In 50 years, Xie Fangru died of illness, watching Chen Mingren during his lifetime: After I died, it would be good to marry Xiao Yi.

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In 50 years, Xie Fangru died of illness, watching Chen Mingren during his lifetime: After I died, it would be good to marry Xiao Yi.

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Chen Mingren and his wife Xiao Yi


In 1950, Xie Fangru's body had a problem and was sent to Xiangya Hospital by her husband Chen Mingren to receive hospitalization. Later, Xie Fangru felt that his body was very bad, and he would soon be born. At this time, Xie Fangru, who could not let her husband Chen Mingren more and more, always wanted to make some plans for Chen Mingren's future.

Thinking of the doctor Xiao Yi who met every day was so good, Xie Fangru's eyes were bright, and Chen Mingren, who came to visit her, said, "After I die, you can find someone like Dr. Xiao Xiao to have a love person!"

Where do you go, where am I going with you

In October 1948, it was a major turning point for Chen Mingren. At this time, Chen Mingren, who had been idle for more than a year, was suddenly reopened by Chiang Kai -shek. Of course, in the hearts of Chiang Kai -shek, he hoped that Chen Mingren could fight with the PLA.

Chen Mingren and Chiang Kai -shek

For a while, Hu Zongnan. Du Yiming and Bai Chongxi and others extended an olive branch to Chen Mingren, hoping that he could work in his own troops. In the end, Chen Mingren chose Bai Chongxi of the Gui Department and accepted the appointment of the commander of the First Corps.

At this time, Chen Mingren was dissatisfied with the National Government of Chiang Kai -shek in his heart, and he had close contact with Cheng Qian, the director of the Kuomintang Changsha "appeasement" and chairman of Hunan Province, who tended to be peaceful.

In February 1949, Chen Mingren was appointed as the Deputy Chief of the Chief of the Central China Military and Political Officer and commander of Changsha Police. He ordered Bai Chongxi to lead him to Changsha.

After coming to Changsha, under the influence of Cheng Qian and the underground party organization of the Communist Party of China, Chen Mingren had the idea of ​​anti -Chiang Uprising. After returning home, Chen Mingren told his wife Xie Fangru.

After listening to Chen Mingren's words, Xie Fangru understood in his heart that this is the most important choice in his husband, so he firmly said to the husband, "If you think about it, do you go, where I go with you!" , More firmly the determination of Chen Mingren and Cheng Qian to abandon the darkness.

Cheng Qian and his wife's old photos

In May, Cheng Qian sent Tang Honglie as a representative, secretly went to Hong Kong, and conveyed his willingness to resolutely take the peace path to the Communist Party. In June, the Hunan Provincial Working Committee of the Communist Party of China received Cheng Qian's "Memorandum". Express the determination of "seeking local peace in Hunan"; on July 4, Cheng Qian received a telegram from Chairman Mao:

"Mr. is determined to adopt the policy of anti -Jiang, anti -Gui Gui and peaceful liberation of Hunan, very comfortable."

Subsequently, in order to realize the policy of Chairman Mao's "fighting for the peaceful uprising of Hunan" and to promote the peaceful uprising of Hunan, the PLA successively occupied important cities such as Yueyang, Pingxiang, Changde and Ling and Jiangxi Pingxiang in Hunan. Joining Changsha to make an armed forces to solve the problem of Hunan issues.

In order to restrict Chen Mingren, Bai Chongxi thought of using his wife and children as a chip to control them first. To this end, Bai Chongxi deliberately set up a banquet and "entertain" Chen Mingren and several senior generals.

During the meeting, Bai Chongxi stood up, raised a cup herself, and said, "Everyone, the battle of Changsha is imminent. In order to allow everyone to concentrate on the battle, I have no worries. ! Everyone, can you do it? "

Bai Chongxi old photos

After Bai Chongxi finished speaking, the officers who wore a pair of pants with Bai Chongxi said in unison: "Yes!" Then, Bai Chongxi turned his eyes to Chen Mingren, showing a touch of evil smile on the corner of his mouth, saying, "Brother Ziliang, how about you, what about you, what about you, what about you, what about you, what about you. ? "

For the Kuomintang's usual tricks, Chen Mingren was already familiar with his chest, but he was not good at refusing in person, so he had to say, "soldiers, obeyed as a day of duty." When Chen Mingren agreed, Bai Chongxi laughed and smiled so unbridled.

The next day, Bai Chongxi convened a military conference. At the meeting, Bai Chongxi mentioned the matter again and said eagerly: "Brother Ziliang, retreating his family members, have you arranged?" In this regard, Bai Chongxi was still dissatisfied, and he said in a step -by -step: "Then please bring Mrs. to bring their children first!"

In this regard, Chen Mingren tightened his words and took it out: "You heard that the internal people are seriously ill and life is in danger, and now he can't do it."

Chen Mingren's old photos

After listening to Chen Mingren's words, Bai Chongxi also thought that this was Chen Mingren's term, and said, "Then you have to send her away quickly. You can rest assured that Guilin has a famous Chinese medicine medicine. Treatment. This thing is covered on me! "

Knowing that this is Bai Chongxi's disaster, Chen Mingren pretended to be anxiously, "She can't stand the hard work of the journey, how can she go?" He thought that Chen Mingren would say that Bai Chongxi blurted out: "Brother Ziliang can rest assured, I sent me, I sent me to send it. Special plane 'Chase Cloud' Send Lady! "

After listening to Bai Chongxi's words, Chen Mingren said: "Her body is not good, there is no way to get on the plane. I really want to get on the plane.

In order not to turn his face on the spot, Chen Mingren could also be stabbed. Bai Chongxi chose to retreat and said, "Mrs. Zun is seriously ill and cannot be done. As a commander and deputy commander, I want to say it! Otherwise, why do you convince the public? "

Bai Chongxi

Seeing that Bai Chongxi had taken a step back, Chen Mingren was not good at persistence, so he had to agree to let his children withdraw first. In this regard, Bai Chongxi said falsely: "Brother Ziliang leads by example, and is worthy of being a party country!" After speaking, Bai Chongxi turned to others: "Commander Chen took the lead in retreating his family members and prepared to decide with the Communist Army. ! "In this way, Chen Mingren had no choice but to hand over the children, and looked at the car to go to Qijiang. As the car disappeared into the sight, Chen Mingren's eyes were moist and did not leave for a long time.

After the children left, Xie Fangru's heart kept remembering. Chen Mingren was busy outside, and she missed the children alone at home. Sometimes she looked at the flowers and plants in the yard in a daze, and sometimes wept alone, and her body was thinner. During this period, as long as there is a chance, Chen Mingren will find a way to inquire about the children's situation.

On August 1st, Chiang Kai -shek wrote a brush letter, sending Huang Jie and Deng Wenyi to Changsha and handing over the letter to Chen Mingren. In the letter, Chiang Kai -shek instructed Chen Mingren to destroy his relatives, arrest Cheng Qian, and take a very measure when necessary.

Chen Mingren and Cheng potentially together

On the same day, Chen Mingren wrote Chiang Kai -shek's own letter to Cheng Qian's hands. After seeing the letter, Cheng Qian was very angry. Immediately, with Chen Mingren, he conducted research on the defense problem of the army uprising. At night, Cheng Qian issued power in the name of his personal name, calling on the provincial military and political officials in the southwest and northwest to stand on the side.

On August 2nd, in accordance with the requirements of the PLA, Chen Mingren ordered the First Corps and the Provincial Security Team to withdraw all the main traffic channels of Changsha; on August 3, the PLA occupied Zhuzhou and then liberated Yiyang and Qijiang as " The Hunan Peace Uprising Claims the obstacles. On August 4th, 37 Kuomintang Hunan military and political members including Cheng Qian and Chen Mingren issued a joint uprising, and solemnly announced:

"Join the people's democratic regime led by the Communist Party of China, fight with the people's army, and fight for the establishment of new democraticism."

Immediately afterwards, 104 people such as Tang Shengzhi, Zhou Zhenxin, and Qiu Ao from all walks of life in Hunan issued power to respond to the peaceful uprising of Cheng Qian and Chen Mingren.

On August 5th, in Xiaowumen, Changsha, the PLA's 138th Division held a mighty enrollment ceremony, and Changsha was peaceful. Since then, Hunan has gone to a new life. This day is also the day when Chen Mingren goes to a new life. As Chen Mingren said:

"The Communist Party educated me, forgive my past reactionary history, and because of the correct leadership of Chairman Mao, I went to a new life."

Chairman Mao and Cheng Qian and Chen Mingren are in the same photo

In September, Chen Mingren was invited to attend the first National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Beijing. During this period, Chairman Mao invited Chen Mingren and others to visit the Temple of Heaven and took a group photo.

Later, in order to welcome Chen Mingren's arrival, Chairman Mao specially set up a banquet to entertain. During the meeting, Chen Mingren took the initiative to mention the mistakes made by Chairman Mao. In this regard, Chairman Mao did not have any blame language, but instead praised Chen Mingren to fight well. Immediately afterwards, Chairman Mao asked Chen Mingren's requirements and promised to be satisfied as possible.

After listening to Chairman Mao's words, Chen Mingren was very moved. I did not expect that the Communist Party and Chairman Mao's mind were so wide. Instead of not being investigated in his old things, he asked himself what he had. Can treat me so much, the rest of my life is very satisfied! "

Regarding Chen Mingren's statement, Chairman Mao did not express his statement, but said sincerely: "In the future, as long as the PLA has a meal, he will not forget you. Everything will treat you all the time, and you will never treat you." I felt very warm, sighed, and said:

"My Chen Mingren was born and died for Chiang Kai -shek for so many years. It is difficult to hear him with a sincere and comfortable words. He met with Chairman Mao for the first time. It was so generous and kind.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Chen Mingren was appointed Deputy Commander of the Hunan Military Region, commander of the 21st Corps of the Siye, and a member of the Central South Military Political Committee.

Chen Mingren and his wife Xie Fangru's group photo

Later, when Chen Mingren accompanied his sick wife Xie Fangru at home, he suddenly received a telegram transferred by the Jiefang Lijiang Army through the Huazhong Military Region. The telegram said that their family had been rescued by the PLA. After reading the telegram, Xie Fangru was crying with joy, holding Chen Mingren and said, "It's great, it's really good ..." Chen Mingren was also very happy, patting his love wife Xie Fangru's back, tears in his eyes, thanking the Communist Party for his grace.

It's good to marry Xiao Yi

In the spring of 1950, Xie Fangru's condition worsened and received treatment at Xiangya Hospital. The attending doctor was called Xiao Yi. He was the daughter of Xiao Pingding, the fourth dean of Xiangya Hospital.

During the hospitalization, although Chen Mingren was busy with work, he took time to the hospital to accompany him. When he saw Dr. Xiao Yi, Chen Mingren did not have a little general's shelf, but asked Dr. Xiao carefully to treat his wife's disease. After speaking, Chen Mingren turned back and cared for his wife.

Seeing that Chen Mingren was so considerate of his wife, Xiao Yi was very moved. Later, he had contacted more. Xiao Yi learned more about Chen Mingren, and was very moved by the things that he and his wife were not separated.

Chen Mingren and his family returned home to take a picture

Xiao Yi is a doctor with superb medical skills. He knows that Xie Fangru's illness cannot be cured at all. He can only try his best to extend her life and relieve her pain. In this regard, Chen Mingren was very grateful and thanked Dr. Xiao Yi many times.

Xie Fangru also knew that he had not been dead for a long time. After seeing Chen Mingren once, he said, "Ziliang, my illness may not be cured. After I leave, if you can marry a good person like Dr. Xiao, I am in Jiuquan You can also feel at ease. "After listening to Xie Fangru's words, Chen Mingren was very sad and comforted his wife and said," What kind of stupid words, I believe that you will get better, and our good days will grow in the future! "

Seeing Chen Mingren, Xie Fangru didn't say anything. In order to make her husband happy, Xie Fangru talked with Chen Mingren again. But this incident was born in Xie Fangru's heart.

Later, Chen Mingren came to the hospital to visit again. Xie Fangru looked at him in a good mood, and once again mentioned it, and said with a joke, "Ziliang, after I died, you can find someone like Dr. Xiao Xiao to have a love person, it is good!"

Later, Xie Fangru felt that his body was not as good as one day, and he mentioned to his husband many times. He was still the old saying: "After I die, you can find someone like Dr. Xiao Xiao to have a love person!"

Chairman Mao and Chen Mingren are talking

After the comrades of the Central and South Bureau knew Chen Mingren's lover, he was very anxious and reported to the central government and Chairman Mao. Knowing that Xie Fangru was seriously ill, Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou Enlai were very concerned and specifically instructed Xie Fangru to go to a hospital with the best conditions in Tianjin, hoping to save her life.

Soon after, Xie Fangru was diagnosed with advanced cancer. After receiving the telegram, Chen Mingren immediately took the children to Tianjin. In the hospital, I saw that my wife's face was very embarrassed, and she was dying. Chen Mingren's tears could no longer stop, holding his beloved wife's hand, and he was reluctant to sprinkle.

However, no matter how reluctant Chen Mingren was, Xie Fangru, his 48 -year -old wife, left forever. After the death of his wife Xie Fangru, Chen Mingren was sad for a long time.

Soon after finishing the dead wife, the Korean War broke out. At this time, the Party Central Committee called on people across the country to donate and donate materials to support the front line of anti -US aid. After hearing the news, Chen Mingren donated out the expensive jewelry of his wife, leaving only a pair of wedding rings given to them as a thought.

In December, Chen Mingren was ordered to lead 21 Corps to Guangxi to perform the mission of bandits. During the period, Chen Mingren played his military advantage and carefully arranged it, annihilating more than 30,000 people, and achieved brilliant records.

Chen Mingren's group photo with his sons

During the bandit, Chen Mingren was ordered to meet in Beijing many times. Knowing that Dr. Xiao Yi, a benefactor, was also at the Beijing Union Hospital. He studied in the famous gynecological expert Lin Qiaori. Chen Mingren went to visit Xiao Yi in the name of Hunan fellow villagers and repaying his lover Xie Fangru, and invited her to eat together to attend the ball.

In many contacts, Xiao Yi had a deeper understanding of Chen Mingren, and appreciated the excellent quality of respecting him, understanding of feelings, understanding of feelings, and daring to love and hate. Chen Mingren also had a different relationship with Xiao Yi. Whenever a person is alone, Chen Mingren's ear always sounds his wife Xie Fangru: "After I die, you can find someone like Dr. Xiao Xiao to have a love person!"

In the autumn of 1951, Chen Mingren was ordered to come to Beijing to participate in a military conference.

After the meeting, Chen Mingren could no longer suppress his feelings, and immediately rushed to Beijing Union Hospital to visit Xiao Yi. Seeing Chen Mingren standing at the door, Xiao Yi didn't have any crickets, and with excitement, he stepped forward and stretched out his hand generously, saying, "Welcome, welcome! Which gust of wind blew up?"

Chen Mingren held Xiao Yi's hand and said excitedly: "It's spring breeze, of course, it is spring breeze!" After listening to Chen Mingren's words, Xiao Yi flushed on his face and said, "Spring breeze? No, now now, now It's autumn ... "

When Xiao Yi spoke, he did not take back his loved hand, or in other words, Chen Mingren didn't mean to let go. After Xiao Yi finished speaking, the two got on the car together. Under the leadership of Chen Mingren, they ate their hometown food together.

Chen Mingren's old photos

In the next few days, as long as the two have time, they will always meet together to visit the Forbidden City, find the Hunan Restaurant together, and rotate the dance floor together ...

During this time, the hearts of the two people became closer and closer. Chen Mingren is happy, and Xiao Yi is also happy. Under every inch of land and every big tree, they left their joyful laughter.

In August 1952, Chen Mingren and Xiao Yi entered the palace of marriage logically and were blessed by friends and relatives. This year, Chen Mingren was 49 years old, Xiao Yi was 33 years old, and the two met with each other.

After marriage, Chen Mingren and Xiao Yi lived very harmoniously. Every time Xiao Yi went to the night shift, Chen Mingren was always busy at home. When Xiao Yi returns home from get off work, there will always be a delicious supper in front of Xiao Yi.

Seeing his loved wife Xiao Yi with great interest, Chen Mingren felt very happy. Langzhong, as if hearing the voice of the dead wife: "After I die, you can find someone like Dr. Xiao Xiao to have a love person!"

In 1955, the PLA implemented a military title, and Chen Mingren was awarded the rank of general.

In 1972, Chen Mingren suddenly felt unwell. After being hospitalized, the lover Xiao Yi was guarded in front of the bed day and night. She was inseparable and took care of her husband.

Chen Mingren and Xiao Yi are together

Sometimes, Chen Mingren woke up in the middle of the night, his wife was lying beside the hospital bed, and she was asleep. Looking at the appearance of her wife, Chen Mingren was very moved and gently stroked her hair, which was very warm.

On May 21, 1974, Chen Mingren died in Beijing at the age of 71. After Chen Mingren's death, Xiao Yi was very sad and often looked at the statue of the husband in the living room. The nanny looked at the distress, prepared for supper in the middle of the night, and came to Xiao Yi. Looking at the supper brought by the nanny, Xiao Yi remembered the supper prepared by her lover Chen Mingren and barely took a bite, but found that it was not that taste.

Later, Xiao Yi never got married again, and he kept him and Chen Mingren's home. In order to get a little bit faster, Xiao Yi devoted all his energy to his work and dedicated his entire force to the health care cause of women and children in New China. In this regard, Xiao Yi said:

"I am a woman, and I do n’t see the suffering of women who are tortured by diseases; my major is the obstetrics and gynecology department, which is my duty for women to relieve and prevent diseases."

The photo of Chen Mingren and Xiao Yi

In 2001, Xiao Yi died at the age of 82. Although Xiao Yi and Chen Mingren did not regenerate their children. However, in those days together, the two have always cared about each other and respect each other, and they lived very happily.

Speaking of. Chen Mingren is happy and lucky. In the past, Xie Fangru, a beloved wife, was accompanied by 30 years. Later, the lover Xiao Yi was in love for 22 years, which was very envious!