What do you mean by Stan?China is called Qinnantan in ancient times

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What do you mean by Stan?China is called Qinnantan in ancient times

2022-01-21 12:06:56 72 ℃

There are many countries and regions in the world, with "Stan". Some of them are national names, such as Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, some are the names, such as Indssistan, Registein, Lorestan, Custtan, Hi Hatstein, Kurdistan.

In fact, not only these places are called Stan, but China is also called "Qinnastein" by Armenians in ancient times.

Because China can be a very strong country in the world, China is strong, and there is some communication between Armenia, so China is called "Stan" by them.

Today, "Stan" in the world is mainly concentrated in the southwestern part of Asia, and there are both national names "Stan", and there are "Stan" in the inner area of ​​"Stan".

When interpreting, it is interpreted as "..." or "the place" "...

In fact, "Stan" came to Persian, which intended to refer to local or region. Later, after a long-term evolution, Stan generally refers to the country's meaning. For example: Turkmenistan is the meaning of Turkmen, Kyrgyzstan is the meaning of Kyrgyz. It is generally called a certain "Stan" country, most of which are concentrated in Central Asia and West Asia.

Very large misunderstand: The most confrontation in the name of "Stan" is to believe in Islam, but the names of these regions have a "Stan" suffix in fact and Islam has not been directly related.

It is not a "Stan", which is Islamic countries. The appearance of this word is more than Islam. Many foreign names have Stan and Stein to end, usually transliterate as "Stan", this word originates The ancient Persian, meaning "... land", Stan also has the meaning of the country, such as Afghanistan is also called Afghan Stan, India is also called India, in the United States, France, Italy, is roughly a meaning.

Similar names, many cities in my country have "Hoji" to end, such as Hohhot, Erlinhot, Xilinhot, this Hohhot refers to the natural village of Mongolian herders living in the city.

All in all, "Stan" meanings, there are several "provinces", "provincial (district)", "national", in the past, usually, all the geographical entities said, rarely use.