Old photo of Harbin, Heilongjiang in 1978

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Old photo of Harbin, Heilongjiang in 1978

2022-05-16 00:11:28 19 ℃

1. In 1978, the Harbin Technical Training Competition, the two young women blindfolded the electric fan with their eyes, and scheduled the schedule to see who did it fast and good.

2. On October 28, 1978, the "Award" event issued by the Harbin Gear Factory "Award".

3. In 1978, taking a group photo at the River Restaurant on the River in Harbin.

4. 1978, Harbin satellite map.

5. In 1978, Harbin bicycle license.

6. On December 13, 1978, the leader and the actor of the Harbin Peking Opera Group took a group photo.

7. In 1978, the Harbin Aiwei Association Office was calendar.

8. In January 1978, the Harbin Electric Factory "Enrollment Food Stamp".

9. In 1978, Harbin Sun Island took a photo.

10. In 1978, Harbin Electric Electric Electric Ticket was 12.00 yuan.

On the New Year's Day 11.1978, Harbin Songhua River took a photo.

12. In 1978, a middle school girl took a photo at the Zhaoshan Museum in Harbin.

13. In 1978, Chinese civil aviation travelers "Luggage Trouins".

14. In 1978, Harbin University of Technology graduated from 7565.

15. In October 1978, "Meat Ticket" in Harbin.

16. In 1978, the Harbin Daoli Fish Basketball Team took a group photo.

17. In October 1978, Harbin City "Skin -Alkali Ticket".

18. In 1978, railway staff of Sankeshu Station in Harbin helped the old grandmother to the train.