Who are the first echelons in the three countries, the second echelon, and the third echelon?

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Who are the first echelons in the three countries, the second echelon, and the third echelon?

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All data in this article originated from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

First echelon: Super -class generals, a total of 12 people.

Chapter 1: Lu Bu

Lu Bu is a ceiling, no need to say more.

Section 2: Five Tigers, Yan Liang (the ranking is not divided)

Zhang Fei is the first fiercest person in the Three Kingdoms. He can "take the first level among the million troops such as the first level such as the pocket". Zhang Fei's horrible attributes, Cao Ying's will be kept in the cuffs, robes, collar, and bottom. Every day before going to bed, they have to review it again, and in their hearts, "If you encounter Zhang Yide in the future," Essence In the siege of Cao Ying's eight tigers, Zhang Fei killed the blood road; in the confrontation with Cao Ying's tenth general, Zhang Fei drank a million male soldiers. With his outstanding martial arts, Zhang Fei, desperately desperately Saburo's momentum, and endless style, can deceive Lu Bu, death, and support Xu Chu, abuse Zhang Yan.

Guan Yu is the God of War and Sword God of the Three Kingdoms. Guan Yu's Qinglong knife has the trend of destroying and rotten, and the mountains. You can split the encirclement circle of Xu Chu and Xu Huang. Under the blessing of the red rabbit horse, it is even more powerful. Zhuge Liang said that Ma Chao was not as good as Guan Yuzhi's superior; Cheng Yu said that no one Guan Yu could be enemy Yanliang; Cao Cao said that General Guan was the god of heaven, and Liu Bei said that my second brother is invincible!

Zhao Yun was the killing god and gun god of the Three Kingdoms. Under Zhao Yun's gun, there were as many as 70 or 80 enemies. The Bridge Bridge thorny, Laoshan picks up high views, Hanshui retreats Zhang Ye Xu Huang, Yiling destroys Zhu Ran, all of which are Zhao Yun's glorious masterpieces. "No one". The battle of Changsaka Po is the battle of God of God in the Three Kingdoms; even the seventies of Old Zhao Yun returned in the king of Fengming Mountain. If Lu Bu is invincible in the world, then Zhao Yun is unparalleled in the world!

Ma Chao is the god of the west, the god of war in Tongguan, and the nightmare of Cao Cao. In Cao Cao's heart, Ma Chao did not reduce Lu Bu's bravery. If Ma Chao did not die, he would not be safe for a lifetime, and even died without burial. Zhang Yanfa was able to resist Zhang Fei's three and fifty -in -in -law, but Ma Chao made a hard time, and the twenty -in -units hit Zhang Ye to doubt life. Lu Bu was in trouble and knocked on Cao Cao's brain; Ma Chaowei got up and killed Cao Cao directly to the cut robe, and almost took care of his seven grandpa.

Huang Zhongbao's knife is not old and aspirational. He can single out Guan Yu 150 in the middle of the year, and the dazzling skills of an Arrow God directly made Guan Yu shy and retreated. Mikura Mountain, Zhang Ye laughed at Huang Zhongnian, and was beaten to retreat in a blink of an eye. Dingjun Mountain, Xia Houyuan had to die with Huang Zhong, and was split under the horse. Huang Zhong's peak period is no longer. If he retreats for 20 years, Huang Zhong can definitely be proud of the world.

Yan Liangyong's three troops is the head of the four courts of Hebei. He has been in power for a long time. Even Lu Bu heard Yan Liang's crime, he would be surprised. The siege of white horses, Yan Liang's twenty -fastest abuse Xu Huang, let the generals of Cao Ying Liran, Xia Houyu, who was desperate, was all dumb. With Yan Liang's performance, Xu Huang's performance is not under the five tigers at all; if Guan Yu and Yan Liang are unpredictable with Yan Liang.

The peak force value of these six people, seeing wisdom, no longer discussed here.

Section 3: Xu Chu, Dian Wei, Wen Chou, Pound, Wen Yan

Xu Chun's head, fighting is the only hobby, and fighting is the best choice. Before Xu Chu, Yang Ren and Yang Ang were defeated, Han Dang and Zhou Tai were defeated. Seeing Lu Bu, Xu Chu said without saying a word; when he saw Ma Chao, Xu Chu rushed naked; when he saw Guan Yu picking his robe, Xu Chu was furious and claimed that he would not capture it. Desperate. However, in front of Lu Bu and Guan Zhang Zhaoma, Xu Chu was slightly windy, and even in front of Yan Liang, he did not dare to fight.

Dian Wei is honest, but loyal to his duties, you can take the thief life within five steps. In the battle of Puyang City, Dian Wei killed Lu Bu Sijian, and rescued Cao Cao many times in the fire. In the Wancheng World War, Dian Weishe gave up his righteousness and became a permanent remorse in Cao Cao's care. On the force alone, Xu Chu, who is completely equal to the Geipo war, is estimated to be slightly lower than Xu Chu, who was slightly lower than Tongguan. Dian Wei's force is overestimated by many people. Without Xu Chu, he may not have a super -class capital.

Wen Chou crowned Hebei, and he was as famous as Yan Liang. He could kill Gongsun's four -health generals. He could single out Zhao Yun's fifty or sixty -si, and he could shoot Zhang Liao in the adversity, especially in the melee. However, Wen Chou's psychological quality was poor and the gall was worse. In the face of Guan Yu's three -knife crit, he was timid and finally taught.

Pound has the strength of the brave and the Western Cold Army, especially in the battle of Tongguan. Cao Cao said "knowing its fierceness." In the battle of oblique valley, Pounds struggled to retreat Wei Yan; the battle of Nan Zheng, Pound car rolled in the fourth mighty general of Cao Ying. Single -up Guan Yu, can be called Pound's battle of God, not only 150 unlike Bo Zhong, but also shot Guan Yu, almost defeated his thirty years of voices. However, objectively and fairly, if it is the peak Guan Yu, Pound is estimated that it will not be able to support fifty.

Wen Yan rides the camp, whip Wei Wei, and Zhao Yun seven enters the style of Changsaka Po, and even known as "Xiao Zhao Yun". In the history of the history, it is also the same enemy of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. As the super -first -class in the latter three countries, of course, it cannot be compared with Lu Bu, Wuhu and others, but in view of his high voice, give it to encourage it; if you think he is not enough, then move to the first gear of the second echelon.

The second echelon: a first -class general, a total of less than 40 people.

There are too many first -class generals. In order to save space, we have a short book.

Section 1: Strong first -class, about 10 people. Xia Houyi, the first general of Cao Cao, single -up to ten together, led the soldiers to fight fiercely with Lu Bu in the heavy rain. After blindly, the enemy seduced the enemy Guan Yu, and he returned for more than 20 miles.

Zhang Liao, the first person in the comprehensive ability of Wuzi Liang, and the battle with Xia Houzheng and Zhang Ye, better than Ling Tong, fighting with Tai Shici, seventy or eighty, only between Bo Zhong. The two major battles of the two major seals of White Wolf Mountain and Xiaoyaojin are proud of the heroes.

Sun Ce, in the case of Tai Shici, did not use bow and arrow, the two basically tied (Sun Ce lost his helmet). In addition, the generals were killed, the general was died, and was named Jiangdong Xiaobawang.

Tai Shici, the first general of the Soochow, the skills of Shen shooting are super gorgeous.

Although Zhang Yan, although Zhao Yun and Ma Chao were abused, but bloody, he could also pick Zhang Fei Three Fifty -Fifty -Fifty Ting.

Although Xu Huang was abused by Yan Liang, Fifty -Heman tied the Chu Chu, and Guan Yu, who had less power with his right arm, had a slight upper hand.

Xia Houyuan, tiger stepped to the right, the force value was slightly on the Xia Houyi. He besieged Lu Bu, killed Ma Chao in the calendar melee, and slashed Yang Ren in a dragging scheme in Hanzhong.

Wei Yan, the first person under the five tigers of Shu Han.

Jiang Wei, with his veteran Zhao Yun, was more energetic when he picked up, and was sincerely praised by the other party.

Section 2: Fighting first-class, roughly 16-18 people.

Sun Jian, Jiangdong Tiger, is definitely not under Huaxiong.

Huaxiong, a man of Lishui Guanzhi, and the vassal of Xiao Ao Eighteen Road, especially the great god Pan Feng, which made the princes all lose color.

Wang Shuang is no less than Huaxiong, and his bravery chasing Wei Yan, especially the sixty pounds of swords and three meteor hammers, so that the Shu army general suffered a lot.

Guan Ping, single -headed Pound, tied the thirteen, killed Cao Ren outside Fan Chengmen to rescue Xia Guanyu. When Guan Ping broke through Liao Hua and Bao Guanyu broke through.

Zhou Cang is infinite, and the knife method is not under Guan Ping, especially when the student captures Pound in the water, which is a pen.

Gan Ning, although there are no cases of heads -up and fierce generals, they have won a lot, especially the Hundred Hundred Robbery Weiying.

Cao Hong, who gave up his life to save the leader, cut the knife to cut off the nightstone, and resisted Ma Chao's forty or fifty in his hard work.

Gao Lan, who was in Qi Zhang, had a single pick with Xu Chu, but the emergency response was slightly insufficient, and Zhao Yun was attacked by a shot.

Although Guan Hai was beheaded by Guan Yu, he also resisted tens of -in -in -law.

Li Yan, in the Battle of Tancheng, a single picked Huang Zhong Fifty -panel was unbeaten.

Wu'an State, in front of Lu Bu's face (only to Xia Houyu), unfortunately the wrist was cut off.

Lejin and Ling Tong, the two are close to Zhang Liao; Lejin arrows are prominent, and the combat style of the dead man is even more sturdy. He should be slightly stronger than Ling Tong.

Guan Xing and Zhang Bao, the young talents in the middle and late stages of Shu Han, once scared Han Dang and Zhou Tai and did not dare to fight, hurriedly retreated into the array.

Ji Ling, when Guan Yu put water and suppressed only with strength, he carried thirty in death. When he encountered Zhang Fei who was running away, he was stabbed to death.

Section 3: First -class weakness, about 10 people.

Li Dian, slightly only after Lejin, can hold more than ten units under Zhao Yun's gun, and feels that he will retreat.

Cao Ren is good at keeping the city. Except for the rescue of Niu Jin, there is no outstanding combat power performance.

In the case of Wei Yan, when Wei Yan used a gun, he had been fighting with him for a long time, and eventually rely on the advantages of his strength to win.

Zhou Tai, who saved the protagonist twice in the chaotic war, performed more eye -catching, but when he met Xu Chu, he was dwarfed. When he encountered Xiao Guan Zhang, he lacked confidence in combat.

Chengpu is a single history of Tai Shi, and the thirty -thirteen tie is closer to the martial arts standards of Han Dang and Huang Gai.

Cai Yang, it is not easy to fight against Guan Yu's drum.

Xu Zhi, the general general of Cao Wei, the Sanhe defeated Liao Hua, it seemed no less than Jiang Wei.

Wang Ping, the general of the Shuhan Northern Expedition, in the battle of the street pavilion, in the case of unfavorable war situation, he resisted Zhang Ye for dozens of units, and eventually defeated the poor and lonely.

Zhuge Shang, the general generals of Shu Han, can retreat Deng Zhong and Shi Yan to join forces, and are not under the elderly Jiang Wei.

By the way, there is a righteousness in the early stage, which is also the first general.

Third echelon: No longer subdivided, about 10 people.

When Liu Bei participated in the siege of Lu Bu for more than, he "fought like a lamp", calmly seduced the enemy in front of Xia Houyu, and prepared for high preparations while walking. There were three shooting records of arrow surgery, and a sword split the boulder. You're welcome, the emperor's line to the third echelon is a bit aggrieved!

In the ban, he had a double battle with Lejin, but was beaten; he had captured Zhao Yun with Xu Chu and Li Dian, but failed to capture; when he encountered a revenge, Ma Chao was drawn.

Ma Yan was defeated by Wei Yan and Zhang Fei, but in the later period, it performed well, such as the Maososheng captured Mrs. Rong.

Ding Feng and Xu Sheng, the typical representatives of the latecomer of Dali, basically belong to the experience level of the early stage.

Pan Yan was killed by Guan Yu Sanhe. He was killed by Huang Zhong Sanhe, and even encountered Guan Xing, and fled.

Several other people in the Twelve Tigers, such as Jiang Qin and Chen Wu, are not even as good as Pan Yan.

Xing Daorong, worked hard to fight, carried Zhang Fei, but did not add strength.

Pan Feng, heads -up with Huaxiong, unfortunately lost.

The rest is about some generals in the later period, and the level is worse, such as Liao Hua, Zhang Yi, Zhang Yan, Han De, and so on.

Under the third echelon, there are some three general generals, such as "Changsaka Sword Sword" Xia Hounen, such as "Dangyang Bridge Drunk Ghost" Xia Houjie and so on. Zhu Xi has been the emperor for 22 years. The reason behind makes men silent

Since Zhu Xi became emperor, he has not regenerated a while and a half women. Many people were surprised by this, and they were speculating, why did Zhu Xi stop on the way to make a villain?

Zhu Xi had 9 children in his life. If this result was placed in the ancient emperor, it would be quite satisfactory. After all, this record was enough to kill a large number of emperors without children.

According to historical records, in addition to the three children of Zhu Xi, there are 5 daughters, and the youngest child is Zhu Gaozhang, who died early in just one month. That year was 1391 AD, and Zhu Xi was only 31 years old.

After that, Zhu Xi could never give birth to a half daughter, so what is the problem?

Zhu Xi is different in life

Zhu Xi's personality looks like Zhu Yuanzhang, but even so, he is still not as good as his elder brother Zhu Biao in all aspects. Zhu Xi was born in 1360 AD. At that time, Zhu Yuanzhang was really fighting with Chen Youliang, and he was in a disadvantage.

At the same time as Zhu Xi was born, Chen Youliang's attack on the Taiping war reported in front of him. If peace is lost, it is dangerous. Therefore, Zhu Yuanzhang rushed to the front line without even named his son.

Zhu Xi had his own name until he was seven years old, just like other children.

In 1370 AD, Zhu Xi was named King Yan. In order to allow the princes to receive the education of poor and middle peasants, Zhu Xi had been in Fengyang for a long time. This experience also made Zhu Xi realize the hardships of the ancestors and the suffering of the people, which was of great benefit to his future development.

All this seems to be smooth, and Zhu Xi has been trying to be a good son. After all, there is a elder brother Zhu Biao sitting there and becoming a good king, just keep his own land. At that time, the four most powerful princes in Daming were Qin, Jin, Yan, and Ning.

In 1392, the death of the elder brother Zhu Biao made the original throne inheritance blur. Zhu Yuanzhang was ingeniously passed on to Zhu Yun's eldest son Zhu Yunzheng.

Even at this time, Zhu Xi and others did not show much unhappy, but it was imagined that he was very unhappy.

After Zhu Yunzheng appeared on the throne, he began to increase the efforts of cutting the vassal. As the second brother Zhu Xi and the third brother Zhu Feng died one after another, Zhu Xi became the most powerful prince.

This also made him a nail in Zhu Yunzheng's eyes and stabbing the meat. Zhu Yunzheng frequently moved, and Zhu Xi had a very difficult life. In the case of his tolerance and retreat, Zhu Xi turned against it.

Rebellious people must find a reason. There is a saying in "Emperor Ming Mingzu Training", which asked Zhu Xi to find the reason for the rebellion:

In the dynasty, there was no Zhengchen, and there was a rape inside, and he would give up his soldiers to discuss it.

In the name of "Qing Jun's side", he rose up to resist. The "Battle of Jingnan" was fought for four years and did not end until 1402 AD, and this year, Zhu Xi happened to be 42 years old.

Is it safe to sit on the throne? Although Zhu Xi exceeded Nanjing and sat on the throne, the way of this throne was indeed not so correct. As a result, Zhu Xi racked his mind to repair his image.

Don't forget that Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunzheng disappeared. If the day suddenly appeared, his throne was still unstoppable, so looking for Emperor Jianwen became Zhu Xi's heart.

It is said that Zheng He went to the West several times, and one of the goals was to find the whereabouts of Emperor Jianwen.

The country was initially built, and the throne came to the road. Zhu Xi took a lot of energy to make the Daming dynasty move to the right track. After several years of hard work, although Daming was stable, the war on the north of the north was ignited.

The tribes such as the northern northern and Wavi began to move. Zhu Xi took the initiative to send the envoy to the northern tribe, hoping that everyone could coexist peacefully and seek common development.

But the tribe did not buy it. At first glance, the other party "toasting without eating and punishment", so in February 8 years of Yongle, Zhu Xi personally led 500,000 troops to embark on the road of the Northern Expedition.

This year, Zhu Xi was fifty years old. This time, the prelude to Zhu Xi started. Until Zhu Xi died, he carried out five Northern Expeditions, and he eventually fell on the battlefield.

So much about it, what does this have to do with "making villains"

Throughout Zhu Xi's life, since Zhu Yunzheng became an emperor, Zhu Xi did not worry about a day. In recent years, Zhu Xi has been under tremendous psychological pressure.

In the four years of the Jingpan, Zhu Xi has been at a disadvantage for a long time, and the situation is thrilling. In this case, Zhu Xi estimated that he had no intention to go to the concubine happy.

After ascending the throne, he was busy stabilizing the regime and looking for Jianwen, and he was bold all day. It was difficult to stabilize the situation in China, and the tribes in the north and the tribes in the north began to do things again.

So in this case, Zhu Xi had no time and no energy to drink alcohol.

Most people do not believe this explanation, but men should understand. This explanation is enough to make a lot of men silent, and men are really tired.

Many women complain that their husbands can't afford to be interested in themselves. In fact, they are not happy and old, but the burden of life is overwhelming.

Zhu Xi has been full of thrills and stimuli these years, and he is older, and it is normal for him to not be interested in this matter. If there is no time to do something shame, how can you get pregnant and have children? Imagine that during the northern expedition of Zhu Xi, Zhu Gaochi was tired of being sick, not to mention Zhu Xi. He may have had a serious overdraft.

In other words, many male compatriots fight for workplace during the day and run part -time at night. Under such high -intensity jobs and pressures, there is an idea at home at night, that is, sleeping.

Secondly, Zhu Xi is indeed older and bigger. Moreover, after eight years of Yongle, most of his time was on the army, so he lost the prerequisite for the creation.

In the last point, Zhu Xi admitted that the marching conditions were bad, the weather in Mobei was cold, and his body had been injured in the process.

Therefore, after Zhu Xi had done many big things, he delayed the creation.


Perhaps many people do n’t believe it, but I believe that those men who work for the family should be deeply appreciated. In the case of strong pressure and physical fatigue, other thoughts have already gone. idea:

"I want to sleep, I want to do money."

Therefore, it is not surprising that Zhu Xi has not been new for 22 years.