At the end of World War, the Soviet Union did a big event, let Japanese comment so far?

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At the end of World War, the Soviet Union did a big event, let Japanese comment so far?

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In 1945, with the victory of the anti-fascist war, Japan's Emperor finally announced unconditional surrenders around the world, China also welcomed the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, and the whole country was happy. According to reason, the defeat of the country has surrendered, and the victory should not continue to attack. At that time, the Soviet Union was not only attacked Japan, but also did a big thing, so that Japan's comment is now!

What is the purpose of the Soviet Offense Japan? It has a big thing to do, so that Japan has such a teeth of his teeth, his hatred is not a few hundred years of world days? The content of this issue takes everyone into history, let's take a look at the hate from the Soviet Union and Japan!

Qiandao Islands

Japanese Soviet

In fact, the hatred between Japan and the Soviet Union, that is, it has been traced back to the Saulan period.

When it comes to Russia, then it has to say its land area. It is the country with the largest country in the world. The terrain is very broad, and it can directly across the Southeast Eurasian continent.

But in the middle of the two countries, it is very important in the entire Islands. It is composed of 56 islands, with a total length of 1,300 kilometers. It is located in the north of Japan and the Russian Far East survey plus a peninsula, not only connection. The mainland shelf, also separated the Northwest Pacific and Okhtsk Sea, very useful value in the military, so, whether in Japan or Russia, the existence of this islands can help them become better. .

At first, this island named Qiandao Islands is attributed to Japan, because there are many volcanoes in the islands, often eruption, forming big fog in the sky, so this islands will often be shrouded in deep mist, far away smoke Diffuse, and many islands, it makes the Japanese call it a thousand island archipelago.

Because of the advantages of strategic development, the island is twisted, there are more than ten bays for large ships, not only easy to fight, but also is also important in military development, so this archipelago is found after being found. Japan is in the eyes of the two countries in Russia, it can be said that no matter who has this island, it is a very nice development.

And this has also become the source of Russia and Japan's two countries, because it has been in history, and the friction is constantly in history. During the Tsha Em, Japan occupied the south of the library and the south of the Qiandao Islands, and the capital occupied the northern part of the library and the northern part of the Qiandao Islands. The two south is looking for each other, until 1855, the two countries officially signed it. Treaty, established the island's home right, but the division of the treasure island is not clear and is always in a blurred state.

Japanese army

It can be paid to the two parties of the Treaty. As long as one is strong, it may break the balance in front of you, and torn off the paper treaty, enter the other party, this balance is very fragile. The time has also taken different transitions at all times.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, because the retaining lock of the country has made China's development gradually behind, it also attracted the 觊觎 of other countries, began to launch a war to China. After the War of China, Japan's ambition is getting bigger and bigger, not only wants to plunder the wealth of mainland China, but they still want to swallow the Korean peninsula, and then invades China.

The day of the day is willing, this policy of Japan just has conflicted with his old opponent Tsar Russia. The other party is not only annexing the Korean Peninsula, but also invades China, he wants to monopolize asia, dominate the Pacific! Therefore, when the "Treaty" signed behind the two countries after the Sino-Japanese War, when Japan's "Cutting the Liaodong Peninsula", Japan attracted the dissatisfaction of Saulan, and immediately jointly and Germany. Pressing, the three countries interfere in Liao Liao, and China will pay China's $ 300 million silver "red redeement fee" to redeem the Liaodong peninsula.

However, this behavior in Shatulan directly angered Japan, and putting it in the heart, intending to wait for a wait. The opportunity is so fast, ten years, Japan has already increased significantly because of many of China, and now it has returned to a time to launch a war.


On February 10, 1904, Japan officially declared war, on the land of China, because of this war, making the Chinese people have a lot of people, countless death. A game, the Sauda army gradually lost, and the soldiers were fighting for a war, and the soldiers did not fight again, and Japan also was too much because of the war consumption, it was tired, and the United States saw this opportunity to come, when Get a trip, stop the war.

It is also because of this war, Japan regained the southern part of the treasure island, and took the power of Russia in the Far East.

The Second World War broke out, Japan and the two countries

On November 17, 1917, the Russian October Revolution broke out, opened up a new road for the world's proletariat and national liberation, led them to victory. Later, Soviet Russia launched in civil war until the beginning of 1922.

In 1929, the United States broke out the financial crisis, so that a large number of workers were laid off, and many of the Western bourges were hurt, and the workers who did not work began to protest. There was no previous order, and the streets were chaos, let all capitalist countries. The society has suffered serious threats.

In order to stabilize this situation, all countries should use their own way, what is "Roosevelt New Deal", what "exploiting the colonial" host. Even so, the economic crisis still has no improvement, but also because Hitler has won the seed of the war in Germany.

Japan's domestic mantigi has long been in the past, and the economy is growing rapidly. Under this financial crisis, his shortcomings have been undoubtedly a small island country. If you want to solve this problem, or if you want to get enough money, it is not to expand military geography, invading the country to get money.

the Meiji Reform

Japan's small island country has so much money, nature is to choose other weaker countries, he first places the target in my country. With the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War in 1931, the Sino-Japanese War opened up to the fourteen years.

With the "外 必 先 安" released by Chiang Kai-shek, it is not long after Japan, and it has occupied the entire northeast of China. This move is greatly stimulated at the Soviet Union that has just been established.

As we all know, During the Saulacy period, Japan has an excessive hatred, now the Soviet Union is established, forced to put his eyes in the distant area of ​​Japan, now the Soviet Union needs an out of the sea, Japan It was once again been married again.

In the moment, their situation is not particularly stable, and military strength is not strong. Hard hard to do any benefits, they will press their own heart and wait for the time.

Some people may say that Russia is so big, it will even have a sea exit, they across the Asian Continental, want a port not easy to easily? Why do you have to remember the far East? Yes, the Soviet territory is very vast, and it is also a few faces, and there are still many ports, such as St. Petersburg, but the climatic conditions of these ports are particularly unstable.


Their sea is adjacent to the Arctic Ocean, which is 12 months here, only three months of summer can pass, and the rest of the ice is frozen, and it can't go. So big one place, really even if there is a port in a temperature condition? Of course, there is, the Soviet Nahai Port is built in the European region, and the port here is in the Baltic Sea. It is worthless of the value. It is also close to the Eastern European countries. At that time, the Soviet Union was bullied by Poland, and the Eastern European countries were also The Soviet Union is willing to develop in this sea area.

Therefore, although the Soviet Union has a wide land, but the port of walking is really particularly small, and it can even be scarked! This also makes everyone understand why the Russian land area is so big, and it is necessary to compete with the island such as the Qiandao Islands.

Not long after, Japan launched a seven-seven incident in China, China's anti-Japanese war, the ambition greedy Japanese confidently thought that China's general trend was going, even thought to continue "North Jin", launch a war with the Soviet Union, now The Soviet Union was no longer at the time because of the capital of the capital that was unhappy, the Japanese playing the abacus began to be empty.

The Japanese army defeated, the Soviet Union slammed

At this time, the Japanese Army was hit by the Soviet War. At this time, Germany launched a war with Poland, and the spearhead was aligned with the Soviet Union after sweeping more Europe, because both parties have trouble, so the Soviet Union and Japan's two sides finally selected the signing of the treaty of mutual infringement, concentrating on against their respective situations, and the results did not expect that Japan pulled the United States to the water, and the martyrdom of Pearl, so that the war has become more complicated.

All countries are consumed their own combat power, until May 1945, with the suicide of Hitler, Germany, Germany announced that the World War I slowly entered an end. At this time, the Japanese army is still in a negative, there is no meaning of smart surrender, and the United States that is more developed in the technology level in order to make Japan quickly surrendered, feel the stress, and put the nuclear weapons that I have just developed to Japan, which makes the world They all saw the power of nuclear weapons, but also made the United States have increased a lot.


However, the Japanese army does not seem to be, and it is also called the "meteorite landing". He can wear the people in the heart, but this will look at it, and at this time, the Soviet Red Army began to go to the northeast, China has also started his counterattack. Every war is consumed in Japan's health, and the United States also puts the second nuclear weapon to Japan.

See this situation, the Japanese army has no resistance, and it will finally declare surrendering with the fact that the defending is finally recognized.


China knows this news is naturally very joy, but the Soviet Union does not think so. They have always wanted to take back to the Japanese from their hands to win the island. Now they announce surrendering. If this is, if it is put in the war agreement, the United States will certainly will not agree, because this exit is obtained by the Soviet Union, then this Out of the sea will directly threaten the territory of the United States.

If you don't have a war agreement, the Soviet Union is not willing to come back. The opportunity is in front of yourself, how to not let people feel, Stalin Zuo think, finally decided to take back the Qianwa Island on the battlefield.

This matter may not feel in other countries, but for China, this war is not too cool. Looking at Japan, he will continue to beaten after the declaration of the surrender, and many Chinese are clapping, once Japan is also treating our Chinese people, Nanjing Massacre, the tragic killing game has made many people speaking, how many British soldiers, but also sacrificed by patriotism, and how many people died under their sharp knife. At this time, the Japanese army has no battle will, in the face of the Soviet offense, even if you want to resist, it has already been unable to fight, so the Japanese army is completely in the situation of being beaten. Only one day, the island in Japan has arrived in the Soviet Union. In the hands.

Although the United States has an intentional opposition, in the face of the strong means of the Soviet Union and the power of other countries, and the analysis of their own domestic situation, the United States is still chosen to maintain silence, and the US attitude is so clear, other countries will not naturally What is said, it will collectively determine the Power of the Soviet Union and become illegal.

Soviet soldier

Japan's hatred has long been deep. Now the Soviet Union will be robbed, and the island is also not mentioned. Let the Japanese have hated it, and the things that bite the teeth are the Soviet Union actually captured all the young people in their country. The number is directly up to More than 60,000 people!

After the bombing of the United States, many places are all ruins and have been fighting for many years. Their life is not much. It is basically the old women and the young people. At this time, when the country is the most labor force, their green It is really a little murderer.

Moreover, these people have also been to Siberia to do hardships, providing help for their development, waiting until they return to their own country, only a few, the Soviet Union makes Japan more hated more hate, but due to the Soviet Union Too strong, Japan can only feel the ninja in the heart, and do not dare to make something.

Later, the Soviet Union, Russia was established, which took the initiative to mention this thing to Japan, thinking about the two islands of the Qiandao Islands, the result is still not satisfied, directly declaring the four island is all still, this let Russia I am not happy in my heart, and I don't give it a sorry. I also dispatched the army to patrol in the field of four islands, so that Japan has no time to send, and the hatred has continued to today.


When it is a wind and water, Japan's ambitious and not self-tempered, but not only harm others, but also hurts himself, and when they treated the Chinese people, they should be on their own, but they suffered from the Chinese people. What did they have to experience?

For Japan's hatred of the Soviet Union, how do you think about this matter? Welcome to the comment area below, this period is over here, thank you very much for watching, we will see you next time!