Why did Emperor Hanwu support a Xiongnu?What experience does this person have?What is the family ending?

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Why did Emperor Hanwu support a Xiongnu?What experience does this person have?What is the family ending?

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Everyone knows that during the period of Emperor Hanwu, the Northern Expeditionary Huns had completely changed the situation between the Han Dynasty and the Huns before, and laid a solid foundation for the later defeat of the Huns in the Eastern Han Dynasty. However, although Emperor Hanwu had been fighting the Huns for a long time in the past 54 years, in fact, in fact, there was a minister who was born in the Huns prince for a long time. Later He trusted one of the few people, so that when he was dying, the person became one of his four major ministers. So who is this person? As the Huns, how did he become the close minister of Emperor Hanwu? What is his final ending?

Become the Prince of the Huns of Slave

Today we are talking about this person named Kim Ri (mìdī). In 134 BC, he was born in the surrounding area of ​​Wuwei City, Gansu Province today. At that time, the area was still under the control of the Huns, and Kim Ilzheng was the son of King Xiu Tu Wang, the native Hun leader who controlled the local Huns at the time. However, at birth, he did not have the surname of Jin, but was called Rimi.

Kim Ilzheng was born in the Hexi Corridor area

Wuwei is located in the Hexi Corridor. In the Western Zhou Dynasty, it belonged to the Yong and Liangzhou states in Kyushu, Central Plains. In the early days of the Qin Dynasty, the Hexi Corridor area was occupied by another important ethnic group. However, around 174 BC, the Xiongnu, which has basically been basically unified, defeated Da Yue's here and expelled it. Since then, the Huns have occupied the Hexi region. After the Huns occupied the Hexi area, they were divided into two east and west parts, which were led by the Xiongnu Kunxie and Xie Tu king. The Huns noble family grew up.

However, I am afraid that some friends who know some of the history know that the Hexi Corridor area has a very important strategic position since ancient times. It is not only a must for the Central Plains to the Western Regions, but also an important place for war horses. Therefore, it can even be even to a certain extent. It is said that the prosperity of the Central Plains dynasty has instruction significance. Therefore, for Emperor Hanwu, who was determined to completely defeat the Huns at the time and reversed the Han Dynasty, who was suppressed by the Huns, the Hexi Corridor naturally became one of the first regions to seize.

Huo Qubu Portrait

In 121 BC, at the age of 13, Emperor Hanwu sent Huo Qubing to lead 10,000 troops, attacking the Hexi region from Longxi, which is the territory of the King of Hugh Tu and Kunxie. In this war, Huo Qubing's army defeated the Huns, greatly weakened the strength of the two parts, and also seized a baby of the Ministry of Hulcu, the golden golden man. Later, the golden golden man was considered a Buddha statue in the Central Plains, so the Ministry of Hugao was also considered by the Central Plains to be an important way to enter the Central Plains. However, this view has been questioned in modern times.

After this defeat, the two vitality of the two kings and king of Kunxie, and the defeat of the two of them also irritated the Xiongnu Shan Yu Yizhi, so that he even wanted to behead the King of Xiu Tu and Kunxie King. In this case, the two people totaled that they felt that they would continue to loyal to the Xiongnu Shan. They would not have good fruit to eat, so they decided to surrender the Han Dynasty.

Drawing the portrait of Jin Rizhen and his father, Xie Tuwang

However, during the process of notifying the Han army to vote for the Han army, Huo Qubing's illness was surrendered, but the father of Rita Shiwu, the king of Ruki, did not know what the reason was for regret, but at this time, the determination of the king of Kunxie Wang was very firm, so he knew that Xiu was Xiu. After the king of Tu Wang regretted it, he killed him directly. Since then, the ministry of King Xiu Tu has also returned to the king of Kunxie, and the king of Kunxie quickly surrendered the Han Dynasty with the two ministries.

After the king of Kunxie descended to Han, he was treated by the Han Dynasty and was named Xiyin Hou, and he received a lot of rewards and continued to maintain glory. However, because the King of Xie Tu regrets and is killed, the Nikko and his mother, that is, the king of King Xie Tu (concubine) and his younger brother, have not been treated. The official slaves, the slave used by the court of the Han Dynasty.

From Mafu to Doctor

Therefore, at the age of 13, Kim Ilfu changed from the prince of a Xiongnu to the slave of the Han Palace. And because he was born in the nomadic group and had learned to shoot and shoot since he was a child, he was very familiar with the habit of horses, so he was quickly assigned to be a horse slave in the Han Palace.

The allusions of Emperor Hanwu and the sweat horse are familiar with everyone

And some friends who are concerned about peach blossom stone talks may still remember that peach blossom stone talks once said in previous articles that the Han Dynasty could reverse the military disadvantages of the Huns during the Han Dynasty, and it was very important to Ma Zheng in the Han Dynasty for decades. It has a big relationship. It was precisely because of the accumulation of decades that the Han Dynasty eventually formed a huge cavalry that was sufficient to compete with the Huns during the Emperor Hanwu, which reversed the disadvantages of the Huns on the battlefield.

Therefore, at that time, the Han Dynasty, especially the Emperor Hanwu, also attached great importance to the horses. He often inspected the horses to serve the work. Therefore, although the Japanese was a Mau who was born in the Huns, he quickly got the opportunity to contact the Emperor Hanwu. And this day has grown up on the horse's back since childhood, and really knows the horses selection and raising horses, so the horses he raised are tall and fat, which makes Emperor Hanwu like it.

Emperor Hanwu portrait

And Nikko is a very self -disciplined person. On one occasion, Emperor Hanwu took her many beauties in her harem to the racecourse. The other Magnas could not help but sneak in the face of the beautiful women of Ruyun. Only the sun was not stinging from the beginning to the end. And his performance quickly attracted the attention of Emperor Hanwu, so he took the initiative to inquire about his life, and Ri Yan was also calm and calm when answering. Supervisory, let him take charge of Ma Zheng, and the fate of Nikko has an important turning point. In this way, Riho soon had more opportunities to directly contact Emperor Hanwu. The overall quality of Nikko soon reflects it. He not only fulfills his duties of Ma Zhengke, who is responsible for his responsibility, but also never has any faults in the frequent contact with Emperor Hanwu. Therefore After many promotion, he was finally became a doctor of Guanglu, that is, an official in charge of discussion, and truly became the close minister of Emperor Hanwu.

Golden Rido Guanfu Portrait

During this period, Emperor Hanwu also gave the surname Kim, because we mentioned earlier that the sacrifice golden man who had caused the Han Dynasty at the time was from the Ministry of Xie Tu from his background, so he later became Jin Rizhen. Essence In addition, Emperor Hanwu also praised his mother very much after learning that the comprehensive quality of Kim Il's comprehensive quality benefited from his mother's own teachings. After the death of Kim Il's mother, Emperor Hanwu also made her portrait in the Ganquan Palace of the Palace Ganquan, who was in his own summer, and nominated "Xiu Tu Wang Xun's", which was enough to show that Emperor Hanwu paired with Jin Rizhen to Jin Rizhen Pay attention to.

Toron and later generations

After seeing Emperor Hanwu at the age of fourteen, Kim Ilzheng served a total of 35 years with Emperor Hanwu. During this period, the most prominent feature of his records in the history books was that he was cautious and always cared about his "humble" background, and never crossed the thunder pool half a step.

Through our narrative just now, everyone can also see that Emperor Hanwu really trusted him at that time. So while he worked beside Emperor Hanwu, Emperor Hanwu actually thought about her daughter as a concubine and made him a emperor. However, Kim Ilfa felt that if he was so high in such a high position, it was difficult to convince the public, so he declined Emperor Hanwu. When Emperor Hanwu was preparing to give him some beautiful palace maids, he was also declined.

Be careful is the most prominent feature

In addition, because he was the close minister of Emperor Hanwu, his two sons also got the opportunity to enter the palace with him since he was a child. Later, he even became Emperor Hanwu's "Mo", that is, Emperor Hanwu teased happiness. Child. There were even records in the history books that when his eldest son was a child, he once grabbed Emperor Hanwu's neck from behind him, and Emperor Hanwu was not angry.

The eldest son who grew up in this environment, after becoming a teenager, still acts very casually in the palace. As a result, Kim Ri was found by Kim Il's and Emperor Hanwu's palace girl. After being discovered by Jin Rizhen, who was extremely cautious, he thought that his behavior in the palace was "obscenity". He was afraid that his son's inappropriate behavior would attract a big disaster to his unknown family, so he actually killed his son to kill his son. died.

Of course, Jin Rizhen's modern eyes were really too much. At that time, Emperor Hanwu felt incredible after knowing that he knew this, and was very angry, so he asked him why. Jin Rizhen hurried his head to thank him, and explained that he did this because of his son's "obscenity". As a result, Emperor Hanwu was moved by Emperor Hanwu, but then trusted him even more.

In the portrait of Emperor Hanwu, Jin Rizhen helped Emperor Hanwu to avoid a assassination

Later, in a major event during the Emperor Hanwu period, that is, the scourge of the Witch Cup, Kim Ilzheng even helped Emperor Hanwu avoid a assassination operation. The scourge of the witch cup was because someone framed the incubation of Emperor Han Wu's Curse Hanwu, because of the large number of people who crossed the Emperor Hanwu, and later caused the civil war, which caused tens of thousands of people, including the prince Liu Li. During the civil war, a official named Maro Luo had been sealed because of fighting the prince's army bravely. However, in 88 BC, Emperor Hanwu determined that the prince was framed, so he began to severely punish officials who framed the prince. Because of the fear of being implicated, Malo began to conspiracy to assassinate the Emperor Hanwu.

One day, Emperor Hanwu took the followers of Jin Rizhen to Lin Guang Palace in Chunhua County, Shaanxi today. Ma He Luo saw the opportunity to stab. But because he was suspicious after entering the palace, it quickly triggered the doubts of Kim Il. Under the close gaze of Kim Il, Maruo did not dare to act lightly on the first day. When Emperor Hanwu had not got up the next morning, Ma He Luo hid a sharp blade in his sleeves, and came to Lin Guanggong again to prepare for the thorns. However, it was discovered by Kim Ilzheng again. As a result, Maro Luo quickly rushed to Emperor Hanwu's bedroom and hit a musical instrument and fell. Jin Rizheng immediately rushed up and hugged him. Finally, he also subdued him. Essence

Huo Guang once said that Jin Rizhen is more suitable for his auxiliary ministers than himself

And this process also made Jin Rizhen's position in the Central DPRK. At the end of the second year of Emperor Hanwu, another minister, Huo Guang, assisted his son Liu Fuling to inherit the throne. Huo Guang immediately asked, saying that Jin Rizhen was even more qualified to assist the prince. However, of course, Kim Ilfa could not accept Huo Guang's modesty, and immediately said that he was born in the Huns. If he was arranged before Huo Guang, he would let the Huns look down on the Han Dynasty. However, Emperor Hanwu finally appointed Huo Guang, Jin Rizhen, and two other ministers Shangguan and Sang Hongyang as the Minister of Administration, so that they would assist Liu Fuling behind them. Before the death of Emperor Hanwu, he left a widow to protect the driver and rely on Jin Rihuan when he stabbed in Maruo. The second time Liu Fuling had just succeeded, he still rejected the seal again on the grounds of young. Hanwu Emperor Mausoleum Hanmao Mausoleum

Soon after, Huo Guang also married his daughter to Kim Il's son, Jin Rong, and became a family with him. This move also showed that the status of Kim Illang and his family in the Han Dynasty had been widely recognized. However, one year after Emperor Hanwu's death, Jin Rizhen also gone through his legendary life. He died on September 2, 1986 at the age of 49. After his death, Emperor Han Zhao (Liu Fuling) held a grand funeral for him. He used the light car sergeant to send him funeral.

Although Kim Ilfu himself was not longevity, his family later became the only family who encountered a good family in the four courtiers of the Hanwu Emperor's orphans. Because after the death of Kim Ri, Shangguan and Sang Hongyang were accused of rebellion because of contradiction with Huo Guang, and eventually were killed by Huo Guang, and Shangguanji was even destroyed. Although Huo Guang had a good end, his family was also determined to be rebellious shortly after his death, and eventually he was chopped by the door. His niece and son -in -law were killed.

Golden Rido Family World Map

The only relative who was not killed by the Huo family was Huo Guang's son -in -law, that is, Jin Rizhen's son, Jin Zhan. Later, he also inherited his father's business and became a servant responsible for the car and horse and horse Zheng. Although the direct descendants of Jin Rizhen later did not prosper, the descendants of his younger brother Jin Lun became a senior official in the Han Dynasty and became senior officials in a row. Until the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the East Han Dynasty Wuling Taishou Jinxuan and Jingzhao Yin Jinyi were considered descendants of their family. In addition, a branch of the Kim Illi family was persecuted while Wang Mang usurped the Han. After fled to Wendeng, Shandong, he changed his surname Cong, which was equivalent to the descendants of the Kim Ri family. The experience of the Kim Illi family is also one of the earliest examples of the nature of Chinese multi -ethnic nations and the history of national integration. (The picture comes from the Internet, and the copyright of the picture is owned by its original author)