There are a lot of power at ancient times, why is it only Millennium?

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There are a lot of power at ancient times, why is it only Millennium?

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Theft also has the way, what is more to steal the country? Therefore, there is a small hairdress, and the thief has a road! And Sima's creation National completely violated Zhuangzi said - the gentleman is not dead, thieves.

Sima's hiking, it is completely not available to the routine, but will not only bring disasters to their families, but also bring a painful disaster in the country and nation. The Sima family was killed in the millennium, and it was really self-taken and self-sufficient.

Regardless of the aspect, Sima Yi is more than Zhuge Liang, but because Sima Yi's negative points in "loyalty", it will give people a kind of Zhuge Liang that is more than Sima Yi, and left a dead division. legend.

First, Sima family has a unfair,

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the most cattle in the famous family is the Yuan's family of the four-year Zhoukou Shangshui, like Yuan Shao, Yuan Shu, a soldier, is a boss. Although Cao Cao said that the family could not be significantly better than Yuan's clear, the eunuch of the eunuch of the Han Dynasty, the Emunion Cao Festival was his grandfather, and his father Cao Yan is also one of the three miles.

Sima Yi is a little bleak than Yuan Shao and Cao Cao. He didn't have a national resource in the world. Dad is not a three-public high official. When he is chaos in the last year of the Eastern Han, he is still very young, than Zhuge Liang still has second generation Cao Yu, Sun Quandu.

It is the Sima Yi, the Malang, also 10 years old, from Liu Bei, from Cao Cao, Sima family, consciously unconsciously unconsciously attached to Cao Cao. Sima Yi brothers eight, each expression is reached, and people are called Sima Erda. The eight people of their brothers are all Chinese dragon phoenix. Cantonese worshiped Dou Yanshan, and respecting Dad as the old sinus, I shouted (respect) Dad for the Horses (Sima referred to as Ma, the so-called Wang and Ma total the world), and even call Dad to be Ma Gong. Sima defense not only has Octopus, but also the grandchildren of the Jin Dynasty, the Emperor of the country!

Sima's royal is very unfair, it seems that Sima Yan and Cao Yu are the top of the emperor's Zen, and even Sima Yan also seals his old leaders, Cao Yuxi, Chen Li, the mountain, the mountains, the mountain Woolen cloth!

However, do you know who Simurs's father is? His dad is Sima Zhao, who knows the heart of Simma Zha. Sima Zhami, Sima's father Sima Yi.

After Sima Yi changed in 251, the Cao's royal family was banned. Sima's further, directly put Cao Wei's third emperor Cao Heng is Qi Wang, he originally Qi Wang and the old bank. After Sima Yan, Cao Fang was also reduced to Shaoling County.

More miserable than Shaoling County is noble, he is the fourth emperor of the Great Wei. Cao Xi is a talent, and the clock will evaluate him very high, saying that he "talented with Chen Si, Wu Taizu".

Noble Township is really expensive. When Sima Dynasty died, he almost let Sima Zhao pick Class of "Simmas". Later, when I was already in boat, he was unable to force the Sima Zhao, with several guards to find Sima Zhao, Jia Meng made a murderer. The death of the noble country is the biggest stain of Simma Zha and even the Sima family. Not only that, Sima Zhao is still forcing Guo Queen's Emperor who is stabbed.

Cao Xi has been known as a noble country, even a temple number, no number, Cao Fang has not. Cao Xi Yun Yun, just impulsive, it should be called Wei Zhuang Emperor, Wei Zhuang Zong.

Cao Cao went to the world, not only relying on the sky to make the princes relying on Cao Cao to eliminate the princes, warlords, and Cao Cao is still the old Taishan, who is Han Dynasty, and marry three daughters! This way, Cao Cao, Cao Yu is also a foreign-old, since all relatives naturally have to be a little. Here, the Han Dynasty, the emperor, is resolutely opposed to the brother Cao Yu's replacement, and there is a Queen who is willing to be a princess!

Sima Yi, Sima, Sima Zhaozhao, there is no label, nor by the army to play the world, and there are many conspiracy, and even the wind of the monarch. It is gratifying that Sima Yi's three brothers Sima Fung always hosted by Wei Chen.

Second, the Sima family suffers from the people in the country, and the people in the country.

How did you lose? The world has a reincarnation, who is the sky? Although Sima Yan destroyed Wu Guo, unified the world, but he was extravagant. The extravagant wind, let the society fall into the fall, lose certain kinds of heart. At the same time, Sima is very selfish, his younger brother Qi Wang Sima is a talent, his son Sima is a mental disaplace. Simuri is not responsible for the country, forcing the younger brother to let the mind. At the same time, he also sealed the king, letting Jia Nanfeng, who is a father, and the ugly, how to marry Jia Nanfeng, his own silly son.

In this way, because Sima is in powerless, the queen is caused by the Queen. When they fought, when the border minority political power, the border minority political power, or civiced or invaded, so that the Eight Kings' chaos became the Yongjia's chaos that destroyed the Western Jin Dynasty, and finally clothes.

In the West Jin Dynasty, the Eastern Jin established, the dynasty suffered difficult to describe internatal patients, which is the disaster brought by Sima family's selfishness and incumbent people. In the destroy, the West Jin and the Northern Song Dynasty were almost exactly the same, but the evaluation of Sima Family and Zhao's family was very different. The reason is very simple, Zhao's pair is very good for the intellectual, and there is no civil chaos.