Suzhou Hanshan Temple's full temple mobility: the chef recalls, only the murderer is true.

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Suzhou Hanshan Temple's full temple mobility: the chef recalls, only the murderer is true.

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The Hanshan Temple is the millennium ancient temple in Suzhou City. As early as the Tang Dynasty, a poet Zhang Ji's "Gusu City Hanshan Temple, the night is half a bit to the passenger ship", and the clear and long-sleepping artistic conception of this Buddha Treasure.

The pilgrims that come to worship in the past year are endless, the incense is even, and there is almost no one knows.

But this is a lot of Baoshen, but it has been in the Qing Dynasty, but the temple has been killed. The temple is almost all died of more than a hundred and forty people, and only one chef is fortunate. The reasons for the land of the Hanshan Temple have also been answered from his mouth.

Make a birthday banquet

Xue Fu Cheng, a late Qing Dynasty, in his "Yumin Note", has a very detailed record of this Hanshan Temple Temple Mosaic, which is to "kill more than one hundred people a day".

Xue Fuzheng is a great remember, quite talented trunk, diplomatic home. He was deeply influenced by the Qing Dynasty, and he was very disgusted to exaggerate its words. So his writings are very credible, with great historical value.

According to the records in Xue Fu Cheng, a chairman of the Hansi Temple in the Qing Dynasty. So the big and small monks in the temple gathered together, there were many hosted friends, and many pilgrims in Suzhou City were very sincere, they were invited to banquet. For a time, the kitchen after the rear cook can be busy, saying that the wheel axis is not a point.

At the hosted birthday banquet, everyone takes a tea wine, eats vegetarian food, and discusss the scriptures of Buddhism. The atmosphere is not lively. With the fall of night, people outside the temple are a bit wrong.

Hanshan Temple is famous for a half a bit, but this time, the Hansis Temple did not ring the long and obvious bells like usually.

The Hanshan Temple as a millennium ancient temple, naturally not lacking people who come to burn incense. However, until the next day, the Hanshan Temple did not open the door to accept the pilgrim.

Everyone feels very doubts for a while, this is a rare situation in many years. Is there anything in this temple?

The pilks can't help but, finally, they did not respect the Buddha's door, stir the sin, and hit the temple door. The next appearance is in front of them, it is a horrible scene, a scene of the living and living in the past.

On the ground, the four-tenth bage is lying on the banquet of the banquet, and they face purple, all are not angry, and the number can be said to be a layer of layers.

The pilgrims have turned over the temple in fear, and they did not find a living person. The whole temple 140 Multi-person actually died overnight.

For a time, the pilgrims have doubts that they are not surreasing, falling to the heavens, but the Hanshan Temple will come to obey the commandments. The people are all famous masters. Should there be a famous master?

But in any case, the pilgrims are still the body of the people, and they went to the mountain to report.

The chef solve the murder clue

After receiving the news from the Hanshan Temple, Suzhou's county's head "Teng" is big.

The Hanshan Temple is a treasure name. It is a proper national tourist scenic spot. Every year, the pilgrims come to the pilgrims, and they are not counting on the income of the county. Now this, the hen of the golden egg is dead in his hand, this is definitely a major accident.

And the Hanshan Temple as a famous temple, there is such a big thing, if you don't give an explanation, I am afraid I will definitely not The mainstream of Buddhism is not allowed. Therefore, the county has made adults to bring the team to Hanshan Temple, Not Cut things to check the stone out of the stone.

At the time of the county to arrive at the scene, a cook in the Hanshan Temple suddenly woke up. He is also the only survivor of the entire Hanshan Temple. The county has soon likes the people who ask him to ask him.

According to the description of the cook, the birthday banquet, he is busy with the face to host life, just found a few huge purple mushrooms outside the kitchen.

He saw that this mushroom was very bright and beautiful, so I took them down, then used to soup, and the soup was delicious, so he quickly took them to the pot, and it was full of a large pot soup. Send it.

After the end, the work of the cook remained a paragraph, he wanted to go out, but he fell in the ground, and then didn't know anything.

Until just waking away, he was told that the temple did only have him alone, and he couldn't believe it. After the report is completed, the chef can't help but sorrow, and you will cry.

Purple mushrooms, bright and beautiful, it is estimated that everyone who has a wild food common sense will rise to independent blood pressure.

And we have even watched the wilderness survival program, will understand more or less food information, bright mushrooms must be poisonous, absolutely can't eat.

It can be said that this is an extremely typical and significant collective food poisoning event.

This cook is scared, maybe because he may just taste a few spoonful soup to taste salty, at other times, there is not much smell, there is not much more poisoning.

Considering that the ancient information is not smooth, the chef is not aware of a few, and there is no culture nature. So his unhappy move, although people who harm the whole temple are shocking, but they can also understand.

However, the county is clear that the mushroom is toxic. In fact, the mushrooms are poisonous, and there are many books in China to discuss food in China. However, in order to confirm, he still let the servant to take a place to see him pick mushroom. In that place, I found a lot of purple beautiful mushrooms, and there were a poisonous snake around the mushrooms, and I didn't know whether the toxicity of poisonous mushrooms developed into this batch of snakes, or the toxicity contaminated this batch of mushrooms.

However, the county is unforgettable, and he ordered the three feet of the digging, found the snake's nest, and then burned with the gunpowder Huang smoke, burned the snake nest and the poisonous mushroom in this place as ashes, and slaughtered.


The reasons for the Temple of Hanshan Temple found, but this is really unable to recover the hiking of Hanshan Temple.

The whole temple is over, the construction is full, no leadership is retained, I want to reorganize it can be said to be difficult, although many monastery dial to the Hansi Temple, but the local residents are fear of this temple The temper, I feel that it is quite heavy, and I will no longer dare to burn the Buddha.

So in the past few years, the reconstruction of Hanshan Temple still did not improve, and then the Hanshan Temple experienced the modern China's war, the damage was extremely serious, and it would never go to the year.

Until the founding of New China, the Hanshan Temple received vigorous reconstruction and support. This millennium has been a hundred years of wind and rain, finally glow in the hands of the people, re-become the landmark building and tourist attraction of Suzhou local.