How is the 7th brigade of the India's Infantry?

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How is the 7th brigade of the India's Infantry?

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[Text / Zhang Xiaokang, etc.]

Through captive Delvine

At 7:30 on October 20, 1962, s Day Long battle started. Under the order Cheong Tibet military commander, military artillery 120 mm mortar, each of the infantry, infantry battalion 82 mm mortar, 57 mm recoilless rifles, 75 mm recoilless rifles, and each infantry company is a 60 mm mortar, a total of more than 190 artillery pieces, on the south bank s Day Long Indian Army 7th infantry brigade and the sand stronghold implemented a 15-minute fire Jixi.

G Long Valley section of the guns roar, the mountains tremor, earth shattering. Army sudden, violent, intense gunfire and accurately hit the nail on the Indian Army. As early as the pre-stage large-scale bombardment of the Indian border post my position, the position of its artillery firing positions and other fortifications target was our artillery firmly nailed to the square of the online shooting drawing board.

Indian main artillery positions were destroyed, the loss of fire support; partially military artillery fortifications are destroyed, reducing the resistance of the army infantry.

Especially after the Indian Army 7th Infantry Brigade command post with each battalion, company command post was army artillery fire hit, breakdown in communications, command and liaison between the up and down quickly on the basic paralyzed.

Jixi our artillery firepower to invade the south bank of the Indian Army grams of Long Day

Indian Army 7th Infantry Brigade quarter-Pratt 达尔维准将 memoir "Himalayan blunder" one wrote:

"October 20, 1962 5:00 o'clock (Note: New Delhi time)., Across the bridge Three Chinese army fought two rounds flares followed by more than 150 pieces of artillery and heavy mortar shells pouring in Tuggerah forefront hillside on. we III bridge, the bridge position number four, chapter and more gun positions, logistics base, wooden bridge, temporary bridge and 7th brigade brigade of roughly 1,000 yards from the river bank, are subject to heavy bombardment. Chinese army using a self-loading, automatic cannon 76 mm and 122 mm mortar transmitted (author note: Delvine understand our artillery equipment and the number, but the assessment of the effect of our artillery fire index is passable.). "

"This is the moment of truth. At this point, Tuggerah ridge is no longer a piece of land, but the measure, test, refine India's foreign policy and defense policy of the laboratory furnace. Roaring cannons from our heads, there is a few minutes to everyone stunned. this quiet scene with the state so far in contrast, is more alarming. Being so close to both armies, but also makes people feel seems hard to believe. incident began. this is a miscalculation years, many months end of hope and anxiety for many days, and it is chaos, terror end of the week. Incident of the day, India will never forget the each primary this Indian history textbooks will be recorded in this sad story of disgraced. s Day Long battle will definitely give Barney Pat battle and battle of Plassey discredit. "

"In the Chinese army launched an offensive a few minutes, the 7th Brigade that is falling apart. In any case, in order to reinforce or reverse the situation have been hopeless. I do not have back-up troops. I was soon cut off communication links with each camp. Since the destruction of all telephone lines, the battalion commander who could not get in touch with their company commander. radio transceiver radio operator who also stopped, because the Chinese army began to attack their headquarters, they have to defend themselves. "

After the army launched a general offensive campaign, Delvine Brigadier soon found his brigade and battalion command post, communications and liaison between even interrupted, in "was surrounded by Chinese troops superior forces, could not stick," that is under He determined to withdraw to escape. Delvine originally planned to withdraw to the chapter and more ready to take advantage of more favorable terrain chapter organized second-line troops stick.

However, in the process from the color Delvine brother Long ditch to escape in a multi-chapter, found that the Indian Army has been beaten army gunfire "pieces, with head and tail can not care," he was "the main part of the same brigade lost connect". When Delvine led by a small number of people fled south, and soon found a multi-chapter has been occupied by the army, "Go multi-chapter does not make sense," they "climb up to 18,500 feet in the winter pull Motian" and continue to be headed for the Long Boop direction.

Delvine After two days and nights of the trek, and finally in the early morning of October 22, embarked on Ha Long Boop east pulled to the road. At this point, Delvine being "intoxicated to determine the direction of their own line of high technology", confirm that they have escaped from the Chinese frontier forces encirclement ring.

October 22, 0900, the Tibet Military Area Command infantry troops Tibetan word 419 154 82 mortar is a second round even brave escape from the chase grams Long section of the Indian region. The even 62 officers and men to carry six 82 mm mortars and ammunition, although per capita weight more than 70 pounds, but all of them high morale, no one was left behind in the chase.

2 even when the gun chase near Long Boop, deputy commander Peng Jun to find mule trail not far from the forest there are Indian, company commander, deputy commander Peng Wu Shuanzhu and immediately organized the whole company to carry pistols, rifles, submachine guns of more than a dozen officers and men into the forest, the Indian Army lateral line, these shares quickly surrounded the Indian army, forcing the Indian 7th infantry brigade quarter-Pratt 达尔维准将 and fellow independent 17th paratrooper battalion commander Tal Captain Val 9 people surrender, seized a machine gun and rifles, submachine guns 8.

After the war, 154 mortar round is a 82 second even awarded a collective merit.

However, even the gun 2 officers and men do not know they captured prisoners in Indian Army brigadier has Delvine, because there was no translation staff in both China and India, each other's language.

The 7th brigade of the prisoner of the captives of our army will recognize the passage of Darwi brigade (middle).

Time to Tibet 419 Director of the Political Department of the Tibet, Memorant Recall:

154 groups, 155 regiments chased overnight, Tibet 419 troops command houses hiped with the troops, and the second day caught Darfar. He ran to the mountains, there is no thing to eat, and hungry and frozen will come to the road next to the road. The troops were chasing, which made 154 regiments, and the army didn't see this. When he couldn't see it, he didn't know why he was, and he did not translate it. Several soldiers were put on him, I and Chaihongquan commander When he passed from there, he also gave us a gift from there.

That night, we were in Longbu She, which is a place in the Indian army. The troops also pursued, because the political department was prisoned by the prisoners, and the political department did not have a guard troad. I called a few soldiers who came to the cooking class to watch these prisoners. Later I found English translation Hong Bangyu, I said: "What is the position of the captive on the road? What is it?" Chang Dalvi! "Hong Bangyu translated is unhappy, come back to tell me:" He is the 7th Brigade Changdalvi! "I don't believe it, I have to ask him personally.

I personally ask: "What do you have anything to prove that you are Darfar?" He said that he did not have to wear a military dress when he was running, but he only wore a shirt, but there was a photo in the shirt pocket. It was his 7 tour. The fourth army Chang Coke sent him, asked him to eat, he and Cal in the back garden. He let me see the photo, I ask him what there is any prove that he said no, next to a captured print airborne soldier said: "I can prove that he is a 7-bribery Changdalvi."

I will ask Darfar, why do you admit that you are a brigadier? He said: "This is a regulations." Dalvi recognizes the identity because the Indian army is more familiar with the International Convention, and they have experience in the battle between the two countries. The Indian army has a regulation. Darwi's rank is quasi.

I asked if he was caught in the trouble? He said: "No! You see my golden ring, gold watches. Your army is a civilized army." I asked what he needs? He said: "Please give me a few smoke."

I won't smoke, the Junfa Tang Zhengzheng Committee does not smoke, and Cao Zongkui will smoke. I said to Cao Zongkui: "You lend me two packs of smoke." He tied to the smoke, but he heard that Darvi would say, "I didn't hesitate to say:" I will give you two packs. "This is solved. Darfar's smoke addiction.

I ask him what do he still? He said that it is very thirsty, I said to the prisoner of the prisoner: "You go back to the hembled milk can." Milk is also seized from the print army. I asked him what he still need, he said no need. He said to me: "You can rest assured that these people (referred to in the printed army) will not find anything, I will make them old and the rules."

The next morning, I said to him: "In order to ensure your safety, send you to the rear."

Tibet 419 Director Wei Ke led the printed army tank

Comrade Xiangxue, the Political Department of the Tibet Military Region, said in the memories: "My division of labor is responsible for the prisoner captive after sending the task. I have seen the captured military brigade Barvarvi, he can eat can sleep, what do he want to eat, We are as good as possible. In the three days before the army, he ate fruit sugar, sugar, and gave him a few cigarettes. After he was full, he fell asleep. Chief of Stone Head, the Tibetan Military Region, and the director of Lu Yishan said with him, giving him the reason for the friendship between China and Indian people and the conflict. Darfar is calm, talking, but the Bayi Production Factory When he took pictures, he didn't want it, saying that it was afraid to publish it in the newspaper, and he was not good in the future. "

Barvi's basic situation

Darwell was born in Iraq in July 1920, Mumbai City, India, Madras, a brake Hardri-sen, graduated from the historical department of Mumbai University in November 1940, and immediately admitted to the Dallaton Military Academy, In 1942, he was awarded the rank of Shanda, and he was awarded the rank of Shantai. In 1942 to 1945, he participated in the Second World War in Myanmar. In 1950, he entered the Wellington Institute of Staff for a year. He has served as a company, armored headquarters, the army headquarters, the 15th Military Army Administrator, Dallaton Military Academy Vice President, Kashmir Regional Executive Officer and other positions, have obtained 7 medals and medals.

The Indian Army believes that Darwell is an excellent commander with combat experience. In February 1962, he transferd him to the 7th journey of the Yinjun's Brace Force Infantry, and committed to invading China. From October 8th to 10th, Darwi conducted the 9th coward of the Punjab United team in the 7th Brigade of the Cola, in accordance with the Dolvers' directive, the 9th cowards of the Punjab Lesson of the Army were crossed, and under the support of the gunfire, The ruler in the troops (India said it called "崇") launched an attack, after being repeated by our military. On the morning of October 20th, Darvi was commanding the 9th Holkun team in the 7th brigade to implement a large-scale anti-attacking station in the North Bank of the Journey, and our army launched a self-defense counterattack. .

On the morning of October 20th, Darfar was captured by our army. He sighed to our military personnel: "You have destroyed 1 brigade within 24 hours, which is less in the world." Darfar was sent to Qiongji Yin Yin Captive Holding Office. The rearward princess housing in the Tibet Military Region in Shannan District, 996 printed prisoners, including Darvi, and the 4th Division of the 4th Division of the India Tamili, La Gush The second campaign M · S · Rick Middle School, the 9th Outlin Group 1 Year B. S. Arucalia Middle School, Assam Federation team 560 34 of the school privileges such as Singh School and other schools.

Qiongjie India Captive Contament has implemented a separate look at Darvi and gives it a relatively good life. Darfar's self-selected newspapers, book reading, and listening to broadcast news. The staff and Darfar of the management of prisoners are discussed in discussions, focusing on the truth of the China-Indian border issue, introducing the peace foreign policy and construction achievements in New China.

For the captive policies and captive management of our army, Darfar said: "You can fully follow the government's policy and Mao Zedong's instructions, overcome the inner hatred, treat the prisoner, which is difficult to do."

In the printed conservative, Darfar and other prisoners have watched the "National Day 13th Anniversary", "Red Niangjun" and other new China's movies and literary performances.

The captured military officers and soldiers watched a literary performance

India, such as Darfar, was proclaimed by the military officers to visit China. Under the arrangement of the Chinese government, 27 of Darwa will be headed by the military officers above the printed military school level to China, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, and Beijing. They also voluntarily participated in the "May 1st" Festival Beijing Tiananmen Square Memorial Activities. In May 1963, Darwi's 27-printed military school level was released in Kunming and returned to India by plane.

The printed army was captured by the military officer (left): Ratton Singh University, Arucalia Middle School, Darvie, Rick Middle School, Tavali Middle School photo in Lhasa visited the Potala Palace

Darfar's memoirs "Himalaya's disorders"

After Darvi was released back to China, in his memoirs, "Himalaya's disregard" book tells the passage of his captive, he sighed: "I am still alive, this is a miracle. I have never wondered my luck. Ok, there is no death, and there is no illness and being insulted. Now I have to live, so that one day, the story of Tagra's battle is big. "

Darwell describes some of the situation of the Battleman's defeat in the Battle of the Clorel. He believes that in 1962, the failure of the War of China in 1962, "is the failure of the high-level command of the war, the failure of the party's failure, the resumenary department (including me); it is also responsible for public opinion and reporting failure; The Indian government is concerned that it is completely disturbed. "

Darwell disclosed the Indian government and the army to deliberate border disputes in the memoirs, launched a large-scale attack in China, slamming the Indiannehru government unscrupulously promoted the so-called "driving Chinese" expansionism policy, reflected The anti-China policy of the Indian government is not human, emphasizing the people in the world to be friendly.