Chen Liqi, who lost to Cao Cao's first defeat in his military career?

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Chen Liqi, who lost to Cao Cao's first defeat in his military career?

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In December 189, the first flag was erected in the East County Taishou Bridge. It called the Beijing Normal University San Gong to send a letter to the states and counties, stating Dong Zhuo's evil deeds, and called on the local area to raise troops to discuss Dong.

Cao Cao took part of the team that came from his hometown to his recruitment and was ready to join the alliance.

The first sponsorship in Cao Cao in Jiwu: Weizi

Wizi is not very famous in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In fact, this person's background is very thick. He has not been small. He once raised filial piety. He was called by the car ride general He Miao and Situ Yangci. Essence (Cao Cao's father, Cao Cao, had suggested that Cao Cao asked him for help. Cao Cao set up a banquet to wait for Wei Hong, so Wei Hong contributed his capital to help Cao Cao, and it was helpful by his family background!)

With the endorsement of the local heroes and financial support, not only the counties around him, but even the Liang Guo and Chen Guo near Chen Liu County also came to apply for it. Cao Cao successfully raised 5,000 soldiers.

In the initial team of Cao Cao, the backbone of the general system began to appear:

The brothers of the Cao family are Cao Hong, Cao Ren, and Cao Chun, Cao Cao's nephew Cao Anmin, Cao Hong's nephew Cao Xiu, and Cao Cao's nephew Cao Zhen.

The brothers of the Xia Hou family include Xia Houyi and Xia Houyuan

Le Jin, one of the five sons, also joined Cao Jiajun at this time.

Lejin, the word Wen Qian, short appearance (Cao Cao's own is not tall, Le Jin probably stained this light.) With courage, Cao Cao pointed out that Ledu entered the East County to raise troops, and Lejin successfully raised more than a thousand people. Sima was promoted to the military fake (Sima is a military officer below the school captain and the captain. The Majesty is about a thousand people, which is equivalent to the head of the regiment.

Cao Cao had previously served as the Ceremony of the Western Army in Luoyang, and was experienced in recruit training.

After the training, Cao Cao led the 5,000 people to the north to go to his friend Chen Liu Taishou Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye is a crucial role in this crusade Dong Zhuo. He not only called on several people in the Mallai Sour Jujube County Conference, but also provided a large amount of food and grass supply.

Anti -Dong's coalition forces have eleven roads, divided into four directions:

Jizhou direction: Yuan Shao is responsible for Jizhou Mu Hanfuntun County, Hanoi County Taishou Wang Kuangtun Hanoi County.

Sour jujube direction: Luzhou assassination history Liu Yan, Chen Li County Taishou Zhang Ye, Guangling County Taishou Zhang Chao, Dong County Taishou Bridge, Yuan Yang County Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan, Jibei Guoba Baoxin.

Yuzhou direction: Yuzhou assassin, Kong Yitun, Xichuan County.

Nanyang direction: Later general Yuan Shuntun, Luyang County, Nanyang County.

These four directions formed a front line from north to south, forming a half -moon encirclement in Luoyang, with a total force of more than 100,000 people. Yuan Shao then arrived at Hanoi County on the Yellow River to "take forward command". He claimed to be a general of the car and ordered the entire Kanto coalition to this.

Cao Cao did not have the official establishment of the court at this time, and temporarily attached to Zhang Ye. Yuan Shao later played the generals of the generals (interesting that the emperor was also working under Cao Cao at this time to help a recruitment of horses. I saw Cao Cao for the first time when I went to the first time, and the relationship between the two was not easy.)

Yuan Shao, the chief commander of the coalition forces, first launched an attack, but Wang Kuang was defeated by Niu Fu at the Pingyin ferry.

The coalition forces in the direction of jujube were suddenly scared and couldn't move (although there were common enemies, everyone wanted to let others take the lead in their hearts, and won the footsteps. Start the cost.)

Cao Cao's revolutionary enthusiasm was relatively high, and he repeatedly asked Zhang Ye to launch an attack.

However, no one cares about the arms. Only Bao Xin and his brother Bao Tao are willing to accompany him to break through. There are more than 10,000 brothers Bao's brothers. In addition, Cao Cao has a less than 20,000 people. The team (they want to fight against the Xiliang Army with nearly 100,000 troops and have a very powerful combat effectiveness. At this time, Cao Cao was really admirable. For the Han Dynasty, he threw his head and sprinkled blood).

Cao Cao led this man from the west of the jujube to Zhongmu County. The local heroes Ren Jun and Zhang Fen led hundreds of people to Cao Cao.

Soon the area of ​​Puyang and Chengyi, ready to attack this strategic goal: Ao Cang

There is a water near Ao Cang (you can connect the Yellow River Water system in the north and the Huaihe Water system in the south. A warehouse is used to accumulate food and other supplies, and also accumulate some military weapons. This is the famous Ao Cang.

If you occupy Ao Cang, you can solve the logistical support, and at the same time, it can also deter Dong Zhuo and encourage the coalition forces.

But Cao Cao still had less experience. He did not ask who the opponent was: Xu Rong! Dong Zhuo's most brain -fighting person.

Xu Rong took the initiative to abandon the frontier Zhongmu and other strongholds, guarding the heavy soldiers in the area of ​​Chengyi, and to work to work.

And Cao Cao went westward all the way, and the coalition forces slowly began to relax the police as if they entered a state of no one.

As a result, he was hit by the Liangzhou Army through the water, and the iron riders of Liangzhou screamed. Most soldiers of the coalition forces were newly recruited. Essence

In the battle, Cao Cao himself also hit the arrow, and the horse was seriously injured.

In this battle, Cao Cao lost heavy losses, and the main force was basically reimbursed. The two sponsored Wizi and Bao Tao died. They and Bao Xin were injured. Fortunately exist.

Back to jujube, hundreds of thousands of coalition forces still drink and eat meat, and no one mentioned the incident of Dong Zhuo.

Cao Cao was very disappointed: Our soldiers were vurates. In order to be the country, they now do not move every day, disappointing the people of the heavens, and I feel shame for the monarchs! (Cao Cao was brainwashed by the theoretical theory of the clan since he was a child. Ding Lei wrote the scourge of the party to fight against the family members of the eunuchs. When the yellow scarf was chaotic, he rescued Li Min Cangsheng in Jinan. At this time (190 AD), 35 -year -old Cao Cao thought of the big man.

As a result, these Kanto leaders were ignored at all. (Volunteer? Wake up Meng De, all in troubled, the big man is about to be over, there is a soldier in his hand, you are going to kill, you can save your strength)

The tragic defeat of this time was the first battle of Cao Cao's troubled world, and it was also an important watershed in his life.

Cao Cao is not stupid, he finally understands that the times have changed!

If the previous Cao Cao thought about helping the Han Dynasty, he changed after the war, and he would also be the strongest person in troubled times.

But the chips in my hand have gone, and I can only recruit recruits again. Where can I go?

Danyang County!

There are one of the strongest troops in the Eastern Han Dynasty: Danyang Army

The most combat effectiveness on the local area are as follows, as follows,

Youzhou Army (absorbed by Gongsun)

Liangzhou Army (Dong Zhuo: Absorption)

Danyang Army (Sun Cao Cao Cao: absorb)

And the state army (Lu Bu: absorption)

Taishan Army (Cao Cao: Absorption)

Look at the comments on the people of Danyang County at that time: "Good martial arts, noble strength", "if the fish goes from the forest, the apes of the puppet".

There are also copper and iron in Danyang Qunshan, and they can also cast weapon armor by themselves.

But Cao Cao has never thought about it, do the southerners really want to accompany you to go to thousands of miles away and another strong soldier?

On the road to return, Lujiang and Danyang soldiers who just brought back changed the soldiers at night and burned the Cao Cao tent.

The situation was critical, and Cao Cao killed dozens of talents to kill dozens of talents in the camp. In the end, there were only more than 500 thousand horses recruited. Cao Cao had to return to his hometown to raise troops. Return to the Central Plains stage. (Although the Danyang soldiers almost asked his life, Cao Cao later insisted that the Tiger and Wolf Danyang Army did not blame to enrich his troops.

When Cao Cao recruited from Yangzhou to return to the Central Plains, he found that the situation changed again!

The coalition forces started the civil war

Luzhou assassination history Liu Ye united Zhang Ye and Jiyin Taishou Wu Zi directly killed the bridge, and ordered Wang Xie to concurrently served as East County Taishou.

Witnessing the split coalition forces, Cao Cao began to worry about his situation (the coalition forces who had vowed to start in a blink of an eye, and the scholar's performance was amazing). Now even his old friend Zhang Ye couldn't believe it. In order to avoid being merged, Cao Cao ran away. Another big man: Yuan Shao.

When Yuan Shao saw Cao Cao, he was very happy and said to him, "I am the south of the Yellow River, the north obstructs the swallow, the generation, and the people of Rongdi to fight for the world. (Yuan Shao wants to learn the Emperor Liu Xiu of Guangwu. Xiu is from Hebei, went south to the Central Plains, and then set up two Beijings, Ping Shandong, and finally Dingliang and Yizhong, and took the world step by step)

What Yuan Shao wants to win is the strongest combat power in the world: Youyun Iron Rider and the Huns mercenaries, swallowing mountains and rivers to the south.

In 191, Cao Cao had been rubbing Yuan Shao this year, mainly fighting with the Heishan thief. (The peasant uprisings in Heishan and other places in Jizhou, their main activity areas are the valleys of the Taihang Mountains such as Zhongshan, Changshan, Shangdang, Hanoi, etc., mainly relying on the mountains to fight guerrillas. Heishan is located at the south of the Taihang Mountains. The Uprising Army is the Heishan Army)

The Heishan army was in a large position. At one time, Liu Ye killed the Wang Hab that Wang's mortar was unable to block.

Cao Cao led the army to rush, defeated the Heishan Army, and entered East County by the way and drove away the Wang Hab arranged by Liu Ye. (Cao Cao also learned to eat black, and the speed of people's progress has been fast)

Yuan Shao quickly expressed Cao Cao as East County Taishou (Yuan Shao, on the one hand, sealed his younger brother who did not belong to his own Luzhou site after Cao Cao entered Dong County, and mortgaged his family to Liu Xun as a hostage on the other hand. This method was truly mature. Politician, Yuan Shao really underestimated by many people)

Dong County is very special, a narrow and long strip, which controls the Yellow River multiple ferries, and the strategic location is extremely important.

Soon after Cao Cao entered Dong County, he got a person's joining. (In the Three Kingdoms, the biggest luck of a protagonist was to meet the right person.)

This person is the most underestimated in the Three Kingdoms era. Cao Cao's couples such as Youyou, Guo Jia, Jia Yi and him were not a magnitude.

In the Three Kingdoms, only Zhuge Liang can be compared with this state -level cadre.