After the death of Huang Taiji, his eldest son was 34 years old. Why should you make Shunzhi, who is only 6 years old?

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After the death of Huang Taiji, his eldest son was 34 years old. Why should you make Shunzhi, who is only 6 years old?

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Shunzhi's successor is not something romantic between Xiaozhuang and Dole, but in the case of at that time, Six -year -old Shunzhi is the most suitable candidate compared to Houge.

In the eighth year of Chongde (AD 1643), Huang Taiji, the second rulers of the Qing Dynasty, collapsed in the Qingning Palace of Shengjing (now Shenyang). Because Huang Taiji died suddenly, and he did not know the heir of the throne during his lifetime. It means that the throne is temporarily empty.

According to the selection system of the heirs formulated by the early Qing Dynasty, many people have seen the opportunity. Among them, the strongest and most competitive advantage is the 34 -year -old emperor Tai Chi eldest son, Prince Su Haoge.

Whether in terms of military merit or from the status, Haoge's inheritance of the throne is undoubtedly logical, but in the end, he still passed by with the throne.

The inherited throne is Fulin, who is only six years old, that is, Emperor Shunzhi. He can inherit the throne and have a lot to do with the younger brother of Huang Taiji. He pushed him to the throne.

Dole was also one of the throne competitors at the time, and his strength was comparable to Haoge. Therefore, in the competition of the throne, he stood out from many competitors and became the biggest competitor of Haoge, but because of because Comparing with Haoge's up and down, it caused the two, and the problem of the throne could not be held.

But in the end, the six -year -old Fulin inherited the throne in an unexpected way, and the eldest son of the Emperor Taiji defeated, the reason why Herge was defeated in the case of military merit and occupied the age advantage. It was the competition of all parties at that time. Under the extremely complicated situation, the six -year -old Shunzhi was the most suitable candidate. Choosing to make him ascended the throne is also the most balanced result.

The sudden death of Huang Taiji gave a big problem for the Qing Dynasty, which was at a critical period at the time.

Emperor Taiji is the eighth son of the Qing Tai Zuerhachi. After the death of Nurhachi, Huang Taiji inherited the sweat and under his leadership. At that time, the Qing Dynasty was still strong. The foundation.

However, at the age of fifty years old, the body was unexpectedly weakened. According to historical records, at the age of 50, he was very fond of the concubine Hai Lanzhu died of illness. It was a great blow. Since then, he has been sad and uncomfortable. Suddenly, he was unconscious.

In the eight years of Chongde, Emperor Taiji was "sitting without a disease" in the Qingning Palace of Shengjing. At the age of 52, Huang Taiji was killed, but at the same time, it was in the Qing Dynasty that was in the development stage. A big problem.

Due to the sudden death, Huang Taiji did not explicitly the heir, that is, the throne did not designate the heir, and the temporary vacancy made many people see the opportunity.

Why do many people see opportunities? This is to say that the inheritance system in the early Qing Dynasty.

When Nurhachi was still alive, what he advocated was the "eight decentralization systems". He was afraid that the family was unique, so he abandoned the inheritance system of the eldest son under the traditional centralized system and switched to the "sweat selection system".

In other words, at that time, the sweaty sons, the younger brother of the sweat, and the nephews of Da Khan all had the possibility of inheriting the position of sweat, but as for who would be elected, it depends on personal strength.

In this system, Huang Taiji successfully won from the eighth Barrey, inherited the sweat position as the Siyaler. Although he was in office, he had changed the national title to Daqing, and the sweat position became the throne. But the inheritance system has not changed for a while.

At the same time, because of his sudden death, the heirs had not sat down and discussed it yet. Therefore, after his sudden death, people who were qualified to inherit the throne would move.

After all, everyone wants to be an emperor, but the problem is that some ideas do not represent strength. At that time, although there were not a few people with qualifications and ideas, there were only two major camps who really had strength.

Among them, one party supports the eldest son of the crown prince, and the other party supports Dole.

Let's talk about Haoge first, as the eldest son of Huang Taiji, this is a bonus item with a very competitive advantage. After all, he is born there. In addition, there is an important factor, that is, Haoge's military skills are extremely high.

Regardless of whether it was the earliest conquest Mongolia or the Ningjin battle with the Ming Dynasty, Haoge has made a lot of credit in these battles, and with his achievements, Haoge has also successfully promoted from Belle to harmony to harmony. Prince Shuo Su.

At the same time, Haoge also served as the owner of the Zhenglan Banner. After the death of Huang Taiji, he has been loyal to Huang Taiji's Zhenghuang Banner and the owner of the yellow flag, Sony and Aobai, and all publicly expressed their support to support Haoge. Because of the grace of Emperor Tai Chi, Jirhara was naturally willing to support Haoge.

Therefore, in the case of the four flags in the eight flags supporting Haogge, Haoge's winning noodles are still relatively large.

However, at that time, Dole's strength was not bad. Doer was the owner of Zhengbai Banner, and naturally Zhengbaiqi supported him. Inlaid Bai Banner always looked at Delle with the head of the white flag. My brother is also able to fight for good fighting. These forces are not to be underestimated.

Of course, there are two flags and red flags led by Huang Taiji's second brother and the son of the sons of the generation. On the surface, it is neutral. In fact, there are small abacus. Doro.

Therefore, from the comparison of the comprehensive forces, these two camps can be said to be half a catty. The comparable talents are comparable. Dorir is higher than Haoge, but the status and military skills are slightly better. Therefore, the two parties are mutual mutual. If you do n’t give up, you have been fighting for many times, and you do n’t fight for it. However, the general solution cannot be allowed to be empty. Therefore, after the representative of the two parties, it was decided to gather the Chongzheng Hall of Shengjing on August 14 of that year to make a final decision.

At this time, Fulin, although he was also one of the sons of Huang Taiji, did not be within the consideration of everyone at all. On the one hand, he was too young, and the country needs an older monarch. Tai Chi is more than one son, and Fulin is just the ninth son.

On the day of the talks, the atmosphere inside and outside the Chongzheng Hall can be said to be full of gunpowder. The Houge side arranged the soldiers around the hall early to prevent Dole's force from seizing power, and Dole, who had played a hundred battles. I didn't care, I took my brother with confidence, came to the hall to compete for the battle of the throne, and immediately started.

At the meeting, who the two camps were more qualified to inherit the big position and started fierce debate. People from the grassland were hot, and many times they almost wiped the guns.

As the two flags of Zhengbai and Bai Bai, naturally it means that one thousand roads will not support Haoge, and the two flags of Zhenghuang and inlaid will also not support Dole. Therefore, the remaining four flags, attitudes, attitude, attitude. It is very important, but in the four flags, there are both parties that support both parties, which makes the negotiations fall into a deadlock for a while.

At this time, almost everyone understands that if it is stalemate like this, and talk about three days and three nights, there will be no results, and it is even possible to let the Banner's flag owner, because the contradiction of this incident intensifies the conflict of the incident. , Resulting in division, once so, it will be a catastrophic consequences.

Why do you say that? Because of the situation at the time, the Qing Dynasty had not yet entered the customs, and the South Ming Dynasty and the peasant army Li Zicheng were also a great threat. When Huang Taiji was alive, the entry of the customs was the biggest goal and dream.

There is a way to join a soldier, and the premise of entering the customs is based on the eight flags unity, but if the throne problem has been stalemate, which will cause the eight flags to split The team is not a big deal.

In all fairness, there is still a certain disadvantage compared to Haoge. After all, the six flags of the two yellows, two red and blue flags in the eight flags still support Haoge. In this case, if, if in this case,, if in this case,, if in this case Dole's force seizing power may not be successful.

But he just didn't want to give up. Why can't you be me?

But in the end, a person proposed a solution. Under the discussion of everyone, he felt feasible, so he followed this. The proposed person was Prince Zheng Jirhara.

Jirhalang is the nephew of Nurhachi. According to generations, he and Huang Taiji and Dole are flattering and Herge's elders. When Huang Taiji lives, Jirhalang has a good relationship with Huang Taiji. Because of this, Huang Taiji handed over the blue flag to him.

When the throne battle occurred, Jirhalang supported Haoge, but his reason to support Haoge was that Haoge was the son of Huang Taiji, that is, he did not support Herge himself, but the emperor himself, but the emperor herself The son of Tai Chi.

Is it a bit around? In fact, it is very simple. Jirhalang is loyal to Huang Taiji. Therefore, after the death of Huang Taiji, he was willing to support Huang Taiji's son. Because Haoge was the son of Huang Taiji, Jirhalang supported him.

But Huang Taiji can be more than one son, that is to say, if the other son of Huang Taiji succeeds, then Jirhalang also supports it.

The suggestion he made at the time was related to this principle. He proposed that if Haoge and Dole could not hold each other, then the ninth son of Huang Taiji, which is the six -year -old Fulin inherited the Great.

As soon as this remark, everyone was silent first, and then started a fierce discussion. After all, the Fulin at that time was just a six -year -old yellow mouth child. Is there a loss of such a child as a child?

But since Jirhara can propose Fulin, it is naturally considered, so he analyzes why the reasons and reasons and reasons for referring to Fulin will be analyzed to everyone one by one at the meeting.

Of course, the initial major flag owners are not very agreed with this proposal, and there are no rumors. In fact, they are in favor of the case. In fact, it has also been discussed by various opinions. However If the Haogge is excluded, Fulin is indeed the most suitable person in terms of origin or from the situation at the time.

At the same time, for Dole, he also knows that he may not be able to succeed. After all, those old ministers are watching, and he can't tolerate him, and Fulin can be regarded as a discount.

However, he agreed to agree, and he still made a request that the emperor was young, and his own government experience was rich. He must be the regent king. For this, most people did not have much opinion, because Dole's ability is also the ability to ability to be. Obvious.

However, in order to prevent Dole's power, other flag owners still put a precautionary measure for Dole, that is, to make the blue flag owner, that is, Prince Zheng Jilhalang also served as the Minister of the Regent, so as to achieve mutual checks and balances Purpose.

"The ninth son of the Emperor, and the naive age, the Eight Takayama (Gushan) soldiers, and I was in charge of the half of the king of the right, the right to the government, and after the age, the old Returning to politics, oathing to the sky "-thel is like this, the third rulers of the Qing Dynasty, Shunzhi Emperor Fulin, came into this case. In the competition, the two sides found a balanced recognition of each other. In fact, the core idea of ​​this balance point is very simple, that is, I can't take advantage of it, and you don't want to benefit from it, but the emperor Fulin of Shunzhi is so recommended to be an emperor.

Of course, I said earlier that Huang Taiji did not only have one son. According to historical records, he had a total of eleven sons, and there were ten more. Qualifications and possibilities, but why does Jirhara choose Fulin? This is about the descent of Fulin's origin and the situation at the time.

First, the blood of Fulin

As we all know, Fulin's biological mother is Empress Xiaozhuang, and Empress Xiaozhuang is one of the five major Fujin of Huang Taiji, and her other identity is the daughter of Mongolia Belle Zaisang-Buhe.

As early as the Nurhachi era, the Mongolian nobles continued to deal with Houjin. Of course, it was the kind that soldiers met. However, because the Mongolian aristocracy lost the later Jin, the two sides finally discussed and entered a period of peaceful development.

However, although temporarily peaceful, Mongolia's forces are still strong. In this regard, Nurhachi adopts the "Huai Rou" policy to attract the relationship between the two sides through mutual and kissing ways.

For example, the concubine Zhezhe of Huang Taiji is the sister of Mongolia Belle Sang-Buhe, while Hai Lanzhu and Queen Mother Xiaozhuang are the two daughters of Zaisang Buhe.

Although Zhezhe and Hai Lanzhu, although they were married to Huang Taiji, Zhezhe did not give birth to a son. There were only three daughters. Although Hai Lanzhu had a son, he died before he had time. Therefore, there are only filial piety of Xiaoshuang.

Under the purpose of "Manchu's family", letting Xiaoshuang's son Fulin succeed is obviously the result of the Mongolian nobles want to see. After all, this is his nephew. Who does not support him to support it?

At the same time, the biggest benefit of Fulin's successor is to be able to cover the Mongolian aristocracy, because Fulin's identity is there, at least the Mongolians will not have any two hearts. The truth is also very simple.

Second, Fulin succeeds, and the results that everyone can accept

In addition to the main factors of Fulin's Mongolian pedigree, another reason for his succession is that choosing that he is acceptable to everyone.

As mentioned earlier, Like Prince Zheng Jirhalang, he is loyal to Huang Taiji, so he also supports Huang Taiji's son. As long as he is the son of Huang Taiji, everyone is within the scope of his support.

With this idea, in fact, not only Jirhalang, but also the Zhenghuang flag and the yellow flag. The flag owner of these two flags, Sony and Aoba, in fact. It's not much worse.

It is because they are loyal to Huang Taiji, so they support the children of Huang Taiji, so since they are not good, it does not matter if it is changed. At the same time It's not too bad.

In the case of the two big yellow flags and blue flags, the upper position of Fulin is also an inevitable thing.

Third, the age of Fulin

When Fulin was elected, he was only six years old, but this age made the forces of all parties see unlimited possibilities.

why? In fact, it is very simple. The six -year -old Fulin naturally does not have the ability to proof. So who will deal with national affairs? Naturally, these older flag owners.

Since it can deal with national affairs, there is certain real power. Since there is real power, who is not an emperor, anyway, the little emperor can't do the Lord, and these adults must be determined.

Therefore, whether for Dole, or for Haoge, or for other flag owners, it is an acceptable situation. It is also a good thing to have real power.

Of course, Fulin can become an alternative, which is also in Haoge's "concession". The phrase "Fu Shao is thin, can't succeed" under his anger, so that Dole has caught the opportunity. Only then did he have to withdraw from the election, so that Fulin had a chance to inherit Dai.


All in all, as the winning side of the competitive throne, Haoge eventually defeated and let the six -year -old Fulin's upper position. This result was beyond the expectations, but it was also expected. After all, the situation at the time was Dole The grid does not give each other, no matter how disputes, there will be no results. Therefore, the two parties will draw such a result under the factors such as considering their vital interests and the pedigree of Fulin, which will be obtained. Ji and Jirhalang served as the Minister of Regent and led the government. Since then, the Qing Dynasty entered a new era.