Cixi loved the Guangxu, it is really a behind-the-scenes that kills Guangxu?Suspension

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Cixi loved the Guangxu, it is really a behind-the-scenes that kills Guangxu?Suspension

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Author | Zhao Libo

Inscription: no one would have thought that a woman will dominate the Qing Dynasty Empress 47 years of ups and downs, the color of a wall painting of a Prostitute Allure pour country's face, but also gives her the opportunity to seize the crucial stage of history. When the Empress from the youthful beauty of the gentle, under the blessing of power has gradually become a ghastly old woman, his life experience ups and downs, legendary abnormal strong. Experienced widowed, childless, nephew set Tian forced to hold the seat of God, also the proliferation of maternal love their love with Canada, why in the future the two fell out Cheng Chou, so that the next killer before dying dynasty pain. Empress regime in later years after the tragic experience of the Boxer Rebellion cleaning, also reflect the pain in his flight, or even to travel around the world learning experiences, in order to cheer, that this woman all his life and work for the Empire, but was actually last words interference in domestic affairs and resolutely prevent the woman again, perhaps the interpretation of her heart regret and fear. She is a strong woman, although successful, but not happiness; though she was in charge of the empire for 47 years, it is hard to get out the plight of a woman thinking.

Empress young portrait

(A), a woman widowed Empress early years, death of a child, also told Guangxu care for me.

Empress of my own life in the past made a more realistic description: "I suffered since childhood, parents do not love me, love my sister after the palace, the Palace of people with my beauty, my salty jealous, but I are all prepared. "a" are "word to express calm and contentment Empress Palace scheming. However, the young woman most feared nightmare ensues, young, she immediately faced with the pain of bereavement, became a widow. "Xianfeng Dynasty, Zong confined to bed, foreign soldiers into the city, burn the Yuanmingyuan, Rehe my refuge when I still light years, Zong dying, Prince and small, Orient House's nephew, is a bad guy, take over a large place, it was a very threatening. I former Prince to hold Zong, asking how to handle the event, Zong did not answer to this complex reported to the son, Zong began arrogance answer:... 'He naturally take place' Yubi that Bin day carry on, "" History of Qing Dynasty "

Zong Qing Emperor Xianfeng

Then Empress tells quite interesting words: "I see great things has been set, when the heart before security Ranbi though heartbroken, thinking worse Mouzon (Tongzhi Emperor) can lean cooked Italian Mouzon nineteen years old, and suddenly died. since then the situation became pale and I hope that all must "" clean to serve class notes "are never called hope, indicating that the Empress has no hope in anyone, this year both found the Empress there anyone in isolation and anticipation . Not only that, from the harem struggle gradually into the Empire's most foreground, Thunder eyes and ears of the potential, joint husband's brother Prince Gong, the rapid removal of high position eight ministers, shows her wrists strong and capable, deciding quickly without grinding mill chirp character, whereby the Qing Dynasty statesman of this country to the general thinking woman ruled for 47 years, will work on the history of Zinfandel color modern painting.

From the emotional speaking, a woman is the tragedy of the Empress, after experiencing widowed, her only son Tongzhi age of nineteen and died of illness, no matter how to say, for the mother, both in terms of great sorrow. On emotion and intellect, just wipe the tears of the Empress, the ability to demonstrate the critical moment of decision again. Her adoptive nephew to set Tian Xianfeng, a "brother and brother end" approach alleviates the Empire biggest crisis, but also to ensure their power and status.

After the age of 6, under the personal arrangement Empress, small dynasty began reading the Enlightenment, "the emperor is still red age, Foster's work, emphasis should end." For once again become Emperor Weng division, received the appointment of the Empress even "weep uncontrollably", after his careful guidance of Emperor Tongzhi died of illness at the age of 19, in addition to talent wise, the school is not too prominent, once again become the emperor's teacher, so he was surprised how much pressure and, at the same time Weng believes Empress "was extremely non-permanent, love is today, the day wing hate it like poison. deliberately deep, and not their value as human Noir." "Weng Tonghe diary" this is precisely the nature of women say Empress.

Guangxu portrait

Year-old to see the old, this child is very clever, but could not see a lot of patience to do things, even very obedient. Weng every day to learn the contents of a small dynasty is to read, listen books, students read books, memorize the book. Long the child will be very impatient, and sometimes simply silent reading, no matter how advised Weng, is not to answer, or even leave their seats in protest. "Sings play call," the Weng anxious very nervous, "how how to", "trying to mediate", "forced to deal with," "barely accommodate", "No of how to", "Zai really annoying!" He is not so much Weng Emperor division, as it was his first "early childhood education." In Weng good care, small dynasty gradually grow up. But this timid child, even if it will hear the thunder scared to cry, strong life of Empress for this child so timid, will inevitably be disappointed, this is not like the "Kangxi" three generations of emperors like that character.

Empress ink

Disappointed go down, the Empress is dedicated to this pro-nephew of. She later recalled: "The Emperor Cheng into a large system, this I considered pro-nephew from her parents, and my sister's son, is not there anything I lovingly hold of the reason emperor palace, only four years old, gas is not full,.! between umbilical steady flow of wet quit, I daily pro and coated swab, daytime sleep I often lie on the couch, watching the warm winter weather, plus or minus clothes for him personally Gum, festival of its diet. when the emperor free alcohol palace that is timid, afraid to hear loud thunder in particular, for every rain and thunder, I took him in his arms, and refused to leave after the three-year-old emperor, I daily pro-book party paper, the emperor teach literacy, dictate read "four books" "Book of Songs", I lovingly fear not to ...... "" woman Empress "

(Two), sophisticated woman, the Empress of the Qing Dynasty woman with the power to be able to get material enjoyment to the extreme. Empress early to rely on good looks into the emotional perspective of Emperor Xianfeng, and "by temperament" is to let her have a seat in the harem flowers are blooming in accounting. She has been energetic in her layout of the spiritual world, in addition to political management, the palace arranged all around the hostess should carry out until later years she also bored "Empress was speaking Manner children, all day long so much event, all have been by the Queen Mother at heart, or so leisurely day, freeing up spare time, but also pay attention to eating, but also pay attention to wear, but also pay attention to modify, and pay attention to play, always full of energy, without a little tired of the effort. " "On the ladies to record"

Portrait of Empress elderly

Outside on existing pieces of photographs and portraits of the Empress older photos, the image of the young Empress of Qing Dynasty records only in accordance to imagine. Objectively, the Empress of the eyebrows, eyes, nose, very nice, Nongmei Mao, big eyes, high nose, the mouth is not the Yingtaoxiaokou, but a big mouth, face belongs to the "national" character face, plus a deadly murderous, so she looked a little "male relative." "Yuda Hua Xianfeng Emperor"

In addition to good looks, the Empress of knowledge is also very comprehensive, "For the ancient Chinese history book of anecdotes and those more famous or legendary, and so on, can be said that Iraq does have a sort of research is beyond the reach of ordinary people." "Empress Empress life Record "That looks more outstanding young Empress, combined with very good temperament, manners, in Xianfeng here is quite attention, but she was not at Xianfeng early favorite woman. Empress who had three paintings like painting American painter Carl, described in the "Qing knowledge acrobatics" in the Empress "It is poetry, a pen fresh, extraordinary, but also for the Classical Prose, get the bulk of style." Empress may know soft power is still relatively strong.

Xianfeng accession to the throne shortly after marrying his button cobalt Paul's First Fenghuang Zi Jin as bin, title "Chen", which ranks fifth in the hierarchy concubines. Then, in May the same year, Xianfeng Chen and exceptional sealing her chaise, jump a month later (the middle there is a Princess); Li 16 years old, she reconciliation Palaces. And elegant orchid was only promoted to four years in Xianfeng Yi Bin, together with her promotion as well as Li Bin, Wan bin. By this time, the Empress is still very common, at least with no signs can be seen in her future counter-attack.

Empress as standard

"Few people have seen the Queen Mother will she described as a physique straight, face the beautiful tall woman. She has a pair of Eagle Eye, there is a clear Tatars features. She noble and arrogant attitude, voice with the unshakable absolute authority and majesty. "" China, longevity Empire "

Although the Qing Empress expensive for most respectable people, but always reveals a woman's unique hobby. He likes flowers, in addition to the introduction of a large number of rare plants in the palace outside, even going out to be with these things. According to chief of staff Zhaolie Wen Zeng records, when he was state governor and easy to catch up with Tongzhi Empress Qingxiling to sweep, so Zhaolie Wen described the Empress packed plane child, play "Empress Dowager heavy eyes and ears, along the palace were made from each carrying flowers, bonsai, install everywhere, with garden flowers Carpenter eight ten "and Zhaolie Wen said:." If the mausoleum to pay homage as the funeral in accordance with the past regime, all to no Illumination of the palace set this time around are special purpose lamps each white house without taking into account dozens of dollars. and the old tip tent frame number of rooms, Teng pour it back and forth, this time pointed at the camp more than twenty, each with six glass house and yurts and so on, in order to advance support tower soon, hear this the issue that Fagin to more than ten million. "" It retreat diary "

Foreign artist described by Empress

(Three), Empress of power and ability in the end how? Why his later years wanted to travel around the world, and many times into remorse.

August 14, 1900 Allied Forces invaded Beijing, the next day, carrying Empress Guangxu fled in panic, "Liang Gong Jing Kai incurred from the case, so-called emperor dust, from the miserable seventies, already very painful." "Chinese historical past century compilation "later, the Empress recalled this experience to the subjects, said:." days of running, but not diet, both cold and hungry and thirsty en route, ordered the eunuch water, there is no drain well carry on, or a memory well last night I was head ...... and the emperor was only a bench, phase and stickers were sitting back, looking up at Titan, between dawn cold and windy, dense hair, special unbearable. "" the Boxer West Kano Cong Tan "

At this point the Empress is old age vicissitudes of old, when she began to reflect on his mistakes: "Unexpectedly tis here, sincere pain can be ashamed." This also inspire desire old age old woman intended to reform the New Deal. The stigma of old age, even open her interest in the countries of the West, which said:! "My Country, although ancient, then no beautiful buildings such as the United States who Wujin old men who do not, and I travel around the world, a depending endemic countries. "" de Ling Qing years in mind "

Although in his later years she seemed eager to turn the idea of ​​the world, but ultimately failed to move around. Woman Empress governance capabilities, as Wang Xifeng Dream of Red Mansions in the statesman in general, although well-organized, well-organized, but ultimately not a great boldness of vision of politicians. Although she repeatedly say "For snow this shame, to the self-reliance", "China's poor but, as for this one, I heart hate.", "Chinese contemporary self-reliance, to force the administrative things. But do not know where Cuoshou ear . Yan Wang China, was among the world powers, the accounting for a winning position. "" Qing years in mind, "but as these macro desire engaged in small talk, and ultimately failed to materialize.

Zeng portrait

For the capabilities and insight of Cixi, when he was in Tongzhi for six years, Zeng Guofan exchanged opinions with the depth of Zhao Lie Wen. Zeng Guofan believes that Cixi does still count "the power", but Zhao Lie Wen does not agree to say: "We will be in the Russian, which is blinded in the future." Until Zeng Guofan was appointed as the Governor of Zhili, there was a chance to see the Queen, Tongzhi, Gong Wang, etc., four times, were summoned four times in the past few days. The position of Zhili Governor not only allowed him to observe the "highest level" of the Qing dynasty, but Zeng Guofan finally concluded "the two palaces are usually usually normal, and there is no sympathy, and the emperor is unfair." In the military martial arts, text, treasure number, the right person is the owner. The people are very smart, and swaying can't be based. "Can you live a diary" "After the time, he completely believes that the woman Cixi is headed. The Daqing Dynasty is not going to sleep in the fifty years. In addition, women's thinking and allocation are undoubted when interacting with the court. When Cixi had to send Guo Wei, when Guo Wei, Guo Wei, said that the pressure also expressed its freight, so that Cixi personally asked him to go to any, and said to say to him: "I originally know that Yu Pingqi loyalty, this fact is no one Being. You need to have this hardship for the country. ... The others say yourself, you don't care about him. They are just out of them, just say that they don't care. ... The emperor always knows your heart. ... Prime Minister, which is not ? First enter the prime minister, so that many words are enrolled. "" Guo Wei Diary "

Guo Wei portrait

In that year, Cixi took advantage of Guo Wei, and finally pushed all sins to Guo Wei. Just as Cixi later appointed Zeng Ji Ze to take the truth: "You do this for the country. When these people will have you, you have to make a resentment." "Make the British and Russian Diary"

Although the fierce, the foreign worldwear is so far away, and its essential hobby and character is still a woman. The outside of the hidden knife sword shadow is also blind, and there is no aroma. It's just a different woman outside the power outside. She left before, "Since then, women cannot interfere with national government. This is a violation of the family law and must be strictly restricted. It is not allowed to be too good. Ming and the end, you can feed! "