Guizhou is shocked by the mountains and seas, and the head of the cat is weird

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Guizhou is shocked by the mountains and seas, and the head of the cat is weird

2022-05-13 18:25:36 22 ℃

The mountains and seas are strange beasts in Guizhou? The looks are particularly strange! A gray fluff, the head like a golden monkey, is similar to the face, the body is the same as the cat family.

Recently, when a woman in southeast Guizhou Guizhou went to the mountain to cut firewood, she encountered a strange animal, like a human face, squatting on the wooden stakes, which made the woman very surprised. Is the strange animal such such a strange animal in the back of the mountain?

What is this animal? When the woman was surprised, she randomly filmed the video to share the Internet, and said with a text: Everyone came, guess, what is the name of this animal?

It is said that such strange animals really look back. A gray fluff, the head looks like a golden monkey, is similar to the face of the human face. The body is the same as the cat family.

"Shan Hai Jing" has been known as a strange book since ancient times. From the Warring States Period to the beginning of the Han Dynasty, it is recognized as a strange book. Some of the strange beasts recorded in it are countless, among which the beasts are recorded similar to the above animals. Records said that "there is a beast in the mountains, the shape of a wild cat has long hair like a human, the name is a class, a male and female sex organs, who are pregnant and breed by themselves. Jealous. "

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According to legend, in the Ming Dynasty, this kind of beast can often be seen in the Mongolian Mansion of Yunnan, and locals call it fragrant. There are also legends that there is a kind of civet cat in the South China Sea Valley, which is a male and female, which may also be a class.

Perhaps in the mountains and seas, the recorded beasts are real, or maybe the ancients have different recording methods. The description method is exaggerated, because many of the strange and strange beasts recorded in the book, and many animals discovered now people now discovered. Is it amazingly similar, is it just a coincidence?

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I think it should not be. According to the normal thinking mode of a person, there will be certain examples of everything, and there will always be a certain case, and then many things will be drawn. Some are closer to the truth and some are far from the truth. It is the fact that there is, maybe the record of Shan Hai Jing is the second type, which is far from the truth, but the recorded content should be objective.