What did Lou Lan do, so that the Central Plains people hated it so much, so they had to "do not break the Loulan and do not pay it back."

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What did Lou Lan do, so that the Central Plains people hated it so much, so they had to "do not break the Loulan and do not pay it back."

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Why Lan Lan recruited people and hate because it was too weak, survived in the gap between the big powers, and practiced the ability to fall on both sides of the wall. As a result, the Central Plains dynasty did not break the Loulan. Essence

According to historical records and archeological studies, the ancient Loulan country is also called a good country. It is a small country located between western Lopland and the Tarim Basin.

The Loulan people existed at least 3008 years ago. This can be confirmed by the Loulan beauty body discovered in 1981, but Loulan Jianguo was in the first 176 years, that is, the period of Hanwen's rule.

According to the "Hanshu · Western Regions" records, Loulan State is a country with a small population, which is destined that it cannot become a powerful country.

He is a good country, his real name is Loulan, Wang Zhi cuts the mud city, went to Yangguan a thousand miles, and went to Chang'an 6,000 hundred miles. Fifteenth and 170 households, 14,100.

Loulan's geographical location is also very embarrassing, because it is the dividing line of the north and south roads on the Silk Road, and it is also a must -have place between the Han Dynasty and the Huns.

We all know that the Han Dynasty and the Huns often fought, so Lou Lan historically acted as the frontier of the two countries' attacks, and was often baptized by war fire.

Because the country is weak, Loulan can't afford to offend, so he played Tai Chi between the Han Dynasty and the Huns, and became the eyes of the Huns in a while. To soothe whom, the life is quite uncomfortable.

In the period of Emperor Hanwen, because the strategy of the Han Dynasty was mainly based on rest, it also carried out with the Huns, so fighting between the two countries was not too frequent. During this period, Lou Lan entered the Huns with a stronger military forces and played the role of the Han Dynasty intelligence for the Huns.

However, after Emperor Hanwu came to power, he was ambitious and decided to clean up the Huns. With the danger of contacting the border, Zhang Jian sent Zhang Jian to make the Western Region contacted the strong Yueli country to pinch the Huns.

As a result, the weak Lou Languo entered the field of vision of the Han Dynasty again and became one of the targets of the Han Dynasty.

However, Lou Lan Kingdom was not interested in lobbyists from the Han Dynasty at that time, because they were more afraid of the Huns' stables, and because Emperor Hanwu had not prepared for the Huns, he also took care of Loulan.

After the failure of the contact of the Yueshi country, Emperor Hanwu decided to attack the Dawan Kingdom in the Western Regions first, and obtaining the cultivation method of Dawanma while deterning the western region, which was also preparing to attack the Huns.

Of course, Emperor Hanwu did not fight with the Western countries, so he sent many messengers to the Western Regions. It is a messenger, in fact, it is an spy and spy. The purpose of going to the Western Regions is to understand geographical conditions and spy the enemy.

These messengers inevitably passed through Loulan. The Xiongnu heard that the messenger of the Han Dynasty kept visiting Loulan, so they were very angry, and they sent someone to accuse King Loulan. How dare to offend the Huns of Loulan, so he killed many messengers of the Han Dynasty.

Emperor Hanwu was very angry. He never expected that a small Lou Languo dared to kill the messenger of the heavenly dynasty, so he dispatched Zhao Pu and Wang Hui to lead the seven hundred cavalry to destroy Loulan.

King Loulan was scared to death. While surrendering the Han Army, he also sent his son to the Han Dynasty to make a hostage. This was equivalent to the Han Dynasty. Then he sent his other son to the Huns to do hostages.

It's still weak in the country, and they dare not offend both sides, so King Loulan had to please on both sides.

It is said that after a few days after Annan played in Changan, he was very emotional, because he had never seen such a bustling big city in his life. He felt that the Han Dynasty was too powerful. Give King Loulan, ask him to pay attention to the relationship with the Han Dynasty in the future, otherwise the demise will only be a wave of fingers.

But King Lou Lan didn't see his own eyes, so he didn't believe what An Gui said.

In the following two or three decades, Loulan basically maintained a neutral attitude. But even so, Loulan still paid a very heavy price. After all, the thousands of troops of the Han Dynasty had to fight Loulan. Loulan had good wine and meat every time. King Loulan also began to resent the Han Dynasty.

In the late period of Emperor Hanwu's administration, the internal affairs of the Han Dynasty became less stable, and the defeat of the Huns with several times, so the Huns began to look with the Huns and played very hot.

Li Guangli led to the Huns in the west. During the way to Lou Lan, he found that there was actually the Xiongnu in Loulan. Li Guangli reported the incident to Emperor Hanwu. Emperor Hanwu was furious, so he sent someone to destroy Loulan again, and caught King Loulan to Chang'an.

After King Loulan went to Chang'an, under the leadership of An Gui, he really realized the prosperity of Chang'an and realized that the Han Dynasty was indeed stronger.

King Loulan was very shocking, so he surrendered to Emperor Hanwu and expressed his remorse. He was also willing to help the Han Dynasty monitor the Huns. Emperor Hanwu just needed a eyes, so he put King Loulan back.

In 1992, the Loulan King who had been medier between Han Hungary finally died. Emperor Hanwu wanted to let An Gui return to Loulan to inherit the throne, but An Gui felt that Changan's life was better and did not want to go back to be a live. King, so he wrote a letter to make his younger brother in the country.

But the new King Loulan was a short -lived ghost. He died in a few years. Emperor Hanwu asked An Gui to return to his country. An Gui was still unwilling, and he began to hesitate.

When An Gui hesitated, the Xiongnu sent another prince he had controlled back to Loulan as the king. As a result, Emperor Hanwu was very regretful, so he was ready to send someone to trick the new Loulan king to go to the Han Dynasty, but soon the Emperor Hanwu died, and the incident was stranded. During the Emperor Han Zhao, the relationship between Han and Hungary was relatively peaceful, but there were more messengers from the Huns of the Han Dynasty. The purpose was to contact the western regions to restrict the Huns.

At that time, when the messenger of the Han Dynasty passed the Loulan, he had to cross a small desert named Bailong Po. Because there were often tornado and quicksand, many messengers of the Han Dynasty died in the desert.

When the Han Dynasty learned how to pass the desert safely through the desert, they asked Loulan to provide guidance and prepare food and drinking water for messengers of the Han Dynasty.

Perhaps the messenger of the Han Dynasty took the opportunity to extort Loulan to guide, or maybe the new king of Loulan was the dog legs of the Huns.

This is not a big deal, but Emperor Han Zhao felt that he had no face, so he asked Huo Guang what to do. Huo Guang found Fu Jiezi from the Western Regions many times and asked him what he was, and Fu Jiezi said:

Lou Lan and Guizi repeatedly did not punish Ai. When Jiezi is over the turtle, his king is close to people, and he is easy to get it. "

Fu Jiezi means that Guizi and Lou Lan are both impermanent countries. It is not possible to not give them some colors. Fu Jiezi said that he had been to Guizi Kingdom, and King Guizi was approachable. He often came with the people, which was easier to assassinate. effect.

Huo Guang felt that Fu Jiezi said very reasonable, but he also felt that the Guozi Kingdom was too far away. It was better to use Loulan Kingdom closer to do experiments. See if it can play the role of killing chickens to see the monkey.

The general said: "The turtle is far away, and it is tested in Loulan." So he sent it.

Someone might ask, why did the Han Dynasty send troops directly to destroy Loulan?

In fact, the reason is very simple. At that time, after all, the Han -Hungarian was not fighting, and the Loulan State was destroyed without a reason. Huo Guang was worried that the war was reappearing. Furthermore, the Han Dynasty also needed Loulan to play between Han Hungary to act as a buffer. Loulan's utilization value is still very large, and it cannot be easily destroyed.

In short, it would be better for the Han Dynasty to not destroy the Lou Lan State at that time. It would be better if the King Lan Lanwang, who could assassinate the Huns.

Soon after, Huo Guang appointed Fu Jiezi as a messenger to make an ambassador Lou Lan, and Fu Jiezi set off for only a dozen people. I have to say that Fu Jiezi is still very courageous, and he rushed to assassinate a king with a dozen people. I think Fu Jiezi's confidence should come from his back to the powerful Han Dynasty, and he concluded that Loulan was afraid of him.

After going to Loulan, King Loulan held a grand welcome ceremony for Fu Jiezi. However, after the ceremony was over, Fu Jiezi told the King of Loulan that the Han Dynasty army was behind, and then counted the guilt of King Lou Lan and asked Loulan to confess his guilt.

King Lou Lan heard that the Han Dynasty army was coming, scared and rolling, and quickly kneeling to Fu Jiezi to express his crime. Fu Jiezi took the opportunity to kill the King of Loulan, and hung his head on the wall of the city of Loulan's capital, and brought a great shock to Loulan people. No one dared to resist. ran away.

Pingle supervisor Fu Jiezi holds the festival, and the king of Loulan returns to the head of the Loulan, and the north is hung to report the grievances.

After returning to China after completing the task, Fu Jiezi was named Line Hou. Huo Guang ordered the Prince Loulan to live in Changan to return to the throne.

This time the Han Dynasty's attitude was very tough, and Guo did not dare to violate it, so he took a few beautiful wives he married in the Han Dynasty and returned to Loulan.

Of course, with An Gui, there is a elite force of the Han Dynasty. Their purpose is to protect the safety of Wang'an Guo, the new Loulan Wang, in fact. Active rights.

After An Gui inherited the throne, the Han Dynasty ordered the Lanlan State to rename it to Shan Shanguo.

The Han Dynasty began to pay more attention to the management of Loulan, "setting up the capital, waiting for the army, opening the canal, and Tun Tianzhan." While the Han Dynasty turned Loulan into the Han Dynasty, Loulan's economic development has also made great progress, becoming a relatively strong country among the thirty -six countries in the Western Regions.

Seeing that Lou Lan was healed by the Western Regions, they were even more afraid of the Han Dynasty, so they sent messengers to Chang'an to the Emperor Han Zhao.

In the following hundreds of years, as the Huns declined, Loulan was basically under the controller of the Central Plains dynasty. Until the Eastern Jin Dynasty, due to the constant melee of the Central Plains, Lou Lan lost contact with the Central Plains dynasty.

Until the Tang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty and Tubo often had fierce battles, and the unlucky Loulan became a direct victim of the game of the great power again, and many times became the battlefield for both sides to fight.

We do not know how Lou Lan's performance in the Tang Dynasty, but we can speculate that it is nothing more than continuing to make a wall grass and survive in the gap.

With Fu Jiezi's "advanced deeds", the people of later generations were greatly encouraged. Many Central Plains hated Loulan like Fu Jiezi, and vowed not to break the Loulan.

Li Bai once traveled to Yumen Pass and Saiwai, and wrote the famous poem "I wish to put the sword under the sword and cut the Loulan". It can be seen that Loulan did not recruit him to see. As for what the Loulan people did, we did not know, but it was unknown, but it was unknown, but it was unknown, but it was unknown, but we did not know, but it was unknown, but it was unknown, but it was unknown, but it was unknown, but it was unknown, but it was unknown, but it was unknown, but it did The probability is to do something that is not good for the Tang Dynasty. There is also Wang Changling. Although he is a poet, he is full of patriotism. He once traveled to the western frontier and was very emotional between the vast desert leading to Loulan. "The verse will increase the determination to eliminate Lou Lan again.

According to the era of Li Bai and Wang Changling, we can know that the main enemies faced by the Tang Dynasty were not Loulan, but the poets pointed to Loulan. I think this is just a superficial meaning. In fact, the poem also contains deeper meaning:

Loulan is the town of the sidelines of the Tang Dynasty, and it is a battlefield that fought against the western countries such as Tubo and other western regions. Local.

In the poets of the poets, I think Loulan is not just an enemy. It has become the ideal place for the poets, because Loulan is a small country, and it is easy to be eliminated. If a person can fight against other foreign enemies in Loulan and win a great victory, even if he builds a meritorious karma and reports the country, it will be worth it for a lifetime.

In fact, Lou Lan is just a weak country. In order to survive between big powers, it was not wrong. Wrong is in one position that Loulan should not be in. As long as its position is not firm, it is easy to be hit. But if Loulan's position is too firm, it may perish during the Han Dynasty.

Therefore, Lou Lan is actually very pitiful, and it is not good for both sides, especially in the value system of the Central Plains, it is difficult to accommodate such a country.

Since the Han Dynasty, a large number of hero heroes advanced into the Western Regions under the inspiration of Fu Jiezi. They held the same courage as Fu Jiezi, and used the building as the highest ideal to fight the battlefield in the Western Regions and set up their careers. And Broken Loulan has also become a patriotic feeling against foreign insults, but it is not to say that Central Plains really want to destroy Loulan so much.

I don't know when it is, about 630, Lou Lan suddenly disappeared in history.

Regarding the reason why Loulan's sudden disappearance, according to the existing data, there are people and disasters. After all, Loulan is so small, the population is still small, and it is not easy to walk over 800 years. If you are not careful, you will perish because of the war between the great powers.

Now we look back at Loulan. While surprising the beauty of Loulan's women, we will also love Loulan, because it is so difficult to survive in history, so tenacious and mysterious, so that modern people are so curious about them.