Classic case: Newlywed wife for more than 50 days, suddenly drink pesticide suicide, husband, but shameless

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Classic case: Newlywed wife for more than 50 days, suddenly drink pesticide suicide, husband, but shameless

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"Do you have your husband in your belly?"

"It is grasped, nine hundred percent."

"Who is there a few percent?"


This is an embarrassing dialogue that happened in the ward. The master of dialogue is a pregnant woman named Zhou Xiaojuan. When faced the mediator's question, the previous thing is silent, and there is no response.

Just a few days ago, the woman took the poison to commit suicide at home, with the fetus of more than 50 days of fetuses, and was urgently sent to the hospital by others. After an emergency rescue, it is out of danger, because it is pregnant, the hospital has conducted a series of related inspections to determine the impact of pesticides on their belly.

But I didn't expect to live in a day or two, and some of the test results didn't come out, Zhou Xiajuan had already went to the bed. According to the hospital staff and patients, Zhou Xiaojuan is forcibly taken away for his father and another man. The hospital tried to stop, but did not succeed.

what on earth is it? What should be a pregnant woman who is pregnant for nearly two months does not make such a behavior? What Zhou Xiaojuan is to force it to the hospital?

Zhou Xiaojuan's husband Tan Dejun also felt inexplicable, why did the wife who are still in hospital ahead suddenly miss it? Tan Dejun quickly came to the wife's mother. Just a door, Tan Dejun was pointed out by his father-in-law, and his father-in-law's words were accused. Tan Dejun's culprit. That is Tan Dejun.

I heard noisy, walked out from the room for a 20-year-old woman, is the wife of Tan Dejun Zhou Xiaojuan. Zhou Xiaojuan is very bad, his face is pale. Speaking of the reason why you drink pesticides, Zhou Xiaojuan showed a trace of angry, he called because the husband Tan Dejun's house is made to make you can't think of pesticides.

It has been short-term, there is a dramatic quarrel between the two people. In the quarreling process, Tan Dejun has moved Zhou Xiaojuan. Although Zhou Xiaojuan did not hurt, but left a certain psychological trauma. Therefore, it will try to drink drug suicide.

For the complaints of their wife and their families, Tan Dejun, who is standing on the side, but I don't want to argue. He left the father-in-law home to return to his own home, Tan Dejun and his wife have just been married, and the door is still surrounded by bright red double happiness. Tan Dejun and Zhou Xiaojuan were free to know, and the two met for five days and got married. Tan Dejun said that he had never thought so quickly, but Zhou Xiaojuan, as a wife, did not matter, Tan Dejun thought about his age. It is indeed big, so I will agree that Zhou Xiaojuan's idea is married.

As a result, there was no week after marriage. Zhou Xiaojuan suddenly told Tan Dejun himself. According to the hospital's inspection, the child has been more than two months, and Tan Dejun and Zhou Xiaojuan know a week, this child is not Tan Dejun's species.

Tan Jia also realized this matter, so I thought Zhou Xiaojuan went to fight, after all, a man could not accept himself as "pick up", but Zhou Xiaojuan did not want, she called himself before, this time It is necessary to fight, it is very likely that it is not possible, and Tan Jia people can only be forced to leave.

After the child was born, Tan Jia people were not clean, and they sent their children to Zhou Xiaojuan's mother, and Zhou Xiaojuan's parents took care. After nearly a year, Zhou Xiaojuan is pregnant again. It is an inexplicable look of the family. Tan Dejun is inexplicably generated in my heart. Is this child really own?

After knowing Zhou Xiaojuan's pregnancy, I took the question of Tan Dejun to start observing his wife's words and deeds. After a period of observation, it is really going Tan Dejun to discover his wife's abnormalities. The wife often carries Tan Dejun to call others, facing The wife is so unusual, and Tan Dejun is also suspicious, especially when the person who knows the opposite side is after his wife's ex-boyfriend, Tan Dejun's doubts began to rush.

In this suspected psychology, the contradiction between the two is more and more, plus a short message from Tan Dejun suddenly received, and the text message is written "Children is mine, not yours. "So Tan Dejun has completely collapsed. In order to further know that the child is not his own own, Tan Dejun puts forward to go to the hospital to check, and his wife Zhou Xiaojuan has greatly opposed, and the contradiction between the two is Zhou Xiaojuan to drink pesticides. beginning.

Is it a Tan Dejun? Zhou Xiaojuan also did not guarantee 100%, because in the end face of the mediator's question, Zhou Xiaojuan admitted that he did it is the truth. Looking at the feelings of the husband's upcoming angry, Zhou Xiaojuan said that he suddenly accused Tan Dejun.

"You don't want to install this, you don't know what you do, who is going to be able to go to marriage in this section, two people are not white, Tan Dejun is also outside and Another woman hooks together, and two people are not qualified to evaluate another person's non-faith.

In the end, this marriage ended the failure. According to the General Regulations of the Civil Code for Marriage, the two sides of the husband and wife should be faithful, respect each other and love each other, and they are obvious in the marriage of Zhou Xiaojuan and Tan Dejun. Both sides have not abide by this guideline, such marriage has no meaning,