After Nian Yiyao was given to death, how did Emperor Yongzheng treat his family?

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After Nian Yiyao was given to death, how did Emperor Yongzheng treat his family?

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After Nian Yaoyao was given to the death of Emperor Yongzheng, his family ended differently, but at least he escaped the fate of being slashed by the door.

In September of the third year of Yongzheng (1725 AD), Emperor Yongzheng ordered the first -class public year Yao Yao to be escorted to Beijing. After more than three months of trial, the court of court of the court listed the 92 models of Nian Yaoyao to Emperor Yongzheng Emperor Yongzheng Emperor Yongzheng Emperor The crime, these crimes have completely declared Nian Yiyao's death penalty.

In December of the same year, Emperor Yongzheng was in prison for suicide in prison. At this point, the former general who was once gone and prominent, in the prison of Beijing, came to the end of life.

Nian Yaoyao's ending, just in response to that sentence, called how deep love is, and hate how deep. Once the Emperor Yongzheng's encounters to his encounter, it was rare in ancient times, but in the end, in the end The Emperor Yongzheng under the anger, the charges listed for Nian Yiyao were enough to "decide" as many as thirty.

It stands to reason that, in accordance with Nian Yaoyao's charges and the degree of anger of Emperor Yongzheng, not only Nian Yiyao himself will be convicted, but his family will be suffered by the plant. Essence

This kind of thing is not uncommon in the past dynasties, because the emperor's anger caused the family to be killed countless, not to mention that Nian Yaoyao's charges were so much, and it was probably not enough to change others.

But in fact, even if Nian Yiyao made Emperor Yongzheng extremely angry, his family escaped the ending of being slashed by the door. In addition to the continued to follow his son Nianfu, the remaining family members kept their lives. On the whole, after Emperor Yongzheng gave death, he was not too embarrassed to his family.

According to relatives, Nian Yiyao is also the elder brother of Emperor Yongzheng. The former Emperor Yongzheng to his elder brother was so good.

Nian Yaoyao's ancestors were once ministers of the Ming Dynasty, but at the end of the Ming and early Qing dynasties, the whole family was forced to become a slave. The clothes of the coating are removed and the Han army inlaid white flags.

In Nian Yaoyao's father, the generation of the year, was the official fortune. In the Kangxi Dynasty, from a small pen style, he has been in the criminal department. In the forty -three years of Kangxi, it is already the year of the governor of the Huguang. Harbor, invited retirement to Emperor Kangxi, and got grace.

After Yongzheng ascended the throne, the young girl, the younger sister of Nian Yaoyao, became the concubine of the Emperor Yongzheng. With this opportunity, more than 170 people in the family, and then received the emperor's grace. Baiqi was lifted into the Han army inlaid with yellow flags, and Nian Yiyao was born in such a family.

In the impression of many people, when it comes to Nian Yaoyao, he will think that he is a famous star who has commanded Ruoding on the battlefield. Essence

In the 39th year of Kangxi (1700 AD), the 21 -year -old Nian Yaoyao High School Jinshi was ordered by Emperor Kangxi because he had only learned it. The symbol of strength, even the saying that "non -Ji Ji does not enter the cabinet", which is enough to explain that the younger year of Yao Yao is indeed an extraordinary place in his talent.

If according to the normal trajectory, Nian Yiyao may go to the end on the road of civil servants, but in fact, his ability is far more than that. Nian Yaoyao, who has just been promoted to Sichuan governor in forty -eight years. Excessive talent.

During this period, Nian Yaoyao not only successfully defeated the Duowang Fan Luo Capital, who was defeated by Ning Fanwei, but also settled in the 56th year of Kangxi, setting up the local turmoil of Yueweiwei.

And what Emperor Kangxi appreciated Nian Yiyao was that he personally led his troops and defeated the leader of the Junggar Ministry to invade the battle. In this battle, Nian Yiyao not only cleverly used the tricks to surrender the enemy, but also cooperated with Yue Zhongqi. The logistics supply of the General of the Qing Army is in place.

In the sixty years of Kangxi, Nian Yaoyao was entered Beijing, Emperor Kangxi gave him a bow, and he was promoted to the governor of Sichuan and Shaanxi. Nian Yiyao also became a member of the ministers. This year, he was just 42 years old. Damnant.

In the first year of Yongzheng, Nian Yaoyao's sister was named the concubine. With this relationship between relatives, and Nian Yiyao was the strong support before Yongzheng ascended the throne. Emperor Yongzheng's left arm and right arm.

At the same time, Emperor Yongzheng also trusted his elder brother. In the first year of Yongzheng, he had a decree. This order was the best proof of his unconditional trust.

"If there is a place where the soldiers are dispatched, the places of food and food, the Minister of the Border Office and the Town of Fusi Town, Sichuan, Shaanxi, and the Governor of Yunnan, etc., will be handled by Nian Yaoyao." --- Emperor Yongzheng's order in the first year of Yongzheng

It can be seen from the order that Emperor Yongzheng has given all the affairs of the west to Nian Yiyao, that is, at the front line of the West, Nian Yiyao is equivalent to the Emperor Yongzheng. In the form, officials in Yun, Gui, Sichuan and other places must be ordered to live in Nian Yaoyao.

Regarding the trust of Emperor Yongzheng, Nian Yiyao did not disappoint his hopes. When he was in the northwest turmoil, Nian Yiyao even made a strategy and broke the enemy forces.

In October of the first year of Yongzheng (AD 1723), the Roubang Danjin rebellion occurred in Qinghai. The situation was very critical.

After arriving at Xining speed, Nian Yiyao staged a "empty city plan" to the local rebels. Because the army had not yet gathered, there were not many troops around Nian Yaoyao who arrived in the early days. He led his soldiers straight to Xining. When he came to Xining, he saw a scene that made him frightened. On the city building, Nian Yaoyao calmly, there were only more than a dozen soldiers beside him, just like the battle that Zhuge Liang gave Sima Yi at that time, and Rob Zang Danjin may not have read the three kingdoms. In the end, after he was suspicious, he led his army to retreat because of fear of fraud.

However, Nian Yiyao's plan was not just scared it away. After seeing Luobang Danjin withdrawing his troops, Nian Yiyao personally took a small amount of troops to pursue the city. After teaching the other party, in the end, after the reinforcements led by Yue Zhongqi arrived, they even fled only hundreds of people to escape.

In the second year of Yongzheng, Nian Yaoyao won the victory. During the period, Nian Yaoyao played his talent in military. The title of "General of the Year" is not only shocking Xiyu, but also a reputation.

It is precisely because of this battle that Nian Yiyao's prestige has reached its peak. When returning to Beijing after the war, Nian Yiyao was promoted to a first -class public by Emperor Yongzheng. Even the year of the year after the year, Yao Yao, who had retired at home, was old, and followed the light.

What is a polar minister? Nian Yiyao was that at the time, he was extremely beautiful. Emperor Yongzheng not only gave all the western affairs to Nian Yiyao, but also ordered it to let Nian Yiyao report to him directly.

In normal times, Emperor Yongzheng will ask Nian Yiyao's opinion when he meets hesitation. In the end, it is basically based on Nian Yiyao's intention.

At the same time, Emperor Yongzheng reappeared Nian Yaoyao without any concealment. From concerned about Nian Yiyao's personal, to cared about his family, it can be said that as long as Nian Yaoyao's affairs are involved, Emperor Yongzheng will ask, and even the father of Yaoyao's father in the year What happened in Beijing, Emperor Yongzheng often remembered.

The most exaggerated time, Emperor Yongzheng felt very delicious when he ate lychee, and thought that Nian Yiyao was not easy to eat in the northwest, so he ordered the station. Within six days, the lychee will be sent from the Beijing Division to Xi'an to let the generals taste it.

Under such holy pets, the first year of the year of Yao Yao could still be calm, but after a long time, he began to forget, and began to be petting and arrogant. When the water was full, when his reputation and petting reached the peak, it was when he was going to perish. Just one year later, Nian Yiyao, who had a lot of holy pets, was caught and prison.

Nian Yiyao's fell out of favor is very fast. From the second year of Yongzheng, he entered the noodle saints in October in the second year of Yongzheng, and he began to let Emperor Yongzheng be fascinated by him.

In October of that year, Nian Yiyao was entered Beijing. This was the second time he entered Beijing after he settled the west. On the way to Beijing, he did a very arrogant thing.

On the way back to Beijing, the officials along the way must be greeted by the general of the year. This is not a problem. The problem is that the officials requested by Nian Yiyao to welcome the delivery must be kneeling and greeted. The local Mongolian king, seeing Nian Yiyao kneeling.

Therefore, Nian Yiyao also brought this as an ordinary habit back to the capital. Not only did he ask the Governor of Zhili, the governor of Shanxi on the way, but also asked the officials of the Wang Gong to meet.

You know, these officials are not the Mongolian prince of the Frontier. Kneeling can be knelt, but you are also a court official. Why do you have to kneel on you? This is not the most excessive. The most excessive thing is that when Nian Yiyao saw these ministers who kneeling and greeted him, they basically sat down immediately and didn't look at it.

This arrogant attitude can make officials burst in minutes. After seeing Yongzheng, Nian Yiyao is also arrogant. According to historical records, he was "unmanned gift" at that time, and rumors in Beijing, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng, Yongzheng. He heard Nian Yiyao's words very much, so Emperor Yongzheng felt that his self -esteem was greatly hurt.

However, at this time, Emperor Yongzheng had not completely broke with Nian Yiyao, but after the incident, he sent him a book, reminding and warning Nian Yiyao in the book.

What made Nian Yiyao completely liquidated was a trivial matter in Yongzheng three years, because he wrote a few words, which made Emperor Yongzheng's dissatisfaction with him.

In February of that year, the so -called auspicious auspiciousness appeared in Beijing. Scribbled, you must know that Nian Yiyao was a jinshi who was a jinshi, so the words were not bad, but this time the congratulatory watch was difficult to enter.

Not only that, there is a word in the He watch, "Gan Qian Xibi", Nian Yiyao wrote it as "Xi Yi Chao Gan", and the sequence is completely different. This makes Emperor Yongzheng annoyed.

"Chao Qianxi" means describing diligence and cautiousness all day long, without a little negligence. ""

"Xi Yi Chao Gan" means that I want to think about it every night, be vigilant, and precautions, so that I can see the emperor during the day. "

Seemingly a trivial matter, but this incident made Emperor Yongzheng's dissatisfaction with Nian Yaoyao instantly, thinking that Nian Yiyao was self -sustaining, and he disrespected himself. Thinking of Nian Yaoyao's previous performance, Emperor Yongzheng even became even more Emperor Yongyao even more. Burning in anger. Soon, Emperor Yongzheng launched a liquidation action on Nian Yiyao. First, he transferred the relatives around him one by one, and at the same time replaced officials in Sichuan and Shaanxi, and gradually tightened the net to Nian Yiyao.

There is a way to get along and down. Seeing that the Emperor Yongzheng is like this, those ministers understand that Nian Yiyao is afraid to fall. Therefore, under the influence of the wall to push the walls, the ministers have been impeached Nian Yaoyao. He was in prison and added a fire.

In April of that year, Nian Yiyao's governor of Sichuan -Shaanxi was captured, and General Fuyuan was also required to be submitted. At this time, the ministers better understood the determination of Emperor Yongzheng to rectify Nian Yiyao and his impeachment memorials to his impeachment memorials. It was sent to the Emperor Yongzheng like a snow film. In the end, all the official positions of Nian Yiyao were cut into Beijing in September of that year.

From the winning victory to the Northwest University to being caught in prison, just one year apart, this year, Nian Yiyao really realized what it means to change, but the liquidation of him is far more than that.

After more than three months of interrogation, in December of that year, the courtiers responsible for the interrogation drafted a sophistication of the guilt of Nian Yiyao and handed it over to the Emperor Yongzheng. At the end of the crime, and at the end of the sparse, he strongly requested Nian Yaoyao to be punished.

Ninety -two major crimes are: five crimes, nine crimes, 16 sins, 13 articles of crime, six articles offenders, six articles of sin, four cruel crimes, eighteen greedy crimes, erosion of erosion, erosion Fifteen sins.

Regardless of whether these crimes have made Nian Yiyao committed, but what Emperor Yongzheng wanted was this result. Soon, a book was reported from the palace. Self -tailor.

At this point, the once -prominent generals have come to the end of life. No matter if he has or not in prison, he wants to understand why he will fall here, but the book has been down, waiting for him, only one death.

Judging from Nian Yiyao’s charges, there are more than thirty crimes that have been decided, and these crimes are replaced with other dynasties, or others will not only be executed, but also the family will be implicated. For example, if you have committed the crime of the great rebellion, it is likely that he will be cut in the nine tribe, and at least it will be chopped by the door, but Nian Yiyao is so felony. Later, let his brother recover.

For how to deal with Nian Yiyao's family, Emperor Yongzheng made a specific plan very clearly.

First of all, Nian Yaoyao's father Nian Yangling and his elder brother have been in Xiyao for many years

At the time of Nian Yiyao's incident, Nian Yangling had retired and was enjoying the joy of heaven. As an old minister in the Kangxi Dynasty, he was dedicated to Daqing. He could have been raised in the year.

However, Emperor Yongzheng was still on the Internet for the age of the year, and he did not investigate his crimes. It was just the title of the prime minister and still had a first -class man.

And Brother Nian Yaoyao has been like this for many years. When Nian Yiyao's incident, Nian Xiyao served as the right servant of the Ministry of Industry. Yao was restored by the official.

Second, Nian Yiyao's son

Nian Yaoyao has three sons, the eldest son Nianxi, the second son, and the third son Nianbin. After the father Nian Yiyao's incident, the three people ended differently.

Nianxi did not catch up with this disaster. He was weak and sick since he was a child. In the second year of Yongzheng, he was a serious illness. At that time, Nian Yaoyao was the holy pet. After that, he died of serious illness.

The second son of the year became the only one among the children of Nian Yiyao, the only one who was executed, and the rich year was mainly because he followed his father to fight around. While giving death, he ordered the beheading of the year.

Three sons, he recorded very little in historical materials, but at that time Yongzheng had been in his career and exiled the children who were fifteen years old in the year. According to the age, Nian Bin should be in the ranks of exile.

However, after a year of exile, Emperor Yongzheng pardoned the sons of Nian Yaoyao and asked Nian Ling Qin and Administration. Therefore, Nian Bin may eventually return to his grandfather.

In the historical data, the family was guilty again because of the fear of being convicted again, so they took their families to escape from the capital to Jiangdu County. At the same time, they were anonymous for the surname. Nian Bin and his grandfather and mother should be the family who fled to Jiangdu County.

Also, Nian Yiyao's sister

Nian Yaoyao has two sisters. The historical materials did not record the names of the two, both replaced by Nian's.

The eldest sister married Hu Fengzheng in Suzhou very early. When Nian Yaoyao's incident, the couple were not held accountable, but in the four years of Yongzheng, Hu Fengzheng was investigated by Yongzheng due to tariff money and food. Self -tied at home.

The younger sister is the concubine of Emperor Yongzheng, which is the concubine that we commonly known. When she did not ascend the throne in Yongzheng, she had a good relationship with Yongzheng. Persuasion.

Nian Fei's body has always been bad, especially after giving birth to a few children for Yongzheng, it is even worse. In the three years of Yongzheng, Nian Fei died of illness. A few months after his death, Nian Yiyao was convicted in prison. However, this did not affect Yongzheng's feelings for Nian Fei. He still ordered that Nian Fei will be buried in accordance with the specifications of the emperor's concubine. In addition to the death of Nian Yaoyao's second son, Yongzheng is dealing with Nian Yaoyao's incident. He also killed several people. Like Nian Yiyao's conspirators Zou Lu and Wang Jingqi were executed, their family members were also exiled. These people were the victims of Nian Yaoyao's case.


After Nian Yaoyao was given to death, Emperor Yongzheng treated his family as a whole, and at least he did not kill them. It was just to death. Nian Yaoyao's ending has a lot to do with Yongzheng's infinite indulgence in him; the second is Nian Yiyao as a great contributor to the Yongzheng period. If Yongzheng is too cruel to his family, it will inevitably cause the chills of other heroes The third is because of the relationship between Nian Guifei. After all, how to say it is a relative. Since the main criminal Nian Yiyao has been in the law, his family is also the family of Nian Guifei. Therefore, Emperor Yongzheng opened the net to Nian Yiyao's family.