The military and six second agents calm hands: I want to die in two, four major generals, eight major

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The military and six second agents calm hands: I want to die in two, four major generals, eight major

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June 11, 1939 early in the morning, the Japanese military police carried out raids in the streets of Nanjing full, and someone posted a painted image of the arrest warrant: "Zhan Changlin, twenty-six, five feet two inches tall, size lanky, plainer and skin, high nose and round eyes; his wife, Zhan Huangshi, twenty-four, five feet tall, big nose, flat, big mouth; his brother Zhanchang Bing, twenty-nine, five feet four inches tall , looks more beautiful ...... "

For a time the people of Nanjing talking about: our side hidden in so many giant, usually a loud noise did not see? Why devils wanted this house to be a giant?

In fact, not only when people Joji Diamond scratching their heads, is a better understanding of the history of the readers will be asking the question: Zhanzhang Lin Zhan Changbing brothers are KMT agents, but also "Jinling Venom Case" makers, how they have become ten feet five feet tall giants?

Japanese military police of the arrest warrant did not post wrong, they wanted the two KMT agents, according to the Japanese scale is five feet away, and why the Japanese so quickly lock the target, but we need to begin at the beginning of.

Zhanchang Lin, also known as Zhanchang Lin, born in 1913 in Nanjing, a satin weave ordinary family. Zhan Changlin fifteen years old to join the army, at the time when the orderlies at the "National Guard brigade president and the government of Nanjing garrison commander" Yu Ji. In 1932 the Guards Brigade was incorporated into eighty-eight division, and participated in the Battle of Shanghai.

Songhu will be war, Zhanzhang Lin returned to Nanjing home to take care of seriously ill mother, in order to live, he applied to the Consulate General of Japan in Nanjing became a servant.

Zhan Changlin front foot first entered the Japanese Consulate General, "head of the Metropolitan Police Department of Foreign Affairs" Zhaoshi Rui (Whampoa four students, Major General Director of Inspection Department of Wuhan Garrison Command After the outbreak of war) put him "invited" to the yellow Nigang Drum Tower Hotel ( Nanjing friends this place should be more familiar, and now there bus station) fourth room: "you have done a soldier, patriotic secret to tell you that we now have two paths Take your pick: First, continue in Japanese consulate servants do, and when our secret informants; the second is to take this pistol to commit suicide. "

Zhaoshi Rui thrown over the face of the pistol, Zhanchang Lin did not hesitate to choose the first way: "Yes, I am a soldier."

So Zhanzhang Lin became Zhaoshi Rui immediate agent, code-named five and six, ten yuan monthly salary - plus do the servants of eight yuan salary, Zhan Changlin eighteen yuan monthly income can buy six pounds of "foreign flour."

February 1936, Zhanzhang Lin's brother Zhanzhang Bing also entered the Japanese Consulate General when the servants, of course, this is Zhaoshi Rui arrangements, but my brother did not Zhanchang Bing Code, all actions heard brother "and six Five" Zhan Changlin command.

If there is no tragedy in 1937, Zhanchang Lin Zhan Changbing brothers for a long period of time, that is, peek correspondence, inquire about some of the news is not very secret, would eventually become a nameless agent, coming to retirement, signed a confidentiality agreement old-age home.

The outbreak of war, the KMT was founded (originally called the revival of social spies at), "Nanjing hidden group" Zhanchang Lin brothers where duly appropriated to the KMT headquarters and renamed "military bureau in Nanjing area," Mayor for the money Xinmin (December 13, 1941 was 76 spy shot dead in the western suburbs of Shanghai Zhongshan Road place of execution), hidden under the Zhanzhang Lin total more than fifty agents in the series.

June 8, 1939, Zhan Changlin mastered an important intelligence: the evening of June 10, the Consulate General of Japan's Foreign Ministry to host a welcome reception Shimizu times longer, are participating in the heavyweight daily Emirates and traitors.

Zhan Changlin immediately record the names on the invitations and reports Xinmin money: there will have two devils (Central China Expeditionary Army commander Otozō Yamada, head of the 15th Division Iwamatsu Yoshio in Nanjing), four Major General (Central dispatch Army Chief of Staff Chen a Gibbon, deputy chief of staff Sōsaku Suzuki, central dispatch Minister military secret service headquarters original Tianxiong Ji, Shimamoto position unknown), eight Colonel (versions vary, and some may be later rose to lieutenant general Major General , Lieutenant Colonel rose Colonel), and ten Puppet Minister, Minister, if one pot, and that is a major contribution to the war!

Xinmin money immediately organized into task forces: it was responsible for liaison, was responsible for the cover to retreat, while poisoning the task, naturally bear the fifth and six agents Zhanchang Lin.

God is opening the eyes, the Japanese Consulate General entertain the boss, but still want to use the whole Chinese food and Chinese wine, and purchase drinks, precisely at the Consulate General of the KMT dormant for five years and six on the 5th agents Zhanchang Lin.

In 2005, Zhan Changlin an interview, also remembered the past: "I have a sincere desire to concentrate on murder, in the day of action (June 10, 1939), the KMT specially arranged for my parents, my brother and I a Zhanchang Bing the family, in the streets of the Chinese fish restaurant to eat a meal reunion dinner if the action is successful, I serve the country enemies hate snow at home, there will be a five-year latent value; if unsuccessful, this is my last meal to eat with your family reunion dinner!"

After Dayton reunion dinner, Zhan Changlin carries a finger thickness, that read "USA" poison bottle words, and brother Zhanzhang Bing came to the Consulate General of Japan "to work every day," began the evening reception started seven of "doing ready ", their parents and wife and children, has been lurking in Nanjing KMT agents escorted to the rural district of Jiangbei hiding.

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Zhan Changlin put it according to the "American Pharmacy" of "I was dead", carefully poured into the glass bottle of the heated wine, and poured into the four-alone yellow wine in his purchase, patience and shake it. The deepest place in the cabinet. When Zhan Changlin did this, it was very solemn, and it was also very ritual. As he said, it is sincere sincerity to kill these two colors, just like a catective killer. At that moment, the mood is extremely calm.

At the beginning of the seven o'clock, Zhan Changlin took a calm pace, and the warm poison walked into the banquet hall, and politely gave amber to amber alcohol wine in front of each "valley". Didn't catch a cup, I didn't sprinkle a drink, just like Li Xunhuan's fingertips, it is as light, just like a thorns, the long sword is as thrilling.

Zhan Changlin can originally put the bottle there, let the guests drink, but in order to let everyone get this carefully deployed Mengpo soup, he would rather lose some time to retreat, but also look at those poison into the cup. In the mouth.

Full of the last cup, Zhan Changlin retired to the side, looking at those smiths of the face, in a loud undressed, Zhan Changlin found some exception: The names of the invitation have been hit by him, destined to live. Tonight, the ghosts will be, Major, Dagu, actually there is no appearance, but Wang's ministers are basically here - I originally to kill a group of wolves, but only poured a group of dogs, this action can only be counted Half of success.

I looked at the poisonous wine by a cup of another cup of greedy mouth, Zhan Changlin knew that she retreated time. He fake abdominal pain such as toilet, flying to the locker room, get rid of him from the five-year servant uniform, ride a bicycle, and wait for the brother of the brother, disappearing in the night.

Si Changlin has just left soon, and the speech will sound in the court: the official palace, the official palace is put on the stomach, rolling a few times, no move, another secretary official boat mountain also spit white From the chair, this banquet hall, the vomiting of vomiting is in the ear, some people climb out the banquet hall, holding the thigh of the whistle in the hallway.

After a chaos, the poisoned people were sent to the hospital to hush, and the gendarmerie made all Chinese servants all grabbed them, and found that Zhan Changlin Zhan Changbing brothers did not see.

The devil's gendarmer is stupid, and it is also known that this is done. They ran to Zhan Changlin's family, but they found that there was already a big fire. After the devil put a fire, I posted the wanted order of this article along the street: one feet five-footed Zhan Changlin, one feet Zhanhuang, a five-footed Zhan Changbing.

Nanjing people don't know why the devil's scale is so small, the author spent a big turn, did not calculate the height of the Zhan Jia brother, just put it on one side, or report to the reader Zhujun brothers after returning Experience.

After the Jen Jia brothers took over, the summit received a letter, and there were a few sentences: "We have come to Shanghai, tomorrow, you have to go to Hong Kong tomorrow, please come to catch us, but don't doubt other People. We are not afraid of death. If you are caught by you, for most people who are smashed by you, they will have no regret. If we are such as our laborers, except for such death as a price In addition, there is no more glorious ... "

I received the letter from the Zhanjia Brothers, the devils were gigabilized to smoke, on the one hand, the Shanghai Gendarmerie struck, one side, sent a special agent to Hong Kong to chase. In fact, this is only a circle set in the Nanjing District, and the Zhan Jia brothers are being in Nanjing Jiangbei.

After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the Zhan Jia brothers returned to Nanjing with the whole family. My brother Zhan Changbing continued to be in the military, and the younger brother Zhan Changlin was returned by the special nails: the military gave him a 50,000 yuan bonus and the "loyal" silver shield, Zhan Changlin bought a place with this money, opened a hotel, a restaurant and a grocery store, there was a silver shield hanging, the general military police chamber did not dare to harass ...

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