After the death of Kangxi, 27.16 million will be left, 34.52 million left after Yongzheng, how much is Qianlong died?

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After the death of Kangxi, 27.16 million will be left, 34.52 million left after Yongzheng, how much is Qianlong died?

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The root of corruption lies in the exploitation system, the biggest corruption is the system corruption, although the integrity situation is ultimately rely on the system, but on the social system and the state power ... should take strong measures to curb corruption . - and army

Since ancient times, the corrupt officials have made a group of people who have been very disgusted in the past, from ancient times, the court, and the state has vigorously combat this behavior, and is severely punished for officials with corruption.

Every era, from the various aspects of the king, can be seen from the level of "corruption". However, the emperor as the highest ruler of an era, their behavior is naturally unattended, and there have been many extravagant kings.

In these kings, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong three is most interesting, such as 27.16 million in the country of Kangxi dead, Yongzhi left 34.52 million, the money left after Qianlong is dead, let people "angry", let's talk today. A chat of this topic.

Kangxi Emperor Diligent

Kangxi Emperor 8 years old, 14 years old, in 61 years, he is an emperor in the history of Chinese history. When Kangxi Emperor was ruined, the Qing Dynasty was still in the period of trough, whether it is a chanting, or the people are in a very low state.

In addition, the Emperor Emperor Kangxi is also very bumpy when it is, and it is almost in the past. It can be said that Kangxi can achieve later achievements, and he is also spelling the day, and conscientiously spelling.

After Kangxi Emperor, he began to delegate the peace of mind, the country gradually embarked on the uphill. Emperor Kangxi is also especially in terms of national culture and artisans, and the State will be slowly sufficient from the beginning of the first few hundred and two.

But the good look is not long, because the end of the night, so that the body of Kangxi Emperor has already eaten, plus the nine son to win, Kangxi has long been strong, died in 1722, leaving 27.16 million silver before dying.

Yongzheng Emperor's Shengshi

Kangxi's post-late period, there have been it to the nine son to win this war. At that time, Kangxi had already seen the Yidi, who wore a small age, and can also say to play pigs to eat tigers. He sincerely in front of Kangxi Emperor, showing that he seems to have a lot of ambition to the throne, and even makes the Emperor of Kangxi, which is his father.

However, every time Kangxi gives him a problem, it can be resolved by the people. So, Yongzheng quickly won the trust of Kangxi Emperor. After the death of Kangxi Elder, the throne naturally passed to Yongzheng.

Emperor Kangxi did not have a mistake, and Yongzheng did a matter. He has reached the peak of the Qing Dynasty during his political, culture or economy. In terms of politics, Yongzheng Emperor has played a good brand. He improved the conflict system and facilitated the underground intelligence.

Regardless of which place is information, although Yongzheng Di is in Beijing, it is a clear. At the same time, he also set up a military machine, set up its own unique employment system, promoting an official official.

Later, these officials were delayed in the Qing Dynasty, and of course, this is back. The words retired, and the Emperor of Yongzheng also strictly forbidden to fight, this may also be a painful lesson of Kangxi Emperor's ninez to Yongzheng, he does not want this to happen again in his body.

In terms of economic, the emperor of Yongzheng is clear, dialing the national treasury, in the face of the economy, if it is also a unrecognized economy, he set up the money grain multi-fold agency - will examine the government, this department is specifically for reviewing food and approval money.

Simply, whether it is from the economy, or politically, it has to be said that the Emperor of Yongzheng did paying a lot, this has the "Kang Dry Shengshi" in history. With a little bit of the emperor of Yongzheng, the national treasses gradually became incurred, and the Qing Dynasty also went to the top peak.

According to statistics, when Yongzheng died, when someone was in a national treasury, the Silver Silver in the State will be more than twice as the emperor of Kangxi, and 34.52 million, which still does not include all kinds of jade, treasures, etc. .

Emperor Qianlong defeated the home?

As the saying goes, it will be great, and the throne will pass the throne to Qianlong in Yongzheng. In the early days, Qianlong is still conscientious, on the basis of Kangxi, Yongzheng, let the Qing Dynasty's national strength has been further developed, and the Qianlong 30 years, the State is silver reached 60 million.

Unfortunately, people in Middle-aged Qianlong gradually gathered, no matter what they like to shop, Daxing civil, six Jiangnan cost the country's human material. He also likes to visit the mountain to play water, which is extravagant, even if the group of ministers repeatedly dissuaded it.

At the same time, the Emperor Qianlong is in the late stage, the rule is corrupted, and it is fortunate to the old days. If the Emperor Qianlong is fainting, the absence of the absence is not to pay, especially hate it, this has led to the only thing in front of Emperor Qianlong. He Kun, exclusively exploited.

Under this circumstance, the Emperor Emperor of Yongzheng has established the "Will Test House", which also has been revoked because Qianlong's extravagance has already been revoked, and the Kun has a bribe with his own power, and it is still in the national treasure.

In short, due to the focation of the Emperor Emperor, the Qing Dynasty gradually moved to the desolate, this is the final Qianlong himself. The spread of the travel, the slightest, the end of the year, for his arrogance, the hard-student will fall in the same place.

When the Western countries began to develop heavy industry, the Emperor Qianlong was still playing water in the mountains. For these things, they still have to choose a closed country. Finally, when I was in Jiaqing, there were already very few of the State, and some film and television dramas were 8 million. However, there are some people to make additional views about the assets left by the Emperor Emperor Qianlong. When Qianlong was 60 years, according to some information statistics, the Silver Silver in China was nearly 70 million.

From the social situation at the time, the former more in line with Qianlong's "nature", and the latter is more "close to the reality", because the handicraft industry is very fast, even if Qianlong is extravagant, the country's financial tax is as high as more than 80 million Therefore, it is more real than 70 million.

However, if the inflation perspective, Qianlong's 70 million two may not be in the Yongzheng, the Kangxi period, the 2nd 30 million silver, this is also the reason why the Jiaqing emperor is governed, why is the reason why money is not enough.

Qianlong 30 years to Qianlong 60 years, 30 years of foreign stock silver only increased by 10 million, from this point of this extravagant lily.

The era has already changed, and the economic background has also changed. It is also no wonder that Qianlong is a turning point in the Qing dynasty. The financial revenue of 80 million silver every year, and the final stock is not as good as a year of fiscal tax. In this, what do you think?