The 16 -year -old volunteer female soldier was blind, climbing back, Deng Political Commissar: win glory for us in Sichuan

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The 16 -year -old volunteer female soldier was blind, climbing back, Deng Political Commissar: win glory for us in Sichuan

2022-05-14 18:20:34 12 ℃

Author: Jiudu Pavilion

When it comes to the fifth battle of the United States and the DPRK, the most heartbroken is the 180th Division of the 60th Army of the 3rd Corps. For many reasons, a large number of soldiers were captured, which can be described as heavy losses.

The most sad thing is the experience of 180 divisions after the war. The 180th division was said to be "the entire army was covered". Some old soldiers who returned home after being captured were carried out of deep shackles until they died. In fact, after being surrounded by the US and the Korean Army, 180 divisions referred to the heroine of the soldiers and never shaken. Just in the face of several times of their own enemies and the impact of rational rations, losses suffer from losses are unavoidable.

Wang Zhicheng, the head of the 180th Division 539 Regiment, once recalled: "The siege of being besieged has a responsibility up and down. This is not the style of our soldiers. "

On the issue of being surrounded by the 180th Division, it is responsible for the commander to the commander to the soldiers. During the breakout, many fighting heroes and legendary deeds emerged among the 180 divisions. Zhang Daohua was one of them.

She used actual actions to prove that the 180 divisions did not have a seedlings or shake, and the whole division was good!

On May 25, 1951, the third branch of the 60th Army Hospital received an order from the 180th division commander Zheng Qigui to break through north. Under normal circumstances, the hospital will be protected during the process of retreat. But this time the situation is urgent, the US military's enclosure is almost closed. The 180th Division has been broken for several days and the ammunition is lacking. It cannot be able to protect the logistics units at all. The hospital can only evacuate by itself.

Zhang Daohua, as an assistant nurse, is also in the evacuated team. At that time, she was only 16 years old and spent the same age, but after she learned of the bad behavior of the U.S. military, she resolutely joined the team of resistance to the United States.

After receiving the order, the dean of the Third Branch immediately distributed the hospital's 243 wounded to the nursing staff and asked them to take care of a certain number of wounded retreat. Zhang Daohua was divided into 7 wounded, one of which was unconscious, one lost his arm, the one was injured, and the other 4 people were injured.

In other words, at least one or two people must be responsible for the coma wounded. The thin Zhang Daohua did not hesitate. She resolutely carried the coma wounded and took the team forward. At this moment, a shells of the U.S. military fell near the team. The dean was hit by the shot and was seriously injured.

The dean was bloody and continued to follow the team, and the gunfire was getting closer and closer. Zhang Daohua understood that the enemy was behind. Just at this moment, a gunfire came from behind, and Zhang Daohua found that the dean had shot himself and committed himself.

In order not to drag the team, the dean did not want to be a captive, and chose to end his life. Zhang Daohua was full of tears and buried the dean and continued to advance with the team.

The sound of gunfire rang from time to time, Zhang Daohua gritted his teeth, continued to carry the wounded, and moved towards the goal of the breakout. Four hours later, under the organization of Zhang Daohua, the team broke through the 4 enemy blockade.

However, when Zhang Daohua counted the number of people, he found that the soldiers injured in the leg did not keep up. This time, she was in a hurry to break Zhang Daohua, and she went back immediately to find the queue soldier.

As she avoided the shells, she looked for the wounded. Just then, a bullet hit Zhang Daohua's head. Zhang Daohua fell to the ground at once, and it was this bullet that caused Zhang Daohua's eye injury and lost his vision.

The wounded was slowly out of the team because of his leg injury, which caused a slow movement. Seeing that Zhang Daohua was injured by the bullet, he was guilty. As a result, the wounded wanted to leave Zhang Daohua, but his leg was injured and could not carry it at all.

Volunteer Women's Warrior (Data Photo)

After about half an hour, Zhang Daohua woke up, and when someone was crying, he asked, "What are you crying?"

The wounded was shocked and happy, and said, "I thought you were dead, I want to take you away!"

Zhang Daohua knew the situation of the wounded. She immediately said: "You go, don't care about me, you can't take me!"

The wounded did not walk. Under Zhang Daohua's repeated urging, the wounded on the way, and said firmly: "I will go back to find the troops to save you!"

The wounded left the only three grenades on his body to Zhang Daohua, and then left. Zhang Daohua stayed here, and the enemy was nearby. Soon after, she fainted again.

If Zhang Daohua gave up herself, she was likely to sacrifice, but her survival wanted to tell her that she couldn't die like that.

The gloomy sky rained, and the rain hit Zhang Daohua's face, letting Zhang Daohua wake up. At this time, Zhang Daohua found that it was already dark in front of him, and he couldn't see it.

In the confused, she heard the voice of the U.S. military. A girl who was only 16 years old was naturally not the opponent of the U.S. military, and she was blind. Therefore, she could only keep it. A corpse.

The sound of the rain was stunned, and Zhang Daohua's body was mud, blood stains and mud mixed together, making her look even less like a living person. Several U.S. soldiers kicked a few feet on her.

After the U.S. military left, Zhang Daohua began to recall the way before. She decided that even if she climbed, she had to climb back to the army. At that time, it was already on the evening of May 25. Zhang Daohua relied on the impression to distinguish the direction and climbed north along the highway.

Zhang Daohua is very clear that the U.S. army should not travel on the road at night, as long as they climb along the road, they may find troops. Of course, Zhang Daohua also knew that once a blind -eyed man, once he was caught by the enemy, he had no hope to escape. Zhang Daohua worked hard to crawl north, leaving a long blood behind him. Perhaps because of rain, she was not discovered by the enemy behind.

After about 2 hours, the voice of the U.S. military passed to her ear again, so Zhang Daohua turned over and rolled into the drainage ditch. Although Zhang Daohua wiped a pair of mud on her face, she was discovered by the U.S. military. The U.S. military did not find the trajectory of Zhang Daohua's activities, but in case they were in case, they still used guns and leather boots to kick on her. Some time.

Zhang Daohua endured the pain and said nothing. The U.S. military determined that Zhang Daohua was a corpse and immediately left.

Volunteer Women's Warrior Information Photo

After the U.S. military left, Zhang Daohua took a heavy rain and continued to climb north along the highway. The rain has wet all her clothes, and her strength is getting smaller and smaller. In Zhang Daohua's heart, almost lost his last hope.

She has sent the wounded to a safe zone. If nothing happens, they should be safe and she has completed the task of organizing the organization. She wanted to take a breath and was ready to wait for the advent of death.

At this moment, she heard someone talking not far away. This time it was not the U.S. military, but the Chinese! Zhang Daohua made his last strength and shouted: "Comrades, save me!"

Not far from Zhang Daohua, Wang Yimin, director of the Political Division directly under the 180 Division, and Zhang Jie, chief of the military affairs department. Fortunately, they heard Zhang Daohua's shout, quickly came to Zhang Daohua, rescued it, and left the dangerous area.

In fact, the news of Zhang Daohua's injury was the report that the wounded reported that the wounded reported the situation in time, and the troops sent someone to search for Zhang Daohua. If Zhang Daohua did not work hard, the wounded did not report in time, and the ending was conceivable.

Afterwards, Zhang Daohua's deeds spread, and she became a well -known heroine and was admired by people. In December 1952, Zhang Daohua was selected to participate in the advanced deeds of the volunteer army returned to the country. In 1953, he was received by the head of the chairman. The chairman held her hand and said, "You are the gay gay of the enemy who wounded his eyes and climbed back to the army, so good! "Deng Political Commissar and President Chen also shook hands with Zhang Daohua and learned that Zhang Daohua was from Sichuan. He said," You have been fighting for the motherland, and you also fight for the people of the Sichuan people. Thank you, thank you! "