The main trip of the Eighth Route Army is the most widely accepted, and the two responsible people will be awarded the army.

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The main trip of the Eighth Route Army is the most widely accepted, and the two responsible people will be awarded the army.

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In the early days of the war against Japan, the battle sequence of the Eighth Route Army has six main brigades. If you want to say which main brigade is the most popular, then you have to say that you have a 344th brigade. The 344th brigade was initially implemented in the 115th Division of the Eighth Route Army.

Soon after the establishment of the 344th brigade in August 1937, he went from Shaanxi three, and the Dongyu Yellow River went to North China anti-Japanese front line.

During the anti-Japanese War, the 344th brigade participated in the famous flat-shaped Guanjie, the first war, greatly boosted the spirit and morale of the Chinese people to fight Japanese aggressors. Then, the 344th brigade adheres to the enemy behind the battlefield, and transferred a lot of battle in the Railway Road (Shijiazhuang to Taiyuan). In January 1938, in order to adapt to the development of anti-Japanese war situation, the 344th brigade was directed by the 129th division of the Eighth Route Army, south to Jindong South China, and participated in the crushing Japanese aggressors to siege on the nine roads in the south of Jin Dong.

Since then, the 344th brigade has been active along the Pinghan Railway in the Central Plains. The scale has been expanded, and it also opened and expanded the new enemy anti-Japanese base area, and made an important contribution to the creation of the Anti-Japanese Base, the Anti-Japanese Base. In February 1940, in order to support the New Fourth Army in the Huazhong region, the 344th brother's main force is adapted to the Eighth Route Second Column according to the order, from the Central Plains, the Chinese region, after the hard struggle, gradually opened the new China Anti-Japanese War Surface and open the link between two major strategic zones in North China and China.

Later, after many other troops, the second column of the Eighth Route Army was developed in order to the New Fourth Army. Shortly after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the New Fourth Army third division was opened to the Northeast of the Northeast in accordance with the order, and the development became the backbone of the Northeast Field Army - the second column. During the Liberation War, the second column of Northeast Water Army has participated in the important battalion of Liaoshen Battle, Pingjin Battle, Fujiang Battle, Hengbao Battle, Guangxi Battle, etc., from Northeast Songhua River, Songhua River has been hitting Guangxi Town south Guan, for the people's liberation I have made important and prominent contributions.

From the perspective of the above revolutionary struggle, from the 344th brigade to the second column of the Eighth Route Army, the New Fourth Army 3rd, and then to the Northeast War Army, the activities of the Northeastern War, the activities of this unit from North China to the Central Plains, from the Central Plains In the Huazhong area, from Huazhong District to Northeast Region, finally from the northeast region to Southwest, you can say that 344th brigade is an eight-way army main brigade in the range of activities. Xu Haidong, which was originally held at the 344th Brigade, served as Huang Ke Cheng, which was the 344th Prix Political Committee, and later gave a general military rank when he was awarded the rank in 1955.