After Chairman Mao visited the Confucian Temple, Xu Shiyou sent him to Xuzhou. On the way, he remembered the battlefield.

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After Chairman Mao visited the Confucian Temple, Xu Shiyou sent him to Xuzhou. On the way, he remembered the battlefield.

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The day before yesterday, Lao Qin wrote "In 1952, Chairman Mao traveled to the Confucian Temple of Qufu, and asked Xu Shiyou and others who toured the same: What was the Confucius surname? "One article, which is about the on -site inspection of Chairman Mao on the field of parts of the lower part of the Yellow River at the end of October 1952. He arrived in Shandong on October 26. He couldn't hold the invitation and retention of the commander Xu Shiyou, the commander of the Shandong Military Region, and stayed in Shandong. Two days.

On the first day, I traveled to the Tuotu Spring, Daming Lake, and the Arctic Pavilion. I also visited the cemetery of the martyrs of Huang Zuyan in Sili Mountain in Jinan and visited the Damou Dam.

The next day I visited the Confucian Temple, Confucius and Confucius.

On the afternoon of October 28, the group returned from Kong Lin to the special ranks. Although it was more than 6 pm, the early winter sun went down the mountain and the sky was already dark.

The dinner that night was solved in a special restaurant. The dishes were frugal and simple.

After the meal, Chairman Mao told Luo Ruiqing: "Time does not wait for someone, let the driver drive directly to Xuzhou."

Xu Shiyou is a straightforward person, and he is infinitely attached to Chairman Mao. He is reluctant to distinguish between Chairman Mao and insist on sending Chairman Mao to Xuzhou.

Chairman Mao said with a little dismissal: "I came to Shandong, and the Commander Xu was busy before he was busy. This was too hard, so go back."

Xu Shiyou grinned and said, "Chairman, what are you? I am willing to stay with the chairman and be the guards around the chairman."

Chairman Mao still discouraged: "Your work in the Shandong Military Region is very important. Don't get out of your job."

Xu Shiyou said sincerely: "I have arranged the work of these two days. Besides, it is now at night. I will get off at Xuzhou tomorrow morning and will soon return to Jinan. I can't delay work."

Since Xu Shiyou was so sincere, Chairman Mao had to agree.

The train was flying on the land of Luxi and northern Jiangsu. Chairman Mao and Luo Ruiqing, Teng Daiyuan, Xu Shiyou and others talked about the past battlefields in the meeting.

Chairman Mao first evoked the topic. He said with a smile to Xu Shiyou: "The battle of Jinan is very important. Well, you and Su Yu are in command very well. You put forward the" hit to Jinan government, and catch Wang Yaowu's slogan alive. The goal is clear and inspiring people's hearts. "

In more than two days to accompany Chairman Mao to visit and visit, Chairman Mao pointed out Jiangshan, talking about ancient and modern, Xu Shiyou only had the audience and could not say anything. At this moment, Chairman Mao talked about fighting, and he talked about his proud work, the battle of Jinan, and could not help but feel spiritual. It was like drinking two pots of old white dryness, swinging the chest and clouds.

He took off his hat and said loudly: "The Battle of Jinan was commanded by the Central Military Commission and Chairman Mao's leadership. The thoughts were clear and the guidelines would win. Moreover, our fingermen were full of energy. Can you run? "

Regarding the Battle of Jinan, Lao Qin wrote "Shandong Tiger" in a few years, Chairman Mao sang "Hehe", and the first article was the first to create a precedent for our army to seize the Jiancheng ". In March of the "dragging incident" in March of the year, it was unpleasant. For a long time, no one cared about anyone. By February 1947, the Shandong Field Army and the Central Field Army were officially compiled. Wang Jianan was 8 vertical commanders, Xu Shiyou was 9 vertical commanders. "".

After Chairman Mao's arms, after the end of the campaigns such as Laiwu, Meng Liangzhang, and the sandy collection, he set his sights on Jinan, personally clicked, and used the "Shandong Tiger" to let Xu Shiyou serve as commander of the Shandong Corps, Wang Jianan served as The deputy commander of the Shandong Corps joined forces to attack Jinan.

Xu Shiyou was nourishing in Qixia Aishan Decoction in Yantai City at that time. After receiving the telegram of Chairman Mao, he said nothing and went straight to the front line. I will smash Chairman Mao's field! Pharaoh is here, I will work together with him, and I will win Jinan House! "

In this way, Xu Shiyou and Wang Jianan joined forces to play Jinan in just 8 days, and annihilated more than 104,000 Kuomintang troops (including 20,000 uprising).

At this moment, he talked about the battle of Jinan on the train. Chairman Mao still praised: "Entering the Jinan government, your credit for your Xu Shiyou."

Chairman Mao also asked with concern: "The title of" The First Regiment of Jinan "was born in the battle of the last gates? Is it particularly fierce?"

Xu Shiyou said, "Yeah, yeah, that's the evening of September 23rd, we launch a general attack on the inner city. The inner city is their core position of their military. The walls are high and thick. Zhang Muwei, the head of the 73rd regiment of the division, led the soldiers of the whole regiment, carried forward the spirit of eliminating difficulties, and was not afraid of sacrifice. The enemy's artillery and fire were not afraid of sacrifice.

The smoke of the Jinan Campaign has disappeared for more than five years. Xu Shiyou still has a fresh memory of the battle scene, and it talks about painting.

Chairman Mao was also very excited and very excited.

He said: "Commander Xu, the battle of Jinan opened the prelude to the three major battles. After the battle of Jinan, we should organize the Huaihai Campaign."

Xu Shiyou said: "Chairman, after the autumn of 1948, we have a good military situation. Our front line leaders and soldiers have a high morale. Everyone is eager to fight, fight in Nanjing, catch Chiang Kai -shek alive, and liberate the whole China."

Chairman Mao said with emotion: "At that time, the mood of Comrade En Lai equivalent was the same as you. We paid attention to the dynamics and changes on the battlefield. The fighter aircraft that is passing away always master the overall development trend of the war and distinguish which work is the most urgent. In the fastest time, the most prepared to formulate the next step of work. At the end of the Battle of Jinan, in order to prevent the army of the Xuzhou area from repeating the deepening of the whole army of the Northeast, the Kuomintang Army's commander department pulled out the 230,000 people from the Bai Chongxi Department to defend the southern section of the Pinghan Railway and Changhong Middle. A total of 700,000 regiments of the Ministry and Bai Chongxi have joined the direction of Xuzhou to fight. Their number of participants reached more than 800,000. It is only more than 600,000, and it is not as good as the other party. Honestly, the determination of the command of the command of the command is difficult and it is burn. "Speaking of this, Chairman Mao stood up, took a few steps in the carriage, ordered A cigarette, said, "The courageous road wins on the narrow road. In the Huaihai Campaign Theater, the number of our troops is not as good as the enemy, but our morale is high. Big enhanced. Enlai and I considered repeatedly, and finally decided to play another decisive battle with the enemy in the Huaihai area.

Xu Shiyou said with each other and said, "The development of the battle is completely based on the idea of ​​the chairman. We have been holding the initiative on the battlefield. The chairman's combat policy is really wise."

Chairman Mao waved his hand and said, "Our commander's department only envisages the general direction of the development of the battle. The specific implementation is to rely on the correct command of the former Commission and the front line of the front line. , But this success is exchanged for the hard -earned people of hundreds of millions of people. We must often take care of the past, cherish the present, and look forward to the future so that we can build a socialist New China more carefully. "

Xu Shiyou Bai battle sand field, countless battles, but his understanding of the war is more on the level of war generals. What he considered the most was tactics and play. At this time The battle suddenly improved a lot in thought, vision, and insight. He took over Chairman Mao's words and said, "We must protect the fruits of victory and build New China better."

Finally, Li Yongchun, former deputy director of the Party Committee of the Nanjing Military Region Party Committee, recalled that in September 1982, Xu Shiyou was elected as the first deputy director of the Central Consultative Committee, and found them, asked them to help him write revolutionary memoirs, and handed him a poem It is his "50 -year work summary."

There are two sentences in the poem: who is the male who decides thousands of miles, the coach of the three armed forces Mao Zedong.

When you want to come, when General Xu wrote this poem, his mind should have emerged in the train to listen to Chairman Mao about the situation of the Huaihai Campaign.