In 64 years, Du Yiming visited Jinggangshan. After coming out of the museum, he said to Pu Yi: Chairman Mao is amazing

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In 64 years, Du Yiming visited Jinggangshan. After coming out of the museum, he said to Pu Yi: Chairman Mao is amazing

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The reason why China can develop steadily as it is now cannot be separated from Mr. Mao's leadership, but in that year, the leaders of many national bandits expressed their confusion. In the base of the Knight Army, how did they retreat from the national bandits that have advanced weapons and the US bandits supported by the United States?

Of course, this also includes Du Yiming, but in 1964, after Du Yiming, who visited the Jinggangshan Museum as a prisoner of war, Du Yiming instantly understood the reason why Mr. Mao could successfully defeat himself. Sir is really amazing! "So what did he see to realize? What kind of story happened?

Du Yiming's question

In 1904, Du Yiming was born in an ordinary family in Shaanxi. Because of his father, his family was also regarded as Shuxiangmen. Later, due to the changes in the situation, Du's father joined the Alliance. Under the influence of his father, Du Yiming had been a child from a young age. I like to dance a knife to make a gun. When I am adult, I was admitted to the Huangpu Military Academy. Due to love, he actively studied hard during the school.

Du Yiming, who graduated from the Huangpu Military Academy, has also joined the ranks of the national bandits logically, and served in the national bandit for a long time. In 1927, Jiang bandits heard that Mr. Mao led the hundreds of them to Jinggangshan and laughed. But he didn't know Mr. Mao's wisdom and wisdom, but he arrogantly thought that Mr. Mao was rushed to the mountain by him, and helplessly could only occupy the mountain as the king!

So, under the long -term ears of the Jiang bandit, Du Yiming was not optimistic about Mr. Mao in the early days, and there was nothing to pay attention to. It was just the "mountain king" in the mouth of the bandit. They were all influenced by Jiang bandits, but when he played against Mr. Mao with such contempt, he suddenly realized that it was not as simple as everyone said.

Once, the superior leaders of the national bandit took Du Yiming to the "bandit", but under the discovery of them, the continuous sources of our party soldiers were in charge, as if they could not finish, and then waves after the waves. Realizing that this is not a group of "bandits" who have aimlessly burning and robbing, but a well -trained army, but it is too late, so they are destined to fail.

Until 1935, Mr. Mao took the Red Army generals to walk through the grass and started the long long journey. This made Du Yiming stunned. Even the Jiang bandits were very unbelievable. Help bandits, I didn't expect them to reach this step, which also made Du Yiming very curious. He wanted to know what kind of team is this?


When Mr. Mao led the Red Army to cross the grass, Jiang bandits felt that this was a good time for our party, so he had to lead the national bandits to attack, but the followers of the Xi'an incident made Jiang bandits take care of himself. What about the Long March path of our party? As a result, the Jiang bandit's plan fell again. Later, during the civil war in our country, Du Yiming was reused by Jiang bandits because of heroic and fearless on the battlefield.

However, with Du Yiming's retreat, he realized that the current national bandit has become the general trend, and our party is the people's hearts of the people's people. Then peace is the hope of ordinary people. How can we continue to fight? But not everyone can understand this truth. When Du Yiming was captured and Jiang bandits fled the mainland, Du Yiming discovered that he understood too late.

However, our party is not like other countries to treat prisoners of war. It is either gun or insulting, but to preferentially treats the captives. If it performs well, it will be forgiven and live the same ordinary life as everyone. Living in prison, this also made him very grateful to our party and Mr. Mao Mao. Later, after hearing that Mr. Mao supported the anti -US aid and aid North Korea, he admired him!

Du Yiming said excitedly: "The People's Republic of China finally stood up under the leadership of Mr. Mao!" And when Du Yiming got his own forgiveness book, he was even more excited. People are also arranged to work in the my country Cultural History Research Association, so that they can survive in this society by their own labor.

The question was revealed

And it was more than this to move Du Yiming. President Zhou also arranged for them to visit our party's old red district to understand the development of New China. When they came to Jinggangshan, they saw the items used by Mr. Mao, which were so simple and unparalleled, but they were full of admiration in their hearts. Pu Yi even touched Mr. Mao's stool. The interpreter said that he could sit up and feel it. Essence

However, Pu Yi rejected him: "Others can, but I am not qualified to sit up with Mr. Mao!" As Pu Yi, the last emperor of the feudal dynasty, deeply felt the huge difference between Mr. Mao who founded the founding China. And ashamed of himself, this sentence also awakened Du Yiming. He was a member of the national bandit. He also met with Mr. Mao, but now he is also awesome.

Later, they came to the museum. After their meticulous visit, he told Pu Yi: "Mr. Mao is amazing, I finally know why we lost!" The guerrilla tactics, and this tactic was explored by countless days and nights in this broken and poor village!

He finally understood why the Japanese and the national bandits lost so miserable, and this visit made Du Yiming impressed, and he also solved his many years of doubts, and admired Mr. Mao's heart, so that in the future life He regards Mr. Mao's work as a treasure, and Mao Xian's theory, he also devoted himself to studying, hoping to get closer to Mr. Mao in his mind. Summarize

After visiting the museum, Du Yiming's doubts finally finally solved and did not attack themselves. Although in the eyes of most national bandits, Mr. Mao did not receive systematic military education, and there was no strong military weapon. Opponents, and their views also depend on the arrogance of Jiang bandits.

But what they don't know is that Mr. Mao's experience is accumulated by practical experience, coupled with countless sleeping nights. A arrogant and rival leader will not lead his soldiers to success, and Mr. Mao is just the opposite. He is simple and innocent, and pay attention to every war. How can there be no success?

Moreover, after visiting the Museum of Museum, Du Yiming discovered that Mr. Mao ’s exposure group books and skilled in using excellent guiding ideology. No wonder he killed the battle and was defeated. Mr. Mao also admires the five -body investment, and the post -viewing feeling is also unable to hide his excitement, which is enough to prove how much emotion he has!