In 1942, Wu Sibao had just escaped from the prison, but died of a bowl of noodles due to a bowl of noodles.

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In 1942, Wu Sibao had just escaped from the prison, but died of a bowl of noodles due to a bowl of noodles.

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In the last century, China became a semi -feudal and semi -colonial country due to the bullying of the powers. The turbulence of the current situation and the subversion of the national body have made the Chinese earth wolf smoke. In this troubled world, some people have become national heroes, but some have become sinners of the nation.

Before the founding of the People's Republic of China, it was the earliest open business port city in China and one of the earliest cities in China to enter the first half of the society in modern times. The mutual collision between foreign culture and the traditional spirit, and the mutual dumping of wealth and power made Shanghai the most prosperous city at that time.

But the contradiction between different classes is the most intense in Shanghai. Foreign consortia, warlord armed forces, underworld forces, and all kinds of people living at the bottom, and the most complicated cities have been intertwined.

In order to benefit, all parties gathered in Shanghai and fought in the dark. However, such troubles have just achieved many chaos. Among these groups of people, there are deadly people who do not care about life and death, insidious villains who have damaged their self -interest, and their national heroes. In short, the characters who appear in ink in shape have their own way of survival.

Speaking of the scenery of the Shanghai underworld at the time, some people had to mention that this person was Wu Sibao. Wu Sibao, as the "Fengyun figure" of the beach at the time, and the ace dog's teeth on the 76th, have a lot of evil in their lives. After the Japanese, after becoming a traitor, it was even more power.

At that time in Shanghai, even the boss of Qinghong had three points of courtesy. But the world was unexpected, and the end of the end of the end of the end, Wu Sibao was still in the end.

The poor boy "counterattack" became a gang elite

Unlike those underworld characters with backgrounds, Wu Sibao's growth experience was definitely a legend in the Shanghai Beach Rogue Circle at that time.

Wu Sibao's father was a hawker selling water in Chengdu Road, a public concession in Shanghai in the early years of the public concession.

At that time, Wu Sibao's father was even inferior to the pornographic car man or workers in the factory in terms of social status and income.

It stands to reason that the children of such people should be the most struggle group, and they are full of the most true hatred for the exploiting class. But Wu Sibao was different. He grew up in the hall from a young age and was born as a hooligan.

Wu Sibao was tall and stood very bluffing anywhere. So under the recommendation of his brother -in -law, he became a man in the Shanghai Mario Hall. Said to be a guy, it is actually a thug. Because the performance is not bad, the owner of the horse running hall Gao Xinbao asked Wu Sibao to serve as his driver and private bodyguard.

Because of the recommendation of the owner of the horse race hall, Wu Sibao later had the opportunity to join the famous gang of Shanghai rogue organization, and also obtained a gun license in the concession. After this, Wu Sibao officially made his debut in Shanghai and became a rivers and lakes.

As soon as he entered the rivers and lakes, Wu Sibao had no bottom in his heart. Wu Sibao knows that if you want to stand on the beach, it is not a way to just break through such a strong brother. But how can there be so many gangs in Shanghai to get the appreciation of these high rivers and lakes?

Wu Sibao pretended to be a successful position in pondering how to succeed, and at this time Wu Sibao's opportunity came. Once, Gao Xinbao introduced Wu Sibao to Ji Yunqing when he met with the Qing Gang leader Ji Yunqing.

You must know that Ji Yunqing's Shanghai Beach was the character who was windy and rainy, and successfully climbed Ji Yunqing, a one high branch, Wu Sibao's premonitioned opportunity was coming soon. The difference was just an opportunity to perform in front of Ji Yunqing.


Fortunately, it didn't take long before this opportunity came. Once Ji Yunqing negotiated on behalf of the Qing Gang and Hong Gang in the division of the sphere of influence of Shanghai. Who expected that the negotiations began to get angry soon.

On the same day, Wu Sibao was also next to Ji Yunqing. Wu Sibao was very clever. He did not rush in front, but kept paying attention to Ji Yunqing's surroundings.

Sure enough, a Hong Gang's younger brother wanted to sneak in Ji Yunqing secretly, but was discovered by Wu Sibao and killed. Ji Yunqing was rescued by Wu Sibao from the muzzle of the other party. Naturally, he was very grateful, so he decided to reuse Wu Sibao.

In this way, in such a fire between the hooligan gangs, Wu Sibao took the shudder in the fire and successfully came out. With Ji Yunqing's endorsement, Wu Sibao naturally stepped on the beach.

佘 爱 爱

Couple with Shanghai Qianjin female hooligan

Wu Sibao thought it could be calm, but an accident disrupted Wu Sibao's plan. Once, when Wu Sibao returned home, he broke the rape between his wife and his lover, and immediately burned in anger and raised his wife's lover. After the incident, the lease patroll was arrested everywhere.

Ji Yunqing was so angry when he knew it, but after all, it was his confidant. Ji Yunqing had to take a fire again to save it. So Ji Yunqing made some means, opened up the relationship, and let Wu Sibao escape from Shanghai overnight.

After Wu Sibao escaped his daughter, he arranged in Ji Yunqing to participate in Zhang Zongchang's troops in Ji Yunqing, and later participated in the Northern Expedition with Bai Chongxi.

The mixed military community is a good chess. The purpose of Ji Yunqing's arrangement is to enable Wu Sibao to be available to the National Revolutionary Army at the time, and it will be convenient to use the military power in the future.

After several years of mixing, Wu Sibao accumulated enough connections in the military, so after six years of Gong Shanghai, he returned to Shanghai Beach with the help of Ji Yunqing. As soon as he entered the beach, Ji Yunqing wore a needle to lead and introduced his Ai Aizhen to Wu Sibao. Speaking of this Ai Aizhen, it was not easy. At that time, she was known as the top thousand golden female hooligans on the beach, which was Ji Yunqing's righteous girl.

Wu Sibao

It can be seen from this that Ji Yunqing attaches great importance to Wu Sibao. It is said that the son -in -law was half a son. Ji Yunqing was able to recruit Wu Sibao as a son -in -law. Gradually, Ji Yunqing had intended to let Wu Sibao take over his "business" in Shanghai in the future.

Gan is a traitor, hurting compatriots

In 1938, the Japanese imperialism launched a comprehensive war of aggression against China, and soon Shanghai fell. After the fall of Shanghai, many speculators acted as the Japanese running dog, which also included Ji Yunqing.

Especially during the rule of the Wang pseudo government, the rogue gangs of Shanghai Beach colluded with the pseudo -government, forming a huge traitor forces to help the Japanese clearly pay the patriotic and anti -Japanese in Shanghai.

In 1939, under the introduction of Ji Yunqing, Wu Sibao and Xun Aizhen met Li Shiqun, deputy director of Wang Puppet Government No. 76. Li Shiqun was very emotional about Wu Sibao, so he agreed to let Wu Sibao join a group of gangsters in his men to join the 76th.

In this way, Wu Sibao took the harassment of his men to become the eagle dog No. 76, and it was considered to have a "emperor grain" in the puppet government.

After joining the 76th, Wu Sibao was appointed as the deputy captain of the Special Headquarters Guard. Don't look at it just a captain. You must know that during the Shanghai Island period, this is definitely a "beauty difference".

No. 6 Agent Headquarters

Wu Sibao, who joined the 76th, even had to nod with his head after seeing Golden Gang Jin Rong that year, and did his best to please.

Of course, during Wang Puppet 76, Wu Sibao was not unconditional to get this power. Wu Sibao must help Li Shiqun and the Japanese stationed in Shanghai to do two things. The first is the underground anti -Japanese elements of the two armies and the Communist Party of China, and the second is to use their posts to search for wealth in Shanghai to act as a pocket for all parties.

In terms of acting as a Japanese dog, Wu Sibao can be described as the first person who does not have the power. Many of many Li Shiqun dared to do dirty work and lively to Wu Sibao's hands.

The collective shot killing incident of the employee dormitory of Jiangsu Farmers Bank, the timing bomb tragedy of Bank of China, etc., were completed by Wu Sibao's hand. So that at the time, Wu Sibao's infamous was even used by Shanghai people to scare children.

In particular, Wu Sibao's "Special Action Team", as long as Wu Sibao led the team to the horse, there would be no uncertain target task. At that time, the underground latency of many KMT and the Communist Party had been poisoned by Wu Sibao.

No. 76, Pig Fil Road

It can be said that without Wu Sibao's ruthlessness, there was no "prestige" in Shanghai on the 76th during Wang Puppet.

Due to many "merits", Wu Sibao naturally was appreciated by Li Shiqun. In order to reward Wu Sibao, Li Shiqun also gave Wu Sibao as the team leader of the special mobile team while giving him another "beauty difference", that is, the post of the Shanghai Guard Corps.

If the post of Captain 76 is the sharp blade of the assassination of the resistance, then the position of the Shanghai Guard Captain Captain is the sickle of the wealthy leek in Shanghai.

After Wu Sibao took office, he facilitated the power in his hands to collude with the black power, and incorporated the business of the brothels, tobacco pipes, and gambling houses in Shanghai into his own supervision.

How to divide the black production forces in Shanghai and how to make money, all of which are calculated by Wu Sibao. If someone dares not to follow, Wu Sibao will immediately claim the "anti -Japanese" hat to the other party, and then borrow the power of No. 76 to remove it.

Li Shiqun

The suspicion of the Japanese due to uneven benefits

However, Wu Sibao's gloriousness is just superficial. Without the support of the Japanese and the Wang puppet government, Wu Sibao is nothing. On the Ming Dynasty, Wu Sibao took over all the blacks in Shanghai, but in fact Wu Sibao could not leave much after removing the supply of Li Shiqun and other mountains.

With the tight military expenses of the Japanese army, the Japanese and Wang Puppet also gave Wu Sibao a higher indicator. From Wang Jingwei to Li Shiqun, and then from Li Shiqun to Wu Sibao, under the layer of addition, the task of leaders of Wu Sibao has long been beyond his ability. In order to get more money, Wu Sibao started a business of "car trading".

Said to be buying and selling, it is actually a robbery. At that time, the car was definitely a top -level consumer product, but not anyone could afford it. So Wu Sibao told the people of his men to inquire everywhere on the street. As long as he knew who had a car and where he stopped, he would send the people of his men to steal all these cars.

After stealing it back, I would like to buy a black market at a high price or let the original owner spend money to redeem it. Due to Wu Sibao's prostitution, many wealthy businessmen can only sell their cars from Wu Sibao's hands over and over again.

With the car business, Wu Sibao made a lot of money. But no matter how Wu Sibao's organ is done, the hands of the Japanese and the Wang puppet government have stabbed it.

Li Shiqun

Therefore, Wu Sibao appeared on the surface, and in fact, he could only get a small head when he divided the money. After a long time, Wu Sibao's heart was also very hot. Joining the endless obedience of the Japanese, Wu Sibao actually hit the Japanese people.

At that time, Wu Sibao received a line report and learned that the Japanese were shipped from Jiang Customs to Golden Bank from the Golden Customs in Shanghai, and both places were on the Bund. The Japanese usually put gold in the iron armored car that are prepared in advance. After passing Sichuan Road and Wuhan Road, they are transferred to the Golden Bank from the back of the Jiang Customs, and then they are quietly loaded out of Shanghai. The purpose of Japan like this is because of the tight frontline war.

You need to know that gold is the endorsement of banknotes. In order to maintain Shanghai's financial stability, the Japanese certainly did not dare to transport gold out of Shanghai. It must be so backward so that the outside world thinks that the gold reserves of Shanghai are sufficient. The government's currency credit, so this gave Wu Sibao a chance.

Wu Sibao asked the people to ambush on the road of Sichuan after dressing up, and when the iron car passed, he came out to stop the road. However, these people who transported gold in the Japanese army were also trained. When they saw Wu Sibao's ambush appear, they immediately stopped and pulled out the keys of the iron car and threw them to a place where they could not be found.

Since then, the people of the two sides have been fired. Although the Japanese who escorted gold were quickly destroyed, Wu Sibao, who was customized by the Japanese, had no way to transport the golden iron car.

Seeing that the gendarmerie who came from hearing the news was about to arrive, and helplessly, Wu Sibao could only give up the gold that he was going to see.

The Japanese learned that someone was furious after robbing the iron car, and immediately called the power of his special agency "Special High Sciences" for a secret investigation. Soon, the Japanese locked Wu Sibao as the suspect.

Li Shiqun's old residence

Anti -bone exposure, the Japanese decided to kill the killer

Seeing that the dog he raised bit himself, the Japanese naturally burned in anger. In addition, at that time, Ai Aizhen was not honest. Relying on Wu Sibao's prostitutes to cause trouble everywhere, even a fierce conflict in the public concession and the British patrol in the United Kingdom made the Japanese face extremely severe diplomatic difficulties.

In the eyes of the Japanese, Wu Sibao at this time has been reversed, which is an important trouble.

So he found Li Shiqun and asked him to hand over Wu Sibao. Li Shiqun learned that Wu Sibao had an anticipation. In order to prevent him from losing power in front of the Japanese, he tried his best to wash Wu Sibao.

During this period, a lot of "silver" was spent. In the end, the Shanghai Japanese gendarmerie team's arrest and interrogation of Wu Sibao became a case of walking. Under Li Shiqun's insurement, Wu Sibao was released.

Ding Mo Village (left) and Li Shiqun

However, neither Li Shiqun and Wu Sibao did not expect that Wu Sibao, who was stared at by the Japanese, had no way to live. The Japanese had to collect money and people had to kill.

The Japanese promised to let Wu Sibao let Li Shiqun send him himself in a villa in Suzhou. It is said that it was waiting for the limelight to re -enable Wu Sibao.

But whoever thought, when Wu Sibao was happy to escape the prison, the Japanese gendarmerie prepared the last meal in the cell, a bowl of authentic Shanghai Yangchun noodles.

Wu Sibao, who was hungry for a few days in the prison, thought it was Li Shiqun's relationship, so his life in prison was improved. So I ate the bowl of noodles, and I didn't know that it had been poisoned by the Japanese in the delay.

Wu Sibao, who walked out of the Japanese gendarmerie prison before 1942, died of his home the next day when he was sent to Suzhou. After the test of forensic doctors, the cause of the death was only qualitatively poisoned by food, but no clues were found.

In this way, Wu Sibao, such as a crowded, poor traitor, died in the hands of the Japanese. Wu Sibao's blood debt for half of his life finally paid in the hands of the Japanese, but it was really cheap.