Zhang Zizhong will vigorously, hundreds of thousands of people, but the Japanese troops are hovering over, but they will not cast a bomb.

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Zhang Zizhong will vigorously, hundreds of thousands of people, but the Japanese troops are hovering over, but they will not cast a bomb.

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On May 28, 1940, Chongqing hundreds of thousands of military and the people stand streets, serious expressions, and some people also flashed with tears. The city is full of sad depression atmosphere, and there is so shocked scene, just because they want to give So Zhang Zizhong General.

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The Japanese aircraft hiped three times in the air, but did not fall to a shell, and the people who paid homited, but no one was afraid or dodge, all this is because Zhang Zizhong once settled to their peaceful life.

铮 铁 骨, Zhang Zizhong War and Death

In 1940, the Japanese army in order to destroy the traffic transportation stresses leading to Chongqing, and then launched the Battle of Jujube, the commander of the first wing of the right wings in the fifth-war area Zhang Zizhong, with the right to mobilize all the group army.

However, only the two groups of the 33rd Group Army were stationed in the branches of the Luxi River, and Zhang Zizhong retired from the masses and most of the team.

Zhang Zizhong

As a group commander, Zhang Zizhong didn't have to go to the front line against the front line, but he had already prepared the battlefield, before, Zhang Zi Zhong gave the deputy commander Feng Zhi, who left the left behind, wrote a letter.

The letter writes: my country's history of five thousand years, cannot be destroyed in the Japanese army, I will wait for the heart of the country, even if there is no life, there will be no one to change. After he was successfully handed over this "suicide" to Feng Za'an, he fell to the Dongdu River and launched a fierce battle with the Japanese army.

Zhang Zizhong's troops took more than a small system, rushing more than ten times, causing the Japanese military casualties, and escaping around.

Zhang Zizhong

Zhang Zizhong led the north, this should continue to shrink the strength of the Japanese, but Chiang Kai-shek was confused by the Japanese fake intelligence clues.

Zhang Zincheng resolutely led his life, quickly adjustment of the operational deployment of the troops, and unfortunately, the troops were captured and deciphened by the Japanese Communication Force. All military deployments have been known as enemies.

On May 14, the Japanese army came toward Zhang Zizhong's direction. The two sides played a battle. Zhang Zizhong's army is unreliable, and the Japanese army is hierarily in the village. During the period, he had been trying to break out, but the enemy's strength was disparied, and it did not succeed.

In the early morning of the 16th, Zhang Zizhong's troops were forced to the pumpkin store. The Japanese army not only launched several strikes, but also sent the aircraft cannon for firepower, Zhang Zizhong's troops gradually surrounded by the enemy.

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Zhang Zizhong's left arm unfortunately, he was deeply honest, and he ordered the other people to take the time to evacuate the life, but the whole soldiers also treated with him, and they were gone to the national throws, sprinkled blood.

Zhang Zizhong led the troops to resist, and expecting the agency to come in time, the Japanese army's surrounding loop continues to shrink, he and his troops have no resistance.

Zhang Zizhong issued the last telegram to the command of the battle area: "I will die, don't deserve the country and the nation, you have to adhere to my ambition, continue to kill the enemy!"

The Japanese army quickly locked Zhang Zizhong's headquarters through the radio signal, and went from the three directions. The tears once again asked Zhang Zi Zhong to evacuate, but he insisted on fighting with the Japanese army.

A large number of Japanese army came, the Japanese army's fourth team of Yikang was rushing to the forehead. He figured out the body of the body, suddenly a tall body stood up, this is Zhang Zizhong General, his majesty eyes scared Vagaro Dare to forward again.

The Japanese soldiers behind Fujikang suddenly shot, Zhang Zizhong's head, but still strongly supported the body without falling, Fujigang took the bayonet to tattoo to him, Zhang Zizhong slowly pressed.

Zhang Zizhong

Zhang Zizhong was killed in the country, and the year was 49 years old. His ministers were all sacrificed, and the thirty-eight army who was ordered was still late. The teacher Huang Wei has learned that the bad news is very sad.

After Zhang Zizhong died, the Japanese army took his body, and used the good wood to give him a coffin, and the whole army held a grand mourning ceremony and buried his body on a hillside.

After Chiang Kai-shek learned Zhang Zizhong's death, I organized the death team to launch a raid to the Japanese army, and vowed to grab the body of Zhang Zizhong, and finally brought back.

Zhang Zizhong

Zhang Zizhong is a soldier who has the highest military position. After three months of death, Yan'an has been informed of the news of Zhang Zizhong General.

On August 15th, Yan'an called three people from all walks of life, and held a grand mourning ceremony for General Zhang Zizhong. Zhou Premier said that he was loyal to the soul of China's anti-war soldiers.

What kind of outstanding contribution did Zhang Zizhong did in the anti-war? What kind of charm does he make the enemy look at him?

Zhang Zizhong's heart is prolonged, admire

During the anti-Japanese war, countless revolutionary soldiers throwing skull, sprinkling blood, giving a valuable life for the final victory, such a great man worthy of all respect, only 20 years old Zhang Zizhong also hopes to be such a person.

In 1916, Zhang Zizhong said that he was in Feng Yuxiang, which was already the travel geltrison, and Zhang Zi Zhongyu's rapid, deeply affected by Feng Yuxiang, directly appointed as Lieutenant, Zhang Zizhong, continuously promoted, soon long.

Feng Yuxiang

Soon, Feng Yuxiang let Zhang Zizhong go to the "Military Guidance Troupe" to learn to study, supplement professional military knowledge, Zhang Zi Zhong does not disgrace the mission, at each officer exam, Zhang Zizhong is ranked in the best, and finally graduated from school with excellent results, becoming a lot of people The leader. Zhang Zizhong not only did itself self-discipline, but also strictly requested soldiers under his hand.

In 1923, Zhang Zizhong was ordered to serve as the courage of the school troops, responsible for daily training soldiers, winter, the snow outside, the temperature dropped, many soldiers hide, did not want to take it.

Zhang Zizhong

After Zhang Zizhong learned, he was angry.

The soldiers face each other, and they immediately replied in the same way: "Resolutely welcoming the enemy!"

Zhang Zizhong nodded and said: "Then now you will not drill it, let's talk about it?"

After the whole training, Zhang Zi Zhongzhong all soldiers took off the cotton coat and rushed around the training ground. There are still many soldiers to make unfortunate sounds, Zhang Zizhong did not pay attention to them, she took off her cotton coat, started running, the soldiers saw it, and took off the cotton coat.

Zhang Zizhong

Since then, Zhang Zizhong has a new outer number "Zhang Yin skin". Although he is strict, there is also a gentle side.

I have suffered from the sickness of the sickness, urgently need to be blood rescue, and Zhang Zhenzhong knows this matter, immediately go to blood donation, the soldiers are also driven by him, and they will be self-evident. Since then, Zhang Zizhong, which is "strictly strict, and loves."

The world called him "Zhang Zhan", Zhang Zi Zhongqing is self-cleared

In 1930, the Central Plains War broke out, Zhang Zizhong took Feng Yuxiang, he was brave and decisive, and he did the command to show his command. After Feng Yuxiang defeated, Zhang Zizhong joined Zhang Xueliang's Northeast Army with Song Zheyuan.

Zhang Zizhong's army was adjusted by the Kuomintang, changed to the twentieth-ninth army, and Song Zheyuan served as the military commander. Zhang Zizhong was appointed the teacher of the thirty-eightth division.

At the beginning of 1933, the Japanese army raided the mountain customs. I wanted to win the peak mouth, Zhang Zizhong led his life, and thirty-eight divisions support Xi Pengkou garrison and cooperated with the operation. This is the first time, Zhang Zizhong and the Japanese army fight. After two days and two nights, they have made a flat war with the Japanese army.

However, the Japanese army is constantly, and the weapons are sophisticated. Zhang Zizhong felt that he would continue to die, he came up with a method of deciding to use the "odd tribute" method, risk.

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Zhang Zizhong gathered 500 people's big knife, and the Tourism, Zhao Deng, launched the night attack to the Japanese, not only hacked the enemy, but also used the seized Japanese army to the enemy camp to the enemy, forced the enemy to remove the line 15 kilometers.

Zhang Zizhong continued to use the raid, attack the enemy's station, and finally won the whole victory, successfully attached to the peak mouth. This famous battle is the first victory of the Chinese army since the nine-eight incidents, soon, in the northeast, Zhang Zi Zhongzhong resides in Pingjin.

On July 7, 1937, the Japanese army took the opportunity to enter the search of Wanping County, shocked the outbreak of Lougouqiao, which was shocked, indicating that comprehensive anti-war is about to begin.

Song Zheyuan

The military director Song Zheyuan believes that the Japanese will not launch a war so quickly, even if the war begins, it can also apply for a break in the way. He doesn't care about the ambition of the Japanese army. At the same time, Nanjing also issued a command: it should be war.

Not long, the Japanese army suddenly launched an offense, and the twenty-ninth army that was not moved quickly into the passive situation. The situation became increasingly critical. Chiang Kai-shek Electronics quickly retreated to Baoding. The military director Song Zheyuan let Zhang Zizhong and his departments homes to Beiping and find ways to drag the main force of the Japanese army.

Zhang Zizhong

Song Zheyuan said before the pair of Zhang Zizhong: "It is easy to die, but the weight is difficult, but it will rely on you in the future!"

After Zhang Zizhong, he said helplessly said to the deputy military commander Qin Dechun: "You are a big hero with the Song Song Jun, I will become a big traitor that everyone shouted!"

After retreating the millennium of the 29th army, he only left Zhang Zizhong's thirty-eighth division responsible for the good job. Zhang Zizhong and the Japanese army reached an agreement: Our army did not resist, the Japanese army did not throw bombs in Beiping, hurt innocent people.

Beiping was captured by the Japanese army, Zhang Zi Zhong fake in place with the Japanese, secretly transferred the unstead of unavailing, buried the body of the martial arts, and secretly opened the grain, helping the victims suffered by the war.

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In order not to cause the Japanese suspicion, Zhang Zizhong posted Animin notices in the city, advised the people in the city, do not overspur. This practice is suspicious of the people who don't know the truth, and major newspapers have begun to report on the issue of "Zhang Zizhong is a traitor".

The country is stunned. Everyone thinks that Zhang Zizhong in the city has become a Japanese "walk". From the anti-Japanese hero, it fell as "walking the dog" traitor, no one can accept, let alone the general of Zhang Zizhong, who is very strong.

Although Zhang Zizhong is suffering from the inner heart, he still insists on the Japanese army, and the time to fight for the troops and the people in the city to avoid the danger of the entire North Ping City encountered Tucheng.

Zhang Zizhong

All things arranged, Zhang Zizhong also gave the opportunity, and the depressed dress left Beiping, secretly went to Tianjin to gather together, Nanjing learned that Zhang Zizhong's self-escaping, with him "giving up the responsibility of the city," . Moven, Zhang Zizhong, the letter, the right to say: "The society is quite unexpected, you don't have to pay attention to the spirit, to save the country and the nation as your own responsibility. I will finally keep watching the day."

With the pleasure of Song Zheyuan et al., He got a leisure of the Ministry of Military and political department. He couldn't bear to see the national creature and carbon. He wrote a letter to Chiang Kai-shek.

Zhang Zizhong returned to the original troops. He understood that he was "the sin", only to kill the enemy, win the victory, to eliminate the name of humiliation.

Zhang Zizhong

Zhang Zi Zhonguan's first war after completing the job is a bad battle that is expensive.

Zhang Zizhong will prevent the Japanese army from transporting force and materials from the forefront, and desperately fighting the Japanese for seven days and seven nights, and the final victory has also laid the foundation for the victory of Taierzhuang War.

Since then, Xuzhou will fight, Wuhan team waits and other famous campaign, he has Zhang Zizhong's figure. He and his troops are brave and good, and successfully crushed the Japanese army attempted to attack my hinterland. Zhang Zizhong's prestige is getting loud, even the enemy Admire his military talent.

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In the jujube war, Zhang Zizhong decided to pay attention to his own honor, he decided to die generously, and he said in the part of the side: "I am dying, the glory of death, I can afford the country, respect the people, and respect the people Myself."

The Japanese army specially revered the spirit of the Samxi, so he would be bored with heroic and tenacious, and he did not accept the general of Zhang Zizhong, and his sacrifice was all the initiatives of his arms.

Fantastic country, Zhang Zizhong is willing to pay

Zhang Zizhong's family is a typical rich family, but he is not awkward, his father often teaches him to regulate, and Zhang Zizhong also started reading.

While accepting traditional education, he will also read some extra lesson readings. Zhang Zizhong specially worshiped those heroes who donated the country, the death of the sand field, especially Yue Fei and Guan Yu.

The loyalty story of these hero continues to affect Zhang Zizhong's courage and character. Later, he has exposed to Sun Yat-sen 's "Three People' s" Thoughts in the Beiyang Leguan School, and decided to abandon.

Zhang Zizhong

At that time, the country was worried inside and outside the country. After Zhang Zizhong ginseng, he left the vows: swear to loving the national and national righteousness.

Excellent generals will not only affect the soldiers under the hand, and will make the enemy to pay tribute, Zhang Zizhong's grand scene is enough to prove his influence has spanned the enemy camp.

In the founding of New China, Zhang Zizhong was chased as "anti-Japanese national hero" and "revolutionary martyrs", and he is also worthy of these names.