The female traitor requested returning to China in the 1980s, and the secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection personally met, and her dumb is speechless.

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The female traitor requested returning to China in the 1980s, and the secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection personally met, and her dumb is speechless.

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In the era of revolutionary war, some people got the heart of the beloved, and he was afraid of being able to defeat. But the formation of distinctive comparisons is another small person. They are in the face of the enemy's percentage, but also lost the festivals of the revolutionary party, but even quite asking for high officials. These traitors have been nailed to have a historical shame column.

One day in 1981, the door of the Beijing Hotel was opened, and a man in Zhongshan, the man was serious, he was Wang Heshi, secretary of the Central Commission, Wang Heshi. Today, Wang Heshi is dispatched, and I have to see an old classmate, Qinman Cloud, who is in Moscow.

The process of meeting, the atmosphere is not warm, Qinman Cloud is always in the face of Wang Heshi, always swaying, watching. Qinman Yun has a simple introduction to Wang Heshi. When she asked Wang Hecheng, when she asked Wang Heshi, Wang Heshi was slightly cold, and she was a matter of the party. It is nothing. A time atmosphere is lifted.

Then Wang Heshi, why do you want to reply to Qinman Cloud? We have to talk from Qinman Cloud's experience.

Qinman Cloud, when the birth, Qin family has been in the middle of the way. Despite this, the parents of Qinman Cloud have been supporting her reading. During my school, Qinman Cloud contacted various ideas. The loved ones around her was a communist party member, and her teacher and classmates also have a communist party member. The impact of these people, Qinman Cloud's thoughts are increasingly progressing, she I am eager to join the revolution. Qinman Cloud established a variety of progress commissions with other progress, not only served as a leader, but she also joined the Communist Youth League.

In 1930, Qinman Cloud was dispatched to Shanghai. At the time, Shanghai was still an enemy area, under the White Rule of the Kuomintang. Because the Kuomintang's several cleaning and encirclement, our party has been destroyed in Shanghai's underground organizations, and Qinman Cloud went to Shanghai this time, as the director of Shanghai Liaison Office.

One day in June 1934, because of the traitor sold, Qin Man Yun has arrested by the Kuomintang specialist with other Shanghai Underground Party. Qinman Cloud afterwards was scared by the National Party Division of various non-human sentences. She was afraid, and she didn't wait for the enemy. Qinman Cloud took the initiative to explain all the information they know. Soon after, Qinman Cloud's husband is also arrested because of the sale of traitors, Sheng Zhongliang is also a member of our party in Shanghai, and Zhu Zhongliang, who is jailed, and the Yan Zhongqiang against the enemy, refuses to explain any situation. But the enemy sent Qinman Cloud to persuade the loyalty. In the end, Sheng Zhongliang smashed the flowers of Qinman Cloud, he rebellled the revolution, and turned into the country, became the special agent of the Kuomintang. The rebellion of Qinman Cloud couples, giving my party in Shanghai's underground organizations that have devastated disasters.

In the late Liberation War, the Kuomintang, who was representative of Chiang Kai-shek, was rushed to Taiwan. Many Kuomintang officials and their families also flew to Taiwan, which had Qinman Cloud couple. In 1964, Qinman Cloud moved to the United States. They began to abandon the government and sent themselves, earned a lot of money, and lived very much.

With the gradual growth of the Chinese bones, the idea of ​​fallen in the bones of the Chinese, in the heart of Qinman, she has repeatedly wanted to return to the country and filed an application to the motherland, but has not been approved. Until the reform and opening up, Qinman Cloud's application was officially approved. She also put forward the scene of the previous classmates, so there was the scene of the beginning.

However, the fact that Qinman's cloud refined revolutionary revolution, it is always a thorn that exists in the hearts of the Communists, although she has repeatedly investing in domestic investment, returning to the motherland. Through her life, I have to participate in the revolution in the early years. She is a reused revolutionary party, but because of the difference in one, the traitor's ignorance follows her life. Although the old Qinman Cloud has always been in the heart, I want to give redemption for the mistake, but some mistakes are confused. It is very difficult to redemption.