanzhang's material conditions created, and the increase in navigation knowledge, these are the foundation for Zhu Xi.

1405 is the first time in Zheng He, Zhu Xi is not overwritten at this point. At that time, he took 27,000 people, including 5 Ming Dynasty army, and creating 63 nautical boats for him. The largest navigation boat is 61.6 meters long, 151.18 meters long, this flower is spent 600, scared the ministers.

Since then, Zheng He came back and forth for 28 years, and the cost of human financial resources did not count, and there were no summary and records in history, and it was not given to the West. How much change in Ming Dynasty is, even because he "thicken is thin", it has also triggered domestic money, leading to large scale of coins.

It is reason to say that Zhu Xi is not such a stupid person, nor is it such a person. Many people don't believe that he will make Zheng He's western Qingyang just in order to have no results, although modern people praise him, but that is praise Zhenghe Lowering the West's role in communication between Chinese and foreign civilizations, so he let Zheng He's goals of the Western 西 洋 纭.

"Ming History, Zheng He Chuan" said that in order to find the Emperor's Emperor, when the Cancellation, Jian Wenmi lost, and for Zhu Xi, he always had a knot inside his heart, never rule out Zhu Xi's long PTSD, but there are many people. It is not necessarily that it is so long because Zheng He is under Western Yang, and Zhu Xi has stabilized the throne, and it is completely unnecessary.

There are also many people think that this is for military purposes. After all, it is necessary to say that Zhu Xi has seen the influence of the navigation of the culture. It is really high to look at him, so it is generally thinking that he wants to comply with the ancestor of the ancestor, and can solve it. Zhang Shocheng, as well as the Southern Sergeant Water Army, as for these problems that Zheng He undergone in the Western Qing Dynasty, bend around.

There is also a relatively reliable, which is "proclaiming Guo Wei". Chinese traditional political philosophy is "Tonghao His country, Huairun Yuan", and the Ming Dynasty has always had the tradition of "not to Zhi", but the Ming Dynasty is so strong, do not give people a picture of Magism is a regret, so Zhu Xi will let Zheng He went to the West to "show off", but some people don't believe that Zhu Xi is so good.

So is the reason? Zheng He is standing in all over the West, many people have exposed the "monument" in the "monument", which is the life of the tombstone, and the life of the people who die, but there is still a function of starting from the Eastern Han Dynasty. The monument, the top-on-chief is some major events, the main content is the song and standby.

In 1409, Zheng He's second time, Xianyang, the second time, the route of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), and then carried it there, and established the "Bisser Slang Shan Buddha Temple", China, China, China, China is in the Qing Dynasty. Ceylon is the colony of the UK, the British Navy has removed this monument in the Indian Ocean.

Later, the British engineer SHOMLI0N was built here, and found this stone monument. The above Persian and Tamilwin were not so clear, but Chinese can also distinguish it, I saw it above: "Daming Emperor condemns Zheng He Wang Guitong and other comes from the Buddha Shi Zun ... Yong Wei Da Deli, the gift exchange ... ...... "

In fact, the tone is still very sincere, but the arrogance of the Ming Dynasty is also very conspicuous. For example, "Zhao" "" Just "is a big national style, you can see that Zhu Xi let Zheng He are really" promoting national ", just like The luxurian is boasting in front of you, but only this porcelain bottle does not completely show your own blem. He also gives you a sense of superiority. Zhu Xi is such a luxury.

If you don't blame the Cixila, the King Yuri bitter is thinking that Zheng He is threatened by himself. Later, he intended to hurt them, and he sent a 50,000 to Zheng He and others. Just Zheng He was not stupid, and it was not right. With two thousand people, they took the opportunity to rush to the capital, and brought back to the country, but Zhu Xi did not kill him, and the Ceylon started to tribute.