On the eve of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, why Shievalda resigned from the post of foreign ministers and flew back to Georgia quickly

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On the eve of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, why Shievalda resigned from the post of foreign ministers and flew back to Georgia quickly

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After Gorbachev came to power, he arranged for the crowd and appointed Ai Ah Shevalda as a Foreign Minister. Even in 1990 amended the Constitution, and after implementing the presidential system, he was preparing to set up a vice presidential position for Shevalda.

However, no one expected that when the Soviet Union was about to disintegrate, Shevaldazawa suddenly announced his resignation without warning and flew back to his hometown Georgia. His actions not only caused great shocks at home and abroad, but even Gorbachev was very surprised. So why did Shevalda do this?

First, a "idol" was knocked down.

Shevarda was born in 1928 and was Georgian. His father is a teacher. Originally, his father intends to let his son inherit his father's business and also become a glorious people's teacher. However, after graduating from the normal graduation, Shevalda chose to enter the system and became a civil servant.

Shevalda not only has a good education and knowledge, but he is particularly serious at work, and he does not distinguish between day and night. Therefore, he was quickly cultivated and reused by the senior management, and was successively appointed as the director of the Communist Youth League Kurosi District Committee and the Second Secretary of the District Party Committee. In the late 1950s, Shevarda became the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Georgian Communist Youth League.

However, just when Shevarda raised her sleeves and contributed to Georgia's construction, Khrushchev's "secret report" thrown by the 20th major throwing of the Soviet Union really left a deep brand in his heart, and and and and also. Change his worldview.

Indeed, although Shevarda has experienced the defending war, because he was still young and did not go to the front line, he did not have a real concept of the Soviet Union's victory in the cruel war. Originally, before Khrushchev took office, Shevalda was educated since he was a child and was loyal to the Soviet Communist Party and Stalin. But Khrushchev denied Stalin as soon as he came to power, which was equivalent to defeating the idol in the heart of Shevalda. This had a great touch in his heart and changed his way of doing things.

Two or five presidents like it.

Shevalda has experienced five leaders of Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Kelbachev, and Gorbachev. These five leaders trust him Essence This obviously has a lot to do with him that he can vote for the leader.

After coming to power, Brezhnev had worked for a period of anti -corruption and greedy movement. At that time, Shevarda was served as the Minister of Georgia and General of the Police, so he actively responded to Brezhnev's decision to fight against various corruption issues in Georgia. Shinnev showed his determination to fight corruption. At that time, there were as many as hundreds of corruption officials arrested by Xiewaldna. Under his iron finger operation, all these officials were put in prison.

The biggest corruption case organized by Shevaldazawa was to knock down Georgia's first secretary of Georgia.

Madazavana was also a person who saw the wind. During the Khrushchev period, he actively responded to various policies of Khrushchev. For example, Khrushchev promoted corn. Although Georgia's soil was not suitable for corn, he arbitrarily asked Georgia Farm to grow corn in large areas. Despite a large reduction in production, his good approach to his good way has made Khrushchev trust him more.

When Brezhnev launched a palace coup, Mutzavana voted for Brezhnev and made a positive response in the process of overthrowing Khrushchev. So after Brezhnev came to power, he became a close friend of Brezhnev.

As the leader of Georgia, Mutzavana is a very corrupt official. The so -called upper beam is not right and down, and the officials below have the same way. Therefore, the entire Georgia not only prevails for the shadow economy, but also has corruption also penetrated into all walks of life in the society.

Shevalda took the opportunity to collect a large amount of corruption materials from Mazwana, including important evidence of Muzavana for protective umbrellas for underground firearms factories. At that time, the Soviet Union was not allowed to produce or resell weapons. Therefore, when Shevaldazawa puts the evidence of various corruption and bribery and collusion with the underworld in front of Brezhnev, Brezhnev was not able to continue to protect Madazavana and had to lift it to lift All the positions of Mutzavana, but Brezhnevian and his old feelings did not put Mandana into prison.

The achievements in anti -corruption and corruption made Shevaldazawa get the focus of Brezhnev, and he replaced Mandana and became the first secretary of Georgia . At the same time, he also gained a high reputation in Georgia, and the public's support for him also rose.

In addition to the anti -corruption of Tekken, Shevaldazawa also strongly opposed nationalism. For those oppositions who split human rights and people, he suppressed with powerful wrists. He declared that as an old party member of the CPSU, he definitely did not allow any signs of the development of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union in Georgia.

The performance of Shevaldazawa naturally won the favor of Brezhnev. Therefore, he was elected to the CPSU Central Committee in 1976, and in 1978, he was elected alternate member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee.

Third, the committee should be responsible for the burden of foreign ministers.

However, it was Gorbachev who really let Shevalda on the pinnacle on his career.

Speaking of which, when Shevarda was engaged in the Communist Youth League in the 1950s, he met Gorbachev at the same time. At that time, Gorbachev was the secretary of the Stakeropol Frontier Youth League Committee, Shevaldazze was the secretary of the Youth League Committee of the Republic of Georgia, and Stakeropol was adjacent to Georgia. In addition, they are all engaged in the same work, so after the two met each other, they became good friends who were talking about. In 1985, Gorbachev came to power. At this time, the Soviet Union had reached the point where the accumulation was difficult. Not only did the diplomatic internal affairs crisis, the national economy also slipped to the edge of danger. At the same time, the state finance also faces a huge fiscal deficit, and the people's living standards have declined sharply, which has caused people to be extremely dissatisfied with the status quo.

In short, no longer reform, the Soviet Union will have a big problem. In order to successfully implement the reform, Gorbachev came to power and appointed a large number of his classmates and colleagues, that is, at that period, Shevalda was appointed Foreign Minister.

In fact, Shevalda was also embarrassed when he first received his appointment. After all, he has worked in the local area for 40 years, and it is difficult to have the opportunity to go abroad. Calculating his fingers, he has only been to 9 countries, and he is also the Soviet joining republic. In addition, Shevaldazawa did not speak English, and could not talk to foreign guests independently in foreign affairs activities.

You know, it must be a very high level of diplomatic level and political strain ability to become a foreign minister. After all, between the country and the country, it is necessary to be eager to protect the national interests at all times. Obviously, the non -scorch -based Schwardazawa is not suitable for the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, when Gorbachev appointed him as a foreign minister, not only did the Chinese not understand, but even foreign countries. Everyone feels that the image of Shevalda as a foreign minister and the Soviet country is not very matched.

However, in the eyes of Gorbachev, officials' talents are secondary, and the most important thing is to be loyal to him. Therefore, he resulted in publicity and still insisted on appointing Shevarda as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Although Sevalda also knew that he was not suitable for the position of Foreign Minister, since he was invited by his old friends, he immediately went to heavily.

During Gorbachev's selection of "reform and new thinking", Shevaldazawa gave strong support. He even recognizes the "democratization" and "openness" of Western countries than Gorbachev. It can be said that although Yakovlev was the "military division" of Gorbachev's selection of reform at that time, the role of Shevaldazawa in the reform was not smaller than Yakovlev.

In addition to the fans and executors of Gorbachev's reform, Shevaldner was very smooth when dealing with Western countries. It even made other foreign diplomats unable to find out his cards, so he had the title of "Caucasian Silver Fox" internationally.

Gorbachev is very satisfied with the performance of Shevarda. Even after the Presidential system was implemented, he once decided to set up a vice presidential position and prepare to promote Xievaldazawa as the vice president.

Fourth, three diplomatic "major events" weaken the Soviet Union.

During his tenure as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shevalda did a few things that made the Soviet people very dissatisfied with him.

For example, pushing down the Berlin Wall and promoting the unity of East and West. Faced with the tougher Western countries, Shevarda believes that the Soviet Union should give up confrontation with the West. Therefore, under his mediation, the two -German people pushed down the Berlin Wall and Germany completed unification.

Another example is to promote Afghanistan withdrawal. Shevalda made the Soviet Union withdrawn from Afghanistan through diplomatic means.

And when the United States launched the Gulf War in Iraq, the only Soviet Union who could compete with the United States as a wall view. It stands to reason that the relationship between the Soviet Union and Iraq has always been very close, and the Gulf area controls most of the world's energy, so its strategic position is very important. However, the Soviet Union did not move, and did not support Iraq at all, which also easily occupied an absolute advantage in the Gulf War. It should be said that this is inseparable from the concessions of Shevaldazawa in the US -Soviet negotiations.

Pushing the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union lost its sphere of influence in Eastern Europe. The withdrawal from Afghanistan has caused the Soviet Union to lose its sphere of influence in Central Asia. The concessions in the Iraqi war have severely weakened the Soviet Union's influence in the Middle East. Therefore, the voices of domestic opposition and criticism of Shevaldazawa are higher than the waves.

5. Two President was eventually overturned.

In this case, coupled with Gorbachev's reform, not only did not save the Soviet Union, but the Soviet Union almost reached the point of disintegration. As a result, Shevarda resigned from the position of Foreign Minister and returned to Georgia.

Why did Shevalda do this?

Obviously. He has a keen sense of politics, and has seen the troubles that the Soviet Union is about to disintegrate to him. At the same time, the disintegration of the Soviet Union will give him the opportunity to give him a leader born in Georgia. So he ignored Gorbachev's effort to retain, and Fei returned to Georgia.

Since the prestige of Gevalda in Georgia, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Shevaldner was regarded as a savior by the suffering Georgia people. With the support of the people, in 1995, he was elected as president.

However, during the presidency, Shevarda did not help the Georgians to reverse the economic difficulties. Instead, Georgia was full of chaos of economic collapse, corruption, triad rampant, and internal division.In 2003, due to the severe corruption of the Shewalda family, and when he was re -elected, he had severe fraud, so the angry Georgia people launched a large -scale opposition.Coupled with the pressure of the United States from it, forcing Shevaldazawa to have to pay the right and resign from the presidency.

Although Shevalda was speculative as a president, his lack of position and talent made him not the hero of Georgia in the end, but was abandoned by the Georgian people.