After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the red agents returned, but he was asked to continue to latenate until the death, why?

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After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the red agents returned, but he was asked to continue to latenate until the death, why?

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The Babaishan Revolutionary Cemetery, also known as the Beijing Babao Mountain Revolutionary Cemetery, which is here to fight the martyrs who fight for the party and the people's career. Among them, there is a special tombstone. The contents of the tombstones are as follows:

Yan Wen Comrade Tombstone

Comrade Yan Ye, Wanrong County, Shanxi Province, born on July 6, 1994. He has served as a member of the National Committee of the People's Political Consultative Conference, Director of the Grain and Oil Production Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China and the Communist Party of China. Comrade Yin Wen suffers from food cancer in April 196, and the long-term medical treatment of Shanghai and Beijing is invalid, death in September 25, 196. At the age of forty-eight. Comrade Ye Wen, I have done a lot of work for the revolution ...

Figure | 又 文 同 之

The content of this tombstone is different from the people around, and the inscriptions of others have stated that the time to participate in the revolution and the time of the party, and the monuments of Yan's text have not mentioned these two.

These two indicate the position of the deceased, which is extremely important for those who die at the beginning of the founding of the People's Republic of China!

He is a "pen" that is a "pen" trusted by Fu Ziyi. He directly promotes the hero of Peiping Peaceful liberation. When I found a famous job, he was ordered to continue to latenate and hide the status of China.

In the early years, the enemy camp is laid to open the latent career.

Yan Wen was born in Ronghe County, Shanxi, 1933, Yan Yi, admitted to Shanxi University Law School, during the university, he exposed to Marxism, which was affected by progressive thoughts.

Figure | 又 文 同

After the "Seventy-seven things" broke out, Yan Yi was determined to abandon the pen to the anti-Japanese line, and it turned to Yan'an.

In 1938, it was the anti-war brochure and the country's cooperation period. Compared with the Kuomintang who has more money, the advantage of the Communist Party is to get people. Yan'an is a red holy place in the national progress youth, and it has gathered people from all over the country.

There is a progressive writer such as Xing Xinghai, Zou Shi, Ding Ling, Aiqing, Mao Dun, Xiao Jun, and Zhang Xueliang's brother Zhang Xue poetry, Yang Hu City, Yang Guimin, such a patriotic soldier.

Photo | The famous patriotism will lead Yang Hu City, Yang Guomin (left)

At that time, Zhou Enlai of the leadership finals decided to seize this thousand-year-old chance, a large number of posting youth and Communist Party members lurked to the Nationalist Party forces to do political work. Later, a huge role in the bear, Yao Anna, etc., it was the army of the Kuomintang during this period.

In September 1938, Yan, Yan, who arrived in Yan'an, received the reception of Xing Xiping (Xu Bing), and accepting recommendations to enter Fuzui troops to engage in anti-Japanese work.

In the same month, the introduction of Yan and Wen Jingwen, director of Fu Department, secretly joined the Communist Party of China.

Because Yan's text is a good article, but also adds Fu Zuoyi with the same relationship between Shanxi Ronghe County, Yan Wen is soon being reused. Behind Fu Zuoyi's belief.

Figure | 文 ((right one)

Successfully became Fu Zuoyi. Yan Yichen's underground work did not have a smoothness, a change in the underground work of Yan and a seven years.

At the end of 1939, the Kuomintang ruined a total of cooperation in the country, and began the first anti-communist climax and expelted the Communist Party member in the organization. At this time, the Kuomintang high-rise dispatched supervisory committee Yao Dahai came to Fuzuyi Junzhong "inspection", requiring Fu Fu must "please" go to the communist party members of military and political institutions.

Pan Jiwen, which is responsible to Yan and Wen, is also "please", because of the sudden, further arrangements, Yan Wen has lost the connection with Yan'an for seven years,

In the seven years of loss, Yan and the article becomes a "pen" trusted by Fu Weiyi with the ability. YAN Liwen is already the director of the Political Department of the Secretary of the Second World War of the Kuomintang, Fu Zang's portable machine secretary, the rank has been promoted University.

So Yan Yin, who is in high position, will continue to revolutionize?

In August 1945, Wang Yuhua, "Zhang Zhong", "Zhang Zhong" in the security department of Shaanxi Ningbian District, came to Baotou. He took the important task handed over with his superior: Looking for a party member called Yan and Wen in Fu Jun.

Photo | Chiang Kai-shek

After several twists and turns, Wang Yu learned from the Kuomintang military officials to Yan Yichen has been in Fujun. In order to get close to Yan and Wen, Wang Yum wants to find a brother's excuse.

He said that he had a brother who was working in Suiyuan called Zhang Zhizhong. The younger brother once wrote that the family would write to him to let Yan Yilong's elaboration.

A few days later Wang Yu was approved to follow a Kuomintang officer and entered the Office of Fuzui, a guardian. Then I saw Yan Wen in the Office.

Wang Yu said that the things of your brother were told, Yan Ye won the quantity of Wang Yu and said: "Don't remember there is such a thing," there is no too much reaction.

Figure | 又 同 同 与 家 家 家

Since then, Wang Yu came to Yan and Wen people to come to Yan again and text, he said: "I am from Yan'an, the party Central Committee will come to you."

Yan Yicen is very excited, and the front step is held in front of Wang Yu's hand: "How many years, I am looking forward to this day!"

At this time, Wang Yu is still loyal to the Communist Party member of the lost seven years in front of him.

Yan Wen as Fu Zuoyi's "heart-hearted" position is extremely advantageous, and he is responsible for recording a major meeting of Fu Zuoyi, responsible for drafting key telegrams, documents and speeches. Using this convenience, Yan Wen will make a significant contribution to the liberation of China.

Mao Zedong has a sentence, saying that the information about the War of the Liberation War is the best, just like a glass in the glass, you will win. Figure | Proletarian revolutionary Mao Zedong

In Wang Yu to find Yan and Wen, the defending department leaders specially arranged: First, with Wang Yu to establish a close-line contact.

The second is to gain the military strength of Fu Zuoyi, strategic trend. The third is to understand the relationship between Chiang Kai-shek and Fu Zang. In addition to this, "Don't do it!"

Yan Yichen took Wang Yu to the bunch of his opening, and covered two people.

In this day, I have repeatedly conversantly with Wang Yu secret, Yan Yi, reported in detail to the party organization, strategic tactics and Fu Zang and Chiang Kai-shek.

YAN Wen's report contains a key information to attract Wang Yu's attention: Fu Zuoyi is affected by Chiang Kai-shek, and its army is likely to enter the East Liberation Area.

Figure | Fu Zoo (left) and Chiang Kai-shek (middle)

Sure enough in September 1946, with Chiang Kai-shek torn the "Double Ten Agreement", the battle of the East East was once. Fu Zuoyi's army entered Zhuo Yishan, Jining, and Fengzhen three places in half a month.

In this case, the Liberation Army is deployed in advance by the key information of Yan and Wen. Later, Luo Qing recalls: 又 文 的 情报, it has played an important role in the North China Wildever.

The battle of the East East is victorious by the Fu Zuoyi army. Fu Zangyi, who is returning, can be said to be a spring breeze, and he decided to give a Master in Mawei for the People's Liberation Army.

Fu Weiyi always satisfied with Yan Yichen, he said: Only the things written in the text are most consistent with my thoughts. The language he use is like what I want to say.

Figure | 又 文 同 照

After the battle, Fu Zaiyi can't wait to find Yan and Wen, to draft a blind letter to Chairman Mao.

Drafting this open letter makes Yan and the text is more difficult. If the words are moderate, it is afraid of Fu Zuoyi's suspicion, and on the other hand, if the words are fierce, it will fall into passive. Therefore, Yan Wen found Wang Yu asked the center.

Through the underground intelligence network, the news that drafted the open letter quickly reported Li Ke Nong, Li Keng asked Zhou Enlai, and always asked Mao Zedong.

Luo Qing said in the memories, and Zhou Enlai made an instruction after repeated thinking. This letter should reach two effects, one is to let the Kuomintang's troops proud, one is to let the army's troops are angry.

Photo | Luo Qingxue

Get the indication. Yan Yi and the intense sharp statement wrote an ironic-bit letter "Fu Changguan 's allegation to Mao Zedong" triggered an uproar in the country.

This film is also reprinted by the "Central Daily" and "Yan'an Daily".

Commander Zhu De said: "Please be better than the will", send this TV to the North China People's Liberation Area, even the cadres of the alternative to motivate the soldiers! History has proved that the letter from Yan's text has completed the strategic goal and protects his status in Fujun, which is two.

A person's success depends not only on the personal struggle, but also depends on the process of history. As Yan Wen raises the status of Fu Zaiyijun, there is also a big historical task waiting for him to do.

Figure | 文 同 同 军 军 ()

Musheng Zu Fu, promote Beiping Liberation

In December 1947, Chiang Kai-shek was appointed Fu Zuoyi as the general commander of North China "Corporation", and the 600,000 army tiger is in North Ping.

At this time, Yan Yichen is already a rank of rankings. In addition to continuing to make Fu Zuoyi, he also served as the deputy director of the China National Administration, the Department of Journalist, Fu Zuo Yi, the foreign spokesperson, etc., and entered North China "total" Decision core.

During this period, Yan Wen and Wang Yu's top secret information line turned to Beiping. Our party will transfer the organization of Wang Yuhe Yan and Yan to the Central Committee. Wang Yu passed the Central Committee through Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong.

When Wang Yu came to Beiping, he contacted Yan and Yan, Yan Yi, Wang Ping, a "Ping Ming Daily" reporter certificate as an identity cover.

Photo | Fu Zoo

"Seven Half" is the irony of the Kuangdian Junior Military Army.

The reason is that Fu Zuoyi is closely related to our party's relationship between the anti-Japanese war.

Beiping in this period also penetrated a large number of underground party members. Taking Yan and Wen every Saturday's routine reporter meeting as an example, the news officer on the stage is a communist party member, and more than 20 reporters are also a communist party member. The description of the "three thousand underground party secrets Beiping"

On November 2, 1948, the Liaoshen Campaign ended. Jiang Jun was covered in the northeast. Chiang Kai-shek immediately held the highest military emergency meeting in Nanjing to formulate the strategic plan of North China Group.

Figure | Chiang Kai-shek and the country

In order to plan the Northeast People's Liberation Army, the central government has reached a key task to Wang Yusu: Tsing Fu to strategic the mission of the North China military political policy, ready to be arrested, and can not expose Yan and Wen at all times!

Yan Yichen and Wang Yu, this intelligence line used this information for only one week, the intelligence showed that in order to preserve strength and strengthen the Yangtze River defense, Jiang Junzhi's dismantled to the south of the Yangtze River, and Fu Zuo Yi Xu's southeast military Post.

Fu Zuyi made a confidence in the meeting, and thought that the Northeast Field Army would not immediately entered the customs, refused to be south, and stayed in Beiping.

After understanding this key information, the central government decided that the Northeast Wild War army took the Three-way forward to the Third Road, and the Nangandan Tangshan, Tanggu, Tianjin, Xi Zai Zhangjiakou Hei Peaceful as a series of major decisions. Figure | Fu Zuo Yi's later photo

On December 14, 1948, the Liberation Army completed a heavy surrounding surrounded by Ping, twenty days of execution, and the iron bucket generally surrounded the hundred thousand army of Fu Zuoyi. In the North China battlefield, the new turn is ushered in.

Fu Weiyi has a habit. Before doing major decisions, you must find your own belief repeatedly, and Fu Zuoyi's family is always Yan and Wen.

When Fu Zuoyi came to Yan and the content, Yan Wen said to Fu Zheyi: "Whether the war is still actually a matter of irresponsible practice to the people, only walking the way is the only choice!"

Fu Zoo is repeated in battle and between. After understanding Fu Dongju is a secret underground party member, Yan and Wen have used their position to cover Fu Dongju.

Figure | 又 (二) Contributes to Peace Peaceful Liberation

Once, Yan Yi found that Fu Dongjun left home by the Kuomintang specialist tail, guess Fu Dongju is likely to go to the Underground Party Organization.

He and Fu Dongju took a jeep. I got off the Kuomintang special agent at the gate of the city, and successfully reprimanded.

On December 25, 1948, the CCP announced a list of 43 national party warrities in the name of authoritative people, including Fu Zuoyi.

Seeing a warrior of the head, Fu Zuoyi's spirit is extremely pole, this is a key period of Fu Weiyi's thinking.

In order to seize the little and fleeting peace, Yan Wen's ten days and Fu Zuoyi's daughter Fu Dongxia day and night guardian in Fu Zoo, on the one hand to appease his emotions, and do the ideological work of Fu Zang.

Figure | Chiang Kai-shek and Fu Zoo (after)

Fu Weiyi can't accept the young generals, and Lin Biao surrendered, Yan Jing said: "Jiang Boarde is unable to defeat under Mao Zedong, why should we count?" Soon Fu Zuo Yi received the secret telegram from the People's Liberation Army.

The telegram shows that the 43 war criminals were binding Fu Zang and Chiang Kai-shek, eliminating Jiang Huifu's doubts, so that Fu had a political space secretly talking, and Peacefully liberated Beiping.

In January 1949, Fu Zang, began to talk to the last peace talks in the CPC, and January 5th, Four Yi and Yan Wen in the Zhongnanhai late night study, finally decided to open the negotiation on January 6.

Yan Yiche participated in the whole process and recorded the whole process of talking. When Yan Wen took Ye Jianying's conversation to Fu Zuo Yi, Fu Weiyi sighed: "It seems that it is now, only put down the weapon."

Figure | Oil painting "Beiping Peace Liberation"

Yan Wen and the People's Liberation Army have drafted the Beiping Peace Agreement. On 22 January 1949, Yan also held the Chinese and foreign press conference in Zhongshan Park.

On January 31, Peiping Peace is liberated. On February 3, Beiping held a grand entrance ceremony.

The ancient capital is free from war, the people are from war, Peace Peaceful liberation, Yan's cultural work is in the Queen.

Open a country, ordered to continue to latenate

After the Peace Peking is released, according to a long-term latent red agent, Yan's task has been successfully completed, you can turn it from the dark side, why should I continue to lurking?

Figure | The People's Liberation Army officially entered Beiping, the people welcomed on the street

Because Fu Zuoyi has reached a peace agreement with our party, it has exited Chiang Kai-shek's camp, but the problem is that Fu Zuoyi will not cooperate with the CCP without condition.

On the one hand, on the issue of adaptation of the military, Fu Zuoyi expects 200,000 troops that do not move their

On the other hand, Fu Zangyi and the Chinese Communist Participation "Participate in the Command of the Joint Government, the Order of the Army", and strive to be separated from our party. These two major attempts of Fu Zuyi quickly were broken by my party. Since then, Fu Weiyi seeks to escape overseas.

As Fu Zuoyi's "Wheel", the party ordered Yan and Wen continued to latency in Fu Zoo, one aspect to assist Fuzuyi pulling down the down will, and on the other hand, it is more important to monitor Fu Zuoyi trend.

Photo | PLA warrior

From April 1, it was the two months of peaceful liberation Beiping. Fu Zang finally issued the power-up power to the CCP: "In the future, it is willing to support the leadership of Chairman Mao, implement new democracy, peacefully build new China!"

All major newspapers and magazines in China published a full text of the power.

Fu Weiyi's political attitude is correct, but the situation in North China is still unclear. The adaptation of the Fuzui forces in Suiyuan is still a problem.

Regarding the Question of Suiyuan, Chairman Mao instructions: "With the Beiping Uprising, Suiyuan Problem is well solved, you can solve it with" 远 方式 "."

Figure | The People's Liberation Army and Fuzui Force transfer Beiping defense

The long way is the one hand to draw a stop agreement line. On the other hand, the railway is connected to the railway, and the trade will send people hand from Fu Zaiyi to help Suiyuan will work Dong's martial arts, complete the liberation in the way internally.

In accordance with the spirit of Chairman Mao and Fu Zuoyi, Yan Yichen began to help Fu Zuoyi completed the peaceful liberation of Suiyuan.

The three representatives of the Chinese Communist Party and Fufang have formed the "Qianyuan Question of the Commission" Yan Yiwen as the representative of Fufang, Pan Jiwen is a common representative, Yan Yi finally met with his own introduction. Pan Jiwen.

After more than three months of negotiations, the "Suyuan Peace Agreement" reached, Yan Yi, with a decisive identity and a firm political position, and made an important contribution to the "Suiyuan Peace Agreement". Figure | Beiping Peaceful Liberation

After the founding of New China, our party decided: to adapt the Suiyuan Uprising Force as the 23rd Legion, move to Hebei Hengshui Region, and as a second-line Corps of the Anti-American Aid Dynasty, Yan Yi, Director of the Political Department.

After the victory of the anti-US aid chart, the general of the Minister of Water Resources, the general of the Minister of Water Resources, requested that Yan Yixin went to the Water Conservancy Bureau, and the central government agreed to his request. Yan Yicheng returned to Fu Zheyi to continue to latenate.

In February 1961, Yan Yichen also taught director of the Ministry of Agriculture Grain Oil Production Administration. During the period, the identity of the Communists is always confidential.

After Yan Yanyu family recalls that as the grade leaders, Yan Yi, who never use his own special certificate, and does not allow family use, natural disasters, as a person who is born in the production of food production, and rushed to the country, and live with farmers .

Figure | Pan Jiwen in the old age

At the end of 1961, Yan Yin, who took care of the disease was organized to change to Qingdao, and soon found an esophagical cancer. And died in Beijing on September 25, 1962, only 48 years old. Yan and Wen have a lifelong for the party's cause, and his morning died is abnormal.

Smash the "window paper", faithful

On April 19, 1974, Mr. Fu Weiyi died of Beijing, Mao Zedong Chairman and other other leaders of Fu Zedong and other leaders of Fu Zedong made a wreath, and Zhou Enlai presided over the memorial meeting.

Yan Qi's old Shang Shu Fu Zuoyi has drawn a word in the hands of the patriots of the people.

As the Subderection of the underground party members, the identity is public in the world after 35 years of death. In this long time, the six children of Yan and Wen have been affected from varying degrees.

The main problem is that the relevant materials are doped with the identity of Yan and Wen in 1938 to the Party of the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang before the liberation, and there is no necessary instructions, so that the grassroots party organizations are always unclear.

Figure | 文 ((front row right)

Yan Wen family also finds the organizations and departments they think that they can explain, but because Yan's text is too high, the general organization cannot be explained.

The party's underground workers do not pay attention to their parents, do not let their wife.

Over the years, Yan Yi has been like his tomb of his tomb. This is also because of this reason his wife and children lack of trails.

Until 1993, the transfer came, at a cadre party, Wang Yu and Yan Yichen, a deputy dean of the diplomatic school, an unexpected acquaintance, Wang Yu, who is looking for the children of Yan and Wen, which is very excited at this moment.

He revealed the truth for Yan and the children: "Yan Yi is a red agent that has latent many years."

Figure | Chairman Mao's commitment to the text

By 1997, an article of Luo Qing, a Central Bureau of Survey, "Dan Heart, after the back of people - missing the comrades", "The window of" identity "," identity "of Yan and Wen.

He said deeply, "My comrades" is an outstanding warrior who lasted on the hidden front. He dedicated his own to the party, and truly did the 'white skin red heart.

The mystery of the identity of Yan and Wen red agents was completely unveiled. In the end, the author wants to use a poem of Mr. Yan and Wen, and read this poem and read Yan and Wen.

Unique, Yun Zhi,

Dried high branches.

Yangchun March flower is like a city,

Under the hero tree praises.