Dadu River Warrior, hardening Zhongnanhai was stopped, airway: See the chairman to contact?I am Li Decai

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Dadu River Warrior, hardening Zhongnanhai was stopped, airway: See the chairman to contact?I am Li Decai

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In 1995, Zhongnanhai West Gate welcomed a cadre wearing the military uniforms wearing the military uniform.

This person said that I would like to see Chairman Mao, but he did not make an appointment in advance, and did not contact Chairman Mao. The guardian did not dare to let him go. When I came to listen, I was very dissatisfied with my eyes, and I also screamed at the police: "See Chairman Mao still contact? I am Li Deji!"


The security guards are still very young, have never heard of this name, still refused to release. This self-proclaimed Li Deyu's cadre, quite unreasonable, and it's still: "You will notify Chairman Mao, saying is 'mint' to see him."

When he said, he still wanted to be hard. The security guards desperately stopped him, and almost pressed the alarm.

So, this is the big bold, who actually dares to hurt the Zhongnanhai, who is Li Dei?

Why do he dare to be so arrogant?

How did Chairman Chairman Mao dispose of him?

Although Li Deji is so arrogant, he is not a big official in the People's Liberation Army, and the "May Five-Year Plan" Li Decai was awarded a rank of the Liberation Army, and the young security guard did not know his name and status. However, although there is nothing to know, Li De is very big in the face of the head. I don't say Chairman Mao, those who open the country know that Li Deji, as long as Li De is coming, no matter what I am busy, they will immediately put down the work of the hand, personally welcome.

Li Decai

Since the southern China Sea, the place is really bold, it is not a matter of normal people, but it is not the first time for Li Dai. As early as 1945, the Liberation War had not officially opened the prelude, Li De was hard to hurt Lin Lao's accommodation.

At that time, Lin Lao was temporarily residual in the countryside in Hebei, and he will rush to the northeast, and prepare it to prepare for the unruly of the inner war that may explode. Since the Northeast Pan is in the Northeast China forces, the pressure on the boss of Lin is very huge, there is a lot of work to do, and Lin Lao is busy with the head. Just Li Dechang stationed nearby, he used to be the general of Lin Lao, I heard that Lin Laozhang had a time to live here, and they tried to visit.


He is a person, to the entrance of the yard of Lin Laozi, clearly saw the guardian in the station, but did not not report the foot diameter. The security guards quickly stopped him, asking him who he is, what is the purpose of coming here. Li Deji and the head are used to habits, and they are blocked. "I came to see Lin."

But this person is unknown, and it is an alone. Li Demi saw them refused to release, soon lost patience, shouting his throat: "You go to tell Lin, just say 'mint', he will see me!"


His shouts of this big voice allowed the Lin of the room to the Lunar, just asked people what happened. If the security guards reported to Lin Lao reported the arrogance of Li Dai. Who knows, Lin Lao, who listened to the police, did not be angry, but smiled and called the guardian to put Li Decai. However, I haven't said that Lin Bizheng has standed up, smiled and got out of the door, seeing Li Deji, haha, laugh and say: "Sure enough, you are this' might"! "

Several young police guards could not help Li Deji, how much can this person, can I get Lin Laozi's courtesy?

Li De can get such a courtesy, all rely on him to fight on the battlefield. Li Deji has participated in many famous battles, and the most famous is to fight Datu River. However, there is no name in the Warriors of the Strong Dadu River, but he is indeed participating in it, and the contribution in this battle is as large, because he is a machine gun that is shocked by the 17 Warriors River.

Strong Datu River

Li Deji is Jiangxi Pingxiang, in 1904, born in a poor farmers in a poor, because of living in the mountains, Li Decai is short. At the age of 26, his ordinary life was finally ushered in a wire.

This year is 1930, Peng Lao has passed the Red 3 Army from Li Dejijiaxiang. Li De listened to the old man to speaking many army, but those military deeds let Li De talent just want to respect, and when he saw this name called the Red Army, he immediately attracted the spirit of these soldiers. He found that the army has different military teams with the old people, and the military is strict, and it is very polite.

Peng Lao

Li De was very happy, and he also wanted to be one of them. His parents very supported their son's ideas. After a long time, Li Deji officially participated in the Red Army team, leaving his hometown with the troops. He has never read the book because of his poor, and he has never seen the world in the country. After that, he has a lot of jokes.

Red Army

At that time, the Red 3 Army had to go to Changsha County. Li Decai has never been here, and the bustling scenery on the way makes him see it. In the countryside, the sky is black, and each household is resting at home. Someone runs everywhere in the night of the black light. But the city is different, the city is connected to the electricity, and the light bulb has been continued through the light bulb during the day, and the night is as bright as during the day.

Li Deyu saw the light bulb for the first time, thinking that this thing is like a kerosene lamp, the light inside is a fire, so I wanted to take a fire, and the result turned two or three laps, and the smoke did not point, eyes First flash, let him feel free to blink. Only the comrades of this scene, haha ​​laughed. 1930, Red 3 Army in Changsha

Later, once, Li Deji's troops have won a great victory, seized many enemy materials. The heads ordered the distribution of materials to the soldiers, and Li De received a pants that he was very strange in him. He didn't know that such a trousers were imitation military pants, not only have a pocket on both sides, and there is also the same opening as weading pants. Li De was covered with his trousers and looked at this opening for a long time. He suddenly turned into the trousers.

He wore his trousers to show his comrades. As a result, everyone saw him and laughed forward, told Li Dechang who put his trousers. Li Decai touched his face and touched the opening of the opening, and asked everyone in confusion: "Is this something convenient to put people in the house?"

Red Army Warrior

I didn't expect everyone to listen to his explanation, but smiled even more, and even someone laughed out tears. Lie Deyu is in everyone's reminder, and this knows how to wear this una seen a pants. He adjusted in time, but he was tangled straight to the deeds of anti-pants, but the heads were all over, and the heads of Mao also known. Chairman Mao was teased, and he said to his body and said: "This Li De is really a 'might"! "

Li Decai has received a foreign number called "earth" since then, and the new soldiers who have just entered the army have known this outer number. Everyone will no longer call his name Li Deyu, but directly call him "earth". And Li Dechang is not angry. He has been very pleasing, very open-minded, no matter who is joking with him, Li Dezi will not be angry, don't mention the outer number or his respected Mao Guan gave him, he is very proud. The comrades also like Li Deji's character, and willing to make friends with him and pay his life to him.

Li Deyu's position in the troops is a volunteering, which starts from the first contact machine gun, and Li Deyu has shown extremely high talent. He gave birth to a burly, all of them were hard, and heavy machine guns were small for him. After a period of training, Li De quickly mastered the use of heavy machine guns. Later, the main shooter of his troops was unfortunately sacrificed. Li De took over his work and became a machine gun shooter, accumulating rich experience, and was recognized as the most powerful machine gun in the troops.

After the Red Army's long strife, in May 1935, the Red 1 Army in Li De was coming to the Sandu River. At that time, the national army was chased behind, and in front of them showed the interception, if they wanted to break through, this tried must succeed. Under the situation of this life and death, the 17 red army warriors selected, all of them are heroic and fearless, and they will be a good man who is at return.

Taking a photo with a foreign journalist

When the squad of the Strong River, he was responsible for the red 1 of the Red 1, and Yang Shu, who was a group of red 1 group, suddenly remembered that the warrior successfully took the river, but also arranged a machine gunner to cover up with a powerful firepower. Yang Shuzhi didn't think, immediately shouted: "Let's come to the 'might"! "

Under the arrangement of Yang Shu, Li Decai has been divided into two stunners. After the battle of the Strong Daxu River, Li Deyi used these two institution guns in the rotation, and the enemy of the river was scanned, and the enemy of the beach was unique. If you want to avoid it, you will be hit in a few steps. According to the comrades at the time, the enemy's firepower on the river was very fierce, but as long as Li Deyu's machine gun opened fire, the opposite side will fall into the state of dumb, successfully covering the charges initiated by the teammates.

Dadu River

At that time, Liu Bocheng, who was watching the war, through the telescope, and the wonderful performance of the river warriors and Li Deji, excitedly praised, and the programs of the Dadu River were successfully reached. Although the truly river is 17 Red Army Warrior, in some versions, there is also a saying that the Dadu River 18 Warriors may, it is possible to calculate Li De. However, whether 17 or 18, participated in the Red Army soldiers who fight this battle are unparalleled Warriors.

Strong Datu River

Later, I arrived at the War of the Anti-Japanese War and the War of Liberation. Li Deji once as a security guard in Yan'an, and the family members of the head of the head, so many of the family members know him. One day in 1958, Li De could invite Chairman Mao to help, so he ran to the South China Sea. As a result, he did not make an appointment and contact Chairman Mao, the policeman blocked outside the door.

Li Deji was angry with "calling the chairman, 'Tulk' to see him", "said that there is no way to make the police guards. Subsequently, Li Demu was forcibly brought by the guardian to the reception hall of Zhongnanhai. He is angry. Suddenly see that there is a young child runs over the window, and when the eyes suddenly shouted, even the name of the child, call him Follow up.


The child is obviously aware of Li Deji, and I am very happy to say hello to him after running to Li Dechang. Li De couldn't help but got a few eyes, and he fought this for a few days, and it was so fast. It turns out that this child is Li Deji to work in Yan'an, one of the sons. Li De saw him, I came up with a good way to contact Chairman, so I wrote a paper, I wrote "I came to Beijing, I want to see the chair", and also sign "earth", then solemnly The letter is given to the child. Chairman Mao

Li De came back to the residence. I have been waiting until the evening. Chairman Mao really sent people to see him to meet in Zhongnanhai. Li Demi saw Chairman Mao in Chrysanthemum Bookstore in Zhongnanhai, and immediately gave the chairman a standard military ceremony. Chairman Mao cordially called him "earth" and invited him to sit near. Under the treatment of Chairman Mao, Li Deli relieved, replaced his own style, and chatted with Chairman Mao.

Zhongnan Sea Chrysanthemum Bookstore

Several guards this realized that Li Deji is really acquaintance with Chairman Mao. Chairman Mao also looked at the young people present to the young man in Lie Deji, and said that Li Demi is in the dark. When everyone suddenly laughed, Li De was very happy to laugh.

Li Deyu told Mao Chairman in this time. It turned out that Li Delie after the war, with the help of several old heads, went to the Baoding Military Region. He wants to build a basketball court to the military partitioned institution, although the funds are not lacking, but because the raw materials such as cement are planned, it is easy to use. Li Decai also didn't want local staff to be difficult, so I ran to ask Chairman Mao to help.

Chairman Mao itself is a person who likes to exercise. Li De wants to build basketball courts is also a good thing for warriors and local residents. Chairman Mao agreed and quickly agreed, and the specific matters were also handed over to Premier Zhou. Premier Zhou made this matter properly, Li Deyi thanked the two heads, and this is very happy to return to Baoding. After the basketball court is built, the cement arranged by Premier Zhou has surplus, and Li De talent will donate cement to a local school, hoping to help them build a little infrastructure.

Li Decai

Unfortunately, only two years, in 1960, Li Deyu was born because of heart attack, unfortunately, enjoy 56 years old. Although he left, his contribution will never be found out. Old heroes are high, people will always remember him.